Why are girls afraid of marrying “Mambo Nan”? When a mother needs reflection, four behaviors are the culprit

Why are girls afraid of marrying “Mambo Nan”? When a mother needs reflection, four behaviors are the culprit

One of Ma Baonan’s most classic quotes-it’s not easy for my mother to raise me so big, she did it all for my good , Don’t take it to your heart. 

Writer: Pearl

Finalized: Su Zihou

Nowadays, “Mambo Man” is particularly rejected by girls in the marriage and love market. When mentioning such a man, everyone said that they would not dare to marry. What kind of existence is Ma Baonan? Most of the reason lies in the mother, and mothers with these types of personalities should pay attention! You may be cultivating a “Momboy”. 


< p>Fangfang divorced less than half a year after getting married. She said that marrying a mom Baonan is the greatest sorrow in marriage. 

Fangfang, who is about to turn 30 years old, met her ex-husband on a blind date, and the two are evenly matched in external conditions such as economics and appearance. As for his character, Fangfang thinks he is a very filial man, he certainly won’t Bad, so less than three months in love, they tied the knot, everything looked so beautiful, but only she can understand the bitterness and helplessness after marriage. 

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The ex-husband is a typical “mabao man”. Whether right or wrong, he obeys his mother. When the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law quarrel, the husband always treats her mother-in-law and treats himself. Treat each other in the cold; the money the husband earns every month must be handed over to the mother-in-law, and the details of the expenditure must be recorded by the mother-in-law. 

Fangfang’s patience time and time again, but their changes are getting worse. As long as they encounter problems with their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, what the mother-in-law says and does is right, and her husband will always stand on the opposite side of her. 

She really regrets it, and blames herself for not knowing each other well before marriage, everything went too fast, but fortunately she has not given birth yet, Fangfang can’t imagine living in this kind of family all her life. What will you become? Therefore, the decision was made to divorce. 

Actually, filial piety and mother Bao is different. A filial man is mature and stable, handles the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and family in a fair and fair manner, has a certain degree of independence, does not report everything to his mother, and is a responsible and responsible man. 

And Mabao male is like a mother’s accessory, the mother’s words are the imperial edict, the mother is sacred and inviolable, and the wife’s disobedience is a treason. If you go against your mother-in-law, he will be incompatible with you. 

Ma Baonan is unable to be independent in life, thinking, and handling. He lacks independent opinions. He likes to listen to his mother’s opinions on big and small matters. He has to report everything to his mother. He cannot do without his mother’s care. Like a small “giant baby”. 

Actually, it is called Being a “Mabaonan” must have an inseparable connection with his mother, so what behaviors of mothers are easy to raise a “Mabaonan”? 

Several behaviors of mothers, Easy to raise “Ma Baonan”

1. Very strong personality

If the mother has the power at home, she will be the master of all matters and she will not let the child have the right to speak. Over time, Children will get used to this state of life, and will not dare to contradict their mothers. When they grow up, they lack opinions and ideas, and feel that they only need to listen to their mothers in everything. 

2. Indulge children to make mistakes.

Some mothers overspoil their children and are responsive to their children, and even when their children make mistakes, they always take care of their children and condone their mistakes again and again, do you think This is to love the child, but it actually harms the child. When he grows up, he lacks independence. Whenever he gets into trouble, he depends on his mother. He always thinks about having a mother clean up the mess behind his back. 

3. Possession of baby Very strong

Some mothers treat their sons as their own personal belongings, and excessively intervene in their children’s lives. They force their children to listen to themselves in everything, and to participate in everything by themselves. Under his own control, over time, the child becomes more and more dependent on his mother and becomes a mom-boy. 

4. Advocating violence to educate children

If the mother is too strict and often uses verbal or physical violence on the child, the child may be suppressed by the mother’s strong aura, in order to avoid being Beating and scolding, they are complacent and self-suppressed. When they grow up, their inner shadows linger. They have to ask their mothers before doing anything, for fear that they will upset their mothers. 

Actually, there are various problems in Ma Baonan. For this reason, many girls are afraid to stay away. So what problems do they have? 

Which mom boys have Disadvantages? 

1. Lack of responsibility

Mambo men lack responsibility and like to rely on their mother for everything. After marriage, they still can’t bear the responsibility. To marry such a man, marriage is destined to be a tragedy. He Your immaturity makes you feel panic and helpless. 

2, low emotional intelligence


Mumbo men grew up under the care of their mothers. They don’t know how to take care of girls. They have a stupid mouth and are very incomprehensible. They don’t know how to respect the ideas of their girlfriends or wives. They always like to take their mothers when they quarrel. Strike back at you, once you choose to break up, they will not procrastinate at all, and give you a very cold and ruthless feeling. 

3. Cowardice

Bao Ma man is very cowardly. He can only escape in trouble. He lacks responsibility and courage. He suffers from grievances for the rest of his life, and it is difficult to make a big deal.  There are three children and one daughter in the family, and my husband coaxes like this Baby sleeps, Bao Ma complains: it is true that petty love is true love

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou


With the development of the times, equality between men and women has become the aspiration of the vast majority of people, patriarchal preference is no longer the main theme of the times, and the emergence of the “poor children and rich children” theory has created a large number of daughter slaves. 

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The video of the father’s “petting his daughter alone” became popular

Two days ago, a treasured mother posted a video on the Internet: Going out to buy groceries and let her husband Bringing the children to sleep at home, because there are a lot of people in the family, there are three children and one daughter, so before going out, I also urged my husband to be more careful. 

When she came home, she found that the house was quiet, thinking that she should be asleep, so she wanted to cover the family with quilts. When she walked to the room, she was shocked by the scene in front of her. ——

The three sons lie on the side in different poses, all of which are not covered with quilts, and the father hugs his daughter under the quilt and screams. At this time, the mother feels angry and a bit funny, and vomits. “Sure enough, small love talents are true love”, so I took a video and posted it online for everyone to comment. 

“Haha, this is not Is the legendary daughter slave?”

“This means that even if there are three sons, the father pets his daughter alone!”

“I also like my daughters, if it is my son And my daughter, I guess I’m the same as this dad.”

“The little boy is too pitiful, but I really like such a dad.”

“This year’s netizens are too double Mark it, son preference is patriarchal, daughter preference is cute?”

Is the act of preference for daughters correct? 

The first widely advocated idea is equality between men and women. No matter which side is preferred, it is not the right way. But before we talk about preference, we should first figure out the difference between men and women——

From the appeal point of view, boys are more rational and strong, while girls are more sensual and weak; from the appearance point of view, boys are stronger and taller, while women are more petite and pleasant. 

The difference between these two aspects means that the focus of education should also be different. 

When educating boys

They should be allowed to grow up independently at the right time, take their own responsibilities, and be more rational in the feelings of their parents, and be more open-minded. Occasional neglect is basically not at heart, so when parents treat their sons Usually choose “stocking”. 

When educating girls

Mentally fragile and sensitive is an important feature. In many cases, parents’ deviations can easily lead to insufficient sense of security and hinder their mental health. Therefore, many parents will For the health of children, pay more attention and understanding in many cases. 

However, this kind of “preference” within the normal range is completely fine, but some parents will have excessive preference. Whether it is a male or a deceitful girl, it will have an adverse effect on the child. 

Sequences of eccentricity

①Contradictions occur frequently

Parents will choose two or more children out of the hope that children can grow up with each other, but if Once eccentricity occurs, the first thing to destroy is the intimacy between them, and conflicts arise in order to get more love from their parents in life. 

②Character defect

The common problem of eccentric families is that the child’s personality is more extreme, and the one who is usually favored will show extreme pride and selfishness. The most common is “the nest is horizontal”, lawless at home;

The one who is not spoiled will be extremely inferior, and even jealous, which is difficult to change in a lifetime. 

③More rebellious

Whether they are pampered or not pampered, children will become more rebellious when they grow up to have independent thinking. The pampered children will be rebellious because they are selfish and completely disregarding the feelings of others; those who are not pampered will be rebellious. Rebellious because of resentment against his family. 

Family education for multiple children

1. Try to keep the same treatment

Generally, this kind of family conflicts come from unfair treatment, so they are taking care of A bowl of water should be leveled when a child is born. Even if it is impossible to be 100% indistinguishable in many cases, as long as fairness can be achieved on the whole, it will not cause too much negative impact on children. 

2, enhance between children Feelings

Brothers and sisters keep the same blood and are the closest people to each other, but in many cases children have no way to realize this problem, which requires parents to give them the correct guidance. 

Bring them to participate in parent-child activities or interactive games, and let them learn to bear each other when rewarding or punishing. 

3. Seek common ground while reserving differences

Everyone is an independent individual. Even twins cannot be exactly the same. Therefore, we must respect their differences when educating them, and implement educational methods suitable for their growth on a secondary basis, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. 

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