When the girl’s menarche arrives = height enters the final sprint period, come earlier than this time, it may be difficult to grow taller

As soon as the girl’s menarche is reached = height enters the final sprint period, come earlier than this time, I may not grow taller

The time of menarche of girls has an inevitable relationship with their height. According to research, the height of most girls at menarche reaches the final height. Around 95%, that is, after menarche, it can only increase by 5%. 

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As the girl grows up, she will usher in her menarche, which indicates that the child has officially entered puberty, and the time of the menarche is not only related to fertility, but also to the future height Development is inseparable. 

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About menarche

March is when women enter puberty, the endometrium is stimulated by hormones in the body, resulting in periodic shedding and bleeding, which is a sign of girls’ maturity . 

Under normal circumstances, the time of menarche for girls is 12 to 16 years old. As people’s living standards continue to improve and the children absorb more nutrients, the time for menarche may be earlier. Most To come at the age of 12-14. 

Causes of menarche affecting height

Depending on the receptor substance and growth environment, there will be some differences in the time and cycle of the girl’s menarche, but if it comes too early, it is likely to affect the child’s height growth. 

Usually, we will find that within two years after the girl’s menarche, the growth of her height will become slow until it stops. Some people say that the arrival of the menarche is the sign of the final sprint period of height growth. 

According to research findings, the height of most girls at menarche is 95% of their final height, that is, they can only increase by 5% after menarche. 

For example, if a girl’s height is 158 cm when she first menstruates, then her future height may increase by 7.9 cm on this basis, or 165.9 cm. 

But if the girl’s menarche is too early, earlier than 10 years old, it means that the child’s gonadal hormones have been secreted in advance, which will affect the secretion of growth hormone, causing the bone line to close in advance, the bone growth time is compressed, and the final height Development may be affected, and it may be difficult to grow taller after puberty. 

How to avoid menarche Affect height prematurely? 

Women’s menarche comes too early, in fact, it is a manifestation of precocious puberty in medicine, so parents need to pay attention to all aspects of life to play a preventive role. 

1. Avoid eating large tonic foods

Many parents feel that their children’s immunity is relatively weak, so they want to give them some more tonic foods, such as royal jelly, chicken embryos or Health products, etc. 

Thinking to use this to improve children’s immunity and promote their growth and development, but they don’t know that these items contain a lot of hormones, which may lead to precocious puberty, which will affect their height growth. 

2. Avoid letting children watch romance dramas with their parents

Nowadays, many mothers like to watch romance dramas. When children are bored, they will choose to watch them together. During the watching process, some plots are likely to be exciting When the baby’s hypothalamus develops, gonadal hormones are secreted, leading to precocious puberty and affecting height growth. 

Menarche , Mom needs to tell her a few tips

1. Do personal hygiene care

When her daughter’s menarche comes, Bao’s mother can teach her the correct way to use sanitary napkins and the time of replacement ( It is recommended to change it every 4 hours) and buy soft cotton sanitary napkins, and do personal hygiene care, because the endometrium and cervical os are prone to bacterial infection during this period. 

2. Do a good job of popularizing physiology knowledge

The arrival of menarche for girls heralds the ability to have fertility, and the continuous development of society now makes the relationship between the sexes more open, coupled with the popularization of the Internet and television, this At that time, mothers need to tell their children about physiological knowledge, such as the female body structure, the relationship between ovulation and conception, and how to protect their own body. This is the best protection for children before they become adults. 

3. Do a good job of psychological comfort

After the girl’s menarche comes, the body will be accompanied by certain discomforts, such as backache, abdominal pain, lethargy, etc., which will make the child a little unprepared, especially It is some girls whose menarche comes relatively early, and they may feel inferior and ashamed because of this. 

Mom must do a good job of comforting at this time, this is a normal phenomenon, in order to eliminate her daughter’s inner anxiety. 

In addition, children are also told to keep their abdomen warm, avoid contact with cold, irritating food, and ensure adequate sleep.  There are three kinds of behaviors after the child is born. The pregnant mother is doing very well, has your baby been hit?

Mom was the “Queen of October” when she was pregnant. 

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During pregnancy, the most important thing for every expectant mother is the health of the fetus. Will eagerly inquire about the development of the fetus, for fear of problems with the baby. 

But in fact, the fetus is living well in the pregnant mother’s belly. After the child is born, it can be seen by observing their behavior. If the newborn has these three characteristics after birth, it means that It was very “moisturized” in the mother’s womb. 

Case: Newborns cry loudly, indicating that they are “moisturized” in the mother’s womb

Xiao Chen has been pregnant for more than 8 months. Since there is a baby in her belly, Xiao Chen has always worried about the baby being in the mother’s womb. It’s a bad life, for fear that there will be health problems after the child is born, and my heart is overwhelming. 

Although Xiao Chen can understand the condition of the fetus through a pregnancy checkup during pregnancy, she is a new mother after all, so she is always eager to see the baby with her own eyes to be completely at ease. But if you want to know the development of your child, you still have to wait until the baby is born. 

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However, when the baby is finally born after all the hardships, because the baby is always in the first few days He kept crying, the voice was very loud, and the people in the whole ward were often noisy to sleep. Xiao Chen thought it was because the baby was uncomfortable or stunted. 

But the doctor told Xiao Chen that the cry of the newborn baby was loud, which proved that he was living in the womb very “moisturized” and there was no need to worry too much. Xiao Chen really let go of it after listening. 

Babies are born with these three characteristics, which indicate that they live well in the womb

⑴, crying loudly

The fetus comes out of the mother’s body and usually cry after being born into this world. , But the meaning of crying is different. It does not mean that you are uncomfortable or uncomfortable, but that the baby is healthy. 

If the baby’s crying is particularly loud when he is just born, it means that the baby is doing well in the womb; if the baby does not cry after birth, the doctor will also take measures to make the baby cry, such as Hang upside down with your feet, kick your feet, etc. 

This is because the lung is the last organ that the fetus develops in the mother’s body. The louder the newborn’s cry, the better the lung development. The baby still doesn’t know how to breathe when he is in his mother’s belly, but when the baby is born, the crying loudly shows that he knows how to breathe. 

⑵, the hair is black and shiny

Whether the newborn’s hair is densely black indicates the child’s nutrient absorption in the mother’s body. If the baby’s hair is dark and dense when he is just born, it means that the baby is in the mother’s stomach, and the nutrients are absorbed very well and the development is good. 

Conversely, if the baby does not absorb nutrients well in the mother’s stomach, the baby’s hair is very thin and yellow when he is born. If the baby has such a condition, the mother must take good care of the baby’s nutrition. Of course, hair is thin and yellow, and genetic influence cannot be ruled out. 

⑶, strong grasping ability

Newborns are sometimes more lively and active, their little hands will pick up the surrounding things and dangle, such as mothers or medical staff. Fingers are too strong to break easily. This is not a child’s mischief, but it means that the fetus has a particularly good absorption of nutrients from the mother’s body. It not only eats well, but also develops the limbs and has a strong reaction force. 

But if the baby doesn’t live well in the mother’s belly, then when he was first born, he would not know how to grasp the people, things and things he saw with his hands. Therefore, it can also be seen that the baby is in How is mother’s stomach? 

For better fetal development, pregnant women must do these 4 things.

★Ensure nutrition

During pregnancy, if you want the fetus to develop better, ensuring adequate nutrition is the most important thing. task. 

Although many foods on the market are delicious and delicious, they are actually very low in nutritional value, and even some foods are harmful to human health. Therefore, pregnant women need to pay special attention to their diet and ensure that they are eating healthy. And fresh food, so as to better supplement nutrition and help fetal development. 

★Regular work and rest

As a mother-to-be, having a good quality of sleep can provide a healthy development environment for the fetus, and it is also conducive to the formation of a regular work and rest after the child is born. 

For pregnant women, staying up late is absolutely undesirable behavior. For the health of themselves and the fetus, they should develop an early bedtime and early wake-up time. 

★Appropriate exercise

During pregnancy, proper exercise is beneficial to both the mother and the baby. It can not only effectively control one’s own weight, but also keep the weight of the fetus within the normal range. 

In addition, proper exercise can improve the mood of the pregnant mother, and also allow the fetus to get better development, and the body will be more smooth during delivery. 

★Regulate emotions

After pregnancy, pregnant women’s mood changes tend to be relatively large. Physical and psychological changes can make pregnant mothers very emotional, happy for a while and frustrated, making people feel unbearable. 

At this time, pregnant mothers need to know how to adjust their emotions in time, such as going out for a walk, listening to music at home, etc., in a relaxed and pleasant environment, the fetus will develop better. 

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