When should I sleep with my baby in separate beds? Expert: Too late will affect development, don’t exceed this optimal age

When should I sleep with my baby in separate beds? Expert: Too late will affect development. Don’t exceed the optimal age.

In order to facilitate the care of the baby, many parents will choose to sleep with their children. But this involves a question, when should I sleep in a separate bed with my child? If the child does not want to sleep alone, the parents will not know what to do. But for the child’s development and health, it is necessary to sleep in separate rooms, and it should not be too late. 

If the child doesn’t want to sleep alone, Mom can’t bear to separate, friends One sentence made people wake up instantly

The little Huang’s children are already in the kindergarten class, but they still sleep with their parents every night. In fact, Xiao Huang didn’t think about letting the child sleep alone, so he tried it seriously at the beginning. But the child said that he was scared when he fell asleep and cried several times. When my mother saw this, Xiao Huang dragged the matter back, and it was now. 

“Anyway, the bed is big, it doesn’t matter if you sleep together, and it can also prevent your child from kicking the quilt and understand the child’s sleep state.” Xiao Huang believes that it is not so important to sleep in different beds. 

But my friend knew that afterwards, her opinion was completely contrary to her: “Children have been gender-conscious since the age of 3, so we said’children should avoid mothers, daughters should avoid fathers.”

When the child is older, he still sleeps together. The child is in terms of gender recognition It is prone to problems, and both physical and mental development are affected. It will be difficult to correct it in the future.”

When I heard a friend say this, Xiao Huang realized that the incident was so serious before returning home. After that, I decided to let the child sleep by himself this time. 

When the child arrives to sleep in separate beds, both the child and the parent may feel unwilling to give up. Some are like Xiao Huang and continue to sleep together. 

I don’t know that this kind of moodiness is harmful to the child. You can’t hesitate to sleep in separate beds with your child. If you are more courageous and independent, it is best to start sleeping in separate beds when you are 3 years old. Even for children who are reluctant and have poor independence, parents should not delay them after the age of 6. 

What is the use of separate beds for children and their parents? The three functions are very important, especially the first one to

help children to form correct gender awareness

When children grow up to 3 years old, they basically have gender concepts. At this time, parents should also pay attention to avoiding suspicion. Otherwise, it may affect the child’s wrong gender consciousness. For example, I saw a report on the Internet that a man always likes to steal women’s underwear and wear them back. After being arrested, he said that when he was a child, he slept next to his mother and always saw the underwear placed by his mother. When he grew up, he always controlled it. Can’t help own strange thoughts. 

Cultivate children’s independence

When children first sleep alone, they will be reluctant, and may experience varying degrees of insomnia and nightmares. But this is what a child must experience when he grows up. If parents can’t bear this, then the child will have no chance to exercise in the future. Sleeping in separate beds is painful at first, but it is indispensable for cultivating children’s independence. 

Help children get used to kindergarten life


Children aged 3 and 4 have basically started to go to kindergarten. In kindergarten, children will take a morning break in their own cribs at noon. Sleeping with children in separate beds can actually help children adapt to this state of rest in advance. Otherwise, after the child arrives in the kindergarten, the parents will be even more worried, and it is better to help the child adapt in advance. 

Some parents plan to sleep in separate beds with their children, but when they see their children crying and grieving, they can’t bear it. Sometimes it’s really tormenting. For babies, sleeping in separate beds is a big deal. Parents really need to use some skills to realize sleeping in separate rooms at the lowest cost. 

Sleeping in separate beds is not difficult. Skills are important. Being a smart mother saves more than half of the effort.

Phase 1: Different beds in the same room

Let the child go to another room to sleep directly. Most children can’t accept it, and the reaction is relatively big. Therefore, parents can sleep with their children in separate beds, that is, put a small bed in the bedroom, so that the children can feel the feeling that they can’t reach mom and dad. After the child adapts, enter the next stage. 

The second stage: divide the room, but accompany The child falls asleep

After the baby has adapted to the first stage, parents can try to let the child sleep in a room by himself. However, the child will definitely be a little uncomfortable. Mom or Dad can accompany the child to sleep, talk to the child, encourage and encourage the child, and tell the child a story. This is also a good time to accompany your children. 

Throughout: Encourage children, use foreign objects

From the very beginning, parents should encourage their children more. Parents are the source of all the children’s confidence. When the child first starts to sleep on his own, parents can give the child a doll or pillow to sleep, and leave a small night light for the child to reduce the child’s sense of fear. Especially when the child is unwilling to sleep in separate beds and cry, parents should give the child a little more patience and don’t lose temper with the child, otherwise the child will be even more reluctant. 

The child’s growth process is full of pain, In the long run, sleeping in separate beds is just one of the small tests. The key is for parents to understand what they want to do and how to do it. If the parents do not have clear ideas and firm determination in their hearts, they can play a role in guiding the children at any time. How old did you sleep with your children in separate beds? The tutor’s affection to his father, how much harm it caused to the child’s psychology, we have to see

As parents, we all hope that our children will not lose to others’ children, and we always want the best for ourselves. For my child, seeing that the child’s grades are a little bit worse, my parents racked their brains to enroll their child in a cram school, but after comparing them with each other, they still feel that it is more reliable to ask a tutor to teach. Many parents nowadays, in order to let their children get the best education, they don’t hesitate to ask tutors to come to their homes. 

The tutor warms up to his father during the supplementary lesson

For the better growth of our children, our teachers and parents are in close contact and close cooperation. The common starting point is for the children, but some people just can’t resist their own self-cultivation. The bottom line of morality results in doing things that hurt morality, which not only affects the family, but also has an irreversible impact on the children, and it also corrupts the social atmosphere. 

Recently, there was a news report that caused a heated discussion among netizens. The female teacher hired by the mother cheated on her father, which had a very big impact on the children. 

What is going on? In order for the child to improve his grades, my mother asked a tutor to come home to make up lessons for the child. Every night, the teacher arrived on time for two hours. The teacher was there on time and left on time, which was quite satisfactory. With the frequent arrival of the teacher, as Suddenly, my mother found her husband who was not talkative. When she saw the teacher’s arrival, she would take the initiative to greet the teacher. The husband who usually doesn’t always care about the children’s study has become very concerned about the children recently. The wife sensed something wrong. My mother asked her son at home. His son told his mother what he saw. The son told himself “Dad came in to bring tea and water to the teacher, and he kept talking with the teacher and told me to do my homework.”

From then on, every time the teacher came to make up a class, I would start to observe the reaction of my husband and the teacher. One day I found evidence that my husband and the teacher opened a hotel room. Finally, I Choose to report to the police and divorce her husband. 

Once it was exposed, two people who had a family violated their morals and both sides derailed, resulting in the fragmentation of both families and an indestructible impact on the children’s childhood. 

What impact will family misfortune have on children? 

The personality becomes strange and I don’t like interpersonal communication.

My child grew up in a single-parent family, because of the lack of care from both parents, although the parents are making up for the missing love of both parties, the child’s personality still cannot Just like children from healthy families, their personalities and ideas will be a little different from others. Some children will have more radical ideas, some will be more timid and inferior, and some will even be in a state of fear of marriage, which will keep the children for a lifetime. Can’t escape the shadow. 

Let children have a lifetime of fear of marriage< /p>

I have experienced single parents since childhood or my parents were unhappy because of their own reasons. I saw that my parents’ marriage failed, causing my children not to want to get married, lacking confidence and belief in marriage, and even resisting and not wanting. Follow the old path of parents. As a result, the child will be afraid of marriage and feel that marriage is a very scary thing. These effects will follow the child for a lifetime. 

Lack of trust in people, so there is no The social circle

Children have witnessed the fragmented love of parents. The fragmentation of the family leaves the children without people to trust, so there is no person who can tell what is in their hearts, and the psychology also creates some indelible shadows. A little social circle, develop a solitary personality. 

Put stress on the child and cause the child to become depressed

Because some mothers face the broken family, their mothers transfer all the hopes of life to their children, all under the banner of being good to the children, various restrictions on the children, invisibly cause great harm to the children Pressure, so that the child has no confidence in life, becomes unwilling to communicate with others, has no social circle at all, and has been living in his own world. Over time I became depressed.

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