Why are most junior high schools “same table of the opposite sex”? Parents should know the hard work of the head teacher

Why are most junior high schools “same table of the opposite sex”? Parents should be aware of the hard work of the head teacher.

When children grow up, early love is one of the biggest headaches for parents, especially when children enter puberty. Later, it is easy to have a good impression of the opposite sex. In addition, the child is not mature enough, and it is easy to mistake the appreciation of the other party as a liking, which leads to the occurrence of puppies and affects learning. 

The teacher in junior high school made the opposite sex to be the same table, in fact, it is well-intentioned

After the child enters junior high school, many parents are worried that their child will have a premature relationship with the opposite sex. Therefore, parents hope that the head teacher can make their children and the same sex be the same table, preferably next door Classmates are also mostly of the same sex, reducing the contact between children and the opposite sex. 

However, some junior high school teachers did the opposite and took the initiative to let students of the opposite sex become the same table relationship, which also caused many netizens and parents Dissatisfaction. But teachers also have their own ideas. They think that although two children are of the opposite sex, the incidence of premature love after being at the same table is very low. 

Some experienced teachers have found that most of the students’ puppies happen in life, and there are not many who really develop into puppies relationships because they are at the same table of the opposite sex. Therefore, the teacher will unscrupulously let the opposite-sex students become the same table, and this is also to reduce the chance of premature love between the opposite-sex students. 

In addition, the teacher makes the students of the opposite sex be at the same table, and also wants the children to learn normal communication with the opposite sex. After all, it is easier to communicate with the opposite sex than between the same sex, and conflicts and conflicts rarely occur. 

Not only that, boys and girls also have different personalities and ways of thinking. By being at the same table, boys and girls can complement their personality defects. 

Therefore, when parents’ wishes go against the teacher’s practices, parents should not blindly point to the teacher’s irresponsibility. After all, the teacher not only has a wealth of teaching He also has his own ideas in managing students’ early love. Therefore, parents should be aware of the good intentions of the teacher’s arrangement. 

The head teacher makes the opposite sex the 3 “scheming” of the same table , Have you guessed it? 

1. The same table of opposite sex is easier to stimulate the desire to work hard

As ​​the saying goes: men and women match, work is not tiring. In fact, these words are not empty words, there are indeed precedents in life. Due to gender differences between men and women, two people rarely conflict when they are together. Especially in terms of learning, men and women have different ways of thinking. It is easier for each other to absorb each other’s strengths to make up for their own shortcomings. 

For example, boys tend to be more rational in thinking, so they are relatively better in science; while girls are more perceptual in thinking and are relatively better in liberal arts. If two people can learn from each other after they become the same table, it will be more conducive to improving each other’s academic performance. 

2. Make friends of the opposite sex at the same table as good friends

When the child enters puberty Later, if the parent forcibly prevents the child from contacting the opposite sex, or even speaking, it will easily affect the normal interaction between the child and the opposite sex. 

In fact, in addition to the love between men and women, men and women can also develop into close friends. Therefore, letting students of the opposite sex be at the same table not only allows children to understand how to get along with the opposite sex, but over time, it can also make each other the best friends of the opposite sex. 

3. Distance produces beauty. After the opposite sex becomes the same table, they cannot fall in love early.

Although the song “You” was written for a crush in school days, it turns out that not many people at the same table of the opposite sex can become the target of premature love. 

As the so-called “distance produces beauty”, if the distance between opposite sexes is too close, it is easier for each other to discover each other’s shortcomings. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that each other can become best friends, but it is difficult to become the object of premature love. The reason why the teacher arranged in this way is naturally to avoid the situation that the opposite sex students develop into the object of premature love. 

Written at the end

After a child enters puberty, it is normal for a child to have thoughts of puberty love. But to prevent children from falling in love early, not only do teachers need to maintain normal communication between male and female classmates, but also parents need to properly conduct good “sex education” to their children, and at the same time pay more attention to the children’s living conditions and understand the children’s psychology. Circumstances, to avoid affecting the child’s schoolwork because of the premature love. 

But parents should also remember that you must not use strong means or methods to interfere with the normal interaction between your child and the opposite sex, as this may affect your child’s future interpersonal interactions. “Reverse growth” grandma became popular, and the handsome guy asked her phone number for dinner, and learned that her age was not stable

When you talk about the word grandma, what is the first impression in your mind? What? I believe everyone is the same. Isn’t grandma just with white hair and wrinkles, kind and warm? In fact, there are exceptions, such as the next grandma. 

With the improvement of people’s living standards, many women have worked hard on their skin care, hoping to keep their youth forever. A while ago, there was a grandma who became popular on the Internet because she seemed to grow backwards, and she couldn’t see her true age at all. 

When you see the photo, many people think she Only seventeen or eighteen years old, but this grandma is almost 50 years old. Although it is hard to believe, this is the fact. I have to say that my grandmother is very well maintained, she is totally invisible to her age, and she is at the forefront of fashion trends in her clothes and dress like the current college students. 

Such a high value is also a grandma belt A lot of troubles came. When eating in the restaurant, a handsome guy suddenly walked up to his grandma and wanted to ask her for a contact information. Grandma was very helpless, because she had encountered this situation many times, so she had to honestly tell the other party her true age. 

When the other party learned the truth, his legs were a little unsteady. It was really difficult for him to associate the 18-year-old girl in front of him with his grandma. However, the handsome guy seriously apologized to his grandma afterwards, saying that his behavior was improper. 

In fact, no wonder this handsome guy, I believe no matter When anyone sees this grandma, it is difficult to tell her true age. Moreover, in this era, more and more frozen-aged mothers and frozen-aged grandma have emerged, which confuses people’s eyes and makes everyone very envious. 

After giving birth, how can a mother keep her youth? 

①Maintain a good attitude

In order to keep their youth as much as possible, some mothers chose not to have children for the time being, so that they left irreparable regrets. In fact, even if we have children, as long as we maintain a good attitude, we can retain some youth. 

Because when we are in a happy mood, the various hormones in the body are kept in balance, which will keep our body in the most healthy state. On the contrary, even if we do not have children, if we frown every day, wrinkles will appear and we will lose our youth. 

②Motion is the foundation

< p>Before giving birth to a baby, mothers who watched themselves with a big belly can still accept it, but we still have a lot of fat on our stomachs after giving birth, which makes it difficult for mothers to accept. Therefore, when our body gradually recovers, parents can apply for some postpartum recovery classes, and through the guidance of professionals, let their bodies recover as much as possible. 

Of course, we can also do some exercise by ourselves, because exercise can sweat and can promote our metabolism. Those who love sports have very developed muscle lines and look very young. If you want to keep your youth, you might as well learn from them. 

③Pay attention to maintenance

Women who can’t maintain it are prone to ageing. We can take a look at the big stars in the entertainment industry, and take a look at everyone’s childhood goddesses. Although time has passed like a white horse, ruthlessly passing by, but well-known actresses like Zhao Yazhi, Cecilia Cheung, and Zhu Yin still look very young. This is because they pay great attention to maintenance. Although ordinary people cannot reach their level of maintenance, if we pay attention to healthy diet and have a regular lifestyle, it can also delay the arrival of aging. 

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