Who will hold the child and kiss whom? There are traces for the baby to establish “parent-child dependence”, and Mommy must catch the signal

Who will hold the child and kiss whom? There are traces for babies to establish “parent-child dependence”. Mommy must catch the signal.

As a mommy, I all hope that I can be the closest person to my baby. After all, I have worked so hard to conceive in October. The effort and time put in are beyond the reach of other caregivers. 

From this point of view, babies should really be the closest to their mothers, but there is an old saying that the children who hug the most can kiss each other. 

So on the one hand is the mother of the dearest relatives, on the other hand is the person who has been with him for the longest time. Who is the best relationship between the baby? 

Novice mother: Who really hugs the child? 

Xiaoying, the mother of the post-90s generation, has a good job, so after giving birth, she naturally returned to work and entrusted her to her parents-in-law to bring the baby. 

It is said that the child’s grandparents really dote on the little grandson very much. The two of them surround the baby every day to breastfeed, laugh, change diapers, etc., and they take the trouble. 

And Xiaoying and his wife are really busy with work. They only tease their children when they are free. The children are half a year old, and the two of them can’t even breastfeed. Either the water temperature is wrong, or they forgot after feeding. Hiccup. 

One come and two, the baby’s needs for Xiaoying couple As long as the grandparents are there, they will never find their parents. If they are not, they will cry ceaselessly. Xiaoying was a little bit lost about this. Didn’t it mean that mother and son are connected? Why is the child not kissing me? Is it true that whoever hugs him can kiss him? 

There are traces for babies to establish “parent-child dependency”

In fact, the parent-child dependency relationship between babies and feeders is gradually established. Specifically, pay attention to the changes in the following time periods. 

0-2 months is the period of unconscious dependence: anyone can do it

Baby at the newborn stage has no clear knowledge of the caregiver, so the baby at this stage is not picky, anyone can hold it, as long as they can meet their basic needs, everything will be fine. 

3-6 months is the initial dependency period: able to recognize the caregiver

At this stage, the baby has preliminary psychological requirements. Although he cannot express his needs clearly, he will use crying to communicate with others. . 

At this time, I have a preliminary understanding of the people who often take care of myself, and I begin to identify my supporters. 

7 months to 2 years old is the critical period for establishing dependence: you will be particularly dependent on your dependents.

At this stage, you will transition from the initial dependence to the establishment of dependence, and identify the person you depend on most. 

The person who depends most is not necessarily the one who pays the most The one who has been with him, but it must be the one who has been with him for the longest time. Therefore, during the establishment of the child’s parent-child dependence, the mothers of the mothers have to go to “brush face” frequently, and send a message to the child to accompany. 

The dependency period will be re-established at the age of 2 and later: the family will be re-evaluated

After the age of two, the baby will re-establish the dependency, so at this time, there is no treasure to establish a parent-child relationship with the baby The mother must correct it in time to regain the baby’s dependence, so in this process, the parents have to catch the signal of the child’s establishment of dependence. 

In addition, the baby’s life circle expanded during this period, and friends and playmates all took a place in their hearts, but even so, the parents were still the people the little guy relied on the most. 

If you want your baby to rely on you, Mommy will catch it Stay dependent on the signal established

▼I like to look carefully at Bao’s mother’s face

When the baby often looks at the mother’s face carefully, this is one of the signals to establish dependency. Bao’s mother can Respond to the baby with a smile, and talk to the baby more to let the baby know the love of the mother. 

▼I want to touch my mother when I’m okay

When it’s okay, the baby will suddenly want to touch his mother. At this time, Mom must actively cooperate and smile close to the baby, or lightly. Touching the baby lightly is also a way to build dependence. 

▼Baoma appears in front of him, child Will get excited

When Mommy appears and the baby suddenly becomes excited, this is also an excellent time to establish a dependency relationship. Mommy can respond to the baby at the first time, allowing the baby to establish a sense of security . 

▼I like to stick to my mother while sleeping.

When the baby likes to stick to his mother while sleeping, it also means that the baby is trying to establish a dependency with her mother, and her mother can coax every day The baby sleeps, gives the baby a sense of security, and becomes the most familiar person to the baby. Newborns are exquisite in dressing, “from head to toe” is the details and key points. Parents must know well

Before the baby is born, many parents have already begun to prepare clothes for the baby. From jumpsuits to splits, from thin to thick, all kinds of baby clothes fill the shopping cart of expectant mothers. 

However, because the newborn’s skin is more delicate and soft, it is difficult to choose what clothes for the baby. After all, children are different from adults. In many ways, we Both need to consider carefully before making a decision. Parents need to know this issue in their minds. 

Dressing newborn babies has become a problem for novice mothers

Lingling is a northern girl. She finally succeeded in unloading after being pregnant in October, but at the same time, the arrival of the child also added a lot of new problems to her, such as dressing the baby, she really has no idea in her heart. . 

Because it is still in the spring, it is still a little cold, and the temperature is constantly changing, which is relatively unstable. Adults are easy to catch colds, especially children. 

So Lingling puts very thick clothes on her baby every day for safety. She thinks this way, even if the house is not heated, the baby will not feel cold. 

The problem lies in Lingling. It’s because I wear too much for the child. Not only did I choose a thicker style of clothes, but I also covered my baby with a quilt, which made the little guy cry all the time. 

Later, when my cousin came to visit her, she told her specifically: You must dress your child with appropriate thickness, not too thin or too thick. It’s not that the more you wear, the better for your child. 

Newborns dress well, and “from head to toe” are small details and key points.

The resistance and immunity of newborns are much worse than those of adults, and their body temperature The regulation system is not fully developed, so it is not very friendly to wear too little or too much for the child. 

So we need to help children grasp a degree “Too much or too little will not work. Parents must not ignore these few details and key points. 

▼On the choice of hats

●Decide whether to wear a hat according to the child’s occasion

Wearing a hat for a child is a science, not Children need to wear a hat anytime and anywhere. 

Considering the problem of keeping children warm, some parents like to help newborns protect their little heads. However, children mainly dissipate heat through their heads. An overly warm environment can easily cause discomfort to children. 

So we have to depend on the occasion, if If you are indoors or if the outside temperature is high, you don’t need to bring it. 

●In the choice of hat: a simple woolen hat is enough

When choosing a hat for a child, the material does not need to be complicated, as long as a simple woolen hat is fine. In addition, the woolen hat has better thermal performance and soft texture, which will be more suitable for children. 

▼On the choice of clothing

First of all, there are three main aspects that need to be paid attention to, namely, material, style, and size. The material is best to choose pure cotton, which has a strong affinity for the skin, and the style needs to be simple and generous, without too much decoration. 

As for the size, it depends on the size of the child. Too loose will make the child catch cold, and if it is too tight, it will restrict the child’s movement and feel uncomfortable daily. 

Secondly, according to the change of seasons, choose between one-piece and split-shirt. If you choose one-piece, the warmth will be better, but parents will change their diapers every day. Slightly troublesome, while the split clothing is more convenient, but correspondingly it is also easy to make the baby’s belly cold. 

In addition, our parents also need to take care of the children’s experience and see what preference they have for clothing styles. 

The final part is the specific There are two options for split clothing, namely, the front-opening and the oblique-opening. In contrast, the monk’s clothes with the oblique-opening are better than the buttons with the front-opening. 

Because the monk clothes are very convenient, they will not touch the baby’s tender skin because of the buttons, and it is more protective to the baby’s belly. 

▼On the choice of socks:

Parents prefer to wear socks for their children, because they think it is more protective for the baby and will not let the baby catch cold easily, so whether to choose Wearing socks for babies is actually learned. 

When the indoor temperature is below 22℃, yes Children can wear socks. If the temperature is higher than this, there is no need to wear socks. Parents should also remember to choose loose socks and pay attention to the thread to avoid hurting the baby’s feet. 

Expansion: There are some precautions for newborns and babies.

1) When dressing, remember to do it gently and grasp the strength.

When we change the clothes for the child every day, we must move Gentle, the baby’s limbs and skin are very soft, and we can hurt the baby if we focus on it, so the strength is very important. 

2) I want to judge whether the baby is hot or cold, mainly Touch the back and neck

When we want to judge whether the child is hot or cold, we mainly feel the temperature on the back and neck, because these two places are closest to the child’s normal body temperature. Li Meijin: The children have these three reactions when they sleep, indicating that the brain develops fast and the IQ cannot be lowered.

As one of the few childcare experts in China, Li Meijin’s research in the field of childcare can be said to be very unique. Professor Li Meijin was originally a criminal psychology expert. Through years of research on criminal psychology, he found that the root of criminal psychology comes from their childhood education and living environment. In order to improve the child’s chance of committing crimes from the root cause, Professor Li Meijin started Research into the field of childcare. 

Because Professor Li Meijin himself is engaged in psychology The industry, therefore, is also focusing on psychology for childcare. Because of the previous research on psychology, Professor Li Meijin is also very professional in the study of children’s psychology, and she also has her own unique views. 

Especially Professor Li Meijin’s parenting lecture, you can It is said to be the most popular parenting lecture in the past two years. Many of the videos have reached millions of likes and tens of millions of views. She once mentioned the issue of children’s IQ in a lecture and said If the child has these 3 reactions while sleeping, it means that the brain is well developed and the future IQ will not be low. 

At this time, there will definitely be many parents who will come forward Objected, but according to investigations, it was found that the American Academy of Pediatrics had also done research on brain development. The results found that children with well-developed brains do have some special behaviors in infants and toddlers, and such children generally have poor IQ after they grow up. Will be too low. 

When a child sleeps, there are these 3 reactions, which indicate brain development Fast, IQ can’t be lowered

1. Holding something in your hand after falling asleep

The finger is also called the second brain of the human body. It can be said to be closely connected with the brain, and through the child’s The development of the hands can tell the child’s brain development. 

And when the child sleeps normally , The hand will not hold things, because the child’s brain is unaware after falling asleep, so even if he sleeps while holding things, he will throw the things in his hands aside after falling asleep, but there are some well-developed brains. The child can control the hand of the brain to achieve the effect of holding things to sleep. 

The brain Almost all of them have very good development, and their IQs are not too low. If parents can cultivate them well, then the children will hardly have to worry about their future studies. 

2. Always smile after falling asleep

Smile is just a trivial expression for us adults, but for children whose brains are not yet fully developed It is said that smiling is an expression that requires many nerve cells in the brain to work together. 

If you pass by your parents while awake Guidance, it is possible to make a smiling face, but it is very difficult when asleep, even as adults, so when we find that a child is sleeping, we can still make a smiling face, then it shows that the child’s development is very Well, parents of such children must be well cultivated. 

3. Stretch the limbs after the child falls asleep< /p>

For children, the speed of brain development is much slower than the speed of body reaction. For children aged 0 to 3, the body changes almost every day, especially at night. The speed of physical development is almost 5-6 times that of the daytime. Because the physical development speed is too fast at this time, children with better brain development will unconsciously stretch their limbs when sleeping, so that the body can reach a comfortable state. 

And some children with slower brain response Faced with such a rapid physical reaction, I don’t know how to stretch. This will only affect the rhythm of physical development. 

So when parents discover that their children are disturbing the quilt, don’t get angry anymore. After all, this is a manifestation of the child’s physical and brain development. 

Your child has these 3 when sleeping Feature? Congratulations on having a child with a high IQ. If you don’t have one, don’t be discouraged. A well-developed brain and a high IQ can only show that your child’s learning speed is fast. If you don’t train it, you will end up just like “Injury Zhongyong”. Everyone is over.

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