When the baby is hungry, she will secretly tell her mother that most of the nourishment can be double absorbed at this time

When Tirebo is hungry, she secretly tells her mother that most of the tonic nutrition can be double absorbed at this time

Know the temperature? If the fetus is hungry during pregnancy, it will tell its mother in its own way. 

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As we all know, the nutrients needed by the fetus during pregnancy are derived from the mother, which can be described as “one person eats two people”. Therefore, the pregnant mother will have a better appetite after the pregnancy reaction in the first trimester. Many, many people are curious, is this a signal that a baby is hungry? 

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When the baby is hungry during pregnancy, what methods will be used to “tell” the mother-to-be? 

1. Frequent fetal movements

Pregnant mothers can feel obvious fetal movements after about 19 weeks of gestation, and pregnant mothers will often understand the growth and development of the fetus by observing the fetal movements. , Especially in the third trimester. 

Under normal circumstances, the fetus will be relatively quiet, and only move more at a specific time. If the pregnant mother finds that the fetus is constantly moving in the belly, it is likely to tell her that she is hungry and ask the mother-to-be to eat quickly Order something. 

2. Fetal movement slows down

Humans have such a normal phenomenon, that is, when we feel hungry, we are unwilling to move, and the same is true for the baby in the abdomen. 

If the fetus feels hungry, because the body has no energy, it will not love to move. Therefore, if the pregnant mother finds that her usually noisy fetus suddenly becomes a little quieter, this is probably the fetus A kind of signal sent to mother that he was so hungry that he didn’t want to move anymore. 

3. The pregnant mother feels flustered

Because all the nutrients needed by the fetus need to be absorbed from the pregnant mother’s body, when the fetus feels hungry, it indicates that the expectant mother’s body is stored There are very few nutrients in the body. At this time, it is likely to cause the blood sugar level in the body to decrease, which makes pregnant women feel flustered. 

In summary, if you receive a baby’s hunger signal, you can get tonic in time, and the nutrition can often be doubled. 

Pregnant mother during pregnancy Attention should be paid to diet

1. Nutritional balance

Pregnant mothers must take in sufficient nutrients during pregnancy to ensure their own nutritional balance, which is not only good for themselves, but also beneficial to the fetus Healthy growth and development. 

According to the recommendations of the Nutrition Society, the daily diet during pregnancy is as follows:

Early pregnancy (1-12 weeks of pregnancy): calcium 800mg, vitamin a800ug, folic acid 600ug, magnesium 400mg, iron 15ug , Fruit 100~200g;

Middle trimester (13-27 weeks of gestation): calcium 1000mg, vitamin a900ug, iodine 200ug, vitamin d10ug, dietary fiber 20-30g, iron 25ug, fruit 200-350g;< /p>

Pregnant Late stage (27 weeks of pregnancy to the end of childbirth): calcium 1200mg, vitamin a900ug, unsaturated fatty acid, vegetables 400~500g, vitamin b122.6ug, vitamin k90ug, iron 35ug, fruit 200~350g. 

2. Make sure to eat small and frequent meals.

During pregnancy, it’s best to eat small and frequent meals. Don’t eat too much food at one time. Excessive weight gain. 

If you eat small and frequent meals, immediately add food when you feel hungry, so that the fetus can get adequate nutrition in time and ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus. 

3. Eat on time

Pregnant women are hungry and full, and the nutritional intake is not enough. This will not only affect their own health, but may also affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

In short, pregnant mothers pay attention to adequate intake of nutritional elements, but excessive intake will likely cause pregnancy complications or make the fetus become a huge baby, which is also very dangerous Thing, so you need to control your weight during pregnancy. 

Weight gain during pregnancy It should be noted that

1. Early pregnancy

This stage is the period of fetal neurodevelopment, and the range of weight gain of the fetus will not be too large. It is best to control it at about 500 grams per month. 

2. In the second trimester

At this stage, the various organs and limbs of the baby’s body are growing rapidly, entering a fierce period, and the increase in weight becomes larger. Therefore, pregnant mothers will increase by 2 per week in the second trimester. About kilograms is the best. 

3. The third trimester of pregnancy

At this stage, fetal development is basically completed, and only the development of organs and functions is required. Therefore, at this stage, pregnant mothers need to control their diet so that The best weight control is about 500 grams per week.  Old people with children, no more than this At this stage, when the age arrives, parents still need to “play in person”

There are advantages and disadvantages for the elderly to bring babies. 

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Nowadays, after many young couples have children, they will choose to let the elderly help bring their babies. It seems that, as a member of the family, it is more reassuring for the elderly to bring a baby than to hire a nanny. However, when the child reaches a certain age, it is best for parents to take the child by themselves. 

Case: Grandma takes her baby too much and develops a child’s arrogant personality

Because his parents are busy at work, Xiaojun has been living with his grandma since he was very young. After all, he is the only grandson, so he usually Here, the request of Xiaojun can basically be said to be responsive, even if it is refused occasionally, as long as Xiaojun cries twice, grandma will compromise. 

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In this case, parents who are far away have no way of knowing, until Xiaojun reaches the age of elementary school , I took Xiaojun to his side, and within a few days, I found that Xiaojun had a serious problem, spoke and acted arrogantly and unreasonably, and if he didn’t follow along, he began to cry and make a lot of noise. No one persuaded him to listen. It’s also a headache. 

At what age does the child reach, should parents take the child by themselves? 

Maybe when the child was first born, the elderly took care of the child, which can not only help Baoma lighten the burden, but also give Baoma some experience in childcare. However, when the child grows up, he begins to have self-awareness. At that time, parents should learn to take care of their children. 

There is an old saying: Look at the old when you are three. 

This means that from the time the child is 3 years old, you can see what the child looks like when he grows up. At the same time, it also proves from the side that children of this age need to be very cautious in education. 

Between 3-6 years old, the elderly should gradually leave their children’s sight. Although the children may feel uncomfortable at the beginning, as long as the parents balance this aspect and allow the elderly to appear properly, they can also Let the child get used to this process slowly. 

At the age of 7-9, when the child is in elementary school, parents should let the child completely separate from the care and company of the elderly, because this period of time is a critical period of education, but because most elderly If you are soft-hearted, you can easily spoil your child. 

The most important thing is that the children are their own, and it is impossible for the elderly to take care of them all the time. Moreover, some elderly people have a backward view of childcare and are not suitable for the current children. Therefore, no matter what the root cause is, it is better for parents to take care of the children. . 

What are the benefits of parents bringing their babies? 

1. Family relations are more harmonious.

In fact, many elderly people have big differences with those of young people, especially in terms of lifestyle and parenting. 


Many elderly people have experienced the period of “not having enough food and clothing”. Even though their living standards have improved a lot, they still adhere to the principle of careful calculation and even require everyone in the family to be able to If this is done, if things go on like this, three generations living under one roof will become a very bad family model, causing everyone in the family to be unhappy. 

Parenting concept< p>Although the elderly have a lot of experience in bringing children, it is not guaranteed to be scientific and reasonable. However, young people nowadays always insist on scientific parenting and resolutely disagree with some old knowledge possessed by the elderly. Therefore, in this regard, Contradictions and disputes are often easy to arise between the two parties, and the family relationship will become more and more alienated. 

However, if parents bring the baby by themselves, and the elderly will only come here occasionally, it will naturally reduce the friction between each other and make the family relationship more harmonious. 

2. It helps to close the relationship between parents and children.

Although parents are kind to their children, if the children are born, the parents are missing the child’s growth process for a long time. The relationship between the two parties will be very strange. 

Some people may think that if a child is ignorant, it doesn’t matter even if the parents are not around. But in fact, the opposite is true. The more ignorant children are, the more they need the company and care of their parents. 

Therefore, as a parent, you should take more time to take care of your children personally. In this way, it will also help to establish a parent-child relationship. 

3. Positively guide the development of children

Many times, the elderly tend to be more spoiled with children, thinking that the children’s parents are not around, they will give more tolerance and care , But in fact, over-spoiling the child is harmful to the child without benefit. 

However, if parents take their children by themselves, they often do not spoil them blindly. They will also criticize severely if they do something wrong, which can help the children develop good character habits and will not become domineering and unreasonable. 

4. Parenting and self-rearing can benefit a lot

Whether it is a new parent or a new mother, many young parents have shortcomings and do not know how to treat their children. At first, it’s normal to be in a hurry, but slowly, you will gradually find the rhythm. 

In the process of educating children, parents personally participate in the child’s growth process, and there will often be certain gains. 

For children, parents are the first teachers. This requires parents to be role models for their children. Instead of asking children to do, it is better to show them to children. This subtle way of education can actually play a very good role. 

In the long run, not only children are growing, but parents are also growing. 

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