When is the more appropriate time for the baby to be weaned? Not half a year old or 1 year old, this is just right

When is the more appropriate time for the baby to be weaned? It’s not half a year old or 1 year old. This age is just right.

Bringing up a baby is not easy for parents. Children’s clothing, food, housing, transportation and other aspects require constant exploration and learning. Especially the mothers who choose to breastfeed, have to face one problem after another. 

Qingqing is one and a half years old this year. Since her mother’s milk is good, she is not so anxious to wean her. Xiao Qingqing also eats breast milk with complementary food. 

At a family gathering, the surrounding relatives talked about raising children. When they learned that Xiao Qingqing was one and a half years old and hadn’t been weaned, she couldn’t help but start laughing, and one after another with Qingqing’s mother said: “This child They are all so old. Now, what can I do after going to school after breastfeeding? Your mother is so indulgent.”

Some relatives said that their neighbor’s child was weaned at 1 year old, and now Qingqing is one and a half years old, how can she still breastfeed? 

After listening to everyone’s suggestions, Qingqing’s mother is also at a loss. So when should the baby be weaned? 

When is it more appropriate for a baby to be weaned? 

When it comes to the best time for a baby to be weaned, it is actually not half or 1 year old. 

Prior to this, the World Health Organization and the Nutrition Society of my country have both put forward this suggestion: The age of 2 years old is just right for the child to wean. 

So for parents with babies In other words, we must master the correct weaning time to better help the baby to wean. 

So besides the timing of weaning, what else needs attention? Let’s take a look. 

If you want to wean your baby, it is very important to grasp the correct timing of weaning.

The first food for the baby is the mother’s breast milk. Breast milk is the best nutritional supply for the baby, so when you reach a certain age , It is also necessary to master these aspects to wean the baby correctly. 

①In the right season

When weaning, children are generally a little anxious. Although parents have already learned about the time of weaning, parents should also choose for the health of their children. More suitable seasons, such as spring and autumn. 

The weather is too hot and cold in summer and winter, The changes brought about by this environment will make the child more irritable and aggravate the discomfort of weaning. 

②At the right month age

The best month age for weaning is generally 24 months, which is about two years old. Parents can wean their babies at the right time according to this time. This will not affect the child’s health. 

③Avoid weaning during the child’s weaning period

Some mothers choose to wean their child during the weaning period, thinking that this will solve the problem faster. In fact, the baby is tired of it. The milking period seems to be weaned, but after this stage, the child’s desire to drink breast milk will become more intense. 

In fact, weaning makes many parents anxious and headache Things, then how can you better help your children through this moment? The following four ways may be able to help you. 

Grasp 4 tips to help children wean gently

Tip 1: Make it clear that weaning does not equal separation from the mother

Some mothers think that weaning must be separated from their children, as long as the children cannot see themselves I will cry for a few days, but it’s fine after crying. 

In fact, this method of weaning is not advisable, but it will cause anxiety in the baby’s heart, and even “mental hunger”. 

Trick 2: Using baby bottles for transition


Parents who want to wean their baby can actually have a small excess. For example, they can let the baby occasionally drink some milk powder from the bottle, so that the baby can adapt gradually, which will be great for weaning. s help. 

Tip 3: Step by step, and continuously reduce the frequency of breastfeeding

In addition to trying to use the bottle slowly, the frequency of breastfeeding every day should also be reduced, so that the child can adapt to this number a little bit, which can also help weaning. 

Tip 4: Help children find their favorite complementary foods

As children grow up, they gradually start to add complementary foods. 

In order to facilitate weaning in the future, when adding complementary foods, mothers have to pay more and carefully prepare some flavors they like for the baby, so that the baby will like these foods and be full of interest, which is more conducive to Late weaning. The child in the belly is always “interacting”. Bao’s mother thought it was a fetal movement. After the doctor’s examination, her face changed.

Being a mother is the most beautiful and happy journey in life for a woman. Whenever they think that they are giving birth to a little life, mothers will not think that pregnancy is a very hard and painful thing. 

Xiao Gao is like that, Xiao Gao is a novice Mom, I am happy every day after pregnancy, and Xiao Gao often observes the baby’s fetal movements, interacts with the baby, sings for the baby, and tells stories. 

And little babies often respond to their mothers with fetal movements. And one day Xiao Gao discovered that when telling a story to the baby, the baby suddenly became very excited, turning around constantly, as if dancing. Xiao Gao said to himself that this kid must be very naughty. 

As a result, Xiao Gao found that the baby’s fetal movement was a little abnormal, and he was turning around constantly, as if he was not interacting with him anymore. So, Xiao Gao, accompanied by her husband, went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor’s complexion changed instantly after the doctor’s examination. The child was not fetal movement or interacting with his mother, but was entangled in the neck by the umbilical cord. There were several laps, which was very dangerous, and he needed to prepare for surgery. 

Nurturing life is a very happy thing However, there is a certain degree of danger in giving birth to life. Maybe many novice mothers lack some little knowledge about pregnancy, thinking that the baby will be safe in the mother’s belly. 

Actually, the baby will have new changes every day in the mother’s stomach, and it will grow every day. In the process of the baby’s continuous growth, various unpredictable situations will occur. In many cases, babies will express their state in the form of fetal movement. 

Which fetal movement is an abnormal reminder

1. Fetal movement is too fast

We all know that fetal movement occurs when the baby is about four in the mother’s stomach. Moreover, the baby’s fetal movement has a certain pattern. Under normal circumstances, the baby’s fetal movement will be as smooth and orderly as our heartbeat. However, when the baby is stimulated by the outside, or the body is uncomfortable, it will affect the frequency of the baby’s fetal movement. 

When the baby’s original smooth and orderly fetal movement suddenly becomes very fast and lasts for a long time, mothers need to go to the hospital for examination in time. 

2. Fetal movement suddenly slows down

Many mothers who frequently observe and record the baby’s fetal movement will find that the baby’s fetal movement is not fast or slow, and it is very orderly. Although there are sometimes obvious ups and downs that bulge mother’s belly, there is still a sense of order. When the baby’s fetal movement suddenly slows down, mothers must pay attention. Because there is too much amniotic fluid, or when the baby is unwell, the fetal movement will change significantly. 

3. Fetal movements are too frequent

When the baby is in the mother’s belly, it relies on the umbilical cord to connect with the mother and relies on the umbilical cord for nutritional supplements. Moreover, the baby is not sleeping and eating quietly in the mother’s belly. The baby can also play, turn over, move, and grow up constantly. 

When the baby is playing or moving, it is easy to have the umbilical cord around the neck. When the baby is wrapped around the umbilical cord and the neck is tight, it will struggle and frequent fetal movements suddenly occur. When the baby is entangled tightly by the umbilical cord and cannot break free for a long time, it is prone to the risk of hypoxia. Therefore, mothers should pay more attention to observe the baby’s beating. 

The safe birth of a baby cannot do without mother Careful care. It is more necessary for mothers to strictly manage their own diet and daily life during pregnancy, as well as maintain a good mood and appropriate exercise, to help their babies come into this world smoothly. 

How to pass the pregnancy smoothly

1. Pay attention to the fetal movement frequency

The baby’s fetal movement frequency is the most direct proof of the baby’s physical health. Therefore, mothers should pay more attention to the baby during pregnancy. Fetal movement. In addition, mothers need to count the baby’s fetal movements in one or five minutes while lying flat, and record them. 

2. Periodic check-ups

Mothers’ regular check-ups during pregnancy can intuitively and accurately understand the baby’s health and the development of all aspects of the body. Although the check-ups are troublesome and costly and costly, but for the safety and health of the baby, mothers must insist on regular check-ups. 

3. Pay attention to diet and sleep

Mothers’ diet and sleep during pregnancy will affect the healthy growth and development of their babies. Therefore, mothers should develop a good work and rest time during pregnancy, ensure the quality of sleep, and pay special attention to healthy diet. 

4. Keep a good mood

Mom keeps a good mood every day, she will bring positive energy to the baby, the baby will not only grow healthier and stronger, but also smarter , Will be a cute, smiling baby. 

5. Exercising appropriately

The intensity of exercise during pregnancy can be reduced appropriately, but it is necessary to adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise. The mother’s insistence on exercising can not only keep herself in good shape, but also strengthen the body’s immunity. It will also make the baby healthier, develop better, and be more conducive to delivery. 

Nurturing life is an extremely important event , Moms have to be careful. It is true that the baby is relatively safe in the mother’s belly, but we cannot understand the baby’s dynamics anytime and anywhere. Therefore, pay special attention to the baby’s fetal movements and some small movements of the baby. 

Do you often record baby’s fetal movements during pregnancy?

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