When pregnant mothers give birth, three behaviors should be avoided. If you don’t say what you suffer, it will also affect the safe birth of the fetus.

When pregnant mothers give birth, there are three behaviors to avoid. Not to mention their own suffering, but also affect the safe birth of the fetus

In October, delivery is the only way for every pregnant mother to go through. Although painful, she can give birth smoothly. It’s also worth it. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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All women need to go through pregnancy in October and give birth at one time Among them, it not only requires various pregnancy reactions, but also various examinations. I experience low back pain and pubic pain in the later period of pregnancy. I thought it was the time to end the pain when the due date was approaching. 

Unexpectedly, after entering the delivery room, there are only doctors and nurses inside. When the pain is turned on, there are some behaviors of the pregnant women during this period that will make the doctor annoying, especially a few. 

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When pregnant mothers give birth, three behaviors should be avoided.

1. As long as a contraction, they will yell that they will not give birth.

When the uterine mouth is opened, each expectant mother has a different tolerance for pain. There may be several women in a delivery room. If only one contraction is required, the doctor will not like it. 

This method not only wastes energy and consumes physical energy, but also creates an atmosphere of tension and fear. I don’t understand the knowledge, and after hearing some horrible descriptions on the Internet, I yelled: “I am not going to give birth, I am going to have a C-section!”

This will be very annoying to doctors because of the current number of caesarean sections in each hospital. It is limited, and the delivery method, which is ripe and mature, is the most respected method of delivery. 

Not only can the body recover faster after the mother has given birth, but also because the baby passes through the birth canal during delivery, it can promote cardiopulmonary function, brain development, and improve immunity. 

Therefore, as long as the conditions are met, doctors and nurses will recommend the delivery, and give professional skills and knowledge, but some women yelled for a cesarean section after contractions, the doctor is likely to respect the standard Mom’s opinion. 

2, self-righteous, question the professional level of doctors

Now that the Internet is more and more developed, coupled with the popularity of smart phones, many pregnant mothers will learn some knowledge after entering the delivery room before giving birth, and even use these The knowledge learned can doubt the professional ability of medical staff. 

For example, once a check-up occurs within two hours, some women will refuse because of uncomfortable feelings, and some feel that the doctor is only providing services and that they are the authoritative and do not listen to suggestions at all. 

Doctors are also very helpless when encountering such women. Under normal circumstances, they will spread all the content they want to talk about. If the women do not listen, they can only communicate through their family members. 

3. Mothers insist on giving birth normally, regardless of whether the conditions are met.

After the second child policy is opened, some expectant mothers who want to have two babies want to have a first child Just give birth, so that it will be better when you have a second child, but you also need to meet the conditions for a smooth birth. 

If the fetus is too large, the amniotic fluid is turbid, the fetus is hypoxic, the mother’s health is poor, etc., the conditions for normal delivery will not be met, or even if the amniotic fluid breaks early, and the patient still insists on the delivery, no matter how the doctor persuades it, it will not stop. The doctor has a headache from time to time. 

If you still insist on giving birth without having the conditions, then this is not responsible for the safety of yourself and your fetus. 

Some women who have learned about the benefits of a cesarean delivery insist on having it regardless of whether they meet the conditions. When the doctor persuades them, they even feel that the doctor just wants to make more money through the cesarean section. 

But in fact, in every regular Grade A hospital, the monthly Cesarean section quotas are limited. Generally, as long as the conditions meet the normal delivery targets, the mother will be allowed to try the normal delivery first, but if the standard is not met, then Don’t insist, so as not to hurt the life and health of yourself and the fetus. 

The above-mentioned situations are things that medical staff and their families don’t want to see. After all, the doctors and nurses in the hospital are so busy every day, especially in the obstetrics department. If the mothers do so, they will only increase their work. 

Therefore, the pregnant sister recommended that the expectant mothers learn some knowledge about childbirth before entering the delivery room to relieve the pressure during childbirth, and they can also cheer themselves up. As a husband, they should also learn some related knowledge, such as childbirth breathing. Methods, massage techniques, etc.; actively cooperate with the work of medical staff in the delivery room. 

after delivery What are the precautions? 

1. Diet taboos

After giving birth, mothers should pay attention to various taboos in diet, which may not be conducive to their own recovery, and will also affect the health of the newborn baby. 

For example, it is forbidden to consume wolfberry during the confinement period. Due to its refreshing effect, it is easy to cause emotional agitation and excitement in the parturient, which is not conducive to peace of mind and may also affect the secretion of milk. 

In addition, some data show that women are as high as 35% to 45% of hair loss after giving birth. This is due to the lack of protein, minerals, trace elements, etc. during pregnancy, the vitality is severely injured during childbirth, which causes bad effects; hormone changes after childbirth eventually lead to hair loss. 

Therefore, after giving birth, you need to eat more foods rich in protein, iron, minerals, and vitamins, such as eggs, beef, oysters, and fish. 

2. Careful care

During childbirth and in the hospital, the medical staff will take care of the mother and newborn baby. After being discharged from the hospital, family members need to take care of the baby and mother, especially Bao Da , This not only relieves Bao Ma’s psychological pressure, but also enhances the relationship between husband and wife. Return to Sohu to see more

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In several cases, wake up the child in time, Not to mention the delay in sleep at night, it may also affect physical development

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

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It is often said that “a child can eat and sleep” is a blessing, but do you know that sometimes the baby may not sleep too soundly? It’s a good thing–

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In these cases, it is not a good thing for the baby to sleep too soundly.

1. Less than two months old, the day and night are confused


The baby usually sleeps for about 3 hours before waking up to drink milk. 

But if you sleep longer during the day, but wake up longer at night, you will not fall asleep for a long time even after eating milk, crying for adults Accompany to play. 

If this is the case, it is because the baby regards day as night, and night as day, and day and night are reversed. 

At this time, parents need to intervene. If the baby sleeps more than three times during the day, try to wake them up, play with them, and slowly help the child develop regular sleeping habits. 

Under normal circumstances, babies can gradually develop regular sleeping habits when they are 3 to 6 months old. If they are older than this month, they must be adjusted in time , So as not to affect the growth and development. 

2. Wake up too early in the morning and sleep for too long in the morning

Some babies just stay before dawn I woke up and played happily. After breakfast, I started to sleep again, and I could sleep for several hours. 

At this time, parents should change their children’s habit. If the supplementary sleep time is too long in the morning, they will definitely not take a nap in the afternoon, and they may fall asleep before 7 o’clock in the evening. I woke up again at 4 to 5 in the morning. 

If you don’t change it in time, it’s likely that you will wake up earlier in the morning, go to bed later and later, and eventually Formed the habit of turning day and night. 

3. Sleep time during the day is very long

Some babies sleep for a long time during the day, and they can sleep 3~4 in one sleep. When I was young, many parents were entangled whether or not to call them up. 

If the baby’s sleep at night is still very good and it is not long since the last time he drank milk, there is no need to wake up. 

On the contrary, parents need to wake up their babies to ensure their normal growth and development. If the babies themselves are not up to standard, they need to let the babies drink milk every 3 hours to ensure normal growth. The supply of nutrients needed for development. 

3. Sleep too soundly in the evening and poor sleep quality at night

Some babies originally sleep very long Regular, but for a period of time, the quality of sleep at night becomes very poor, I wake up many times a night, or refuse to fall asleep for a long time. 

In the end, it becomes very energetic at night, but in the evening, it is bedridden. At this time, parents need to intervene in time, so as not to develop a day and night situation, which will affect the development of the body. 

Baby needs to sleep Principles to Follow

1. Sleep time

The World Health Organization gives Here are some suggestions:

  • For infants between 0 and 3 months, it’s better to sleep for 14 to 17 hours a day;
  • 4~11 months old babies should sleep 12~15 hours a day;
  • 1~2 years old babies should sleep 11~14 hours a day;
  • Children aged 3~5 should sleep 10~13 hours a day;
  • Children aged 6~12 should sleep every day 9~11 hours is appropriate. 

    This time is the sum of the baby’s time to fall asleep throughout the day. It includes not only high-quality sleep time, but also nap time. Due to individual differences in each baby, there will be a difference of 1 to 2 hours. 

    2. When is the latest time to fall asleep

    A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that if a child does not fall asleep at 22:00, it will be a long-term IQ Cause a certain impact. 

    In addition, studies have shown that growth hormone, which promotes the height development of children, can enter a period of strong secretion after 22 o’clock to promote height growth. 

    Therefore, in order to ensure the normal growth and development of babies, it is necessary for them to fall asleep at around 10 o’clock every day. 

    How can parents help Does the baby develop good sleeping habits? 

    1. Create a good sleeping environment

    The best room temperature for falling asleep is 20~24 degrees, and the temperature is suitable. Mom can adjust the temperature of the air conditioner according to the weather. 

    In addition, at around 9 o’clock in the evening, turn off the lights and ensure that the surroundings are quiet, and put on comfortable clothes for the baby to ensure that the child can fall into sleep as soon as possible . 

    2, read with your child before going to bed

    British researchers have found through research that reading can relieve stress because text can People are more at ease. 

    Therefore, mothers can accompany their children to read before going to bed, which not only promotes the development of parent-child relationship, but also allows the baby to fall asleep faster. Return to Sohu to see more

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