Which one is better for the child to be a “chicken head” in an ordinary class or to be a “phoenix tail” in an experimental class?

Which one is better for the child to be a “chicken head” in an ordinary class or to be a “phoenix tail” in an experimental class? 

Parents have always paid great attention to their children’s studies, especially after entering high school, they pay more attention to the details of the other side. After all, the performance of high school determines the future of their children. 

When a child graduates from middle school to go to high school, there is a very real problem before his eyes, that is, how to choose the child’s classification, be a “chicken head” in an ordinary class, and go to an experimental class. “Phoenix tail” in it, which one is more beneficial to the child? 

The more you get to this critical moment, the more parents think about. They are afraid that any small error of their own will delay their children’s future development. 

The “chicken head” in the ordinary class and the experimental class “Phoenix Tail”, which one is better? 

Lily’s child has already entered high school. Seeing the progress of the child’s grades, Lily couldn’t help but start to feel sad. The child was originally a top student when he entered high school, but now it has become a middle school student. 

Compared to Xiaona, a classmate who entered high school together and had similar grades, Lily felt even more unwilling. It was obvious that the two children had similar grades at the time. Why are they so different now? 

Is it just because I chose the experimental class for the children that are all top students, and Xiaona went to the ordinary class? But after all, I was kind, thinking that my children could learn better in a good environment, and I made this choice. 

Lily saw the transcript of this exam , I think I have communicated well with the child. Through understanding the consequences, I found that the child was too stressed, increasingly anxious and unable to keep up with the learning progress. The previous sense of superiority was instantly vanished in front of so many top students, and I often did not understand the problem and I was embarrassed to ask. 

And her classmate Xiaona is like a duck in the ordinary class, is loved and supported by teachers and classmates, learning is easy without any pressure. 

So after some communication, Lily decided to respect the child’s ideas this time and let the child go to the ordinary class she wanted to go to. As expected, the child’s condition has improved a lot after the past, and his grades have risen sharply. 

In fact, this problem must have bothered many parents. No one wants their children to make the wrong choice and go the wrong way, but it does not mean that the experimental class is definitely more suitable for children than the ordinary class. 

In this regard, some class teachers have made the following judgments for everyone based on years of experience, hoping to help parents make better choices. 

The teacher’s remarks are worthy of parents’ reference.

The head teacher believes that letting children be chicken heads and phoenix tails is not to see which one is better, but to see which learning mode is more suitable for the child, so Parents can judge their children through these four aspects. 

▼The character of the child

How a child’s personality has a lot to do with what kind of class they choose, we should put this as the focus. If the child is more outgoing and has comparable grades, you can consider putting your child in an experimental class. 

But if the child is very introverted, he will not dare to communicate too much with everyone. Even if the grades are equal, do not choose the experimental class lightly. After all, you still need to consider long-term. 

▼Children’s inner stress resistance and anti-frustration ability

The other thing is that considering the children’s stress resistance and anti-frustration ability, the experimental classes are all children with particularly good grades. The competition pressure inside is even greater, and the children cannot bear the poor psychological quality. 

And my mentality and learning state will It gets worse and worse, because children will feel heavy in the face of other people’s good conditions and become anxious. 

▼Children’s own wishes

Secondly, respect the children’s wishes. Parents should not impose their wishes on the children. Although we are for the good of the children, we are far from the children themselves. Know your situation better. 

It will only make the child unhappy and put him in an embarrassing situation. It is really too difficult to want to study well in that way. 

▼The child’s ability to adapt to the new environment< /p>

The child was accustomed to his previous learning environment and was ideal in all aspects. At this time, if we forcibly throw the child into a new and unfamiliar and stressful environment, the child’s adaptability may not be able to keep up. 

So if the child’s adaptability is stronger, we may as well help the child to refer to it, of course, it is also based on respect for the child. 

Both “chicken head” and “phoenix tail” belong Own Advantages

In fact, whether it is to be a “chicken head” or a “phoenix tail”, children have their own advantages. Doing the former will be more comfortable, and it will be easier to adapt to the rhythm of the learning environment. 

The latter can work hard for children with strong adaptability and play a very good role in motivating them, so parents don’t need to care too much. When pregnant women reach the second trimester of pregnancy, this “physical need” will become more intense. Doctor: Don’t force yourself.

Since entering the 8th month of pregnancy, pregnant women will really enter In the third trimester. 

Everyone will understand some of the changes that occur in women’s body after pregnancy, but some of the pain that pregnant women endure cannot be empathized with others. 

These feelings of “suffering” due to pregnancy are most experienced by people who come over. After a woman is pregnant, there is a “physical need” that will be more obvious, and it is not good for the fetus and herself. 

When she was in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, Xiao Li found that her frequent urination problem became more serious, even to the point where she had to go to the toilet several times to eat, especially at night, it became more difficult to sleep. . 

Getting up at night seems to be a night This is an indispensable item, and I wake up more than once, my sleep quality has also been affected a lot, and my energy during the day is lacking. 

In fact, the physiological need for frequent urination in the third trimester of pregnancy is also normal. With the continuous development of the fetus, the pregnant woman’s uterus also increases. Prone to frequent urination. 

Xiao Li even went to the hospital to talk to the doctor For consultation, the doctor gave the same reply, and told Xiao Li that he had the intention to urinate, don’t take it forcibly, holding back the urine would have a greater impact on the body. 

What are the effects of holding back urine in pregnant women? 

Normally, holding back the urine of a pregnant woman will not have any effect on the fetus, but for her own body, the effect is still not small. 

It is necessary to know that during this period of pregnancy, the pressure on various functions of the pregnant woman’s body will also increase, especially the burden on the kidneys. Many pregnant women do not pay much attention to this. 

The human bladder actually has a certain stretch Sexually, with the continuous accumulation of urine, the bladder in the human body will naturally continue to increase. If the bladder is kept tight for a long time, it will also affect its own elasticity. 

Later, it will be difficult to restore the original state, and it will also cause some other diseases, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women. 

How to alleviate the problem of frequent urination in the third trimester? 

◆ Diet

Women will experience taste changes and preferences after pregnancy. It is understandable that some pregnant women will love spicy and other stimulating foods. 

But pregnant women are eating these stimulating foods At the same time, it must be controlled, because regular consumption of these irritating foods will increase the stimulation of frequent urination. It is recommended to focus on light and balanced nutrition. 

◆ Sleeping position

When pregnant women are sleeping, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, try not to choose a supine sleeping position. It is better to lie on the left side. On the one hand, it can alleviate frequent urination. On the one hand, it can also guarantee the blood supply of pregnant women and fetuses. 

◆ Moisture control before going to bed

In order to alleviate the problem of frequent urination in the third trimester, pregnant women, between 1-2 hours before going to bed, It is best not to drink water. If you are really thirsty, you can moisten your lips with a little water. 

In short, try to avoid large sips of water. In fact, large sips of water will not quench your thirst, it can also easily lead to aggravation of frequent urination and cause edema. 

Some people also say that it is actually in the prenatal Frequent urination may not be a bad thing, so pregnant mothers can practice getting up at night in advance, so that they will have more experience after the baby is born. 

◆ The use of pads

It is really difficult to control frequent urination in the third trimester. Sometimes it is possible to get the pants before going to the toilet to solve it. It’s okay at home , It’s embarrassing to be outside. 

So, you can prepare special protective pads during pregnancy, which can be used when going out, and remember to replace them frequently to keep your body dry and hygienic. 

I have to say that it’s just frequent urination. , Is enough to toss people, this kind of tossing is not only physical, but also psychological. 

In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women are more emotionally sensitive

In fact, conditions such as frequent urination will not only bring physical effects to pregnant women, but also increase the psychological burden of pregnant women, even the smallest things during pregnancy May be enlarged. 

These changes in pregnancy will change all the time It affects the mood of pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, when the fetus is born, pregnant women will inevitably think about more and think about more problems. 

Furthermore, the family’s concern for the fetus often exceeds the concern for the pregnant woman itself. For example, the older generation often said “even if you don’t eat, the child in your stomach will eat it.” It hurts more. 

Will give pregnant women a kind of beneficiary The feeling of neglect will inevitably arouse the emotional and psychological changes of the pregnant woman, so the father-to-be should pay more attention to the pregnant mother after the wife is pregnant. 

It’s time to take on the responsibilities of the father-to-be and accompany the pregnant mother to spend a healthy, safe, and physically and mentally happy pregnancy. Don’t “rush into battle” for your children. You may also be a helicopter parent.

Recently, a “new type” term has appeared, namely helicopter parents. In fact, many parents in life are helicopter parents, because There is only one child in the family, and this child has lost too many free choices while being pampered. 

This kind of parents paved the way for their children. On this road, every choice the child makes is actually the choice of the parent. Now it is a proper term-helicopter to summarize them! 

Originally, the helicopter parents were new internationally popular Words that describe parents hovering over their children like a helicopter, monitoring their every move all the time. China is a “superpower of helicopter parents”, and parents who interfere too much in their children’s lives abound. 

This kind of parents are not bad, they just love their children too much and work hard for them, wishing that everything is arranged for the children properly, even regardless of their own thoughts. 

Helicopter parents assume their lifelong nanny and life planner since the birth of their children. From kindergarten to university, to interviews, you can see their parents. 

What are the hazards of helicopter parents? 

It is understandable and justified for parents to love their children, but excessive protection will only deprive the children of growth space. For example, when children just start learning to use the tableware, they cannot hold and cannot eat. Ordinary parents will encourage them and teach them. How do they use these tools correctly, but the helicopter parents will directly pick up the children, pick up the tableware and feed them. 

This approach seemed to save worry and trouble at the time, but sooner or later the child has to learn how to use the tableware, and how to learn it without exercise. Do you have to take your parents with you every time you eat? 

Helicopter parents contract their children’s life and prevent them from being exposed to the wind and rain of the outside world. It is impossible for children to truly grow up. They are only “puppets” for their parents with pure thinking and no ideas of their own. 

How should helicopter parents change? 

In fact, under such circumstances, it is not only bad for the growth of the child, but also bad for the parents themselves. In addition to supporting their families and bearing financial pressure, parents also worry about their children every day, busy for their children, worrying about this, worrying about that. However, this kind of busyness is “finished” by the parents. 

Helicopter parents think that this is for the good of their children, but children will have their own subjective consciousness and independent space as they grow up, and parental control will only increase their rebellion and pain. 

Helicopter parents must realize that they are not only your children, but also independent lives. They are the continuation of your life, but not the continuation of your life. They have their own way to go and things to do. , Learn to let go, even if they stumble and always mess up things, but this is growth and respect the children’s choices and behaviors. 

Parents must let go of their desire to control You have to admit that you can’t accompany your children forever. It is better to let your children make mistakes and be punished in front of you than to let others punish them outside.

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