Who in your family picks up the children to and from school? This is not only related to family relationships, but also affects children’s performance

Who in your family picks up the children to and from school? This is not only related to family relationships, but also affects your children’s performance

Who in your family picks up your children from school? This is not only related to family relations, but also affects children’s performance


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When the child goes to school, the school gate is always Overcrowded, and the family members sent to pick up and drop off the children in each family are different. 

Some people think that picking up children is just a trivial matter, but it is precisely this trivial matter that reflects the happiness of different families, and there may be some problems with raising children. 

Different family members pick up children , Can reflect different family problems

▶ Grandparents picking up children

Grandparents picking up children may cause spoiling for them. There are always many toys and toys at the school gate. Snacks are not easy for young children to control their desires. They may want everything they see, but they are generally not allowed to buy when their parents pick up and drop off them. 

But out of love for children, grandparents are likely to be responsive, buy whatever they want, and spoil their children. 

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Elders help to pick up and drop off the children, which can also reflect the relationship between the members of the family. Some divorced parents don’t want children, so they leave it to the elderly to take care of them. Grandparents pick up the children. 

▶ The nanny picks up the child

❶ Family relationship: Parents don’t have time to connect to send the child, and they may not get along with the child much at other times, which can easily affect the family In the parent-child relationship, children tend to have a sense of dependence on the nanny and become estranged from his parents. 

❷ Child education: If the nanny has a low level of education, or careless about the education of other children. Then the child’s academic performance may be affected because no one pays attention. 

▶ Daddy or mom picks up the child

If a father or mother picks up children in a family for a long time, the family may be a divorced family, or it may be that one of the father or mother’s responsibilities is missing. 

Father and mother together can give children a comprehensive education. The lack of one party will have a negative impact on their character formation and future development. 

Parents pick up their children to and from school Ok

Analyzed the influence of different people accepting children to and from school. It can be seen that parents take turns to pick up and drop their children to and from school, which has a better impact on children’s education and family relations, which are mainly reflected in the following points . 

▼ The child is satisfied

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Mom and dad together or taking turns picking up and drop off can make the child show his family integrity in front of other classmates, and have double care, which will make the child feel happy and satisfied, and have a strong self-confidence. 

▼ It’s easier for parents to communicate with teachers and understand their children’s learning conditions

Parents are more concerned about their children’s learning conditions than their elders and nanny, and teachers are more willing to communicate with their children’s parents Communicate their status and learning in school. 

These all help children adjust their learning situation in time and achieve better results. 

▼ Better family relations< /p>

Parents pick up and drop off their children together or take turns, which can make him trust and close to both parents, and the parent-child relationship will be stronger. 

Furthermore, when parents share the responsibility of taking care of their children at the same time, there will be fewer conflicts, more opportunities to exchange feelings, and a more harmonious relationship between husband and wife, which will make the relationship between the whole family better. 

Precautions for parents to pick up their children

▼ To accompany the child until the school gate opens

Some parents will leave immediately after sending their child to the school gate regardless of whether the gate is open or not, but this is very irresponsible For children, there are more dangers around, and it is safer to send them to campus. 

▼ Don’t talk about civilization


Some parents are used to being sloppy at ordinary times, and when waiting at the school gate, they spit at every turn, smoke or throw rubbish in public places when they are bored. 

Other parents like to yell and call each other’s name when the child just leaves school, regardless of whether the teacher is communicating precautions to them, or there are other things that have not been communicated. It is easy to disturb the thinking of students or teachers. 

▼ Not abiding by the rules

❶ Not being punctual

Some parents are not punctual when picking up their children to and from school, and send their children to school if they go too early , May force the school to open the door to let them in; some parents come late when picking up their children and do not say hello in advance, taking it for granted that the teacher has been with their children. 

❷ Don’t listen to advice


Some parents not only do not abide by the school’s rules, but also don’t like to listen to persuasion. When the staff mute it, he has to make a loud noise; or the staff tells him not to lie on the window and disturb the teacher in class. He stayed there still. 

Sometimes the behavior of a parent will also change the teacher’s influence on the child. A parent who is respectable and likes, his child can be loved by the teacher and take care of them more actively. I hope that parents can pay more attention to their behavior when picking up their children. 


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When confinement, Baoma keeps in mind “three cover, two avoidance and two attention”, and stay away from “confinement sickness”

When you are in confinement, Bao Ma keeps in mind “three coverings, two avoids and two attentions”, and stays away from “confinement sickness”


Wen| The Tao of Mom (Senior Maternal and Infant Nurse) , Original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

After giving birth, Bao’s mother is damaged and weak, so she needs a 42-day rest period, which is often said by the older generation.” Confinement”. 

This period of rest is also very important. If Mommy does not pay attention to her body or the way of confinement, she may fall into “confinement sickness” as a result:

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The body has been in a weak state, and you will get sick if you don’t get a good rest in the future;

There are hidden problems in the joints, and when I get older, I feel abnormal pain in the knees and other parts;

If the uterus and other parts are not well rested, it is difficult to get pregnant again;


Too many diseases, it is not worth the loss, so scientific confinement is very important. 

When Bao Ma is in confinement, you need to keep in mind “three cover, two avoids and two attention”——

Three cover: cover the waist and abdomen, cover the head, cover the joints

▶ cover the waist and abdomen

The uterus in Baoma’s abdomen is recovering. If you catch cold, you may have abdominal pain. 

The stomach and intestines of the abdomen are squeezed by the uterus during pregnancy, and the digestive ability may decrease. Therefore, it is also necessary to keep warm to avoid problems such as weakness of the spleen and stomach, diarrhea, and constipation. 

When you cover your abdomen, don’t forget your waist. During pregnancy, Baoma’s waist muscles and bones are already damaged and in pain. 

When breastfeeding your child during pregnancy , Also need to exert pressure on the waist, or expose the waist to the outside, making it difficult to recover or aggravate the pain. 

▶ Cover your head

When the wind is strong during the confinement period, Bao Ma must remember to wear a hat. The hair blowing will cause headaches and may be a joke. 

When Bao Ma was pregnant, because the weight of the fetus was relatively large, the pressure on the spine increased, so the blood supply of the vertebral artery was insufficient, which caused headaches. 

This condition can also be aggravated when holding the baby to breastfeed after childbirth. In addition, the body is weaker after childbirth and cannot resist the cold wind. It is easy to have a headache due to cold and soft tissue contraction and spasm. 

Therefore, keep your head warm It is also very important. 

▶ Cover the joints

People’s knees and other joints are easily damaged. The increase in body weight during pregnancy caused excessive pressure on the knee joints. There has been a situation that wears out faster than others. 

So it is better to keep warm during the confinement period to prevent pain after getting older. 

In addition, pregnant mothers should also maintain a normal weight and be more friendly to the knee joints. 

Two taboos: Avoid bed rest for a long time , Avoid sweating

▶ Avoid long-term bed rest

The older generations often say that Bao’s mother can’t get out of bed and move around during confinement, which is very wrong, it will not only affect blood circulation , Is not conducive to the recovery of the body, and may also slow down gastrointestinal peristalsis, leading to constipation and gastrointestinal problems. 

Mums who have given birth can get out of bed after two or three hours, and those who have had a caesarean section also need to get out of bed after one or two days. 

▶ Avoid sweating


Bao Ma liked to sweat when she was in confinement, so she can’t cover her sweat:

First of all, excessive sweating will make the body weaker and weaker. Secondly, during the confinement period, Baoma will discharge lochia. If the body temperature is too high and sweating, it is easy to cause bacteria to grow, which is not conducive to recovery. Finally, after sweating, the volatilization of sweat will take away the body’s heat. If the wind blows at this time, it is easy to get sick. 

Two attention: pay attention to personal hygiene, pay attention to ventilation< /p>

▶ Pay attention to personal hygiene

It is also very wrong not to wash your hair or take a bath during confinement. Nowadays, many families have water heaters and heaters, which can keep the temperature of the environment when taking a bath. Basically won’t catch cold. 

Therefore, it is very important for modern people to pay attention to personal hygiene during confinement. It can make Baoma’s body feel more comfortable, and timely cleaning of bacteria in the body will also help the body to recover, so as to avoid gynecological problems. 

But pregnant mothers are not recommended to sit Bathing requires a shower. Pregnant mothers who have had a caesarean section cannot take a bath until the wound recovers, but they must wipe their body to clean up. 

▶ Pay attention to ventilation

Although you cannot blow air during pregnancy, you should also pay attention to the ventilation of the room to avoid the growth of internal bacteria and affect the health of Baoma. Ventilation for one or two hours a day It is very necessary. 

I hope that every mother can recover to a healthy body during her confinement period and not suffer from “confinement sickness”. 


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