When should I give my baby pocket money? This age group is most suitable, but there are five points to pay special attention to

When should I give my baby pocket money? This age group is most suitable, but there are five points to pay special attention to

When the child is still young, the concept of right and wrong is not very clear, and there is no concept of “steal”, just think that he has taken his parents’ things privately. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

When the child is still young, he may be I don’t have any concept, I think what I want, tell my parents, my parents will buy it for themselves. 

But as the age grows, children’s needs and ideas become more and more, and there will be things they want to buy. Some parents feel that this is the key period for helping their children to establish a concept of money. Appropriately giving them some pocket money and letting them freely control can cultivate their self-management ability and financial management ability. 

Some parents think that their children are so small and they don’t know anything. If they give them pocket money, they will be spent by the baby, so they don’t give it. 

But sometimes, children make big mistakes because their parents never gave pocket money. 

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Xiaozhi is 8 years old this year and is in the second grade of elementary school. The students often make appointments to buy snacks or snacks together between classes and school. It was a toy, but he could only look at it, because Mom and Dad never gave pocket money. 

Xiaozhi saw that he had all his friends, and asked his parents, but was rejected, saying: “How old are you? What pocket money do you want? It will be messy.”

Seeing that the students can play with the things they want to eat and buy their favorite toys, Xiaozhi felt very uncomfortable. Later, he noticed that Dad would sometimes put them on the hallway. Some change, so he moved his mind and secretly took 5 yuan and 10 yuan change several times. Although he was a little scared when he got it, he was very happy to be able to buy things he likes. 

But there was a day when the paper couldn’t keep the fire. Parents discovered that Xiaozhi was “stealing money” and severely punished him, and warned him not to repeat the crime. The child still felt wronged and felt that his parents did not understand him at all. 

As can be seen from the above case, Xiaozhi’s act of stealing has a lot to do with his parents’ failure to give pocket money. 

When the child was young, the concept of right and wrong was not very clear, and there was no concept of “stealing”. He just thought that he had taken his parents’ things privately. 

Why do children steal money? At what age should I give my child pocket money? 

The child steals money only because of his need for useful money, and his parents did not give him the opportunity to control his pocket money. 

Although Xiaozhi’s needs in the above case are only snacks and toys, it means that he has a sense of autonomy and clearly knows what he wants. This is a step that cannot be ignored in the development of a child’s personality. 

Therefore, parents should give them some pocket money when their children have their own ideas and want to buy something they like, usually in the second and third grades of elementary school. Try to manage your own property by yourself. After all, many things need to be learned by yourself. 

Parents to children Things to pay attention to when pocket money

1. Fixedness

Parents give pocket money to their children, not according to the baby’s wishes, but should fix the time and amount of pocket money, which can be effective Control the speed at which children spend money and avoid letting them develop the habit of spending money lavishly. 

2, non-“tempting” sex

Many parents, in order to let their children actively do housework, they will use pocket money to “tempt” and give a little bit for one housework In this way, over time, it will make the baby take money too importantly. No matter what they do, they need to give money, and they don’t want to do it if they don’t. 

3. Non-compensatory

Because some parents are usually busy with work, they hardly have time to accompany their children, and sometimes they can’t even go home. This will make parents feel very guilty towards their children. So it’s like using money to make up for them, giving a lot of pocket money every time. 

However, due to the lack of parental company and education, such children have no idea about money. They will only spend money lavishly, and they are likely to become “grabbing old people” when they grow up. 

4. Instill a little financial management

After parents give their children pocket money and follow the above three principles, they can properly instill some financial management concepts in them, for example, they can buy one for their baby The piggy bank tells them that they can save the pocket money that they can’t use every month. After the habit is formed, the child will always develop a good habit, and it will benefit when they grow up. 

5. Do not interfere too much.

After parents give their children pocket money, it means that they have given them the power to control money. As long as it is not a mistake in principle, parents should not interfere with what the baby is doing with money. . Whether it is buying snacks, toys, or offering love, etc., they cannot forcefully interfere with their thoughts.  A “new lack of money” trend is coming After the attack, the post-90s husband and wife became the main force. The real reason is very heartbreaking.

According to a research survey, more than 70% of people will choose to leave and settle in their hometown after working hard for a period of time in a big city. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

As the age grows, the post-90s have gradually become The main labor force of the society, most of the post-90s are grown up in the love of a big family, and many people feel that they cannot provoke the burden of the family. 

But the oldest post-90s are already 30 years old. They must bear the burden of the family. After all, their parents are getting old, and their physical and mental powers are gradually declining. 

The pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

A “new type of lack of money” is destroying the next generation of China

This “new type of lack of money” refers to a state of post-90s in this era. In this material age Without a house and car, many couples born in the 90s are afraid to get married. Even after they get married, they are unwilling to lower their living standards to have children. 

Therefore, young couples born in the 90s will always show everyone a state of permanent lack of money, that is, the “new type of lack of money”. No matter how the elders are subsidized, they will still feel lack of money, because the parents born in the 90s It is impossible to take a slack attitude towards children’s education, so all kinds of training courses, tutoring classes, etc., plus all kinds of expenses in life, are a lot of expenditure. 

“New type lack Reasons for “money”

1. The wedding gift is expensive

Most of the post-90s are only-children. In addition, there are more patriarchal thinking in rural areas, which leads to a serious imbalance in the ratio of men to women, especially for men with poor economic conditions. , It’s very unfriendly. Getting married will become a difficulty. Looking at expensive gifts and RVs, they can only stop. 

Some couples who have bought a house and got married with the help of their parents are still embarrassed after their marriage. After all, money is needed in all aspects of life. 

2. Big cities are under great pressure

According to research findings, more than 70% of people will choose to leave and settle in their hometown after working hard for a period of time in a big city. 

It is not easy for some highly educated talents to gain a foothold in big cities, not to mention ordinary post-90s, it will be more difficult, and it will give people a feeling of always being short of money. 

3. Children’s education

Post-90s pay particular attention to prenatal and postnatal care, so it takes a lot of energy and money to raise children’s education on their own, so they need one of the couples not to work. , Coupled with various training courses and interest classes, in order for the baby to win at the starting line, a lot of funds are needed to support it. 

This kind of ” What is the impact of the new type of lack of money? 

1. Parents are uneasy in their later years.

Parents think that they have worked hard for most of their lives. After their children get married and start a business, they can spend their twilight years. However, in order to pursue a better life, the young couples born in the 90s will mostly do If you choose to continue to devote yourself to work after the maternity leave is over, the burden of bringing the children falls on the elderly. 

In addition, elderly parents need to post their own pensions when helping their children with their children, because many young couples born in the 90s never have enough money to spend. 

2. Children’s childhood life is not happy.

Because of the greater social pressure nowadays, young couples born in the 90s hope that their children will become outstanding when they grow up, so they want They can win at the starting line, so they will arrange such cram schools and training classes for their children in order to improve their children’s performance. 

In the end, the child loses the happy time that he should have in childhood, but is surrounded by the sea, and has no time to play and experience the joy of childhood. 

3. Children’s values ​​are affected

Because children live with their parents for a long time, if young parents born in the 90s face various things in life with their own “lack of money” attitude, then the baby It is very easy to be affected, and over time, it will be detrimental to the formation of their values, and the children will suffer greatly. 

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