Why are many babies born later than the due date? Imply that there is a problem with mother’s body?

Why are many babies born later than the due date? Imply that there is a problem with mother’s body? 

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< p>When a woman learns that she is pregnant, she will start to calculate the time of the baby’s birth, which is what we often call the expected date of delivery, but in real life, few children can come to their parents on the day of the due date. 

According to a statistical survey, about 64.3% of babies were born before the mother’s due date, 31.3% were born after the due date, and only 4.4% were born on the due date. 

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About the expected date of delivery

In medicine, the expected date of delivery is calculated based on the time of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman, but this can only roughly estimate the time of delivery, not the definite date of delivery. 

The specific calculation method is as follows:

The month of the first day of the pregnant woman’s last menstrual period plus 9 months or minus 3 months is used as the month of the expected delivery date, and the number of days is the last The number of days on the first day of menstruation plus 7 is the month of the expected delivery date. 

If the time of the last menstruation is August 11, 2020, the month of the expected delivery date is 8+9=17, the date is 11+7=18, and the expected date of delivery is May 18, 2021. 

Why do babies do Born later than the expected date of delivery? 

1. It implies that there is a problem with the mother’s body

that is, the menstrual period before pregnancy is not allowed. 

Because the expected date of delivery is calculated based on the time of the last menstrual period before pregnancy, if the pregnant mother’s menstrual disorder before pregnancy, then the ovulation time will not be fixed, and the time of conception will be difficult to determine, so it is natural to calculate There will be a certain error in the expected delivery date. 

In addition, some women with irregular menstruation may have been pregnant with a baby for one or two months when they found out that they were pregnant, and they did not remember the time of their last menstrual period clearly, which made the estimated due date probably not accurate. 

It should be noted that part of women’s menstrual irregularities may be born and have no effect on health, but some may be caused by some problems, such as endometriosis, blood deficiency, and thyroid. Abnormal etc. 

2. The time for the first check-up is late

Some women did not go to the hospital for the check-up in time after learning that they were pregnant. The time for the first check-up After being postponed, the time of the last menstrual period may no longer be remembered when I go to the obstetric checkup. Even if I do a B-ultrasound check, there is no way to tell how long I have been pregnant. 

Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to undergo the first check-up at 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, and no more than 3 months at the latest. 

3. Not a single child

Due to the limited capacity of the uterus, we see twins or multiple births in real life, Often they give birth earlier than the expected date of delivery. 

4. Affected by genetic factors

According to research, many conditions of pregnant women will be inherited by the mother, such as the reaction during pregnancy , Gestational age, and delivery time, etc. 

To sum up, when the baby starts, it is not determined by the expected date of delivery, but is closely related to the mother-to-be’s own factors. Then when will the baby be born? 

currently allowed How long will the baby be born after the due date? 

Two weeks, 14 days. 

The arrival of the expected date of delivery indicates that the fetus has developed well, and only 4% of those born on the expected date of delivery will be born 2 weeks before and after the expected date of delivery. Doctors will call it an “expired pregnancy” if it exceeds the expected date of delivery by 2 weeks. 

“Expired pregnancy” will bring harm to the fetus and pregnant women, as follows:

1. Harm to the fetus

After 42 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta Already aging, the function will decline, the nutrients that can be provided to the fetus will be affected, and the prolonged pregnancy can easily lead to turbid amniotic fluid, then the fetal baby is likely to suffer from hypoxia, intrauterine distress, and fetal meconium inhalation Syndrome and other hazards. 

2. Harm to pregnant women

Expired pregnancy” will lead to prolonged labor, and according to statistics, the probability of dystocia will also increase, leading to increased injuries suffered by pregnant women during normal delivery or surgery.

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What signals will the baby send before starting

1, pain

The labor pain is caused by strong contractions, which is an important signal before the baby starts. Under regular contractions, not only labor pains, but also the uterine orifice will gradually expand, which is very important for the baby. Prepare for your arrival.

The first labor pains may be irregular, appearing several times a day, and each time lasts for about 30 seconds. As labor approaches, the time of labor pains will gradually shorten. Every 10-15 minutes, the baby is about to be born, and family members should immediately send the pregnant woman to the hospital for delivery.

2, broken water

Broken water refers to the breakdown of amniotic fluid, pregnant women will I feel a warm current that is completely uncontrolled, and a colorless and transparent liquid flows out.

The rupture of water is due to the increase of uterine contractions, which leads to intrauterine pressure, the cervix is ​​opened, and the fetal head drops, causing the fetal membranes to rupture. Amniotic fluid flows out. After this happens, you must be careful to prevent excessive amniotic fluid outflow, which may cause harm to the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant women should stay flat and be escorted by their family members after the water break occurs. , Be admitted to the hospital immediately, delivery will usually be completed within 12 hours, in case of special circumstances, a caesarean section is needed in time.

3, see red

Before delivery Within 1 to 2 days, pregnant women’s body will flow out a small amount of bloody mucus, that is, redness. This is due to the blood produced by the rupture of blood vessels in the uterine wall and fetal membrane when the fetal head descends into the pelvis during contractions. 

Generally, pregnant women will start their fetus 1 to 2 days after seeing red, but due to individual differences, some will give birth many days later, so you can go to the hospital for examination first, see if you are going to be hospitalized and wait for delivery, or continue at home waiting. Return to Sohu to see more

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Three signals suggest that the child may be isolated If you want to avoid it, make the following preparations before entering the park

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Nowadays, some children are the “palm in the palm” of the whole family and live at home In the fairy days of “Zhongxingpengyue”, once you enter the group life, no one around is willing to tolerate yourself, and it is inevitable that you will be a little uncomfortable. 

Kindergarten is the first step that children need to take. It is the first group life they need to integrate into. Therefore, parents need help before their children enter the kindergarten. They quickly learn how to get along with others so as not to be “isolated” in the future. 

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The impact of kindergarten life on children

Many people say that if you have a good start, then you are half done. 

Kindergarten is the first step for everyone to enter society, and it is also an important milestone for them to learn to socialize and integrate into the collective.

A good kindergarten life may bring Children are happy and contented. They can gain friends in social interactions and gain knowledge under the guidance of teachers. This can improve children’s learning enthusiasm, make them more willing to go to school, and develop good study habits and character. 

However, one is not so ideal Kindergarten life is a nightmare for babies, especially without friends. 

Different from the teacher, the children’s liking and dislike of a person are both obvious to everyone-if I like you, I am willing to share with you; if I hate you, I will pull my friends around Isolate you together. 

Although these are all manifestations of “young ignorance” and “insufficiency”, they can often cause great psychological harm to the “isolated”, and they often think that they have nothing wrong with them. , But inexplicably suffer from the indifference or physical (verbal) blows from the surrounding students, which leads to the idea of ​​inferiority, and some even get tired of studying. 

Three signals suggest you My child may be isolated

@可欣妈妈: My child has become untalkative since she went to kindergarten. He cried when he sent her to school, and had a big head every morning. In order to clarify the situation, I went to their school to observe for a whole day, and for a long time I found nothing abnormal. 

When eating at noon, several children held hands and followed the teacher to the cafeteria to eat, but my baby did not move for a long time. The teacher came and called before he followed. The other children talked about it during the meal. I was laughing, but my baby was sitting alone. I was really uncomfortable at the time. 

1. Often lost, emotional Not high

This aspect is mainly derived from the comparison between home and school. At home, he is the little treasure of Zhongxing Pengyue, but he is isolated at school and no one cares about it. Such a huge gap will naturally make the baby feel a sense of loss and often produce negative emotions. 

2. School-weary psychology

Because of being isolated at school, children often feel lonely and insecure, so they can only stay at home and stay under the protection of their parents’ family Only then do I feel safe, so that it is easy to produce rejection and resistance to the kindergarten. 

3. Slowly become Inferiority and introversion

Children have been in such an environment for a long time, and their natural personality will develop in the direction of inferiority and introversion. After being isolated, the child will have a self-denying thought in his heart, thinking that he is not good enough to have no friends. 

I also have self-doubt, whether I am not normal, and why other children don’t play with me. In this state for a long time, even children who are self-confident and lively are prone to autism, not to mention those who are inherently more introverted. 

If you don’t want your child to be isolated, you must make these preparations before entering the kindergarten

1. Teach your children to take the initiative to make friends

When children enter the kindergarten, parents cannot help. The child has done everything, and the teachers and classmates who accompany the child the most in school. Therefore, it is important to teach children to make friends proactively. 

Children in kindergarten are relatively simple and cute. As long as someone takes the initiative to make friends with themselves, they will be very happy, but many children are reluctant to take the initiative to talk to other children, so babies can be more proactive in making friends. Quickly integrate into the collective. 

2, teach children to take care of themselves , And take care of others too

When the baby is young, parents can consciously cultivate their hands-on skills, such as eating by themselves and going to the bathroom by themselves. People generally show respect for themselves, and children are no exception. 

When other children can’t do these things on their own, they can take the initiative to help or seek help from the teacher, so that they can get the gratitude of other children, and naturally it is easy to become friends. 

3. Teach children to love to share and be polite

Children usually have some food or toys of their own, if other children want to borrow or eat some snacks , Children should learn to share, and parents should tell their children the meaning of sharing. 

At the same time, if other children take the initiative to share with their children or if their children want to get something from other children, they should also politely thank or ask. 

[Xingyun said]< /p>

Friends are very important to each of us. They are both sustenance and companionship for children. Parents should teach children the skills of making friends in time. Return to Sohu to see more

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