“Where is the pain?” A demonstration by a midwife reveals the true meaning of “just being a mother”

“Where is the pain?” A midwife gave a demonstration to uncover the true meaning of “being strong for a mother”

The mothers who have experienced normal delivery will remember the process of the delivery still fresh, because of the pain that the mothers endured during this process. It is totally unmatched by other things. 

Although most women have to go through the process of childbirth, it has to be said that the painful birth of grade 12 can really confirm the true meaning of being a mother. 

Is it painful to give birth? where? A demonstration by a midwife made netizens feel distressed

Previously, a video of a birth delivered by a midwife aroused the attention of netizens. In the video, the midwife simulated the delivery process through a mannequin. 

Although it is just a model, a demonstration made people “have lingering fears”. 

While waiting for the opening of the uterine mouth, the mothers will be tortured by bursts of pain, and the whole process will probably last more than ten hours. 

During this process of labor, pregnant women have to undergo internal examinations from time to time, because doctors use this to determine the degree of opening of the maternal uterus. 

Through the display of the midwife, people can see that during the first stage of labor, the mother’s uterine mouth opens from two or three fingers to ten fingers. The feeling of cutting meat with a blunt knife is really scary. 

Subsequently, during the second stage of labor, the severity of contractions increased significantly. The mothers will obviously feel the pressure of the fetus in the vagina. 

Every time the little guy “charges”, it will cause a strong pain to the mother. Usually this process will last 1 to 2 hours, and the mother will have obvious waist pain and pelvic pain. 

In addition, most parturients will undergo lateral cuts during this process. During this cutting process, the doctor will not use anesthetics on the parturients, so the parturients can clearly feel the sensation of being cut. 

In addition to lateral cuts, women are likely to have lacerations, which are also very painful. If the fetus is too big, the doctor will also encourage the expansion of the birth canal during the performance to prepare for the use of forceps and other midwifery devices. The expansion of the birth canal is also a very painful experience. 

After the fetus is delivered, the labor process is not over, and then the mother has to wait for the placenta to be delivered. 

If the placenta is not delivered, or if the exemption is incomplete, the doctor will also need to remove the placenta by hand. The pain index of placenta peeling by hand is much more painful than during childbirth. 

After watching the demonstration video of the midwife, everyone felt that being a mother was not easy! “It is said that the child is a piece of meat from the mother. This sentence is true!”

In the normal delivery process, what actions of the parturient may cause increased pain? 

1. Emotions are too tense

The tense emotional state will cause the muscles of the mother’s whole body to be tighter. Obviously, the inelastic muscles are not conducive to the delivery of the fetus. 

At the same time, too tense emotions can also cause the mothers to be too sensitive to the perception of pain, which also makes the labor process more difficult. 

2. Improper coordination of breathing force

In the process of childbirth, women should master the correct breathing method so that breathing and force can be better coordinated. 

If the maternal breathing is wrong or the way of exerting force is wrong, then it is very likely that the labor process will be prolonged, and the mother will naturally feel more pain as a result.

3. Do not listen to the doctor’s instructions< /p>

For pregnant women who have no experience in childbirth, they will naturally be at a loss during the process of childbirth. This is if the mothers can understand the doctor’s instructions, then the birth will proceed more smoothly. 

On the contrary, if the mother has been in a panic and does not follow the doctor’s instructions at all, then the mother is likely to suffer more due to this. 

In the process of childbirth, what ways can relieve the pain of childbirth? 

1. Properly divert attention

When mothers put all their energy on childbirth, their perception of pain will be very sensitive. 

So the mothers can try to divert their attention, the distracted state will make them more comfortable. 

2. Adjust posture

If the posture of the parturients lying on the hospital bed is uncomfortable, the parturients can adjust their position appropriately, such as standing, squatting and so on. 

In the first stage of labor, women can also walk appropriately, which will also help relieve pain. In addition, pregnant women can also try to use auxiliary devices such as doula balls to relieve body pain. 

3. Adjust breathing

The correct breathing method will have certain benefits for relieving body pain. Therefore, before childbirth, women can try to learn some suitable breathing methods during childbirth, so that the mothers can cope freely during the actual childbirth. 

At the same time, if the breathing method is correct, the stamina of the mothers will be preserved to a certain extent, and the labor process will be shortened as a result. 

In addition, if conditions permit, mothers can also let their family members accompany the childbirth. If the husband is inconvenient, relatives close to the mothers can also be an option for childbirth. 

In this way, with family members around, the mothers feel more secure and their nervousness is more easily relieved. 

Do you have any experience to share about the pain that you have to endure during childbirth? Psychologists children always talk about these three sentences. Not paying attention may turn into “depression”

In the eyes of parents, children nowadays have no worries about food and clothes, and there is nothing happy about their daily lives. Worry, it’s not. Nowadays, the pressure of competition among children is not small. In particular, some parents are very strict with their children, requiring their children to learn well, and requiring their children to strictly manage themselves every day, etc. Parents’ high-standard requirements for their children sometimes make the children out of breath, so many children sometimes really can’t bear the high pressure and cause their own emotional and physical problems. 

The daughter of Xiaofan’s family is 8 years old and she is now in the second grade of elementary school. When she first entered elementary school, her academic performance was very good. Every time she took the exam, she was in the top of the class. At that time, Xiaofan was very happy because she hadn’t managed much. Girls are very self-disciplined in their studies. However, as the girl rose to the second grade, Xiaofan found that the girl’s academic performance gradually began to decline, and Xiaofan could tolerate it once or twice, and the girl’s grades suddenly went from the top of the class to the bottom. 

Xiao Fan may not even talk to her daughter. Now Xiao Fan is staring at her daughter’s study every day, arranging her daughter’s time to the full and not allowing her to do anything else. Every time Xiaofan talks about a girl, her girl will always say “I’m so stupid, I just can’t do anything well, if I’m gone, you don’t have to worry about me.” Every time the girl said this, Xiao Fan actually listened very awkwardly, but Xiao Fan thought it was the angry words the girl said in anger, so he didn’t care. 

But there was a time when Xiaofan and her daughter quarreled because of their studies. The true daughter took sleeping pills the next day. Fortunately, she was sent to the hospital in time if she found it, but it was really unthinkable! In fact, parents should be more mindful of children. Some children have revealed some bad signs when interacting with their parents. If the parents fail to catch them in time, it is likely to lead to tragedy. 

When a child always says something like this, parents should pay attention to it. The child may have a psychological problem.

The child always says “It would be fine without me”

Being a parent and a child During the interaction, if the parent finds that the child always says “It would be fine without me”, the parent must be vigilant. The child is definitely not saying this for no reason. This shows that the child has begun to dislike himself, and the child has lost hope in himself. If parents don’t help their children adjust their mentality in time, children can easily make some extreme behaviors. 

Children always say “I can’t do anything well”

When parents interact with children, children always say “I can’t do anything well” Parents must be aware of their children The meaning behind this sentence is that the child’s mood at this time is particularly depressed, and the mood is extremely low. If the parents continue to dislike the child and criticize the child, the child will definitely collapse. 

Children always say “It’s meaningless to be alive”

When parents interact with their children, the children always say “I am too boring to live”. Parents should not disagree when they hear this sentence. On the contrary, some parents laughed. Children, laugh at their children when they are young and have nothing to do. Parents doing so will only make the children feel worse. Since the child said that it is meaningless to be alive, it means that the child has become tired of the world. If the parent does not take it seriously, the child will definitely embark on a path of no return. 

So sometimes the emotional changes in the child’s heart are already reflected in the language, but some parents don’t care too much, and ultimately fail to capture the child’s key points, which causes the yin and yang to be separated from the child. 

in life What should parents do when they find that their children have emotional problems? 

Take your children to do some happy things

When parents find that their children have emotional problems, parents should not add fuel to the children’s fire. Parents can try to take their children to do some happy things. Let the child forget the current unhappy or worrying things, let the child adjust his mood and state, and slowly affect the child. 

Less pressure on children

When parents find their children are emotionally unstable, parents should reflect on themselves whether they have put too much pressure on their children recently. If it is related to this, then Parents must make timely adjustments to reduce the pressure on the child and let the child see some hope. 

Care and love your children

When parents find out who is wrong with their children, the focus of the parents should be on the children. Give them more care and love, so that the children can feel their parents’ love for themselves and their children can feel themselves. It is loved and respected. When children feel that their parents love themselves, their hearts will gradually change. Although the living conditions of the current children are better, the current children’s concerns are also heavy. Parents should be friends with the children as much as possible, and talk to the children as much as possible, so as to help the children feel relieved. Don’t always stare at the trivial things on the child, and dislike the child if this is not good, then it is not good. If this is always the case, let alone the child, the adult can’t stand it.

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