Which chicken rib maternal and baby products have you bought? A mother gave a list

Which chicken rib maternal and baby products have you bought? A mother gave a list

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After pregnancy, the family will start to prepare a variety of maternal and child products, some of which can indeed bring a lot of help, and can also solve many troubles by the way, but some are indeed very tasteless and take up space when left unused at home. 

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In order to welcome the baby’s birth, Bao’s mother rushed to buy, buy and buy

After pregnancy, Xiao Ting began to plan for the baby’s birth, not only learning all kinds of parenting every day Knowledge, supplement nutrition on time and check whether the amount of exercise is up to standard, just to welcome the arrival of the baby. 

To say that she did the most things during her pregnancy, it must be shopping. As long as she is learning about childcare, she can’t wait to buy all the things she sees home, all kinds of toys and baby products. The whole house is piled up into a mountain. 

She will not be until the child is born Knowing what a stupid decision I made, most of the items are useless, and some toys are too small for babies to play at all, and putting them at home will affect the care of the baby. 

Either I bumped and touched today, or I couldn’t find the things I will use tomorrow mixed in it for a long time. This made Xiao Ting’s mentality explode, so these items were thrown away, and given away, it finally finally happened. Can return to normal life. 

Which chicken rib mothers and babies do you have product? Bao Ma listed a list.

1. Pacifier

This is an item that many parents will step on thunder. Under the banner of comforting the baby, watch On the screen, the child has a cute appearance with a pacifier, and many mothers enter the pit one after another. 

However, in fact, this product has an adverse effect on the development of children. Long-term consumption can cause problems such as buck teeth. 

2, exclusive “pool”

This kind of item is generally made of plastic material, which is more convenient for storage and storage, but it is very troublesome to use it once. It not only requires inflation and deflation, but also requires a lot of water, which wastes time and money. It is better to take the child to professional Mother and baby room. 

3. Toys that do not match the age group

Some parents may be attracted by the appearance when buying toys, and do not consider whether the baby can play or not. Many toys especially Some relatively large toys are not suitable for babies who are too young. 

Parents blindly buying these toys will eventually cause these toys to be left unused, and they will not be able to play until the children grow up to a certain age, which undoubtedly wastes resources and takes up space. 

4. Wet tissue heater

The name of this item is very tasteless, but many parents can’t hold back their curiosity, so they have to buy it and try it, thinking about using a wet tissue to wipe the baby’s butt in winter for fear of freezing. But this instrument is really useless. Not only is it expensive, but the heating effect is not good. It is better to put it in warm water and heat it. 

5. Abdomen belt

Postpartum obesity, especially the protruding belly, troubles many mothers. Therefore, this kind of abdominal belt called “thin when you use it” appears. This kind of object not only cannot play a plastic role, but also prone to strangulation and poor breathing. 

The following one is inserted Baoma’s message is said to be the most useless item among all products. What can’t you do? It’s the most irritating item and the most tasteless item is Bao Dad! 

Of course not all maternal and child products are very tasteless, several are indispensable——

1, milk bottles, pacifiers, milk powder

These kinds of items are the guarantee for the baby to eat smoothly. They will be used from birth, especially for mothers who have not chosen to breastfeed. They must pay attention to the quality of the selection. 

2. Clothing

Mom and baby’s clothing must be prepared. Baby’s clothing basically includes underwear, blankets, bibs, socks, outing clothing, etc., and the material is as good as possible Choose pure cotton and keep warm in winter. 

Mother’s clothing is mainly worn during the postpartum and confinement period, so you should choose pure cotton and loose clothing as much as possible, and you should prepare a nursing bra. 

3. Diapers

After the baby is born, it is necessary to excrete it by itself, so it is very important to choose a suitable diaper, mainly light and breathable, especially for newborns, try to buy ultra-thin. 

4. Baby wipes

This kind of item occupies an absolute position in cleaning, but it must be distinguished. First of all, you must choose the baby only, and secondly, the cleaning of each part should also be Choose the corresponding wet wipes, such as hands and mouth, you should choose special wet wipes for hands and mouth. 

5. Baby stroller< /p>

As the baby grows up, it is impossible for parents to hold it for a long time when going out. It is very important to choose a suitable stroller, which can greatly help the parents to reduce the burden. When choosing, we must pay attention to its safety and practicality, and try to choose a cart with good quality and strong function.  Passed by people: the pregnant mother is in time for this week of pregnancy “File”, you can enjoy a benefit during childbirth

Writer: Chen Fang

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Pregnancy is a happy thing for every family, but if you want to be able to easily cope with various checkups during pregnancy and make childbirth easier during pregnancy, it is important to go to the hospital on time to establish files, which can be described as mother and child Health Handbook. 

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The path to file for a novice pregnant mother

Xiaoling and her husband have been actively preparing for pregnancy for more than half a year, but have not been effective. Some time ago, she had delayed menstruation, so she rushed to buy Here comes the pregnancy test stick, after the test, I am pregnant. 

The news made the couple happy, but they didn’t forget to tell their parents the good news. After all, the elderly have been looking forward to it for a long time. 

But when telling mom Besides, her mother said most happily for them is to let her go to the hospital for an examination, but Xiaoling felt that it was unnecessary. But my mother said: “I should check in advance now, and I will set up a file in the hospital in 12 weeks.”

Xiaoling was confused, but she went to the hospital for a check on her mother’s suggestion, and Ask the doctor to understand the meaning of file creation, and then understand its necessity. 

The significance of file creation

In simple terms, it is to create a file in the hospital. 

It sounds troublesome, but in fact it is a very simple measure that is beneficial to both the fetus and the pregnant mother——

First of all, from the beginning of the establishment , All the examinations performed by the pregnant mother, the physical condition of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus can be recorded. When there is a pregnancy problem or the hospital needs to be changed, it can be used as a reference for the doctor’s treatment;

Secondly , This file will also provide some knowledge about pregnancy and even various matters after the baby is born, which is convenient for mothers to feed;

Finally, it is often possible for pregnant mothers to enjoy a benefit during childbirth in the future-to determine the delivery hospital, which is convenient The doctor will arrange a bed for you in time. Especially in some large cities, the number of beds in large hospitals is relatively tight. If you don’t set up files in time, you may be restricted to go to particularly good hospitals. 


Different hospitals or regions differ in the time of file establishment, so the requirements will also vary, which are generally between 8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. Secondly, the first examination after the file is established is at 12 weeks of pregnancy. Some hospitals even require that the file be established before the examination. Therefore, if you choose a hospital, you should make relevant consultations in advance. Filing process and required items

1. Relevant documents

Birth certificate: including original and photocopy, some hospitals do not need it, you can consult in advance; Medical insurance card and maternity insurance: the original and photocopy are also required; already done Passed laboratory test and B-ultrasound data; Hukou and ID card of pregnant women: original and photocopy are required, and some hospitals may require certificates from both parties. 

It is recommended to consult in advance. Some documents may take some time to process, and documents that have not yet been processed need to be prepared in advance to avoid delays in filing. 

2, submission of information< /p>

After arriving at the hospital, inform the need for file creation, and then fill in the information, fill it in and submit it. 

3. Perform a birth check

After the data review is completed, some checks will be performed, including blood pressure, weight, abdominal circumference, etc. 

4. Formal file creation

After completing the steps of the obstetric check-up, give it to the doctor for formal file creation, and the process is basically complete. 


Usually, there will be a lot of people waiting when you set up a file, you need to be prepared to wait, wear comfortable, and need to be accompanied by your family. 

After the file is established, it means that subsequent obstetrics will be carried out here. Therefore, when choosing a hospital, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the distance, medical level and other aspects. 

Knowledge extension: the difference between community filing and hospital filing? 

In general, files are created for the convenience of monitoring the physical condition of pregnant mothers. There are two types of cards, namely large cards and small cards. 

Kalka: It is mainly stored in the hospital, and the processing place is in the hospital, and it is processed around 12 weeks of pregnancy. (Some hospitals have cancelled this method)

Small card: This is a health manual for pregnant women and children (including some knowledge about pregnancy and postpartum), about 6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women need to register with the community committee. , And then handle it at the hospital in the area where the pregnant woman is located. 

The small card is not used for inspection. It is a kind of file preservation, but there will also be some simple records of pregnancy conditions, such as how long the pregnancy is, what is the height of the palace, etc. 

On the small card, only some basic information is mainly displayed, while the big card will make a more detailed record of the pregnant woman’s examination results and physical conditions. 

Note: For mothers who have already applied for maternity insurance, they need to go to a designated hospital when establishing a card, so that they can enjoy maternity reimbursement. Return to Sohu to see more

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