Why are foreign school uniforms so good-looking, but domestic school uniforms are so “earth”? 3 reasons are very realistic

Why are foreign school uniforms so good-looking, but domestic school uniforms are so “earth”? Three reasons are very realistic.

When it comes to Chinese school uniforms, the first thing many people think of is the blue, white and red series of sportswear. Yaya is a junior high school student. After entering junior high school, Yaya seems to have grown up a lot, and loves beauty a lot more than when she was in elementary school. I heard from others that after entering junior high school, she wears school uniforms every day. For this, the little girl is looking forward to the appearance of school uniforms. 

As soon as the semester starts, the teacher counts the students Our height is due to the uniform purchase of school uniforms. Originally, Yaya was very looking forward to school uniforms. I imagined herself wearing a short-sleeved skirt and school uniform. But on the day when the school uniforms came out, Yaya was stunned. The school uniforms are all long-sleeved trousers. Even the summer school uniforms, although the top is short-sleeved, the trousers are still trousers, which makes Yaya feel very ugly. 

But after all, it’s a student, you still have to follow the school According to the regulations, Yaya can only wear such ugly school uniforms to class every day. If you have watched foreign movies, you will find that the design of foreign school uniforms is very fashionable, girls’ uniforms are cute and cute, boys’ uniforms are very handsome and gentlemen, but domestic school uniforms are very “earth”. 

Most domestic school uniforms tend to be simple designs. So it looks more earthy, but in fact, the design of domestic school uniforms is also related to the following points. 

Why is the design of domestic school uniforms so “earth”? 

1: Avoid comparisons

There is a feeling of comparison among adults, but also among children. If everyone can wear their own clothes to go to school, then the family’s economic conditions will be easily highlighted come out. Some children with average appearance and less fashionable dress will be ridiculed by others, but the uniform school uniform is different, and the uniform school uniform will reduce the competiveness. 

2: Facilitate student movement

During the school days, the school often held sports meets. If girls wear short skirts and school uniforms, it will definitely be very inconvenient. Therefore, the design of Chinese school uniforms is mostly generous. Although it is not so good-looking, it is actually very practical and convenient for students to exercise. 

3: Avoid premature love

The domestic school uniforms are designed to be so generous, in fact, there are certain intentions, because children will become curious about the opposite sex after they reach adolescence. I am very concerned about my looks and dress, and it is easy to fall in love. In order to avoid this phenomenon, most of the school uniforms used in many schools are relatively fat. 

It can be seen that the design of school uniforms in my country is so large, There are reasons for its existence, so why are foreign school uniforms so beautiful? The three reasons are very realistic. 

What are the three reasons why foreign school uniforms look so good? 

One: Positioning is different

Most domestic schools value students’ performance. Teachers and parents pay more attention to children’s learning abilities. Other abilities, such as talents, are not too important. However, foreign schools pay more attention to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive abilities, not only on learning, but also on the cultivation of children’s interests and other abilities, so the dress code will be different. 

Two: different tuition fees

< p>There are many public schools in China, and the tuition fees of public schools are not very high, because the children who come to school have different family conditions, and the school uniforms are also in the simplest style. But foreign schools are different. The tuition of foreign schools is very expensive, so in the design of school uniforms, they have an advantage to make school uniforms more beautiful. 

Three: Different Practices

As we have already introduced above, most domestic schools focus on children’s learning, and most of the usual social activities are mainly learning. They tend to visit science and technology museums or In places like museums, school uniforms will be more ordinary. Most foreign schools participate in aristocratic social practices, such as dance parties, so school uniforms are very different from those in China. 

Wearing school uniforms is an aspect of school management , But in fact, there are many meanings behind it, which not only represents the identity of a student, but also represents the spiritual outlook of a school. Therefore, the design of domestic and foreign school uniforms will also be very different, but in fact, Chinese school uniforms are also very beautiful. Although it is loose and fat, it has a full of youthful atmosphere. Let your children learn these things after 3 years of age. It will be more effective than 100 interest classes. In the future, you will not worry.

Parents are really willing to pay for the capital in order to cultivate their children. Expensive, the best kindergarten, this is not the end of all kinds of tutoring, interest classes are full for children. 

Parents think that this will be able to train their children well, but it is not necessarily true. The children themselves have no advantages, and it is futile for parents to provide their children with a high-quality environment. 

Xiaohuo and her husband are in very good family conditions, and both of them match well regardless of their origin or education. The combination of the two is really a good match for both talents and women. 

They had a son soon after they got married. The son is really the baby of the family and he was born with a golden key from an early age. Children are usually spoiled, but family members have never been unambiguous in the matter of children’s education. 

In order to allow children to keep up with the progress of the times In the future, I can rely on my own talents to make a career of my own. Grandparents enrolled their children in various interest classes when they were 3 years old. 

In order to exercise the children’s eloquence, we have specially enrolled in eloquence classes, in order to make the children versatile, enrolled in dance classes, piano classes, and painting classes, and in order to let the children have a bigger picture, they enrolled in the Go class. 

In short, the child’s schedule is full every day after the kindergarten, and the family also runs errands with his son day by day. 

But my son has been studying these hobby classes for more than half a year, and it seems to be of little use. On the contrary, the adults and children are not lightly tired. The children are tired and thin because of running around all day. 

Grandpa and grandma look at their grandson indeed I feel distressed, but for the sake of the child’s future consideration, grandparents still encourage the child to grit their teeth and insist on persisting. 

Actually, there are many such cases in real life like Xiaohuo’s family. In order to cultivate the overall development of their children, parents wish their children could have the clone technique. 

The original intention of the parents is good, but the way they treat their children is not necessarily correct. Sometimes parents always like to ask for help in training their children, such as asking for help in schools and outside interest classes. Parents want to use these external things to improve their children’s abilities. 

After the child is 3 years old, if the child can learn these things It’s more useful than how many interest classes the child takes.

1. Develop the child’s brain

The brain is the core part of human beings. Whether a child is smart or not depends entirely on the child’s brain, especially before the child is 6 years old. , Parents should grasp the critical period of their children’s growth and fully develop their children’s left and right brains. 

Because the child’s brain develops slowly after the age of 6, if parents miss this stage, it will be much more difficult to develop the child’s brain. 

For example, parents can usually play more intellectual games with their children, take their children to experience some new things, talk to their children and tell stories and so on. 

2, cultivate children’s adverse quotient

In fact, sometimes the key to a person’s success is not how smart the child is, but how persistent the child is. 

The children nowadays lack the ability to persist. Sometimes it is not the failure that comes too quickly but the children give up too early. 

Sometimes when facing difficulties, it is really a person’s psychological quality. As long as the psychological quality is excellent, whoever can survive to the end will be able to succeed. 

3. Cultivate children’s emotional intelligence

Today’s society is no longer the age of fighting alone. Today’s society is even more testing the ability of children to cooperate and cooperate with others. Parents also need to cultivate their children’s emotional intelligence and their ability to deal with others. 

Only in this way can children survive better in the collective. Parents also need to cultivate their children’s ability to empathize with others, because all things can’t just think about themselves. 

If that is the case, you will definitely be isolated in the group, and no one is willing to cooperate with your child, and the child will be one step away from the success he wants. 

4. Cultivate children’s physical fitness

The body is the capital. If there is no body, everything will be lost. Parents should cultivate their children’s physical fitness from the time they are young, cultivate the habit of exercising their children, and teach their children to cherish their bodies. 

Bring your children to do more sports projects, which will not only help the child’s physical development, but also increase the child’s physical endurance, and at the same time help the child’s development of physical coordination. 

Parents must not go into the misunderstanding of nurturing their children, believing that by providing them with good conditions and providing them with plenty of opportunities, their children must be excellent. These are part of the child’s path to success, but not all. 

As the saying goes: If you want a stronger building, the foundation must be solid. Otherwise, the parent fills the child too much, but it is the burden of the child, and the child cannot support the parent to provide the child. 

Therefore, parents should not be too hasty in training their children. Parents should grasp the characteristics of their children’s physical and mental development, step by step and steadily train their children to be truly powerful, knowledgeable, courageous, and meaningful. Talent.

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