Whom the baby often sleeps with, who will he kiss more? Professor Li Meijin can’t catch the golden period and it doesn’t work

Whom the baby often sleeps with, who will he kiss more? Professor Li Meijin can’t catch the golden period and it doesn’t work.

The well-known psychology expert Professor Li Meijin once pointed out that “children between the ages of 1 and 3 are the children’s exclusive playmate relationship. The important period of great desire is also the golden period for parents to establish an intimate relationship with their children. If this stage is missed, subsequent cultivation will be extremely difficult.”

Xiao Wan Like many young working mothers, they have to return to work after 6 months of maternity leave, and Xiaowan is a subway station worker. If she has to work late, she usually arrives home after 11pm, so the baby is basically They are all looked after by the mother-in-law, including sleeping with her. However, after this situation lasted for more than 3 months, Xiaowan began to discover that when she usually gets along with her baby or breastfeeds her, the baby is very happy, crying as soon as she leaves her embrace and is very dependent. But after these few months, the baby is now much calmer when he sees Xiaowan. Unless he wants to take milk, he will rarely look for Xiaowan. 

In order to narrow the distance with the baby, Xiaowan deliberately adjusts a lot of night shifts, so that during the day when the baby is awake, he can have more time to get along with her mother. But one month later, the baby got closer to her grandmother instead, crying and refusing to sleep without her grandmother’s company at night. “Don’t the baby love my mother? Why do you only like grandma?” After Xiaowan told her troubles to a few good friends who are already mothers, they unanimously advised Xiaowan, “The baby is even more insecure at night, he and Whoever sleeps is closer to whom.” In order to verify the conclusions of her good friends, Xiaowan adjusted her working hours to the morning shift, and she stayed with the baby to sleep at night for two consecutive months. What Ling Xiaowan didn’t expect was that the baby really started to slowly regain the way he was dependent on her before. 

The baby often night Whoever sleeps is more intimate with whom? 

Professor Li Meijin pointed out that sleep time is the most relaxing time for a person, and it is also a time when a person is in need of a sense of security. In addition, the human body smell is the strongest at night, which is conducive to fostering the intimate relationship between the baby and the parents. In other words, before the baby is 3 years old, if the mother wants to have a close relationship with the baby, it is very necessary to accompany the baby to sleep, and it can also benefit the baby’s physical and mental health. 

Sleep time is the most relaxing time for a person, and it is also a time when a sense of security is very much needed. In addition, it is difficult for a baby to sleep until dawn when the baby is young. When the baby wakes up or half-wake up, if you can see the mother with her, you will get a great sense of security. With a sense of security, the baby’s sleep quality will be significantly improved, which is conducive to the baby’s growth and development. 

Although the baby was born during pregnancy in October, to establish an intimate relationship with the mother, we still need to get along and nurture it. And the younger the baby, the easier it is to establish an intimate relationship at the moment of formal need for parental care. If the baby is under 3 years old, the mother can accompany the baby to sleep and appear in time when the baby needs the mother, then the baby will naturally rely on the mother and establish an intimate relationship with the mother. 

When babies are still young, they usually need to drink milk at night, cry after waking up, and have the habit of kicking the quilt, which makes them easy to get sick. If the elderly accompany the baby to sleep, staying up late for a long time will cause great damage to the elderly’s body, and it is difficult to give the baby meticulous and comprehensive care. Mothers accompany their babies to sleep, and their physical strength and energy will be much better than those of the elderly. They can give them more comprehensive care and ensure their health and good development. 

Psychological experts generally believe that after weaning, the mother and the baby will be separated for the second time. At this stage, if the mother can establish an intimate relationship with the baby, it will be more conducive to the healthy growth of the baby. It is a good way for a mother to accompany her baby to sleep before the age of 3, which can give her a sufficient sense of security and attachment to her mother. 

Of course, when the baby is still young, accompany the baby to sleep, in addition to timely comfort when the baby is crying, and timely feeding when the baby is hungry, for the baby who is still in a very vulnerable stage, during the night sleep process Many of the details also require special attention. 

For example, try not to let the baby sleep between the parents. Many parents are afraid that the baby will go to sleep at night and be in danger of falling out of the bed, so they usually let the baby sleep between the parents. As everyone knows, in this way, dangerous conditions such as baby being squeezed or lack of oxygen will occur. When mothers accompany the baby to sleep, they should still let the baby sleep on the outside of the bed, and add a net-like guardrail or a guardrail made of soft cloth to the bed. 

In order to make it easier to take care of the baby, some mothers choose to cover the same quilt with the baby, but they did not expect that there is a difference in body shape between themselves and the baby. If the mother is lying on his side, it is easy to leak air and cause the baby to catch cold and get sick. The mother should let the baby cover a quilt alone, which can better ensure that the baby will not catch a cold, and the mother can sleep more relaxed. 

As many psychologists have said, when the baby is less than 3 years old, and it happens to be in the period of the second separation from the mother, it is the golden period for the establishment of intimacy. The mother can accompany the baby to sleep, Playing to increase the chances of intimate contact is not only conducive to the establishment of intimate relationships, but also conducive to the healthy growth of the baby! There will be many golden periods during the baby’s growth process, mothers should hold on tightly, there is a high chance of getting twice the result with half the effort! 

How old do you insist on sleeping with your baby before how old? Welcome to leave a message to share your experience and views! The sound insulation is bad. When the child hears the movement, they mistakenly think that the parents are “fighting”. The mother’s answer is very advanced.

After the child is born, the two-person world of the couple becomes a family of three. In the process of raising children and growing up, the couple will inevitably encounter some embarrassing things that they have never encountered before. For example, when the couple were in the married life, they were accidentally bumped into by their children. I believe this embarrassment is enough to petrify the couple on the spot. So when facing the child’s puzzled eyes, what kind of answers can parents show the most wit? 

Poor sound insulation in the room , The child heard the movement and thought that the parents were fighting. Bao’s mother’s answer was very witty.

A few days ago, Ms. Wang and her husband experienced a very embarrassing large-scale “community death”, but this also reminded Ms. Wang. Be careful in doing things in the future. That night, when the child went to bed very early, Ms. Wang also had the opportunity to have a good time with her husband. After all, it takes a lot of effort to put the child to sleep every day. When the child is put to sleep, Ms. Wang also feels exhausted physically and mentally. 

Just as the two people were lost and confused, Ms. Wang opened her eyes and found that the child was awake, and she opened the door quietly, and was standing at the door staring blankly. Two people. Obviously, the child was puzzled by the sight in front of him. Ms. Wang’s husband quickly got up, not knowing how to explain it for a while. At this time the child said, “Mom and Dad, why are you two fighting? If you have something to say, can’t you?” After listening to the child, Ms. Wang reacted. It turned out that the little guy heard the movement in the next room and thought The two parents are fighting. 

So Ms. Wang hurriedly explained, “Mum and Dad didn’t fight, we two are playing games! But this game can only be done by adults. You kid should go back to bed obediently!” It didn’t happen when I heard the games made by Mom and Dad. The child was a little frustrated to be able to let himself join, but the little guy was relieved knowing that the parents did not fight. 

After sending the child back to the room, Ms. Wang’s husband said, “I was slammed just now, so I don’t know how to explain it for a while. Fortunately, you are smarter and fooled the child. That’s it!” Ms. Wang said, “It seems that the two of us have to be quieter in the future and don’t affect the child’s sleep!”

If parents properly educate their children on sex, what are the benefits to their growth? 

Many parents think that sex education is a relatively obscure thing. They put the guidance of sex education on the school and teachers, but in fact, parents are the closest people to their children, and sex education should be carried out by parents. guide. Correct sex education can make children behave more appropriately in social activities, and avoid making the other person uncomfortable because of some over-intimate contacts. 

Especially after the child has socialized, sufficient knowledge of sex can help the child to avoid being violated by others, and at the same time be able to realize the potential risks that may occur in advance. This is for the child Very important self-protection. After all, the protection of parents is limited. Only when the child has established the correct gender concept, can he be more able to avoid infringement. 

Appropriate sex education enlightenment can lay a good foundation for children’s future development of sex education. Children’s cognition of something is from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult. If parents can do a good job of sex education and enlightenment for their children, then I believe that children will be more able to adapt and accept them in the future sex knowledge learning. At that time, parents will not have to worry about the negative impact of their children’s understanding too much at one time. 

How do parents Properly educate children about sex? Neither let the child mature prematurely nor let the child be confused

After the child is three years old, they begin to have a vague sense of gender. At this time, they began to pay attention to the differences between themselves and their counterparts of the opposite sex, and at the same time, they were also interested in some gender-related issues. Parents can seize this opportunity to educate their children on sex, which not only answers their questions, but also enriches their knowledge of sex. 

In daily life, parents should also find appropriate ways to guide their children. For example, use words that children can understand to tell related sex education content. Parents can choose vivid picture books of stories, or funny cartoons to let children understand more about sex. 

When children raise their own questions, parents must not criticize the child or laugh at the child, because these unpleasant experiences may cause the child to have some cognitive biases about sex, such as thinking that sex is a shame, or It is a matter of making mistakes. This kind of cognitive bias in basic enlightenment is likely to affect children’s future cognition of sexual concepts. 

For younger children, parents must grasp the skills in the guiding methods of sex education, do not put excessive pressure on the children, and at the same time, the guiding methods are more lively and interesting , So that it is easier to be understood and accepted by children.

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