Why are babies born crying instead of saying hello to the world with a smile? The correct explanation is this

Why are babies born crying instead of saying hello to the world with a smile? The correct explanation is this

With a loud and moving cry, the little baby comes to his parents like a “little angel”. And watching the pitiful look when the baby is crying, mom and dad will unconsciously ignite the desire to protect. 

  • Some people say that this is the meaning of the baby crying. 
  • But some people say that babies are born crying because they suffer because of life. 

    Why are babies born crying instead of saying hello to the world with a smile? In fact, the correct explanation is this

    In fact, when the baby is in the mother’s belly, there is amniotic fluid all around, and there is no need and condition to “unlock” the breathing ability. 

    When the baby is born, the mouth and nose are opened, air enters, and the lungs are compressed and opened. Under strong external stimuli, the baby expels the gas, and the gas passes through the throat to stimulate the vocal cords, which produces the baby’s cry. 

    Seeing this, some people will doubt that since it is all gas exchange, why does the baby cries instead of laughter after being stimulated? Regarding the answer to this question, the answer is even more complicated, so some people use “life to suffer” to explain it. 

    We often say that “life suffers” is the correct explanation. Do you as a parent understand? 

    On the one hand, it should be understood from an adult’s thinking: the baby will leave the warm and familiar “small house” without the familiar environment and smell package, and it will also bring the child There is a sense of tension. Such external conditions prevent them from producing pleasant emotions. 

    On the other hand, for a baby, laughter is a more complicated process than crying. 

    Although this action is very simple in the eyes of adults, it still requires the cooperation of brain nerves and many muscles of the body. Therefore, “laughing” is not The skills that babies are born with are skills that can only be learned later. But crying is different. This is the “gift” that a baby is born with. 

    Crying is the first “language” the baby has to master.

    Careful parents will find that the baby The cry belongs to the “dry thunder and no rain” type. But in fact, crying is indeed a skill for babies, and they will express their different needs through the change of crying. 

    So the cry of a baby may seem simple, but it is actually the first communication skill they have mastered and used. Therefore, parents should carefully observe, carefully judge and grasp the children’s “infant speech”. 

    Children’s needs are different and crying sounds are also different. Bao parents and moms must understand

    after the baby is born Crying ceaselessly within a few months. Sometimes the cry of parents picking up the baby in time to comfort them stops, but sometimes, no matter what the parents do, the baby still cries non-stop. This is because the “content” they cry is different, and parents cannot generalize. 

    ▲The cry is eagerly like an anxious “little horn”-I am hungry

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    Baby’s stomach volume is small, so it’s often not long after the milk is finished Hungry, and their way of expressing hunger is to cry. So when parents hear the baby crying like an anxious trumpet, they need to feed the baby quickly. 

    ▲Suddenly cry and cry with kicking action-change my diaper

    Baby When I was young, I couldn’t fully know their physical condition. Sometimes “feces, pee” would make them feel uncomfortable. So when parents see their baby crying and kicking, they can check whether their diapers need to be replaced. Up. 

    ▲The crying is irritable and irregular—to sleep or feel uncomfortable

    Some babies cry irregularly or babble Crying. At this time, the baby is mostly “sleeping” or sending a “sleepy” signal to the parents. It is recommended that the parents let the surrounding environment calm down at this time, and then gently pat the child to sleep. 

    There is also a situation that when the baby is unwell, there will also be anxious crying accompanied by painful expressions. At this time, parents should check carefully. Take your baby to seek professional help if necessary. 

    ▲Suddenly crying loudly in my sleep-or startled by the “startle response”

    Don’t look at children’s young age, but they can also dream. Sometimes, the little guy is frightened by his shaking limbs and suddenly stretches his hands. This is the performance of “startle response”. In this regard, parents can comfort them in time. 

    Wrote to the end:

    For the baby’s crying, parents should not think that the baby is self-willed, let alone hold it without crying. A child’s sense of security is established from infancy. When they cry, most of them have actual needs. The timely response of parents is the best comfort and is the basis for them to build a sense of security. The 9-year-old son asked his parents to “have a second child.” After welcoming two younger sisters, the son couldn’t laugh out.

    As ​​everyone’s living standards improve, no Few families have started to have a second child in research, and most of them are parents in the dominant position. 

    However, there are also some children who are special. When they see other children’s children accompanied by younger siblings, they will feel envious and will strongly demand Mom and Dad took care of their emotions and gave birth to a second child. 

    The 9-year-old son has been asking his parents to “have a second child”, but after welcoming two younger sisters, the son can’t laugh.

    Yang Yang is nine years old this year. As an enviable only child, he does not enjoy this kind of life. On the contrary, he yearns for the appearance of a younger sibling in someone else’s family. 

    He often felt that he was too boring by himself, thinking that it would be great if he could have a younger brother or younger sister to play with him, so Yang Yang kept begging his parents to have a second child. 

    At first, the parents were very resistant. They felt that it was already a lot of pressure to feed a son. Wouldn’t it be more difficult to have a second child? So they ignored their son at first. But under the insistence of his son, Yang Yang’s parents were still softened and decided to add a small partner to their son. 

    However, after the mother gave birth to two younger sisters in one breath, the son was excited but couldn’t smile anymore. Not only that, he even had a naive face I asked my mother and said: “Can my sister go back?”

    It turned out that after Yang Yang welcomed his two younger sisters, he was still happy at first, helping his parents to take his sister to play together, but the good times didn’t last long. As the two younger sisters gradually Growing up, the attributes of mischief gradually appeared, always sticking to Yang Yang like a “nian gao”, which has seriously affected his normal study and life. 

    In fact, letting Dabao bring two treasures has both advantages and disadvantages. Parents need to master the “degree”.

    Many parents are in After having a second child, they will be accustomed to letting the eldest son take them. It is said that they can cultivate the relationship between the two children. In fact, this is not wrong, but this method has advantages and disadvantages. It is very important to master the degree. . 


    ①enhance mutual understanding

    The good thing is that it can really enhance the relationship between two children. In so many links in daily life, you can draw the distance, and the relationship between them will be closer. Contribute to family harmony. 

    ②It helps to establish the position of Dabao in the hearts of younger siblings

    There is also, this approach can make the position of the boss in the hearts of younger siblings more “tall” In these daily events, younger brothers and sisters will definitely have a feeling of admiration and recognition for the boss, so they will be more convinced of the boss. 

    ③Enhance the intimacy between brothers and sisters

    Intimacy is something we must mention , It is said that feelings are accumulated over time. This sentence is indeed correct. The boss often gets along with his younger siblings, and their feelings will definitely be sublimated. 

    Compared to the state where there is not much intersection between two children, the answer is self-evident, the relationship between the two children will be very indifferent, and the relationship may not be so good when they grow up. 


    ①Daibao is too young to take care of itself, and the second treasure will become Burden

    It’s true that Dabao has advantages with the second treasure, but it’s also true that there are disadvantages. After all, Dabao is not very old, and he may not be able to take care of it. Self, let alone let him take another child? 

    This will cause a double burden. If you insist on letting the boss take the baby, you may accidentally cause some small accidents and bring harm to the second child. This way the gain is not worth the loss. 

    ②Parents’ advice of “letting younger brothers and sisters” makes Dabao feel unfair

    And when parents treat two children, it is difficult to really achieve a smooth bowl of water. To be honest, we will definitely be more inclined to the younger one. This is also a normal human psychology. 

    But if you really do this, you will keep telling the boss to let your younger brothers and sisters. I believe it is difficult for Dabao to achieve a psychological balance. Emotions, once this emotion is fermented, it may be a bit extreme. 

    In a two-child family, how to get along with each other is a subject that parents need to study carefully.

    In a two-child family, parents have more responsibilities than a one-child family. Much, because it is particularly important to take care of the emotions of both children. 

    It’s a science to make two children get along well. Parents need to study the secrets carefully, don’t just take care of the little ones instead of the big ones. . 

    The palms of the palms and the backs of the hands are our flesh, why should we treat them differently? And although the children are all young, they already have a judgment standard in their hearts, and we must act cautiously. 

    has written to the end:

    Parents must maintain the family atmosphere as much as possible in the environment of a second-child family Harmony, we must do our best to treat the two babies so that they can feel comfortable with each other and love each other. You gave birth to you on the seventh floor by caesarean section, but you made me “one-eyed”, Mommy: Don’t let the child hurt you

    When the child first came into this world, his petite body made me feel compassionate. , I hope I can hold him in my arms and protect him wholeheartedly. 

    The child’s skin is so delicate, and his little hands are so soft, as if a little bit of force will cause him great damage. But can you imagine that such an angelic child can also cause harm to adults? 

    There is a mother in the process of taking care of her child He was hurt by the child. Afterwards, the mother said that it is okay to love the child, but don’t let him hurt you. 

    This mother shared her experience on the Internet. From the photo, it can be seen that her face is wrapped in a lot of gauze and her right eye is tightly wrapped. At first people thought it was the wife’s husband who caused this kind of damage, but then the mother’s introduction was a bit surprising, because her baby hurt the mother’s eyes. 

    Baoma will do it before dawn Hearing the child’s crying, then he felt severe squeezing of his head. After opening his eyes, he realized that the child had already gotten up and sat down on his face. When she opened her eyes, the child used her hands to control the direction in order to maintain her balance, but unexpectedly put her fingers in her mother’s eyes. 

    At that time, Bao Ma couldn’t open her eyes, she only felt severe pain, and then she hurried to the hospital for treatment. According to the doctor’s judgment, her cornea was damaged and her dressing must be changed on time. If the situation is good, it will be fine in two days. However, infection may also occur, and the consequences of that are more serious. 

    Seeing the experience of this mother, Many people also opened the chatterbox. One netizen said that her baby often picks herself, sometimes picking her eyes directly. Although she wants to reason with the baby, the baby can’t understand anything and can only do nothing. 

    Why do babies have such a strong destructive power? 

    ①Hand sensitive period

    When the baby grows up, there will be a sensitive period of hands. I hope to explore the world with my little hands. Therefore, parents will find that during this period of time, the child will show some obvious characteristics, that is, sabotage. The sofa at home was torn in a mess, and toilet paper was everywhere. 

    When we severely stopped the child, although he was temporarily obedient, it didn’t take long for him to repeat the same mistakes. Sometimes children become interested and even touch their mother’s eyes, which is more dangerous and requires parents to stop them in time. 

    ②Want to attract the attention of adults

    This is well understood. The language organization ability of children has not been fully developed when they are young, so they can only express themselves through some body language. Thoughts. When they want to attract the attention of adults, the easiest way is to touch them with their fingers. But sometimes this way of touching can cause some danger. 

    What should parents pay attention to in this process Aspect? 

    ①Endless care for the baby

    This is a process in which children must grow up, not to cause trouble to adults out of malice. Therefore, every parent needs to understand. When we understand, we won’t be so angry when we see children making trouble. Because this is just a way for them to explore the world, it should be supported and encouraged. 

    ②Pay attention to protecting children

    When children are full of curiosity about the world, they dare to touch anything, even a piece of hot iron. This requires parents to be vigilant and take away all the dangerous items in the home. Let the children play in a safe environment, so that they are responsible for the children. 

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