Why are most children closer to grandma? The reason behind it has nothing to do with whether you often drop by

Why are most children closer to grandma? The reason behind it has nothing to do with whether you often drop by.

Nowadays, after young parents have a baby, most of them will not choose to take care of the child by themselves, but will ask for help at home The elders take care of them. 

So at this time, grandma and grandma will unconsciously start an “invisible match”, after all, no matter which side they are, they will hope that their children will like them more. 

From the point of view of Bao’s mother, grandma takes care of children because of the advantages of effectively avoiding “contradictions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law”. Will be relatively more. 

But careful parents will find that even if the grandmother becomes the “main force” with the baby, the child will still get closer to the grandmother. 

Grandma took the baby to 3 years old, but the child is closer to grandma

Neighbor Aunt Liu has reached the age of grandma , Because when her daughter gave birth, she called Aunt Liu to take care of her, so Sun Xinxin, the youngest grandson, can be said to be the one who brought up her. 

Once, something happened in Aunt Liu’s hometown and she needed to rush home to deal with it, so the elderly handed over the child to his grandmother to take care of it. However, when Aunt Liu came back after handling the matter, she found that her grandson, who had always been intimate with her, had not kissed her. Even when she reached out to hold the child, Xinxin hid behind her grandmother. 

Aunt Liu was a little upset by his grandson’s behavior. After all, in the eyes of the old man, he was only temporarily leaving, and Xin Xin united with his grandmother and couldn’t help being very sad. 

Later, when asked whether he was closer to grandma or grandma, Xinxin still chose grandma. This made the sad Aunt Liu even more unacceptable. 

In fact, although the situation like Aunt Liu is only a case, it is not difficult to find that as children get older, they will indeed get closer to grandma , And the impression of grandma in the little guy’s mind is gradually diminishing. This makes people want to ask, is it true that the word “foreign” is so bad? 

Why do most children grow up closer to their grandma? Parents should not ignore the 4 reasons behind this.

In the eyes of some parents, grandma is more likely to get the children’s favor than grandma, because the little guy often gets along with grandma, but in fact the reason behind this , Has nothing to do with whether the child often visits. 

▼Grandma’s parenting methods are stricter than grandma’s

0-3 years old is a child’s three-minded approach During this critical period, most of the grandmothers took over the important task of bringing the baby. Based on the attitude of being responsible to Bao’s parents, grandma hopes that the children can observe civility and courtesy from an early age, so she will severely criticize the mistakes made by the children. 

In addition, grandma’s parenting method itself is similar to that of Bao’s mother, so it will be stricter than grandma, and will leave “seriousness” to the child. , “Stereotype” impression. 

As the so-called “far fragrant and near smelly”, children see grandma’s shortcomings, so they will like grandma more in their hearts. 

▼People around me repeatedly mentioned the existence of grandma, which left the child’s impression

accepted Under the influence of traditional ideas, in some minds, grandma is always closer to grandma than grandma, so even if grandma is not with the child, people around will repeatedly mention the existence of grandma. 

This not only left a deep impression on the child’s heart, but also made the child more curious about what grandma was like. So when the grandma appeared, the children Will produce the emotion of closeness. 

▼Some grandma is not common with grandchildren, so most of them are spoiled.

Because some treasures Mom prefers grandma to bring the baby, so grandma will have less contact time with your grandchildren. 

So every time the grandmother and grandson meet, most of the grandmothers will spoil the master and will not be harsh on the children. In comparison, this kind of grandma and grandma’s stern appearance when educating children on a daily basis would be extraordinarily kind. 

▼Grandma cuts off the beard with her baby, and the child ignores her grandma’s contribution

Many families do Grandma takes care of the children mainly, but often when the child is three or four years old and should go to kindergarten, the grandma gradually fades out of the child’s life, and at this time, the grandmother will take care of the child. 

Children at this age not only understand the hardships of parents, but also the kindergarten teachers will teach some correct ways to treat parents, so children will often Bring grandma closer. 

In fact, both elders are the elders of their children. Parents should pay attention to guide

In fact, whether it is a grandma or a grandma, they treat their children with the same affection, so parents must be fair Treat your child accordingly and guide them accordingly. 

Don’t blindly ask your child to be too close to someone. You should let the child and both the elderly be in contact with each other, and cultivate more affection, so as to let the child’s childhood emotions Not too missing. Children’s sleep schedules for each stage have been released. When the children sleep and start, there is a “standard answer”

When it comes to children’s sleep problems, many parents must Both feel that one head is big and two are big. 

After all, being a parent, everyone knows that quality sleep is the key to children’s growth, but the problem is that children’s poor schedule and heavy schoolwork are both Let them go to bed time and again. 

So the little guys dozed off during the day and couldn’t fall asleep at night. They yawned constantly during class, and they didn’t wake up at all. Look like. 

But you know what? There is also a standard for sleep for children aged 5-12. When and how long a child should go to bed every day, mothers should know in their hearts after reading it. 

The sleep schedule for children aged 5-12 has been released, and the children’s sleep time has a “standard answer”

Generally speaking, children under the age of 3 will stay asleep for at least 12 hours a day, plus they have no academic burden, so their sleep status is relatively secure. 

Children around the age of 5 have already enrolled in the kindergarten class and should prepare for entering the elementary school, so their sleep status will change significantly. So when should children over 5 go to bed? 

From this children’s sleep schedule, it is not difficult to see that although the children are in slightly different age groups, it is recommended that the time to fall asleep is kept at around 7 to 9:45. 

For example, if a 12-year-old child wants to get up at 6:45 in the morning, the time to fall asleep should be maintained at 9 in the evening to ensure that it is at least close to 10 hours of sleep time. 

Although this data is a bit unreliable in the heart of “Mama Chicken Baby”, the time to fall asleep and wake up time shown in the table are also proposed by Zhang Wenhong The view of sleep coincides. 

Dr. Zhang Wenhong once mentioned in the “First Class of School” that children in elementary school should maintain about 10 hours of sleep a day, junior high school students 9 hours, and high school students 8 hours of sleep. 

After all, when a child enters school, the pressure of learning will follow. If you can ensure adequate sleep, it is of great significance to it. 

What are the positive effects of adequate sleep on children?

Impact 1: It is a good helper to stabilize emotions

When it comes to “getting up gas”, everyone is familiar with it. Many people are on the verge of violent mood and spirit after being forced to wake up without waking up. It is difficult to calm down. If you study and work, your acceptance of knowledge will drop a lot. 

And when we are “full of sleep”, we will also feel clear-headed and clear-headed accordingly. 

Influence 2: Improve concentration and memory

When children need to think clearly, the brain will It consumes a lot of energy, which is why when we are staying up late, we feel that we have a kind of “thinking stuck”. 

In fact, sleep is a process in which our body “charges”. After a period of rest, the child’s brain will have a significant recovery in concentration and memory. Promote. 

Impact 3: It is an important way to obtain “growth and height energy”

Studies have shown that about 70% of the growth hormones that affect children’s growth are secreted at night . 

The growth hormone secreted in a child’s body mainly has two peak periods, one is between 10 o’clock and 12 o’clock in the evening, and the other is at Between five o’clock and seven o’clock. 

Therefore, if parents want their children’s height to be “out of the top” among their peers, they need to grasp the correct time period for their children to fall asleep, and obtain “growth energy” on the basis of ensuring adequate sleep. 

How do parents ensure their children get enough sleep is a science

▼Help children establish a correct sleep routine


In this process, parents themselves must play a “leader” role. Not only do they need to educate their children to “go to bed and get up early,” they should put down their mobile phones at the right time. Set a role model for your children. 

▼Set up the environment so that children can fall asleep earlier

Some children sleep late is actually affected by the environment. For example, some parents watch TV and play games after their children fall asleep. Games, these outside sounds will become obstacles to children’s sleep. 

Therefore, it is recommended that parents establish a “sense of sleep ritual” in advance when their children are young, and choose quilts and pajamas according to the temperature in the bedroom to ensure a good sleeping environment high quality. 

▼Appropriately “do subtraction” on learning problems

Nowadays, many children are making up lessons and taking hobby classes, so children have to complete their own learning tasks, There are a lot of extra homework to be completed. 

If the child’s rest time is too late due to excessive learning pressure, parents should also appropriately help them “do subtraction” and give them time to sleep , In order to meet the more important learning content during the day. The pregnant mother raised a baby, but was said to be lazy. Netizens responded: Didn’t you give birth to a mother?

It’s really hard for people who might not have given birth to a mother who had a baby in October to realize that it’s one What kind of feeling is that it’s okay for me to jump and jump by myself, but now it’s not the same. After all, they are two people. They are very careful in life, and I am afraid that I will inadvertently hurt my stomach. It’s hard to save my little baby. However, not only these pains, but also the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy also makes people unable to eat and sleep. Looking at the state of expectant mothers, they feel pitiful. 

At the beginning of pregnancy, Bao Ma Qiqi was different from other people because of his personal physique. In the first two months of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction was stronger than that of others. This made Bao Ma Qi who was pregnant for the first time. Qi also suffered a lot. She slept all day and didn’t sleep well at night, and she didn’t have energy at night, so she just lay in bed and couldn’t afford the energy at all. Originally, she thought that there was still a period of time before giving birth and that she could work to help her family share some of the burden. Pressure, but this state is really difficult for people to work, so Baoma Qiqi resolutely quit her job and chooses to go home to have a baby. 

But at first the parents-in-law were still husbands It’s good to myself, but after a long time, I find that the attitude of the family members has changed significantly. They are willing to ignore them. This makes the mother-to-be Qi Qi feel a little uncomfortable. When her husband, Mr. Gao, was resting one day, it was originally Thinking of having a rare vacation with her husband, but who knows, was so angry that she almost fainted by the words of her husband. 

Because the husband thinks that his wife Qiqi does nothing, he quit his job early and did not talk about it. When he returned home, he would either lie down and eat, and would not help her mother-in-law to cook and clean. He was too lazy, Qi Qi listened. In this sentence, don’t mention how angry you are. I feel uncomfortable and I don’t know how to be considerate. I still say I’m lazy. I really don’t know that you are also a mother, and you can say such things that are not human. 

Then how is the correct way to raise a baby during pregnancy? 

First, pay more attention to the strong pregnancy reaction

Since men have not experienced the process of pregnancy and childbirth, it is difficult to understand the feelings of multiple babies in women’s stomachs. Poor appetite and lethargy are normal reactions, but in the third trimester, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger. Not only does the belly grow as simple as it’s difficult to breathe, the entire stomach is squeezed out of place, and even walking like a penguin, he can only hold his stomach, not to mention the pain in the waist, plus the swelling of the legs, in short. There is not a good place. Therefore, when the mother-to-be has these symptoms, please adjust the state in time, pay more attention to rest, and save enough energy for childbirth. 

Second, family understanding and companionship are very important< /p>

The emotions of expectant mothers are most easily affected during pregnancy. At this time, regardless of whether the expectant mothers are doing the right thing, family members must fully understand the pregnant mother. After all, some mothers are pregnant for the first time and lack experience. Excessive mental stress is also inevitable. On the contrary, if the people around you make a slight accusation, it will only increase the negative emotions of the expectant mothers. At this time, the people around you are not as good as waiting for the pregnant mothers to go out and relax. Let the nervous nerves relax, and more importantly, it can also exercise the body. 

3. Reasonable and healthy eating habits


Pregnant women during pregnancy must develop good eating habits and follow the golden diet principle of eating small and frequent meals during pregnancy. As far as possible, the diet should be light and easy to digest. It can be based on colored vegetables and fruits, soy products and dairy products, with an appropriate amount of nuts, and a reasonable combination of meat and vegetables, which can effectively reduce pregnancy reactions in the first trimester. 

So sometimes the laziness in the eyes of others is not true. It is just a reaction to the physical fatigue of the parturient. At this time, more rest is needed, which is more conducive to the better development of the fetus. 

On the way to parenting, we are all newbies , How to better take care of children, you can pay attention to me and discuss with me those things on the road of parenting.

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