Who can take the newborn home safely? Dad is not the “optimal solution”, make no mistake, moms

Who can take the newborn home safely? Dad is not the “optimal solution”. Don’t get it wrong, moms.

The birth of a baby is a big event for any family and will be cared and valued by all family members. 

But in fact, when the child was just born, it was taken care of by the doctors and nurses in the hospital. Novice parents at this stage can’t fully understand the tiredness and difficulty of raising a child. 

After the children and mothers go home and they are really taken care of by themselves, the new parents will have a first experience of the difficulty of being a parent. At this time, the first one in front of everyone The problem is how to take the baby home. 

Who will take the baby home after the baby is born

My best friend Qiao Le just gave birth to a baby and became a novice mother. When my friend and I went to visit her in the hospital, we were just in time for the baby to be discharged. The whole family was worried about the baby’s crib. I just asked. , Everyone was wondering who should bring the baby home. 

The father of the child said that he has great strength and is very stable in holding the child, and he wants to take it back by himself. The girlfriend said that the father of the child has no experience in holding a baby, and the man is more careless, afraid of accidentally hurting the baby. 

Finally, after repeated requests and With assurance, my best friend agreed to let the child’s father hold the baby back, but what everyone did not expect was that the baby cried all the way in her father’s arms. Qiao Le’s husband was also very upset. It seems that who will take the child back. Carrying home is still a bit particular. 

Who will take the newborn baby home more safely? 

Actually, although the father is more powerful, he is not experienced in holding the baby, and there are a lot of trivial things to deal with when he is discharged from the hospital. The father needs to run up and down to get things and go through the formalities, so the father of the child usually does not hold the baby. Don’t make a mistake about the “optimal solution” of the family. 

Also, if people with less experience come If you hug the baby home, the baby will be very uncomfortable and even cry all the way, so the best choice is to have the baby’s grandmother or grandma to hug the baby. It is really impossible to choose experienced relatives and friends, and finally The candidate is Dad. 

So what else do you need to pay attention to before taking your child home? Clean up the house in advance and prepare the items that the child needs

Many young parents have bought a lot of daily necessities for the future baby when their mother is pregnant, so after the baby is brought back from the hospital, these items will be You can start to use it. 

Before the child goes home, parents can send a family member to clean and dry these things in advance, put them in a suitable place in the baby room, and clean the room, ready to welcome the baby home . 

Plan a suitable route in advance

Current city There are some places where traffic jams are particularly serious, and one block lasts for more than ten minutes, so when we pick up the baby home, we must plan the route home in advance to avoid passing through such places. 

Moreover, the newborn child is very delicate and can not withstand bumps, so when we choose the route, we should choose a road with a flat ground, so as to avoid bumps on the road and make the baby uncomfortable. 

Divide labor with your family in advance

Before you take your child home, you should also prepare in advance and arrange what each family member is responsible for. Who is responsible for holding the child, who is responsible for driving, and who is responsible for taking care of the mother. It should be discussed in advance. Don’t worry if something happens. If there is something unexpected, you should discuss it with the whole family, so as not to make mistakes in a hurry. 

It is better to arrange for one person at home Cooking and cleaning, so that everyone can eat hot meals as soon as they come back from the hospital, and celebrate the baby’s home by the way. Elementary school students’ “crazy grass” font became popular, and the writing technique was unrestrained and unrestrained. The teacher couldn’t laugh after reading it.

When it comes to children’s learning problems, no parent would not pay attention to it, because a person’s academic performance may be at a certain level. It determines their future life direction, success or failure, quality of life, and what life path they will follow. 

In this era of “one minute, one corridor, five minutes, one playground”, every point on the roll of paper is very precious. At this time, it is very important for children to have beautiful handwriting. After all, in the exam, a beautiful face can leave a good impression on the teacher, especially in the liberal arts exam, the proportion of the face score can not be ignored. 

But on this issue, many parents can’t help but want to sigh, because some children’s characters are too “unrestrained”, although they can understand every stroke after disassembling, but The combination is illegible. 

Elementary school students’ “crazy grass” font has unexpectedly become popular, and the writing technique is bold and unrestrained Free and easy

An elementary school Chinese teacher posted a piece of his student’s composition on the Internet, which aroused enthusiastic discussions among netizens, but the reason for this popularity is not how good the content of the student’s composition is. It’s the “crazy grass” font of this elementary school student. 

From the picture, we can see that the child’s words are scribbled to the point of being unrecognizable. Although he has an artistic style and his writing style is also unrestrained and free, it is a pity that they are abstract and look like The “Book of Heaven” is average, so the teacher can’t laugh at all after reading it. 

At the end of the composition, the teacher gave the bright red Five points are also very eye-catching. Five points are awarded for the composition of fifty points because of illegible handwriting. Netizens and friends are helpless for their children. 

But there are also netizens who said: I can’t see clearly what I wrote, and the teacher is merciful for not giving zero points! This shows how important a good handwriting is for a student. 

There is no reason why parents always want their children to write good characters

A hand-written handwriting can not only allow children to get higher scores in the exam, but in life, a good handwriting can also leave a middle-to-average impression. 

When a child grows up and enters the society and starts to work, it will inevitably have to do a lot of writing work, signatures and other situations that need to be written. A good handwriting can make your writing layout more neat and your signature more beautiful , Make others blushing. 

As the saying goes, the words are as they are, and they are easy to write Sometimes good words can also get the goodwill of others, which can be said to be beneficial for life. So, it’s not enough to write beautiful words without thinking. This requires the children to practice hard from childhood and the parents to cultivate them carefully. 

If you want your child to have a good handwriting, parents must also work hard.

If you want your child to write a good handwriting, the first thing a parent has to do is to set an example by helping the child write homework or sign the child’s paper At the time of writing, write neatly one stroke by one stroke, and don’t flicker. 

Because we write fast ligatures very It is easy for the children to follow the learning process, which causes the children to write quickly and cannot recognize clearly. Once you develop the habit of scribbled writing, it is easy to affect the roll noodles.

Secondly, parents should instill in their children the concept of paying attention to writing from an early age, and don’t let children treat writing as a “hurry up” The task is to let the children know that they should write slowly and well, first work slowly and carefully write the characters horizontally and vertically, and then pursue speed. 

Finally, parents can buy some copybooks for their children, and let the children practice two pages a day. Over time, it will greatly help the children’s character form. 

Families with conditions can also consider letting children In the last calligraphy class, I learned to write systematically. Not only can I write beautiful and good characters, but I can also cultivate my personality and help my children develop a good habit of being calm and not being surprised. 

A person’s handwriting is cultivated and qualitative from childhood, and then accompanies us throughout our life. In addition to student days, we will often use it in our work and life after we grow up. It can be said that good handwriting is a lifelong benefit. . 

Although a person’s handwriting depends on his talent, acquired normative training can play a decisive role. If we find that the child’s handwriting is difficult to recognize, we don’t need to worry. We can let the child go through scientific training. Efforts to practice good handwriting, this method is also very feasible.

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