When is the right time for children to take salt? Not as late as possible, parents should be careful not to fall into a misunderstanding

When is the right time for children to take salt? It’s not that the later the better. Parents should pay attention not to fall into a misunderstanding.

Got to panic”. 

Since babies can start to eat complementary foods, their diet is not limited to milk powder or breast milk. Foods such as rice noodles and fruit puree are on the agenda , But with the richness of ingredients, parents will also encounter various feeding problems in this process. 

For example, what to eat and how much to eat when adding supplementary food for the first time; whether to give salt to the child, etc., these have become the “hurdles” that parents need to overcome one by one. 

Especially on the issue of giving your baby salt , Has become the key point of conflicts between many mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. After all, in the opinion of the elderly, food without salt is just like boiled vegetables in white water. It has no taste at all. It is tasteless for children, but young parents also have their own set of parenting guidelines for this. 

Kunling and Liu Xuan have their own insistence on the issue of children eating salt.

Everyone knows the “Sister-in-law of Heavenly King” Kunling. She once talked about her parenting guidelines in a variety show, expressing herself Before the child was two years old, insisted not to give salt to the child, nor did the mother-in-law put salt in the food for the child, and did not plan to give them sugar before the child was 3 years old. 

Such a strict view of parenting seems to be in line with Kunming Ling Wenrou’s external image does not match. In addition, the Olympic champion Liu Xuan is also an “iron-faced mother” in giving salt to her children. 

As an Olympic champion, Liu Xuan’s control over the children’s diet can be described as “not leaking”, not only does not allow children to eat salt, but also rarely touches snacks. In the variety show, when the program team asked Liu Xuan’s son if he had eaten chocolate and other foods, the 4-year-old kid frequently shook his head. 

In this way, whether it is Kunling or Liu Xuan, not only has one’s own persistence on the issue of eating salt, but also “prolongs as long as it can be delayed”. So is this approach really correct? In fact, the answer is no. 

It’s not always better to give your child salt later. Parents should be careful not to fall into a misunderstanding.

After the baby is born, the food is mostly breast milk or formula milk. Although the taste is relatively simple, the child’s cognitive ability is insufficient. I haven’t tasted the taste of other condiments, so even if you only eat these, you will have a taste. In addition, after starting to add complementary foods, the diet is diversified, so adding or not adding salt is not important for children. 

The World Health Organization once mentioned in the “Guidelines for Sodium Intake for Adults and Children”: Adults should consume no more than 2 grams of sodium per day, while children’s The amount of intake is lower than that of adults. 

This is because the child’s taste buds are too sensitive. Adding salt to the food too early will cause heavy mouthfuls. In the future, he will not want to eat lighter foods, which will affect the child’s future eating habits. However, this does not mean that the later the child eats salt, the better. 

Some doctors said: If parents do not add salt to their children, it will easily lead to insufficient iodine intake and affect physical development. 

In other words, when it comes to giving children “salt”, it is not good to be too early or too late, so when is the right time for children to take salt? 

There is also a “timeline” for giving salt to children

▶0-12 months: adding salt is a disservice to children

Chinese residents’ Dietary Nutrient Reference Intakes (DRIs) clearly indicate: those under 6 months Children, the daily intake of sodium is about 170㎎. 

It is worth noting that although children do have requirements for salt, the “energy” obtained in breast milk and formula milk is enough to meet the growth needs of children. Therefore, at this time, parents give children Adding salt is a disservice. 

▶12 months-2 years old: Yes Let the child taste salt for the first time

When the child reaches about 1 year old, the demand for sodium increases, so after this month, the mothers can start to try to let the baby eat salt . 

However, it should be noted that the addition of salt should also emphasize the words “gradual and orderly”, as long as possible to maintain about 1g. 

▶2 years old and above: can talk to adults Dining at the same table

When the children reach the age of 2, not only can they eat at the same table with their parents, but they don’t even need to prepare extra meals. Therefore, at this time, Bao parents and parents can use the appropriate amount according to the child’s taste. Just add salt. 

Concluding remarks: In short, parents always have to face various problems in terms of child feeding. It is a good thing to be able to stick to their own concept of parenting, but they must also master a degree. In the spring, when the temperature is warming up, parents should also pay attention to dressing their children. The principle of three warms and one cool must be kept in mind

Now that spring has entered, the kindergarten’s outdoor activities are gradually being arranged. 

However, as the old saying goes, “Spring covers the autumn and freezes”. Although the temperature has reached above zero, many mothers still wear thick cotton clothes for their babies, but they are sweating when they see them running. When the spring breeze blows, the little guy will catch a cold. 

So how do you wear your baby’s clothes during the season? 

The temperature starts to warm up in spring, so parents should also dress their children Be careful

On this day, when Yu Yang’s daughter came home slightly, she pouted and said to her mother with a face of displeasure: “Lele didn’t come to kindergarten, and she didn’t give out any good biscuits.” Listen After that, Yu Yang quickly asked Lele’s mother what was going on. 

It turned out that because Lele’s mother was on a business trip, her grandmother was responsible for taking Lele to kindergarten morning and evening. 

However, although the temperature has risen in spring now, grandma still adheres to the parenting method of “spring covering autumn and freezing”. The grandson wears three inner and outer layers, which is nothing compared to winter. less! 

That’s it, Lele ran and hopped I caught a cold in the meantime. When Lele’s father took the child to the hospital, the doctor said after seeing: “Why do you wear such a thick down jacket for the baby when it’s all zero? The child’s ability to regulate body temperature is relatively poor. If you dress too thickly, it’s easy to cover your child.”

Later, Lele’s mother said to Yu Yang half-jokingly: “It’s spring, and we have to dress our children carefully! Like me It doesn’t seem to be very reliable for a mother-in-law to cover her children too thickly.”

After the spring, how to dress the children to be reliable? Parents should keep in mind the principle of “three warms and one cool”

Because babies are more active outside in spring, they often run out of sweat, wear too much and it is not easy to breathe, and if they wear less, they are easy to be blown by the wind. 

So, parents usually dress the baby When keeping warm, you must master a degree, that is, “three warms and one cool” must be kept in mind, and don’t put more burden on the baby. 

▶Three warmth

The belly is the “top priority” for children’s clothing: everyone knows that if the baby’s belly catches a cold, it will cause discomfort. Therefore, for smaller babies, you can add a layer of waistcoat or vest, and for larger babies, close-fitting clothes should absorb sweat as much as possible, and should not be too loose. 

The feet are where children perceive cold and heat: we all know coldness Feet up, the body will be cold when the feet are cold, so it is also important to keep the baby’s feet warm. But don’t put thick socks and thick boots on your baby, but keep your feet comfortable, just add a layer of cotton socks and shoes of appropriate thickness, not too cold and too hot. The back is a “barometer” of the child’s temperature: after paying attention to the belly and feet, parents should also protect the baby’s back, but it is enough to keep the back warm. Don’t wrap too thick clothes or sweat too much when running. It is also easy to be attacked by cold air, so it is enough to ensure that it is warm and not easy to sweat. 


The baby’s small head dissipates heat Main channels: When the baby was young, Bao Ma always found that when the baby was asleep, his head was sweating profusely. In fact, it was because of the baby’s body heat, 1/3 to half of it was emitted through the head. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the heat dissipation of the baby’s head, and can choose a thin hat or not wear a hat at all. There are many activities for children in the spring, so Bao’s mother should be more careful about choosing clothes for her children.

Facing with the lively little guys, parents need to consider the babies themselves to help them pass the spring smoothly

1) Try to choose loose and casual styles.

As babies grow up, they will inevitably have to chase jumpers. Therefore, like tighter clothes and jumpsuits, parents try not to wear them to their babies. It is uncomfortable and inconvenient. Put on and take off. 

You can choose some casual and cotton clothes , Breathable and absorbent, more suitable for children. 

2) It can be worn in multiple layers, and it is more convenient to put on and take off.

There is a very practical way of dressing, which is to wear thin clothes in multiple layers. 

Wear a soft and breathable shirt next to the body, and then wear a layer of warm knit, and wear some wind and rain-proof clothes on the outermost, and then adjust the wearing and taking off according to the weather conditions, which is very practical. 

3) Choose soft fabrics, suitable for children Climb up and down

Baby generally can’t stay because of his lively nature, so parents usually try to give them some comfortable and soft cotton clothes, reduce the accessories, and don’t choose fancy clothes for fashion. Otherwise, it will be very inconvenient for the baby to exercise, and it will be easy to get stuck in the clothes when climbing up and down. Newborn babies encounter “photography routines” and enter the ICU after taking full moon photos. Doctor: It’s too messy

Now it’s more and more popular to take “artistic photos”. At the same time, take “artistic photos” for newborn babies. “Photo” is also becoming popular because parents want to remember the cute appearance of their children when they were young. There will be a market if there is demand. Therefore, some “full moon photos”, “100 days photos” and “year-old photos” have attracted the attention of many parents. 

Although there is nothing wrong with the idea of ​​taking pictures of your baby as a child, but taking a “full moon photo” may cause great harm to your baby. 

Some time ago, Ms. Wang gave birth to A baby boy, a photo studio near the community heard the news and came to sell him, saying that they were engaging in activities and seeing the baby was too cute, so he could come to his house to help the baby take a “full moon photo” for free. 

Besides, there is air-conditioning at home, so don’t worry about getting cold to your baby. When Ms. Wang heard it, she was very moved, because she had wanted to take her children to take pictures before, and she readily agreed. 

On the day of the shooting, the child changed three sets of different clothes and took photos for several hours. When she finally chose the photos, Ms. Wang discovered that there were only three photos that were given free of charge. Also spend money to buy. Ms. Wang looked at the cute photos of the child, selected dozens of them, and bought them at a huge price as soon as she gritted her teeth. 

Unexpectedly, the cost is not the largest The biggest problem is that the child has a high fever and vomits up milk that night after the photo was taken. Ms. Wang’s family rushed the child to the hospital and was admitted to the ICU. 

The doctor said: “This is not the first time that a child has been sent to the hospital by taking full-moon photos. The hospital has received many such babies. Newborns are not suitable for taking full-moon photos. You are parents. It’s too messy!”

Children shoot What harm will the “full moon photo” bring? 

①Not conducive to bone development. When taking a “full moon photo”, there are usually a lot of modeling, such as wrapping in a quilt, and putting the child’s hands and feet together. Although the child’s body is very soft, it is easy to pose. But this is precisely the worst part. The child’s bones are still developing, so playing with the child’s hands and feet for several hours and so long may cause the child’s bones to develop poorly and even become deformed. 

②Causes the child to myopia. In order to have a good effect when taking pictures, the flash of the camera is generally used. The intensity of the flashlight may not be acceptable to an adult and will squint. Moreover, if a child is exposed to the flashlight for a long time, it may cause excessive eye irritation and myopia. 

③It is easy to cause a cold and fever. Although there is generally heating in the family nowadays, it is necessary to change a lot of clothes to take pictures. The child is too fragile, and the immune system is not good. It is easy to catch a cold during the change of clothes, and then catch a cold and fever. 

Compared to “full moon photos”, it is a more appropriate choice to take a “100-day photo” for children. 

First of all, children who have completed a hundred days have developed their bones to a certain extent, and can withstand modeling and manipulation;

Secondly, children who have completed a hundred days have richer expressions and are more suitable for the lens;

Finally, children who have been over a hundred days old have a certain degree of resistance and are less likely to get sick. 

However, it is also necessary to take “100-day photos” Pay attention to some problems. 

①Pay attention to the hygiene of the photographer. Although the child’s resistance has been improved to a certain extent, it is still necessary to take precautions. The photographer will be in close contact with the child, so the photographer should be kept clean and hygienic. 

②Try not to turn on the flash. Children whose eyes are still fragile after a hundred days are not suitable for flashing when taking pictures. 

③When the child is uncomfortable, stop shooting in time. 

④Don’t make up. The baby’s skin is also very fragile and it is not suitable for use of cosmetics. Parents should not risk applying makeup to their children in pursuit of beautiful effects. 

Baby is very fragile, I hope you parents When you want to take a picture of your child, pay more attention to your child’s health and safety, and don’t let your child perform difficult movements in pursuit of peculiar effects. Otherwise, if the child is sick, it will be too late to regret.

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