Who should Dabao sleep with after Erbao is born? Of these 3 solutions, which is Bao Ma’s preference

Who should Dabao sleep with after Erbao is born? These three solutions, which is Bao Ma’s preference

The arrival of the second treasure at home adds joy to the parents and brings some minor troubles, and most of these minor problems are reflected in Dabao body. 

For example, the attention that originally belonged to Dabao was robbed by Erbao, and the toys belonging to Dabao were “lent” to Erbao to play by the parents. Even the bed originally belonging to Dabao was occupied by Erbao. 

Other issues are okay, but Erbao is at a stage where he needs to be taken care of by his parents. He can only sleep with his mother at night, so he has to wronged Dabao to “move a place.” 

However, you can move Dabao anywhere A lot of tangled problems of moms. No, there is such a prospective second-born mother in the treasure mother group who asks everyone: Who should Dabao sleep with after the second treasure in the family is born? Is there anyone who can give me a trick? 

In fact, facing this problem, the following three mothers have completely different solutions, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. I don’t know these three solutions, which mothers prefer Up. 

Qiaoqiao’s mother: I can’t take care of it by myself. Bao’s father has no experience. Let the child sleep with his grandparents.

Qiaoqiao is 3 years old and always sleeps with his parents. But after Erbao’s birth, Qiaoqiao’s mother, considering her and her husband’s limited energy, let the child sleep with her grandparents. 

At first, everything was fine, grandparents were also very happy, and Bao’s father and Bao’s mother were not too tired, but then the couple found that their daughter became emotional. At first, my parents thought this was Dabao’s disobedience. Later, when Dabao was reprimanding Dabao, my father cleverly said: “You don’t love me, so why do you care about me” 

Mom and dad immediately refute, mom and dad have always I love you, but Dabao said in tears that you don’t want me after you have a younger brother, and let me sleep with my grandparents. Upon hearing this, Qiaoqiao’s mother and her husband looked at each other and didn’t know how to answer the child. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this choice:

In general, let the children sleep separately, so that the two children do not disturb each other, and it is easier for parents to take care of the second treasure. However, the disadvantage is that this method may make the elderly more difficult, and Dabao’s emotions are difficult to control, and it is prone to lack of security, which is not conducive to building a good sense of self-confidence. At the same time, conflicts with Erbao will increase. 

Mommy Beibei: I feel sorry for Dabao, let her be with herself Sleeping

Unlike Qiaoqiao’s mother, Beibei’s mother felt that even if she gave birth to a second treasure, she could not be separated from Dabao’s favor, so she asked her husband to move to the children’s room to sleep and insist on bringing two children by herself

However, Beibei’s mother also complained that it was really tiring to do so, because the 2-year-old Dabao always sleeps dishonestly, from time to time she performs a piece of “martial arts” in her dreams, and when she takes care of her second treasure at night, she will After waking up Dabao, everyone couldn’t sleep well in the end. 

But she also discovered that Dabao was seeing After working hard like this, she began to learn to take the initiative to help take care of Erbao, which still made Beibei’s mother very gratified. 

The pros and cons of Beibei’s approach:

The advantage is that this approach is conducive to the construction and development of parent-child relationship, can enhance the relationship between Dabao and Erbao, and meet the inner needs of the two babies , It also gave Dad a good sleep. But the downside is that this method may make Bao Ma a little harder, relatively speaking. 

Si Si Ma: It’s time for Dad Bao to work

Sisi Ma believes that since it is the second treasure that two people have decided to want, they have to bear the pressure together, so the young couple decided to bring a baby together after discussing it. Considering that her husband has little experience in bringing a baby, Sisi Ma specially asked him to sleep with his two and a half-year-old Dabao, while taking care of the second treasure by himself. 

At the beginning, Dabao was a little uncomfortable, but seeing his father staying with him, he didn’t have a temper. When Erbao got a little older, the couple began to change their belts. Baby, so Dabao and Erbao have not had any major conflicts, and they get along harmoniously. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this choice:

The advantage of Baoma’s approach is that the couple ensured that they could take care of the second treasure carefully and did not neglect the big treasure. It gave the two babies relative fairness and laid the foundation for the children’s harmonious coexistence in the future. However, Bao’s father who has just started with a baby may always have problems of one kind or another, which needs to be dealt with by Bao’s mother and children. 

In fact, when it comes to this, some people may feel a little puzzled. Isn’t it a small question who Dabao sleeps with? Why bother to discuss it like this? But in fact, this issue is really important. 

Why should parents struggle with whom Dabao sleeps with? What? 

Children’s sense of security in childhood mainly comes from their parents, so you will find in your life that if Ming Mingbao’s mother is away for a while, the little guys can’t help crying, and they can’t stop going to kindergarten. 

Although the problem of letting Dabao sleep in a different place is a trivial matter in the eyes of parents, it is quite the opposite for young children. They will think whether it is because I did not do a good job. “Dad and mom don’t want me anymore” and so on. 

In addition, the birth of Erbao It will change Dabao’s life to a certain extent, so Dabao will feel dissatisfied, thinking that Erbao has robbed him of his things, so that he will bully Erbao and hate Erbao, which will affect the relationship between the children. 

So, after the birth of Erbao, how parents make choices and balances in all aspects of life is very important. Even if it is to “move a place” for Dabao to sleep, it needs to be carefully considered. Diligent mothers find it difficult to cultivate excellent babies. Sometimes the lazier the mother, the more outstanding the children they bring out

It is said that maternal love is the greatest affection in the world. After the child is born, the mother’s life happens. With the earth-shaking changes, they began to shift the focus of life from work to family, taking care of all of their children in one hand, and spending all their time with their children to grow up. 

When the child is young and has no ability to take care of himself, it is natural for the parents to take care of all aspects of life, but as the child gradually develops an independent personality and the ability to judge things, the parents But still make all the decisions and trivial matters for the child, which is not uncommon in life. 

The more diligent the mother is in life, the better? I think the answer is no.

Remember that after the TV series “In the Name of Family” was released, Qi Mingyue’s experience aroused the sympathy of many netizens, because she had a decision to make decisions for her completely, suppressing her independent personality. Her mother, and such a mother has kept her bound by the shackles in the name of love. Even if she has struggled, she will eventually compromise with her mother. 

Actually, if you want to ask Qi Mingyue’s Is mother “hardworking”? I think the answer is yes. Qi Mingyue’s mother not only cleaned the room for her child, but also took care of her daughter’s life. 

From the perspective of our bystanders, this role seems to have too much control as a mother, and Qi Mingyue is like a puppet controlled by her mother. She set a good life. 

Such mothers are not “fabricated out of thin air.” But in real life, it is true that some mothers are too “hard-working”. They will not only help their children with the trivial matters in life, but they will not be too big or small. When the children are faced with choices, they must also intervene in their children’s decisions and even ask for them. The child totally listens to himself. 

Actually, such parents’ possessive and controlling desires are too strong, which can easily arouse the child’s disgust, affect the development of the child’s independent personality, and have a bad impact on the child’s growth. From this point of view, it is difficult for a diligent mother to produce a good baby. 

There are reasons why Qinkuai mothers are unpopular

The mother’s nagging and rebuke will give “love” a bitter taste.

Love is deeply responsible. There is no doubt that the mother’s rebuke and nagging stems from the love of the child. 

However, if the mother is too caring, no matter what the child does, it will cause a great psychological burden to the child, causing the child to look forward and backward when doing things, and to be too concerned about the mother’s thoughts. 

What’s more, it can even cause children to be dissatisfied with their mothers, trigger family conflicts, and give love a layer of bitterness. 

Excessive protection of children has become The “chain” on them

Some parents worry too much about the safety of their children, and interfere with them too much during the process of their children’s gradual entry into society. Excessive protection has become a stumbling block on the growth of children, and this is also the reason why sometimes mothers are “lazy” and bring out more outstanding children. 

The following 3 kinds of “lazy mothers” may bring out more outstanding children.

1) “Lazy mothers” who know how to show weakness

Sometimes appropriate “showing weakness” education, admit One’s own views or abilities, not being excellent without children is a kind of wisdom. 

This smart approach will invisibly cultivate children’s self-confidence and self-esteem. These two valuable qualities are important prerequisites for children to become good people. 

2) “Lazy mother” who dares to let go

It is impossible for us to protect our children for a lifetime. One day we need our children to face various difficulties in life. This is a kind of survival ability and a prerequisite for children’s independence. 

So, let go of some things properly, let the children deal with the things they already have the ability to handle, make their own decisions that they have the ability to bear the consequences, so that they will be trained in handling things. After leaving their parents and stepping into society, they are more outstanding and more reliable than their peers. This is the benefit that “lazy mothers” bring to their children. 

3) I want children to be leaders” Lazy mother”

In our traditional concept, children should always listen to their parents, and the decision-makers of a family should always be adults. But have you ever thought that children will become parents in the future? Will become the child’s support. 

Therefore, we can appropriately let the children make some decisions for the family, which is also a valuable exercise for the children. 

On the long journey of human growth, parents can only accompany their children for half of the journey. We cannot protect them for the rest of our lives and always make decisions for them. Therefore, instead of caring too much, some parents give their children too much restraint and overprotection. It’s better to let go, which will allow the children to exercise and relax ourselves, so being “lazy” when raising a baby will make the children better.

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