Why are more and more young couples giving birth to twins? Experts told the truth, not all luck

Why are more and more young couples giving birth to twins? Experts told the truth, not all luck

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

When giving birth, many mothers may want to have twins, so that they only need one pain to get double happiness. In the past, having twins was a relatively rare event, but in recent years, this has become a common phenomenon. 

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The twins become popular

Xia Ling is approaching the due date. The family is very nervous, but she is not very nervous. Instead, her happiness increased day by day when she knew she was pregnant with twins. 

Because her dream is to have two children and form a family of four. However, the busy work made her gradually dare not ask for extravagantly, thinking that having one is enough, it takes too much to have two children She didn’t have time and energy at all. When it was found out that they were twins, she finally felt that she was the lucky one. 

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However, when the due date came, Xia Ling hadn’t moved yet, but when he was admitted to the hospital, he actually saw several women giving birth to twins, which made her feel incredible. 

The doctor told her: “In recent years, more and more women have given birth to twins, but this is also good, and the mothers will suffer less health.”

Xia Ling asked the doctor why she was puzzled. Twins are so common nowadays, is it genetic mutation? The doctor smiled and told her that it was not genetic mutations or luck, but changes in people’s lives and fertility levels. 

Why are there more and more young couples giving birth to twins? 

The survey shows that the country with the highest probability of twins in the world is about 12 per thousand, while in my country it is roughly 5 per thousand. In recent years, this probability has increased significantly. Around seven thousandths. 

1. Human intervention

Nowadays, the level of medical care has been greatly improved. If you want to give birth to twins, you can conduct artificial intervention. Among them, drugs to help ovulation are one of them. Kind. 

Under the guidance of professionals, taking it at a suitable time point can discharge multiple “egg babies” at one time. In this case, not only the chance of twins increases, but there may even be multiple cells. fetal. 

2 Young people’s lifestyles are getting worse

Nowadays, irregular work and unhealthy lifestyles have caused many young people to become infertile or infertile. At this time, some assisted reproductive technologies are used for pregnancy and production. This technique tends to increase the chance of having twins. 

Besides In the past, fertility technology was not recognized, and many people are even more repulsive about it. However, today’s young people are educated and have a scientific understanding of fertility. When they want children, they are more willing to consider using fertility technology. . 

3. The standard of living has been improved.

The rapid economic development is accompanied by the improvement of people’s material living standards. In terms of luxury, nowadays people can not only ensure adequate nutrition in their diet, but they are also healthier. 

Of course a good quality of life will be Make women have higher levels of progesterone and folic acid in the body, these factors are also the basis for the existence of twins. 

4. The influence of genetic factors

This factor mainly depends on women, because women who are twins have a 1.7% chance of giving birth to twins, while men are relatively low. a lot of. 

You need to pay attention before giving birth to twins

After confirming that you are pregnant with twins, you also need to pay attention to many aspects——

① Eat a balanced diet< /p>

Any pregnant mother should pay special attention to this aspect, because this is the basis of fetal development. 

Only mothers who are pregnant with twins, because they need to provide nutrition for the two fetuses at the same time, so they should also be added as appropriate in the nutritional intake, preferably under the guidance of a doctor. 

② Prevent premature birth

Pregnant mothers who are pregnant with twins are more likely to have premature birth, because the uterus will expand rapidly during the development of the two fetuses. When they cannot bear it, they will be born prematurely. You need to make preparations in advance to prepare for emergencies. need. 

In addition, you should pay more attention to rest. For moms who work, it is best to choose early maternity leave at 28 weeks. 

③ Prevent anemia

Maternal anemia is a very common phenomenon, especially for mothers who are pregnant with twins. 

The survey shows that mothers with twins are about 2.5 times more anemia than ordinary mothers, and the probability is about 40%. 

This Circumstances can cause dizziness and other discomfort for mothers, and may accidentally fall. Therefore, we must pay attention to supplementing iron-rich foods, such as celery, animal offal, etc., and take preventive measures. 

④ Wait for delivery as soon as possible

The choice of twins is mainly by caesarean section, because it is more difficult to give birth, so pregnant women should prepare in advance and go to the hospital for delivery.  Children learn to compare and may be wrong with their parents This matter is related to the fact that only-child families are often the easiest to recruit

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou


With the rapid development of society, people’s living standards have risen linearly, but individual differences have also become greater, and the wind of comparison has also increased. This phenomenon is not limited to adults, but also among children. Also tends to be obvious. 

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When a child suddenly asks for pocket money

Two days ago, my cousin told me that my second-year niece came home from school and suddenly told her that she wanted pocket money. I was stunned. The child has never had this need, and even chose not to give it when he took the initiative to give it. When I asked my daughter why she suddenly wanted pocket money, the answer was “everyone else has it.” 

The cousin said that at this time, she suddenly realized that there would be a comparability between children, because she was afraid that this situation would have a bad effect on the baby if it was not contained in time, so she immediately put down the things in her hands, patience and her daughter Have an exchange. 

Children express their thoughts : Her classmates all have pocket money. They will buy their favorite snacks together after class, share them with each other, and play together. She also wants to play games with her friends, and enjoy the joy of sharing, so she wants pocket money. 

Several reasons for comparison

In fact, the reasons for the psychology of comparison are not single, but diverse. If you want to guide children correctly, you must first find out What kind of situation is he in——

1. Competing with others

Some psychologists once proposed that children have a strong sense of competition and need a strong sense of competition. Superiority. 

In the early childhood stage, their mental development is not complete. Basically all behaviors are dictated by nature, so they will maximize their sense of competition. 

The main performance is: they want to compare everything with others, and want to be stronger than others, because they want to make their superiority more prominent and attract others’ attention. 

2, follow others< /p>

Before entering the kindergarten, the entire life of the child is to get along with the parents or the closest person in the family, and everyone will give them care and love. However, after entering the kindergarten, the child’s independent life begins. Whether you want to be loved or love others, you need to fight for it yourself. 

In a group environment, people need a sense of belonging. For children, this sense of belonging comes from similarity. In their eyes, they are consistent with most children. Recognition and acceptance also have their own belonging. 

But for themselves, they don’t have enough discrimination ability to distinguish which behaviors are correct and which behaviors are wrong, and copy them all, which may form a sense of comparison. 

3. Family influence


Some children’s behaviors are largely due to the failure of family education. Some families overspoil their children, especially single-child families. Basically, the children want to give what they want. Over time, naturally It is easy for them to learn to compare. 

In addition, some parents themselves have a certain inferiority complex, so they want to find an outlet for this inferiority in their children’s education. 

Someone else’s children have to have them in their own homes. It has become the psychological normal of this kind of parents, but the consequence of this behavior is to make the baby feel like a comparison. If things go on like this, it will only be like a snowball. The bigger it is, the harder it ends up in the end. 

In the face of children’s comparability, parents should do this

▲ The first step: clarify the reasons for the comparability

Because the reason for the comparability is There are many aspects. If you want to solve it correctly, you must find out the source. Understand why children want to compare, whether it is because they want to compete, they want to mingle with friends, or they really lack something they need. 

If the above reasons are not valid, then parents should reflect on whether they have instilled the idea of ​​comparison or exhibited comparison behavior in their children. 

Only on the basis of clarifying the cause, when correcting it, can we prescribe the right medicine and give the correct solution. 

▲Step 2: Correct Guidance

After finding out the reasons for the children, they should be given the correct guidance——

For example, when there is a reason for competition, parents should tell them what is the role of competition and where The competition in this respect is correct. This will not only help children establish a good and positive sense of competition, but also correct the style of comparison in time. 

Besides, whether it is competition or wanting to integrate with other children, it is undoubtedly that finding the right way to develop in a positive direction, so parents only need to guide them. No need to do too much interference. 

▲Step 3: Self Correction

Of course, after excluding the above two reasons, one of the reasons comes from the parents themselves, the children themselves are not too wrong, and in this case it is difficult to give correct guidance. 

Therefore, at this time, parents should first do a good job of self-reflection, understand their own problems and correct them in time, and set a positive example for their children, so as not to let them fall into the heart of comparison. 

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