When the mother gave birth, her husband’s action made her remember for a lifetime. Netizens see the truth in adversity

When a mother gave birth, her husband’s action made her remember for a lifetime. Netizens see the truth in adversity

Even in today’s technologically advanced world, giving birth is a dangerous thing. According to a report published by the United Nations in previous years, in 2017 alone, nearly 300,000 mothers died in childbirth globally. 

Of course, most of them come from low-income countries. The situation in my country is much better, but for every 100,000 women, there are nearly 20 deaths (statistics in 2019). 

Death in childbirth is mainly due to dystocia, and may also be related to the mother’s own physical condition. 

Some time ago in Jiangsu, a parturient had an emergency transfer because of a dystocia during childbirth. Fortunately, she was shocked and unsafe. She was successfully rescued after walking before the gate of ghosts. 

Because of this incident, the mother was deeply moved by her husband. 

According to the mother’s recollection, she was in terrible pain at the time, and felt her brain was about to burn out. A thought suddenly came up. Am I going to die here? 

Later, the doctor gave her an anesthetic injection, and the pain slowly disappeared. As for when the child was born, she didn’t realize it in a daze. 

When Yoyo woke up, she found that her husband was sitting in front of the hospital bed with her right hand propped on her head, her eyes were red and swollen and staring straight at her face, she had already cried. 

Later I learned that because it was a Caesarean section, the husband could not stay in the delivery room and could only wait outside the door, and because she was undergoing an emergency surgery, there was a great risk. 

The husband was too anxious. Later, when he saw his wife was unable to come out, he cried out even more so that his eyes became red and swollen. 

In an interview, the parturient woman said that she would never forget the gesture of her husband sitting next to her bed with her head supported by her hand. At that moment, she even felt that it was worthwhile for her to suffer no more pain. 

Below the news, netizens also sent blessings one after another, and some netizens commented that true love is seen in adversity, and it is really rare to see true love couples like this. 

Procreation is a matter for the husband and wife, but in fact, the pain of childbirth is completely borne by the wife alone. In this case, if the husband is still not considerate, it will undoubtedly chill the wife’s heart. 

So many couples have to get divorced after giving birth. The fundamental reason is that the man can’t understand, and he doesn’t understand the pain that the woman has to bear in order to give birth. 

These pains, Every woman who gives birth will encounter

1, pregnancy reactions

After pregnancy, most women will have pregnancy reactions, such as morning sickness, dizziness, etc., and they need to seek medical treatment in severe cases. 

Fortunately, the pregnancy reaction will be greatly relieved around 22 weeks of pregnancy, otherwise it will be very difficult to get past the ruin of the pregnancy reaction. 

2. Edema

Even if the pregnancy reaction is relieved, the pain of pregnant women is far from over. On the one hand, the increase in pregnancy belly will bring inconvenience to daily activities, and also increase the probability of accidents in pregnant women. 

On the other hand, many pregnant women will have edema in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, especially severe, a pair of feet will swell into buns, and it is difficult to even walk. This symptom will continue until the birth, during which the pain of pregnant women can be imagined. 

3. Prenatal labor pains

When the childbirth is approaching, pregnant women also need to overcome a painful ghost gate, that is, “antenatal labor pains.” 

This kind of pain far exceeds the pain caused by ordinary surgery, and because many drugs cannot be used during pregnancy, pregnant women often have to endure it forcibly, and some people even clenched their teeth. Guan, both hands firmly grasped the edge of the hospital bed. 

4. Severe childbirth pain

To say that the greatest pain of childbirth, of course, is the severe pain during childbirth. It is said that its pain level has reached the tenth level, which is also a human experience. To the highest level of pain. 

Of course, if it is a cesarean section, it is not so painful under the action of anesthetics, but it will face more serious postpartum recovery problems. 

The above four major pains cover the entire pregnancy period. It can be said that for women, pregnancy in October is “suffering in October.” 

However, compared with these pains, the risk of death that may be encountered when giving birth is more worrying. For example, the pregnant woman in the above case almost died due to a dystocia. 

High-risk behaviors, mothers may face life threats

In ancient times, once a child had a dystocia, the mother basically stepped into the ghost gate with one foot. Therefore, the average life expectancy of women in ancient times was not as good as that of men. The main reason was to have children. Let many young women die early. 

Now that medical technology is developed, the mortality rate of maternal delivery has dropped to the lowest value in history, but as mentioned at the beginning, even in our country, there are nearly 20 deaths per 100,000 women. Case. 

If childbirth is regarded as a job, it is definitely a high-risk job. 

Women have to pay so much for childbirth and bear so much pain and risk. As husbands, they should give their wives more care and care. 

Concessions should even be made on matters such as naming rights. However, in reality, very few husbands can do this. 

That’s why the mother in the above case was touched for a lifetime by her husband’s actions. In fact, what her husband did was nothing more than a duty to perform. It was only in the “fertility value”. Seriously neglected the moment, it seems a bit top-notch. The child’s toothache runs away and the father has no choice but to send him to the doctor. In fact, sealing the pits and fissures can completely prevent it.

Teeth not only affect a person’s appearance, but are also the foundation of a smooth diet and nutrition. If there is no good tooth, it will greatly affect the child’s physical and mental health. Parents should pay the utmost attention to children’s dental problems, help children develop good living habits, and send them to the doctor in time for problems. 

The 5-year-old Lin Lin usually likes to eat chocolate. The silky mellow taste makes him want to stop. Seeing that the child loves to eat, Lin Lin’s father waved his hand, buying and buying every time he went shopping. Chocolates from various countries are always available at home to satisfy my son’s heart of food. 

Last weekend, the whole family went out to play. After returning home, they were exhausted and lay down early to rest. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, Lin Lin started crying, saying that it was a toothache, which was too painful. 

Daddy Lin Lin, who loves his son, hurriedly drove the child to the hospital. The doctor informed the father and son that the child usually eats too much sweets and has not closed the pits and fissures. The tooth decay is very serious. Must pay attention to dental health. 

While Lin Lin’s father reviewed his indulgent children, he also had some doubts. What is a closed pit and fissure? Can children’s teeth be protected? 

In fact, if you observe carefully, you can find that the cut surface of human large teeth is not smooth, there are some pits and fissures. Lines. This is also the origin of the term “posterior molars”, and there are indeed slots. If the child eats improperly and does not pay attention to teeth cleaning, food residues and various bacteria will erode the teeth through these slots and eventually lead to tooth decay. 

The pits and fissures are closed by applying a layer of paint on the surface of the teeth through medical means. After the paint solidifies and hardens, a smooth protective film is formed. When the child is eating, the food residues cannot touch the grooves of the teeth, thereby achieving the purpose of protecting the teeth and preventing tooth decay. 

Pit and fissure sealing can be very effective in preventing tooth decay, but it cannot completely prevent it. Want to have a good tooth, mainly depends on the protection of daily life habits. Therefore, parents should help children develop good habits from an early age, so that children have the awareness of protecting teeth and reduce the possibility of toothache. 

How to prevent children’s teeth problems? 

1. Cultivate the habit of cleaning your teeth on time. 

Parents need to cultivate the habit of cleaning their teeth on time. When the child has the first tooth, he can brush his teeth. Of course, at this time the child can’t do it by himself. Parents need to hold warm and moist gauze to help the child wipe it. 

Slightly older, you need to urge your children to brush their teeth on time every day. You can choose some favorite flavors of toothpaste and dental appliances for your child, read some picture books about teeth, and instill the concept of tooth protection in your child. 

2, reduce the consumption of perishable foods. 

Parents need to pay attention that children should reduce the consumption of foods that are likely to cause tooth decay, such as sweets, drinks, and so on. Don’t indulge them in unlimited consumption just because they like it. After each consumption, remember to instruct your child to rinse his mouth with water to reduce the food residue staying in the mouth. 

3, follow the recommendations of professional doctors. 

Parents should have the awareness of protecting teeth. During the germination period of the child’s deciduous teeth, take the child to a professional examination to see if the child needs to be sealed. Generally speaking, pit and fissure sealing can effectively reduce tooth decay, but it is not necessary if you have a good daily life. However, if the child’s pits and fissures are deep, the risk of tooth decay will increase, and the pits and fissures will have to be closed. 

Bad teeth, not only physical pain, but also psychological pressure. Without a mouthful of white and strong teeth, the child will feel a deep inferiority complex and will not even dare to laugh. 

Parents need to pay attention to their children’s dental problems in their early childhood, starting from the tiny living habits, and let the children establish a sense of love for teeth. If necessary, you can take your child to a regular hospital to seal the pits and fissures to reduce the possibility of tooth decay. 

Have your child had a pit and fissure seal? How do you cultivate the habit of protecting your child’s teeth? Welcome everyone to leave a message and discuss.

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