Whether a woman has given birth to a child, anyone with a discerning eye will know that these parts have already been “sold out”

Whether a woman has given birth to a child, anyone with a discerning eye will know that these parts have already been “sold out”

Modern society is complicated, and people are becoming more and more complicated. Some women have already given birth, but they want to Lie to her husband, she has never been pregnant. 

In fact, if a woman has ever given birth, a discerning person can tell at a glance, especially in these positions. As long as there are these characteristics, then this woman must have experienced birth. 

Xiaoning from Jiangsu has been feeling very restless recently. 

Xiao Ning discovered that his wife’s abdomen was not the same as other women, like some characteristics that women who have experienced childbirth have, but his wife actually has some characteristics. 

Xiaoning and his wife met on a blind date, and both were married first. Before getting married, Xiao Ning did not have too close contacts with his wife. 

After the blind date, he entered the marriage hall in a proper manner. It was not until he received the certificate after the marriage that Xiao Ning realized that his wife was strange. What kind of anomaly was it that made Xiao Ning uneasy, clamoring for divorce and retiring. 

What are the characteristics of women?

1. Scars on the belly

Women who have given birth, especially those who have been delivered by caesarean section, will basically leave surgical scars on their belly. This is because the wounds of caesarean section are actually relatively deep. With a single cut, it is difficult for the marks of the wound to heal completely, and there will basically be leftover marks. 

Generally, the stamps of the surgical stitches can be faded away for a long time, but the stamps of the cesarean section are different. The stamps of the cesarean section are not only located in a special position, but also under the abdomen of women. 

Moreover, this mark is also difficult to fade away. Even if the scar removal cream is applied very high and after a long time, there is no way to completely eliminate it. 

2. The skin on the abdomen is loose.

During pregnancy, a woman’s abdomen is under tremendous pressure, and the abdomen suddenly becomes larger, which will loosen the skin on the abdomen, and the thicker skin on the abdomen will also be thinned. 

After the child was born, this pressure suddenly ceased, but the skin’s ability to recover is gone forever. The skin on the abdomen has no way to recover as it used to be, it’s loose, it’s like being discouraged. Like balloons. 

People who used to be particularly obese, after losing weight, the skin will also appear obvious sagging, especially after the age of 30 and 40, which is why it is not recommended for women in their 30s and 40s. Reasons for fierce weight loss. 

Because the skin after weight loss is actually very unsightly and very loose. When women lose weight when they are young, they will not have such troubles. 

The recovery ability of female skin is strong, and the collagen is sufficient, even after losing weight, the skin will not be loose. The sagging skin on the abdomen is also a feature of women who have given birth. 

3. Stretch marks

Women who have experienced childbirth will have lines on their belly. Basically 95% of pregnant women will have stretch marks on their stomachs, and it is difficult for women who have experienced stretch marks to get rid of them. 

Stretch marks are not easy to eliminate, but stretch marks can be prevented. If you regularly apply pregnancy oil during pregnancy and take care of your abdomen, the stretch marks will be lessened. 

But it is absolutely impossible to completely eliminate it. It is also impossible for women after giving birth to reduce their stretch marks. 

4. Easy to leak urine

Many women have different degrees of rupture of the pelvis after giving birth, so women after giving birth will have the characteristics of easy urination. 

This degree of urine leakage can actually be improved according to the health of the female body. Women who recover well will also have less urine leakage. However, women who have given birth are more or less likely to leak urine. 

How to accurately judge Whether the woman is pregnant or has given birth

1. Medical examination

Pre-marital check-ups and other related medical examinations can completely check women’s pregnancy history and abortion history, pregnancy experience and abortion experience, in In the eyes of the doctor, there is no way to be hidden. 

Even a nurse can tell if this woman has been serious or has a history of miscarriage. The parameters of medical examinations are very detailed, and now pre-marital medical examinations are like premarital examinations. 

The inspection items are relatively complete. Whether a woman has a history of miscarriage, pregnancy, or reproductive history can be found, and even a few miscarriages and a few pregnancy can be found. . 

2. Abdomen status

What is the status of the female abdomen? Is there any obvious sagging in the abdomen, and is there any obvious sagging in the skin on the abdomen? 

If the skin on the belly is loose and collapsed, then it can be determined that the woman is pregnant and has given birth. 

If a woman’s abdomen is firm, there are no obvious incisions, no obvious scars, and no obvious lines, then the woman has never given birth. Some women do not want children when they are pregnant. 

I will go for abortion surgery. If the abortion is performed in the early stages of pregnancy, the skin on the belly will be firmer, but there will be obvious knife marks and wounds on the belly. 

According to knife marks and wounds, it can also be judged whether a woman has given birth or been pregnant. Marriage is not easy. Before getting married, it is best for two people to thoroughly understand each other’s past experiences. 

If you are pregnant or have given birth, it is best not to deceive each other. Otherwise, after marriage, if the other party is found to be dishonest and dishonest, the marriage may face a breakdown. There are many conflicts in the second-child family, and the second child is often the most difficult to manage. The reason is a lot of the boss’s sadness.

Maybe many people have noticed that in the past, the second child may have to be discussed with the boss. , Otherwise the boss can make trouble. But now, in many second-child families, the second child has become a “thorny head”, while the eldest child has become a “good baby”. 

In response to this situation, many people think that the reason is nothing more than that the parents are too doting on the second child, causing the second child to become self-centered, or “preferred and arrogant.” 

We have to admit that this possibility does exist, but this reason is not the main reason. Let’s take a look at the following case. 


My friend is 36 years old and the mother of 2 children, the eldest daughter is 9 years old, and the younger son is 5 years old. Before the youngest son was born, the eldest daughter was absolutely loved. After all, in the current family, one or two children are held in the palm of the hand as treasures. 

It is precisely because of this that the eldest daughter is also more naughty. Whenever she has any needs, she asks her parents to fulfill them immediately, otherwise she will have a quarrel and she must have a strong personality. 

When the younger son is born, everyone will pay less attention to the elder daughter. What nobody noticed is that the eldest daughter’s personality has also quietly changed a lot. 

The child’s grandparents said that this is because the child is sensible and grown up, and it is no longer as noisy as before, but according to what I know about them, I know this is not the main reason. 

My friend’s eldest daughter now actively asks to take care of her younger brother and play with him. Usually, she will give her younger brother some fun and delicious foods. In many cases, she can only be praised by her family because of this. 

This is a typical “pleasant personality” in psychology. When children find that their environment is unfavorable, they will change their personality to adapt to the “environment” in order to preserve their status. . 

In a second-child family, the reason why the eldest child becomes obedient and sensible is because they find that they receive less and less attention, and they only want to get praise from their parents through the relationship with the second child. Interact and treat your second child well, so you will be recognized and praised. 

Of course, there are also some children who choose to go to the other extreme, that is, to become more “bad”, as much as possible to sabotage, not to study, to bully younger siblings, etc., all of these also cause parents Pay attention to the various ways. 

Only when I become naughty enough, my parents will turn their attention to themselves instead of staying on their younger siblings. Even if it is just such attention, they will try. 

But later some children discovered that by attracting the attention of parents in this way, mom and dad were disappointed in them, and their affection for younger siblings was more. 

So they will change their “strategy” to make themselves behave better, and parents will praise and praise the children after they feel the changes in their children, and the children will be more obedient and sensible after tasting the sweetness. . 

Two-child family The bowl of water should be flat.

Many parents don’t know how to balance between two or more children. It seems normal to give more care to the second child. After all, the second child is a little bit younger. Tolerance and pampering are justified. 

But it should be noted that this kind of pampering and tolerance should be moderate. The reality is that many parents give the second child far more pampering and affection than necessary. How could this not bring the boss? A sense of crisis? 

Parents should also pay attention to the sudden change in the attitude of the boss, rather than just believing that the child has grown up and become sensible. 

In fact, when this happens to the child, it has already explained that some of the child’s psychology needs the guidance of the parent. 

Every child is a sensitive person. The eldest is the most direct “stakeholder” after the second child is born. They can sensitively perceive changes in their parents’ attitudes and transfer of love. This is the point that scares them the most. 

Therefore, give every child the same kind of love, and consciously tell the child that no matter which child it is, mom and dad love it. At the same time, the behavior is also the same, instead of saying that you love the child, but the behavior is obviously partial to one of the children. This will not only not be understood by the child, but it will also make the child feel angry. 

At the same time, there is one more thing that especially needs parents’ attention, and that is to consciously increase the relationship between the two children. Otherwise, the deeper the conflict between the children, the worse the relationship may be, especially when the parents treat them differently. 

Usually you can let the children play some cooperative games to guide the children to become more intimate, the relationship between the children will be better, the family will be more harmonious, and the parents will not spend the whole day because of the children. The trivial matter in between was very noisy. 

The second-child family is actually not as difficult as we think. It is the most ideal state to take care of the second child, pay more attention to the older one, and guide the two children to live in harmony.

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