Who will pick up the child to school? A seemingly simple little thing, but hidden in the family’s college question

Who will pick up the child to school? A seemingly trivial matter, but hidden in the family’s college questions

When the child reaches the age of entering the kindergarten or school, picking up the child to and from school becomes a major event in the family. 

Generally speaking, young parents will choose members who have relatively free time to pick up and drop off their children, while dual-income families who cannot get away with them will mostly accuse the elderly who help with their babies are solely responsible for this matter. 

But did you know? This seemingly simple little thing can also explain many problems in the family. Once it is not handled properly, it may directly lead to the harmonious relationship between family members, so parents must not ignore it. 

The couple quarreled over who picked up the children Stop

Zhang Lu’s baby is three years old this year. She has been helped by the elderly before. However, due to the health of the elderly on both sides, she had to send the baby to the kindergarten, but the first thing the child has to face after entering the kindergarten is the transportation problem . 

Zhang Lu and his wife are both office workers. Although the work is relatively easy, after all, they must be punctual when they are clocked in and out of get off work. In the morning, one of the husband and wife is responsible for making breakfast, and the other is responsible for sending the children to school. But in the evening, the child’s kindergarten ends at 4:30, but the normal time for them to leave work is 5 o’clock. Picking up the children after school becomes a problem. 

In this case, either Zhang Lu or her husband asks for leave in advance to go to the children, or ask the children to wait until the parents are off work in the kindergarten before picking them up. 

At first, whether it is the leader of the unit or the aunt of the kindergarten, even the baby can understand it. But after a long time, neither the leaders of Zhang Lu’s husband and wife’s unit nor the teachers in the kindergarten were very happy. 

Especially children, because parents often pick them up late, the baby feels that they are not taken seriously, so they don’t like going to kindergarten. 

Such a situation that the young couple had never thought of before Yes, the two often quarreled and complained about each other. 

This seemingly trivial matter, but hidden in the family’s college question

Shooting children to and from school is not an accident, but a day-to-day work, so parents must make overall arrangements . 

It is very stressful to have one of the parents pick up the baby.

In many families now, the parents are working class, and no one has easier work or more free time than anyone else. 

If the pressure of picking up the baby is completely given to one person, and the other person becomes a “hands-off shopkeeper”, after a long time, it is inevitable that the couple will have conflicts with each other. 

Elders who are responsible for receiving babies are prone to spoiling

Many families have their elders in charge of picking up and dropping off their children, but the elderly will spoil their children, and sometimes it will happen, either because they want to buy something on the way to and from school, or the children don’t want to go to kindergarten and don’t send it . 

As time goes by, children and the elderly will get closer and closer, and they will only become more spoiled. 

Children’s parents are not at ease

The status of children in the family is obviously higher than that of the previous generation. Therefore, children go to and from school on their own, although they can exercise their children’s Self-care ability, but parents are still very worried. 

Cars on the road are endless, chatting freely on the road Strangers in the country will become the objects of concern for parents, so out of the psychology of caring for their children, letting the children go to school on their own has become an option of “compressing the bottom of the box”. 

Nanny taking over the baby affects the happiness of the child

Other families will choose to have the baby at home pick up the child. However, some things can be done by others, and some things are not suitable. 

For example, when a child sees that other children are picked up by parents or relatives, but he is picked up by a nanny, he is afraid that there will be a gap in his heart and feel that his parents do not love him enough. 

From this point of view, parents really can’t be perfunctory in solving the problem of children going to and from school. 

So how can we have the best of both worlds when it comes to picking up children? ? 

Since there are certain problems in the above pick-up and drop-off methods, how should the pick-up and drop-off be better? 

Generally speaking, if conditions permit, the first choice is of course the child’s parents take turns to pick up and drop off. Classmates go to school together. 

Of course, the way to accompany the child is not only to pick up and drop off. If the parents are unable to personally pick up the child due to work or other reasons, they must spare more time to accompany the child in order to enhance the parent-child relationship. The granddaughter slept at home and did not want to get up. Grandma lifted up the seven-layer quilt. Is this “peeling the onion”

Nowadays, parents are busy at work, so many families will choose to have the baby with the help of another generation , And because children have been brought up by grandparents or grandparents since childhood, the feelings with them will be deeper. 

These children brought up by the elderly, even if they grow up to study or work in other places, they will always miss the elderly, so as soon as the holiday comes, the children will go to visit, accompany, reunite, and even It is also common to live with old people for a while. 

There is a kind of bed called “peeling onion”, and grandma called Get up and lift off the seven-layer quilt on her granddaughter.

Xiao Na’s hometown is in Anhui. Although the weather here is above zero all year round, the temperature still plummets as soon as the winter enters, and the room is cold, and Xiao Na has developed a thick cover. The habit of being laid in bed. 

This morning, my grandma saw that her granddaughter was still sleeping at home and didn’t want to get up, so she actively wanted to call her to eat, but Xiaona was lying in bed and couldn’t afford it, so the impatient grandma started to lift the quilt. 

But grandma finds that this quilt is like a “set “Baby”, layer by layer, finally grandma lifted off the seven layers of quilt on her granddaughter, only to find Xiaona. 

But even though it was like “peeling an onion” to lift the quilt, Xiaona still resisted the cold outside and didn’t want to get up, so the grandma made a big move-with a stick, Xiaona hurriedly saw it Interestingly got up. 

After the matter was posted on the Internet, it attracted the attention of netizens. 

Some netizens expressed curiosity about the grandma’s slap, and asked: Isn’t grandma really “peeling onions”? 

Some netizens care about Xiaona and say: even It’s cold outside, but isn’t it hot to sleep with such a thick quilt? 

More netizens said enviously: “At first glance, it is a big family, or grandma loves it. I think the cover is so thick, and the quilt is not enough.”

In fact, the child sleeps at night, it is not a quilt. The more you cover, the better

As a junior, Xiaona is about 20 years old. For adults, covering such a thick quilt to keep out the cold may be a bit exaggerated. 

However, if children go to bed at night, if the weather is cold or the room temperature is too low, do they need such a thick cover? The answer is of course no. 

Although there is a certain thickness of quilt, it can keep out the cold, But it is not as thicker as possible, especially for children, it is necessary to “open the way” correctly. 

There is also a correct “opening method” for children’s quilts in winter.

Smart parents will keep their children out of the cold according to their children’s months of age and the way the quilt is covered, rather than the thickness of the quilt. 

Small months old children can use sleeping bags:

When the children were young, their mothers worried that they would be cold, so they would choose thick quilts for them. However, due to the low self-adjustment ability of children, they often kick the quilt because the quilt is too thick and overheated. 

At this time, parents should replace the quilt with a moderate thickness for the children at home. At the same time, facing the situation of the baby kicking the quilt, Baoma can also choose a sleeping bag for the child to avoid repeated waking up at night. 

Young children cover quilt + presser foot:

For infants, in addition to covering the baby’s quilt, Baoma can also cover the corners of the quilt with a thin quilt foot. 

Children over ten years old and adults have the same way of covering quilts:

Children over ten years old are close to adults in height and adjustment ability, so they can wear the same quilt as their parents. At this time, Mommy It must be adjusted according to the home environment. 

In addition to the cover, what else do children need to pay attention to when they sleep Notable places

Of course, in addition to the quilt, the home environment and other factors also directly affect the quality of children’s sleep. For example, keep the indoor temperature and humidity appropriate, and pay attention to indoor ventilation and shading. 

At the same time, it is not recommended to use baby warmers, electric blankets and the like for children to avoid danger. 

In addition, parents should also pay attention to air permeability when choosing a quilt. It is best to choose a cotton and lightweight quilt.

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