Which of the siblings has the best life? Netizen: The best child is often ignored by parents

Which of the siblings has the best life? Netizen: The best child is often ignored by parents

Which baby among siblings has the best life? Netizen: The best child is often ignored by parents

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Does the child have any future prospects? Whether “fate” is good or not is inseparable from the education of parents. Even brothers and sisters in the same family will have a big gap in the future due to certain deviations. 

In families with only one child, there is no contrast in the future of the children, while in families with many children, especially families with three children, the comparison between the children’s future may be more obvious. 

And generally speaking, the “fate” of the second child is better. 

The second child who is always ignored

The pictures in this article are all derived from the Internet, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant.

Whether in life or in film and television dramas, everyone will find such a phenomenon: in a family with many children, the second A child is generally the most silent and the least present. 

Especially in the family planning era, it often happens that the parents’ first child is a daughter, and they don’t want to continue having children, but due to the pressure of their elders, they have to have a son. 

But the second child is still a daughter. When the third child is born, the son is welcomed. Compared with the eldest and youngest, the arrival of the second child is not expected . 

Because there is no eldest son who spends a long time with his parents, he has not received as much attention as the younger one, and is often ignored. 

Even if it is three A daughter is also prone to this situation. In foreign TV dramas, such as the three daughters in “Downton Abbey”, the second child seems very non-existent compared with the beautiful boss and the bright and cheerful third. 

The embarrassing position often makes them feel miserable.

Many children who are ranked second child sometimes complain on the Internet and have a sad family life:

“Just like Deshan in “Please Answer 1988″, I thought that my parents knew such a lofty spirit of sacrifice, but my family knew the most about it.”

“Ming Ming There are sisters and younger brothers, why do all the housework at home have to be done by me alone.”

“My childhood experience made me a sensitive, true, and radical People who want face too much don’t know if it’s really painful to deal with their feelings.”

The position of the second child also forced him to have more beautiful qualities

▶ Especially sensible

Because the second-ranked children are not expected, in order to get the attention of their parents, they often pay more in the family and silently care for their parents and other siblings. 

Sometimes, they are compelled to be sensible, because they are in the middle age and become the ones who have time to help their parents with housework. 

The boss always has no time for academic reasons. The third child is too young to do it, and the second child can help his parents. 

Be one The more a person pays to his family, the deeper his feelings, and he becomes the most sensible one. 

▶ Good temper

Because I was suppressed by my parents since I was a child, I was often ignored by other brothers and sisters, and because I suffered more, I couldn’t resist. After a long time, I learned patience. 

Such patience and good temper can also help them make more friends in society. 

▶ Work harder

There are also some children who realize that no matter what they do or how well they behave, they cannot be liked by their parents. They work harder in order to leave the house early To learn. 

▶ More independent and stronger personality

Such children rarely receive care from their parents, and they do not dare to act coquettishly with them for money, so when they go to college, they will earn tuition and living expenses by themselves. 

This also makes them more independent, stronger, and easier to succeed in the future. 

[Mom’s Way]

Although the second child may be better mixed in the future, the pain of childhood is still the shadow of a lifetime. 

In the face of the grievances and unfair treatment of the second child, outsiders know very well, but family members can’t see clearly. They think this is what the child should do, or think I have a sensible and filial child. 

Sometimes, parents don’t understand the reasoning and their partiality, and it’s useless for the second child to pay more. 

Do you want a family with many children? Stop being partial. 


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This gifting team is too cute, 200 children sent teachers to marry, netizens: Are you the king of children?

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Although many children were reluctant to go to kindergarten at the beginning, they started crying bitterly as soon as they got home, and asked Parents complain of grievances, but after they get used to it, they are likely to start to like kindergarten. 

The reason why babies like to go to kindergarten is inseparable from the kindergarten teacher. Some teachers who can give a baby the warmth of a mother may make the child “reluctant to think about it”. 

The likes of children are generally more exposed, facing the kindergarten teachers they like, they are willing to do a lot of things. 

More than 200 children sent a kindergarten teacher to marry, netizen: Is this teacher the king of children? 

Some time ago, a wedding video on the Internet attracted everyone’s attention because it was “too cute”. 

The pictures in this article are all from Internet

The bridegroom in the picture is carrying on a bicycle, and a group of babies riding on a four-wheeled vehicle go to pick up the parents together. Then the bride sits directly on the back seat of the bicycle to get married. The whole picture is very loving and let People are unforgettable. 

According to the heroine in the video, Teacher Zhu introduced that she met and fell in love with the groom in this kindergarten, and now she wants to form a family together. 

The whole wedding was secretly planned by the principal and other teachers. After obtaining the consent of more than 200 children’s parents, they rehearsed and prepared with the children without telling Teacher Zhu and his wife. Presented the cutest wedding ceremony. 

After netizens watch the video , Have also said: This kindergarten teacher is too popular, it is probably the king of children among children. 

The principal, children, and parents of children are all willing to plan a wedding for Teacher Zhu. It is also known that she is very popular with children and parents in kindergarten. 

What kind of kindergarten teacher does the child like? 

▶ They look good

Although the children are very young, they are actually very “face-controlled”. Many people think that children cry when they see the elderly because they I can see some strange things, but in fact it is just an elderly person who is too old, whose appearance is not liked by children. 

There are some more Netizens have also said that when they were in kindergarten, they played some “scheming” for the beautiful teacher. For example, when other teachers came to take care of him, they would deliberately cry, and when the beautiful teacher came to take care of him, they would be obedient. 

▶ I really like children and be patient

Whether a person really likes himself, children can also feel that being a teacher is good to them and can patiently help When solving problems, they will feel very kind and feel at home. 

▶ Responsible

Responsible kindergarten teachers can think about the future of their children. When considering changing jobs, they may also consider their feelings first. If After leaving, the children have to adjust to the new teacher again, whether it will affect their psychology and so on. 

Responsible, caring, Caring kindergarten teachers are also very popular with parents and colleagues. 

▶ Very talented and admired

The responsibilities of kindergarten teachers can be said to be quite diverse. In addition to cultivating children’s behavior and habits, they also draw, dance, and sing. Need to be good at it. 

When children face kindergarten teachers with many talents, they will also have a natural sense of worship, and may therefore like teachers and listen to them obediently. 

Of course, in the education of children, the role of parents is also indispensable. Even the cooperation of parents and kindergarten teachers may make the baby better. 

How should parents get along with kindergarten teachers? 

▶ Respect the profession of kindergarten teachers< /p>

Some parents like to treat kindergarten teachers as their children’s nanny. They think that they should take care of their children, and they are more troublesome. After school every day, they also ask the teacher to report on the day’s work. 

For example, what did the child eat today, how well he slept, and whether he behaved well. If there is a slight oversight, I want to complain. 

In fact, the main responsibility of kindergarten teachers is to educate children, and when facing several children at the same time, it is inevitable to be a little neglected. 

Parents should respect their profession first, and should not easily suspect or accuse any teacher. 

▶ Take the initiative to talk to the kindergarten teacher about the child’s home situation

Proactively communicate with the kindergarten teacher about the child’s home situation, which can help them understand the child more comprehensively and implement corresponding education. It can also help parents obtain valuable opinions and better conduct family education. 

▶ Pick up and drop off the children on time, and don’t send messages late at night

These two points should be the greatest consideration for kindergarten teachers. Parents can pick up and drop off their children in time so that kindergarten teachers can have their own time earlier. Do other work preparations; parents do not send messages late at night, teachers can also enjoy a good rest, and face the children in the best condition the next day. Return to Sohu to see more

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