When women reach this age, it is often the “latest deadline” for mothers. If you miss it, you’d better not give birth.

When women reach this age, they are often the “latest deadline” for motherhood. It’s better to miss it.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: After Su Zi

Since the opening of the second-child policy, it has been cold in young families, but it has become popular among middle-aged families. But giving birth to a second child is not that simple. As far as the physiological factors of women are concerned, it is not suitable to give birth after a certain period of time. 

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Women’s “latest deadline” for being a mother, it’s better to miss it.

The study found that women’s suitable time for childbearing is the top ten menopause Years, if a person is 55 years old and menopause, then 45 years old is a suitable node for fertility, beyond this period, it is not suitable for fertility. 

Some mothers may feel doubtful. They often see in the news that women in their 50s, 60s or even 60s can still give birth smoothly. This is due to their personal physique. Differences, the time of menopause will also be different, some women will not have menopause even at the age of 60 or 70, and the time of giving birth will also be prolonged. 

Of course, physiologically , As long as there is no menopause, it is possible to get pregnant, but the stage from ten years before menopause to menopause is not suitable for fertility, mainly because –

the eggs may be contaminated. Reproduction at this stage, the eggs are easily affected by the outside world, chromosomal abnormalities appear, resulting in abnormal fetal development. Easy to cause pregnancy problems. Pregnant women at this stage are usually prone to problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which will affect the development of the fetus and the safety of the pregnant woman. Prone to dystocia. As women get older, the birth canal will gradually become harder, the ability to contract the uterus and the strength of perineum relaxation will become worse, and the delivery time will be prolonged, which increases the risk of dystocia. 

Therefore, once you exceed this age, there is no special reason. It is best for mothers not to choose childbirth. Of course, this time is only suitable for childbirth, and the best time to give birth is usually between 23 and 30 years old. 

These problems will occur when the second child is born too late.

1. The maternal body is injured and it is difficult to recover

Usually the older the mother, the ovarian function degenerates. The more serious it is, pregnancy itself is relatively difficult, and many people also use some auxiliary production methods. 

There are more things to pay attention to during the whole pregnancy than pregnant women of the right age, because the probability of premature delivery and miscarriage is higher, and the probability of some congenital problems after the child is born is higher. 

Even if the childbirth goes smoothly, it will take a longer period of time for self-cultivation after delivery, and the recovery cycle will be longer. Even if all aspects of good care are taken, physical fitness will still be inevitable There is a downward trend, and the damage to the mother’s body is relatively large. 

2, not enough energy to accompany Children’s growth

Usually, there is a big problem with having a second child. The parents have not taken care of the vitality and spirit of the first child, and the body is not strong, but the child’s growth process is very hard and costly. A lot of energy. 

This kind of contradictory phenomenon results in children not being able to get enough company and care, and the parents’ bodies may also be dragged down. It is a kind of harm to both parents and children. 

3, The burden on the family has increased.

The material standard of living has improved, and the consumption level has also increased significantly. It takes a high amount of money to raise a child. Some families may have sufficient funds, but some families do not have sufficient funds. This is a big problem. 

Many families even transfer this burden to the elder in the family, letting the elder to take on the responsibility of raising younger siblings, which will not only increase the economic pressure and burden of the boss, but also cause huge family conflicts. . 

To avoid the above contradictions, give birth You need to pay attention to these points when you have a second child.

1. Physical fitness needs to be up to standard

When planning a second child, you should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to ensure that your physical fitness is For those who are suitable for childbirth, if the physical fitness reaches the standard, you can start to actively prepare for pregnancy;

If the body’s various functions have been reduced and are not suitable for childbirth, then it is best not to consider having a second child. 

Two, one child, two child The interval should not be too long.

When giving birth to a second child, you should consider the feelings of the eldest at home. If the age difference between the two children is too large, it will cause the two children to get along and don’t know how to get along. Case. 

And if the eldest son is an adult, then the parents are usually older, so that when taking care of the second child will be somewhat powerless, and the eldest inevitably needs to take care of the responsibility. 

Therefore, if the first child in the family is an adult or is already older, then it is best for parents not to have a second child; if the child is relatively young, parents can consider it according to their own reality. 

3. Timely inspection, please Follow the doctor’s advice

Although the second-born mother has had childbirth experience, she may be more experienced than the first-time mother in many aspects. 

However, the birth checkup is indispensable, because it is a test for the healthy development of the fetus, especially for older women who have low egg quality and a high probability of fetal problems, so they should pass the checkup in real time. Understand development. 

Intimate tips:

For mothers, children are angels, but pregnant mothers should try their best to give birth within their own suitable fertility range, so as not to adversely affect the children and their bodies. The second-child family is easy to appear “biting female clan “, my daughter has misery in her heart, but her parents don’t know it

< /p>

Many second-child families have the phenomenon of gnawing girls. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: Su Zihou

In traditional Chinese concepts, patriarchy has always been deeply rooted. Even in today’s society, many families still retain this kind of thinking. 

In some second-child families, daughters are often more sensible than their sons. Therefore, some parents rely on their daughters’ filial piety and profligate, saying that their daughters are caring, but they still care about them. It is a son, especially when the parents enter their old age, this kind of thinking is more obvious. In the end, the phenomenon of “nibbles” also arises in many second-child families. 

Case: The phenomenon of “nibbles” has risen, but parents disagree

Mr. Zhang has one child and one daughter. Now, the two children have grown up and formed a new family. . 

At first, the old couple saved money for their son to marry a daughter-in-law and buy a wedding house. After getting married, they would send some living expenses to their son from time to time; but when their daughter got married, she didn’t worry about it anymore except for adding some dowry. On the contrary, the daughter also visits the old couple frequently, every time it is a big bag, and the old couple buys whatever they lack, and never complains. 

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Some time ago, Granny Zhang accidentally fell and stayed in the hospital for half a month, and she was always busy with her daughter. After I was busy, I bought a lot of nutritional products and went to bed with me every day; but the good son in Granny Zhang’s mouth was always busy at work, except for a glance when he was first hospitalized, and he didn’t see it until the day he was discharged. Silhouette. 

Seeing this situation, the daughter was naturally out of anger, so she said a few words about her brother’s fault. She didn’t expect Granny Zhang to immediately defend her son, “He’s busy at work, let’s talk about it, isn’t it you!”< /p>

I thought it was just a small chat, but since then, my daughter has gone to visit the elderly less and less frequently, and she often pushes her off under the pretext of being busy at work. Granny Zhang finds it difficult to understand and even secretly scolds. The daughter forgot this. 

Actually, mother-in-law Zhang is like this Behavior is a typical phenomenon of “gnawing women”, desperately squeezing out daughters for the sake of her son, and eventually chilling her daughter’s heart. 

Why are two-child families more prone to “gnawing girls”? 

⑴. Parents prefer sons to daughters

In many second-child families, the son is often born as the second child. In this case, the parents tend to favor the younger son. 

In the eyes of many Chinese-style parents, their daughters must marry after all, so that they can prevent old age. Therefore, they naturally hold their sons in their palms, but often ignore their daughters. 

Parents with this concept After entering his old age, I don’t want to cause trouble to my son, so I like to find my daughter if I have anything. I am also used to spending my daughter’s money. I save money and leave the pension to my son, even when the son needs help. At times, they will also order their daughters to help. If things go on like this, this kind of parents will naturally become “grabbing girls.” 

⑵. Daughters are usually more caring

In theory, women’s psychological aspects mature earlier than men. Therefore, daughters are usually more sensible and caring than sons. 

When treating parents, daughters may be more grateful than their sons, and they will always keep this blessing in their hearts, and when their parents get older, when they get along with each other, they can easily detect them Parents’ needs are also willing to give personal help. 

And parents enjoy their daughters for a long time Over time, it will inevitably form a habit. Once there is any need, the first thing that comes to mind is the daughter, and even some unsatisfied parents will make some unreasonable demands on the daughter. 

3. The son’s lack of responsibility

In addition to their own partiality, there is another very important reason for the son’s personality traits. . 

Most young sons who grew up in patriarchal families lacked responsibility. In the aspect of supporting the elderly, they are often unwilling to take the initiative to take the corresponding responsibilities. Therefore, the burden falls on the daughter. In addition, some elderly people are accustomed to taking their daughters’ contributions for granted, so this kind of “grabbing” phenomenon is becoming more and more common. 

⑷, the impact of social environment

Nowadays, women are gradually becoming independent, not only pursuing careers, but also controlling financial power in the family. 

Most men are busy with work. Not only do they have no time to be filial to their parents, but their wealth is also controlled by their wives. Even if they intend to compensate their parents through material aspects, it may be difficult to achieve. 

And these women who are in charge of the family economy, even if they are busy with their careers and have no time, can still do their filial piety through material aspects. Therefore, in contrast, most parents “chewing” their daughters will be easier, and even get used to it. To “gnaw” his daughter. 

⑸, my daughter is willing to be” Nibbles”

Some elderly people are influenced by traditional concepts and believe that once their daughters are married, they are other family members, so they pay less and less attention to their daughters. 

In order to win the attention of their parents, some daughters will do their best to honor their parents and desire their parents’ attention and approval. But in fact, this kind of behavior has instead contributed to the daughter’s willingness to be bitten, and the parents’ The situation is getting worse. 

What will happen to the patriarchal family with the second child? 

◆ Family relationships are affected

Many older generations have strong patriarchal thinking, thinking that boys can only pass on the family line, and daughters don’t need to be overly caring. 

In this kind of family, whether it is parent-child relationship or mother-in-law relationship, it will eventually be affected to a certain extent. For example, daughters are not close to their parents, daughter-in-law and in-laws have completely different parenting concepts, etc., the older generation People will be in a state of confrontation with the next generation, and family members will not be able to live in harmony. 

◆ Hand and foot emotions are strange

◆ p>

The patriarchal thought is the one who hurts most than the person involved. 

If parents carry out the patriarchal thought to the end, then the neglected and unfavored daughter will often have a certain psychological shadow, and even blame the family and the beloved for their miserable experience. In my younger brother, over time, this resentment was buried deep in his heart, and the feelings between his hands and feet became less and more sparse. 

◆ The tragedy continues to the next generation

In fact, in many cases, tragedies often have a certain “genetic nature”. Many children who have suffered psychological trauma in childhood will repeat their childhood mistakes when they grow up. 

In a second-child family, if a daughter has been neglected and left out since she was a child, and her parents have instilled the idea of ​​”sons are useful, daughters are useless”, then she will have the same concept when she becomes a parent in the future. Look at your children and let your daughter repeat the tragedy of her childhood. 

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