Why are male kindergarten teachers more and more popular? There are four advantages, there is a “widowed parenting” family in need

Why are male kindergarten teachers more and more popular? There are four advantages. There is a need for a “widowed parenting” family

The survey shows that among the population engaged in kindergarten education in my country, males account for 1% and females account for 99%. 

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The data is not ugly It appears that in the position of kindergarten teachers, women occupy an absolute advantage. Male kindergarten teachers are very scarce. Many people think that it does not matter if there are no male teachers. After all, kindergarten is just a place for children to play, but this is not the case. 

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The strong male kindergarten teacher became popular

Some time ago, a video of a male kindergarten teacher taking children to do exercises became popular. In the video, a handsome male kindergarten teacher took A group of cute children are doing exercises between classes of “Hercules and the Little Princess”. 

After understanding, this male kindergarten teacher is an external teacher in the kindergarten. He has been engaged in this industry for five years. Although he was originally engaged in the fitness industry, he found that he loved it very much after getting along with the children. This kind of work makes me get along well with the children. 

So I became a kindergarten teacher and has always been welcomed by students and parents in the class. 

And the reason for its popularity In addition to letting people see a different contrast of cuteness, the most important thing is because of the identity of the male kindergarten teacher. 

In fact, this teacher is not the first male kindergarten teacher to become popular. Almost every once in a while, there will be a male kindergarten teacher in our field of vision. 

Why are male kindergarten teachers scarce in the past? 

1. The influence of traditional concepts

In our impression, kindergarten is a place to receive care, especially now that many women return to the workplace early, and no one takes care of their children at home. , So he was sent to the kindergarten early. 

In terms of care, people always think that women are more delicate and patient than men and take care of them more attentively. Therefore, in the selection of kindergarten teachers, many kindergartens and parents tend to prefer female kindergarten teachers. 

2, lower salary

Nowadays living standards have improved, and family costs have also increased significantly. It is difficult to meet the needs of family life in the profession of kindergarten teachers, especially for men. This is also the most scarce male kindergarten teacher. the basic reason. 

Even if some men choose to work in this industry, their loyalty is far less than that of female kindergarten teachers. When they encounter better opportunities and development, they will choose to leave this industry. 

3, college kindergarten teacher education Misconceptions

When colleges and universities cultivate professional talents for kindergarten teachers, they did not distinguish between men and women, but made generalizations. 

In the training of professional knowledge and expertise, women are the mainstay. This will cause the characteristics of men to be concealed. Blindly learning a teaching model suitable for women will only lead to the weakening of their competitive ability. At a disadvantage. 

Even if they are admitted, they are prone to incompatibility when entering formal teaching, leading to the forced abandonment of this industry. 

Why are male kindergarten teachers more and more popular nowadays? 

There is no doubt that male kindergarten teachers are very necessary. They mainly have the following advantages——

1) Gender education

In the kindergarten stage, yes A critical period in the development of children’s gender awareness, if there are only female teachers, they will all be the same in their eyes, and their gender awareness will be blurred, which is not conducive to subsequent development. 

With male teachers, it’s different. They can better distinguish between males and females, and understand their differences from the appearance and behavior of the two, which is conducive to the establishment and development of their gender awareness. . 

Especially for “widowed parenting” families, the existence of a male role like a male kindergarten teacher often allows children to have more opportunities to come into contact with the tough and strong side of men. Every action, every word and deed can slowly penetrate into the children’s daily life, affecting their character shaping and daily life. 

2) Diversified teaching modes

There is no difference in ability between men and women, but there are obvious differences in the teaching mode. Men tend to be straightforward and simple, while women are euphemistic and delicate. 

Under the influence of different models, children can better develop and make judgments about their own problems, and their learning and life can also get different experiences and gains. For male students, it is more There is a brand new reference. 

3) Sports training


In terms of physical strength, men have a natural advantage, while kindergarten children are in a stage of rapid development, and their mental and physical strength are relatively strong. Many sports activities are tiring for female kindergarten teachers. But for male kindergarten teachers, it is very easy. 

4) Various affairs

The kindergarten organizes some activities or parent-teacher conferences, and needs to prepare various instruments or move things and other physical tasks. If all are handed over to the kindergarten teacher to handle it, it takes time It takes effort, but it is different if there are male kindergarten teachers. Not only can they handle these things faster, but also give the female kindergarten teachers a certain amount of rest. 

How to promote the participation of male kindergarten teachers

▲Change the inherent concept

In fact, this direction requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Only when the public realizes that kindergarten teachers are A normal job is of the same nature as any other industry, not just a nanny care. Only in this way can we get rid of the prejudice against male kindergarten teachers and make them more willing to engage in this industry. 

▲Provide a good growth environment And development

As far as the kindergarten itself is concerned, the boyfriends should be provided with equal development platforms and opportunities, so that they have room for promotion, so that their economic income can be improved, which solves the most fundamental problem. problem. 

▲The educational model of colleges and universities should be suitable

For the education of colleges and universities, suitable education should be given to male and female kindergarten teachers, teaching in accordance with their aptitude, rather than generalizing, so that they can better play With their respective strengths, male kindergarten teachers can have sufficient competitiveness. Return to Sohu to see more

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Regardless of whether it is straight or cut, there are several things Try to finish it on the day of giving birth. There is basically no burden during the confinement period.

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Giving birth is a very important thing for every pregnant mother, so all kinds of preparations will be made when they are about to give birth, but sometimes no matter how well they are prepared, some things are not paid attention to. , It will still cause harm to the body. 

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Women carelessly forget to urinate and can only be assisted by intubation

Yingying pays great attention to all aspects after pregnancy, and the homework to be done is not lost at all. The whole pregnancy is The baby is well developed after passing through safely. However, at the time of delivery, it was because of stress and tossing for a whole day to give birth to the baby smoothly. 

The family members are very happy, Yingying is also very satisfied. At this time, the nurse came and told me to urinate, but no one in the family listened. Later, the nurse emphasized the need to urinate again, and everyone agreed on the surface. But he didn’t care about it at all. 

Unexpectedly, a few hours passed The nurse came to check and found that Yingying hadn’t urinated yet, so she plugged in a tube to assist her in urination. The family members were confused, but the nurse scolded: “I told you several times to urinate in time. If you don’t urinate, it will be dangerous !”

Importance of postpartum care

Childbirth is a long process, which not only requires great pain, but also consumes a lot of physical energy. Many women, including their family members, are born before the child is born. After that, I thought it was over. 

Actually, for mothers, it is just the beginning. The restoring work is equally important. Improper postpartum care will affect future health and cause harm to the body. 

And this kind of recovery does not start from confinement, but from the day after giving birth, mothers don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do, medical staff will remind and help , Just need to cooperate, remember to implement it in time, don’t forget or omit to do it, so that only your body will be hurt and your recovery will be affected. 

Normally, delivery and Caesarean section delivery time will also be different——

After the normal delivery, strict observation is required, usually about 2 hours, so the discharge time should not be earlier than 24 hours; Caesarean section needs to be observed for 24 hours. If the body recovers well, You can be discharged from the hospital in about 4 days. If you feel unwell, you need to continue to observe and recover in the hospital. 

What needs to be done in the hospital is to cooperate with the nurses to complete the things that need to be done after delivery. Some seem to be unimportant, but they are closely related to the health of the body. We must pay attention to them. Among them, there are several things that are finished. What the child needs to complete that day. 

You can’t wait for these three things, you have to do it after giving birth

1, urination

This thing is that the postpartum nurse will rush to urge the mother to do it. Many mothers have expressed doubts about the matter, why they still care about urination after their children are finished. 

In fact, this is mainly because the uterus will increase almost 20 times during pregnancy, which will squeeze the bladder, and pregnant women will also pull it during delivery, which may cause urethral congestion or Edema, the urine in the bladder cannot be discharged in time. 

Therefore, pregnant women who have a normal delivery should urinate spontaneously in about 4-6 hours, and if they do not succeed in more than 8 hours, they will be assisted by intubation; and pregnant women who have a cesarean section should also be in 4-6 hours Internal urination is mainly done with the help of a urinary tube. 

2 Pressing the belly

This procedure can be said to be a painful memory for many parturients, but this process is very important. The main purpose is to help the uterus to contract and to expel lochia faster. 

Compared to normal delivery, there will be more cases of bad uterine contractions in cesarean section, so the contraction of the uterus will be affected, which will affect the health of the uterine cavity. 

3. Light activity


It is said that giving birth is a trip to the gate of a ghost. Many mothers are even tired to shock. Therefore, they must ensure adequate rest after delivery, but this does not mean that they are completely immobile. 

For normal parturient women, after resting for 2 hours, they should get out of bed and move around. This can help reposition the internal organs and help the discharge of lochia. 

After a cesarean delivery mother has about 8 hours of rest, she should also exercise moderately. Even if she cannot get out of bed, her family should help her body move. 

The obstetrical experts warn: If the mother can do the above-mentioned things on the day of giving birth, she will often be able to lay a good foundation for physical recovery, and there will be no burden to go home for confinement. 

Extended reading: Pay attention to postpartum urination

1) Movements should be light and slow

After giving birth, the mother’s body will be in a very weak state. When urinating, it is best to choose to do it in bed. Of course, some mothers may not accept this method. 

Even if you want to get out of bed to solve it, you must pay attention to the action to be gentle and not involve the wound. It is best to choose someone to help. 

2) The environment should be comfortable< /p>

Hospital beds are tight, and some wards may live in many women. With accompanying family members, there will be many people in the whole room. In this environment, women who urinate will definitely feel nervous and embarrassed, so accompanying family members Need to create a comfortable and private environment for them. 

3) The method needs to be correct.

Some parturients may not have the intention to urinate after giving birth. At this time, they need to adopt the correct method to induce, such as drinking a little warm water and lightly using their hands. Gently press the lower abdomen and so on. Return to Sohu to see more

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