When should parents equip their children with mobile phones? Catch up with this time period, children are not easily addicted

When should parents equip their children with mobile phones? To catch up with this time period, children are not easily addicted

When children grow up, they will be eager to own a mobile phone of their own. When should parents consider buying it for them? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the son

With the development of the times, smart phones have entered every household, almost reaching the point where everybody has a mobile phone. Babies of a few years have also been in touch. With a mobile phone, many children also hope to have a mobile phone of their own. 

In this regard, adults are very embarrassed because they are afraid that children with weak self-control will play games and read novels uncontrollably after they have a mobile phone, and completely waste their studies. 

Without a mobile phone, it is difficult to contact the child, or because my child does not know a lot of information, he cannot chat with his classmates. 

In fact, as long as the parents prepare in advance, grasp the time and some precautions for the children’s mobile phones, and then allocate them to avoid some unwilling things to happen. 

What about the parents When is the time to equip the child with a cell phone? 

Many parents feel that after their children go to junior high school, they not only grow up a lot and have a certain degree of self-control, but also leave home and come to the school accommodation. At this time, giving them a mobile phone is just right. 

Some parents believe that children can only have their own mobile phones after they go to high school, because then they have passed adolescence and can be called “little adults” and their self-control ability will be better. Strong, it can also facilitate the baby to check some information and so on. 

But in fact, the specific time for children to allocate mobile phones should not be based on age. It is not 10 or 15 years old, but should be determined by the baby’s physical and mental development, at least until they are 12 years old. They are only matched after the age of age, because at this age they will be relatively mature in their thoughts and minds, and their self-control will become much stronger, and the children will not be easily addicted. 

The pros and cons of children having their own mobile phone

1. Benefits

a. Convenient contact. After the children have their own mobile phones, parents can contact them in a timely and convenient manner. They will not be anxious after not seeing their baby for a long time, such as going home late, and will not be searching around the world. 

b, to facilitate access to information. Due to the busy work of parents and the increasing difficulty of their children’s homework, if they have their own mobile phones, they can check if they don’t understand or want to know some knowledge. 

c, avoid low self-esteem. Although the psychology of comparison is undesirable, if the classmates around the child already have their own mobile phones, but he does not, then he will doubt himself in his heart, and may even be ridiculed by others. This is likely to be Let the baby breed an inferiority complex. 

2. Disadvantages

a, affect learning. Because the network information in the mobile phone is uneven, it is more tempt for children, such as bad web pages, games, etc. If the baby gets trapped, it is likely to affect academic performance. 

b. Affected by bad information. The above also said that the information on the Internet is good or bad. If the child does not have the ability to discern, and the self-control ability is not strong, it is likely to be poisoned by the bad information and lead to the wrong life path. 

Therefore, if parents want to prevent their children from being tempted by bad information or poisoning after they are equipped with mobile phones, they need to check it out at ordinary times. Make some preparations in advance. 

Parents to children Things to do before mobile phones

1. Children have strong self-control ability

Before parents buy mobile phones for their children, it’s best to exercise them first The self-control ability, so that after owning your own mobile phone, you can not easily be seduced by the online games and bad pages inside. 

2. Lead by example

Parents are the best teachers for their children. If parents usually use their mobile phones to watch TV, play games, etc., they will usually use their mobile phones to play after they have their own mobile phones. 

Therefore, as a parent, you need to set an example, set a good example, and give your children a positive and positive influence. After the baby gets his mobile phone, it is only used for contact and information access. 

3. Formulate rules

Before parents buy mobile phones for their children, they should formulate rules for them, such as the time and place to use each day , Internet time, mobile phone time, etc., so that children have certain restrictions on the use of mobile phones, parents should also be supervised usually. 

Parents can also establish some reward and punishment system, if the child violates the rules, give the corresponding ingredients, so as to avoid the occurrence of some disadvantages.  The baby who was brought up by his father, most likely will There are three advantages that many families ignore

According to a survey of full-time Chinese full-time wives, 26% of married women in China have become full-time housewives. The vast majority of them choose to bring their babies while going to work, and family education is also left to their mothers. Body. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

The growth of children cannot be separated from the company of their parents. Parents also hope that their children can grow up healthy and happy, and their IQs can also be online, which is what we often call smart. After all, parents all have a wish of “seeing a child to become a dragon and a daughter to become a phoenix”. 

After the child is born, the mother will become the main caregiver and take care of all the related affairs of the baby, while the father, as the main source of the family’s income, is responsible for making money and supporting the family. There is almost no time for education and companionship. 

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Expert: This person in the family is more suitable than mother, but it is ignored.

Experts believe that children raised by fathers are smarter, and the University of Peru in the United States found through research: Men raised by men Children with higher IQs, better grades in school, and easier success in society. 

According to a survey of Chinese full-time wives, 26% of married women in my country have become full-time housewives. The vast majority of them choose to bring their children while going to work, and family education has also fallen on their mothers. 

Someone found through a sample survey that 60% to 80% of fathers are absent from the education of their children, and mothers have become the main force. 

In our country, mothers account for about 42% of children’s education, ancestors account for about 32%, and fathers account for only 12%. 

Why does dad bring Older children are smarter? 

1. Dad’s thinking ability is stronger

I believe that most people know that men’s rational and logical abilities are stronger than women’s, so fathers will have more thinking and logical abilities when they take care of children. When it comes to babies, They will also deal with it more rationally. In the long run, children raised by their fathers can also become more capable of thinking and smarter. 

2. Dad is knowledgeable

Although girls can also travel around the world, their parents will be more assured than boys and let them go outside alone. 

Therefore, boys may be more knowledgeable in this way, so they will have more experience and knowledge than their mothers after marriage, so that fathers can teach their children the knowledge in the process of educating children. Naturally there will be more, so their knowledge will be broader, so they will be smarter. 

3. Dad is not very interested in comparison

Nowadays, many parents in society have the psychology of comparison. For example, if they see that other people’s children’s pianos are very good, they will immediately enroll their children in remedial classes. Mothers are more emotional, and the psychology of comparison may be more serious than that of fathers, but most of the children’s education is now mothers, so this will make the baby more confused. 

Dad is big What are the advantages of your child? 

1. The child’s sense of security is well established

The child’s 2 to 6 years old is a critical period for building a sense of security, and the father is the representative of strength, a role model and hero in the minds of young children. . 

Therefore, children who grow up with their fathers will have more love in their hearts, a sense of security, and the courage and self-confidence to face this strange world. 

If a child lacks the love of his father, he will easily lack a sense of security, and become inferior, sensitive, and anxious. When the child grows up, he may not dare to make breakthroughs and innovations in his career, and he may have too many concerns about doing things. 

2. The behavior is more self-controlling

Men and women have different personalities. In the process of accompanying their children, fathers tend to emphasize fairness and responsibility more than mothers. Will tell you the importance of behavior and compliance with the rules. 

Therefore, children with fathers will be more self-controlling and self-disciplined when facing the temptations and challenges of the outside world. 

3. The children brought out by the father are more independent

The famous psychologist Gerdy once said: “The father is a unique existence, and he can give children a kind of Unique power.”

Both sons and daughters will regard their father as a role model. In the process of getting along with their father, boys will continue to learn and imitate themselves to make themselves a real man, while girls will apply the way of getting along with their father to Get along with other men. 

Chen Lu, an American doctor of pediatric psychology, once said: “During his daughter’s life, the father is the most influential man.”

Conclusion: Although the father’s work is very busy, he must Taking some time every day to accompany the child, the love of the mother alone is not enough for the baby to grow up healthily. 

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