When picking milk powder, how can we judge it is a good quality milk powder? It’s OK for Mom to master the “Four-Character Jue”

When picking milk powder, how can we judge it is a good quality milk powder? It’s OK for Baoma to master the “four-character formula”

When picking milk powder, how can it be judged that it is a good quality milk powder? It’s OK if you master the “four-character tactics”

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For babies under one year old In other words, breast milk is an indispensable staple food. If Bao Ma’s milk is insufficient, then she needs to choose formula milk for her baby. 

The choice of milk powder has become a big problem. There are many kinds of milk powder on the market, so I am afraid that you may accidentally choose bad and shoddy milk powder for your baby.

So, How to judge their quality? 

Experts said: “Wangwenpinpao” is needed to select milk powder.

Some pediatric experts once answered parents’ doubts about choosing milk powder and gave the four-character formula “Wangwenpinpao” “, what do you mean specifically? 

● Hope

This requires parents to directly observe the state of the milk powder. A good milk powder should be shiny, milky white or milky yellow, and the powder should be fine and not agglomerated. 

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Of course, the agglomeration should also be separated. If Baoma gently pushes, the agglomerated milk powder will be scattered, then it is in the process of transportation, because static electricity is accumulated Together, the quality is no problem. 

If you do not disperse when pushing, it is likely that the milk powder is damp. 


After opening the lid, Baoma should be able to smell a light, natural milk fragrance. If it is too sweet and greasy, it is likely that there are too many additives. 


High-quality milk powder suitable for the baby’s taste, parents can taste the light milk and sweetness when they eat it in their mouths; inferior milk powder may be too sweet or Mixed with peculiar smell. 


When parents are preparing milk powder, if they find that they can all dissolve quickly, the color of the powder is more uniform, and there is no precipitation or foreign matter, which also means that the quality of this milk powder is better. 

However, if the milk powder originally contains red carotene, it may turn red after brewing. 

In addition to the importance of the quality of milk powder, it also needs to be suitable for the baby. 

How to judge whether a milk powder is suitable for children? 


China divides milk powder into 3 segments, 1 segment is suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months old, 2 is suitable for babies from 6 to 12 months old, and 3 This segment is suitable for babies from 12 to 36 months of age:

The ratio of whey protein and casein in milk powder and the proportion of lactose in the milk powder of segment 1 are more appropriate. The baby is easy to digest after drinking. Small burden;

The protein content in the 2nd milk powder is increased, and the fat content is reduced, which can prevent the baby from gaining weight, but also enhance the immunity;

Other minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in the 3rd milk powder The proportion of increase. 

So, the baby of the corresponding age can choose the corresponding milk powder. 

▶Baby status


If the baby is willing to drink this milk powder, it means that it is suitable for the baby in terms of taste and taste. 


The baby’s excretion frequency, color, and shape have not changed much, which also shows that its stomach is very adaptable to milk powder and can be absorbed and digested. 

③Development status

The height and weight of the children are in a normal growth state. Parents can observe that they have been growing up and their body size is not below the average. 

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the way of preparing milk powder

The way of preparing milk powder is wrong, which will also affect the baby’s development.

▶Clean the baby bottle.

As a container for milk powder, it must be disinfected, otherwise the baby may be at risk of bacterial infection:

❶Boiling water soaking

Use boiling water directly It is also difficult to clean it. Parents can soak in boiling water for about 30 minutes. If possible, they can buy a special sterilizer. 

❷Full cleaning

When cleaning, the bottle needs to be disassembled, and the bottle, pacifier, and leak-proof ring need to be cleaned. 

❸Sterilization multiple times

If the bottle is sterilized once, more than 24 hours, it must be sterilized again before use. If it does not exceed 24 hours, you can just rinse it with boiling water. 

▶Flush in proportion

Some parents will put less water and more milk powder in order for their children to feed themselves and develop better. This is also very dangerous. The baby’s digestive system The urinary system is relatively weak. Doing so may make the baby grow stones. 

Therefore, it is best to brew according to the instructions of the product. 

▶Don’t add other things

Some parents add sugar and honey to the milk powder in order to increase the taste. This is very dangerous. Babies under one year old are at risk of infection with bacteria if they eat honey. 

Eating sugar too early will affect your health and may also cause your baby to get fat. 

I hope that mothers can buy high-quality milk powder suitable for babies, so that the children can grow up healthily! 


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Children must be controlled when playing with mobile phones. The wrong time may affect their development. It will be too late to regret in the future

Newborn babies can only feel light, The visual acuity only reaches 0.2 at the age of six months, 0.4 at the age of 2, and 0.6 at the age of 3, and does not reach 1.0 until the age of 5-6. 

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With the popularity of smart phones, almost everyone now A mobile phone, even a few-year-old baby has been in contact with a mobile phone, but if it is used unreasonably, it will cause some problems. 

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When is the most harmful to the baby when looking at the phone? 

1. Age

According to research, the newborn baby can only feel the light and cannot see clearly. The vision reaches 0.2 at the age of six months, and 0.4 at the age of 2, 3 The age is only 0.6, and it will not reach 1.0 until 5-6 years old. 

Therefore, if you show your children a cell phone or TV too early, it will damage their eyesight. 

In this regard, the American Pediatric Association recommends not to watch mobile phones or TV for children under 2 years old. Because the light source of mobile phones and computer displays is too strong, it is easy to cause irreversible damage to the retina. After the age of 2 years, the visual development is gradually perfected before you can watch the video for a short time. 

2. Time of day

Children use mobile phones prematurely, which is easy to cause injury, especially at night of the day, especially 30 minutes before going to bed, because at this stage the baby is ready for sleep , If you look at the phone, it is likely to cause some harm. 

This is one day for the child Playing with mobile phones during the period of time is very harmful.

1. It affects the quality of sleep

If children play with mobile phones before going to bed, the brain will become active and the body will gradually disappear. Drowsiness not only delays the time to fall asleep, but also affects the quality of deep sleep. 

As we all know, only when a child is in a deep sleep state can the secretion of growth hormone in the body reach the peak, and can promote the growth of height. In addition, if the child is always in a light sleep state, then there will be no rest. The mental state is easily affected. 

2. Affect intellectual development

According to research, if a child is addicted to playing with mobile phones, the brain will shrink, and the degree will change with the degree of addiction. 

In addition, there is radiation in mobile phones. If you play occasionally, it may not have a big impact, but if it does so for a long time, it will easily make the child feel tired and even cause damage to the brain’s nerves. 

3. Damage to eyesight

Children playing with mobile phones for a long time will have a lot of damage, especially at night, when the light is worse than during the day, so the impact on eyesight will be more Especially when you lie down and play with your mobile phone at night, you may use one eye more and one less, which may cause squint. 

4. Affect the development of the cervical spine

Playing with mobile phones before going to bed at night, many people will lie down or play on their stomachs, so playing with mobile phones for a long time may put pressure on the spine, and the spine has not yet For a well-developed child, such a bad posture is likely to become a hidden danger for a lifetime. 

How parents can help The hazards of children quitting mobile phones? 

1. Control the time spent playing with mobile phones

Parents should not let their children use mobile phones before they are 3 years old. Of course, this process requires parents to reduce the frequency of using mobile phones, except for receiving information and contacting others. Try not to use it. You can read books, write and write when you are with your baby, infect them in this way, and stay away from your mobile phone. 

2. Accompany your children more

Children are curious by nature and full of desire to explore new things. As parents, they should make good use of this. Don’t be busy doing their own things and just give them your phone. Instead, squeeze more time to accompany the baby. 

3. Divert the child’s attention

When the child wants to play or see a mobile phone, parents can take the baby out for outdoor activities, such as parent-child games and playing ball Wait, to divert attention and slowly help them quit their mobile phones. Return to Sohu to see more

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