When is the fetus born in the third trimester? It’s related to the development of this organ, it’s not good to be born early

When is the fetus born in the third trimester? Due to the development of this organ, it is not good to be born early

Everyone knows that the fetus will experience water breakage, redness, and labor pains before delivery. However, some pregnant mothers will give birth soon after the situation occurs, and some have to wait for a while, even for pregnant women with the same gestational age, the fetus is born at a different time. 

So why is there a difference in the birth time of the same child? 

The body has these signals in the third trimester, indicating that the baby is about to be born

In the third trimester, what pregnant mothers worry about every day When the fetus is born, in fact, there are some signs before the baby is born, and the pregnant mother itself also has traces to follow. 

1) Changes in the shape of the abdomen

Before delivery, the fetus must enter its head from the mother’s pelvic entrance to the pelvic cavity, so that its body position can be fixed. Wait for childbirth in peace. 

At this time, the mother will have a noticeable “center of gravity” shifting down, and will also be accompanied by a slight falling pain. 

2) Irregular contractions


In the third trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus enters the pelvis, some organs will be stimulated, causing the uterus to contract, which is what we often call “false contractions.” 

But such contractions are often irregular, and many mothers mistakenly think that they are true contractions. The real contractions will be more regular, and will also be accompanied by some pain, such as the abdomen, back, legs, etc., this time is the real time for labor. 

3) Redness in the third trimester of pregnancy

If a pregnant woman sees redness in the third trimester, the pain will usually begin within 24 hours, but the actual situation is that many Pregnant women often see red for many days, even a week later before giving birth. 

4) Breathing and body feel more relaxed< /p>

After the fetus enters the pelvis, it will relatively reduce the pressure on the diaphragm, lungs and stomach. At this time, pregnant women will have obvious breathing ease, and even the body will feel relaxed. The whole person’s appetite and spirit The state will be better. 

The prerequisite for the birth of a fetus is related to the development of this organ

Many mothers can’t help wondering why even the babies of the same gestational week are born early and late? In fact, the prerequisite for the birth of a fetus is often related to the development of the lungs of the fetus. 

In the human body, the lungs are the latest organs for the fetus to mature. Because only the lungs are mature, the fetus can breathe independently after birth. Survival in vitro. 

Generally speaking, before delivery, the fetus Especially in the last three days, the fontanelle of the fetus will secrete a substance called “emulsification enzyme”. Pregnant women will also be affected by this substance, causing the amniotic membrane to rupture, that is, water breakage, which provides the pregnant mother with a pre-delivery signal. 

But because the actual development of each fetus is different, the maturity time of the lungs is also different, which will cause the actual birth of the fetus to be different even at the same gestational age. 

If you want to know the maturity of the fetus’ lungs in detail, pregnant women need to have regular checkups during pregnancy. The doctor will roughly determine the birth time of the fetus based on the development of the fetus in the uterus. 

When the fetus is born is also related to this factor

Many mothers think that when the fetus is born, doesn’t it have anything to do with him? In fact, the birth time of the fetus has a certain relationship with the pregnant mother, which is mainly manifested in the “time of conception”. 

The time of conception is related to the menstrual cycle before pregnancy. For women who love to advance their menstrual cycle during pregnancy, the ovulation period will also be advanced accordingly, which will also cause the baby to be born earlier than the expected date of delivery. 

As the due date is approaching, what should I pay attention to? 

Keep a calm mood

Pregnant women who are in labor should not be too impatient, and keep calm, because emotions will affect the fetal movement of the fetus. If the mood is unstable, it is likely to cause abnormal fetal movement and premature delivery. Case. 

Pay attention to diet

Diet during pregnancy will directly affect the development of the fetus, especially in the third trimester, pregnant mothers should eat more foods with high nutrient density, which are more nutritious , Suitable for pregnant mothers in the third trimester. 

Prepare the production package and the production certificate


Prepare the delivery package and documents for delivery in advance. When you go to the hospital for delivery, it is convenient to take them with you, so as not to be in a hurry and forget to bring things. Japan’s mommy shows cute baby “ugly photos”. The style is funny and everyday. You can feel happy across the screen.

If you observe carefully, you will find that there are many “baby crazes” around us. “Many parents who vowed that they will never “go into the pit”, after having their own baby, also want to share their baby’s every move 24 hours a day. 

These cute babies are mostly playful and cute under the lens of their parents, so that children without children will have the urge to hug the baby immediately after watching, but there are also Bao Ma who turn the other way. OK, show the “ugly cute” side of the baby. 

Japan’s Baoma became popular due to the “ugly photos” of cute babies , The style of painting is both funny and everyday.

A Japanese treasure mother has quietly become popular with her beautiful baby, and her baby’s daily life is not the “filter version” cute baby we usually see, it is all cute The daily “ugly photos” of the baby, the whole painting style is funny and everyday, and I feel happy across the screen. 

The “Face Wiping Glass” and “Eating by Face” series have long been commonplace, and some of the misplaced pictures are even more uncontrollable. 

Even the baby drinks water from a glass Can play tricks, obviously a cute baby, because the water cup is buckled on his face, his facial features are tightly gathered together. 

For example, the photos of other babies lying on their fathers’ backs are often cute and cute, but in her works, she carefully selected a baby with a “unlovable” face. The expression, the child’s full “love” for his father is simply rushing to his face. 

The kid’s ghost expression made a lot of laughs Netizens, everyone joked and said: “Sure enough, they are photos taken by their mothers.”

The angle of the baby exposure is so strange, it can definitely be called a mudslide in the world of baby exposure, and these photos are right. Because it is very life-like and full of childishness, it makes people call for love. 

Exposing a baby is a way to record the growth of a child.

Actually, we can understand the feelings of the parents of the baby. After all, the growth of a child is a matter of a moment, and the photos and videos are A great way to turn these moments into eternal memories. 

Whenever take out childhood photos Recalling the past bit by bit, it is definitely a sense of happiness, so to say that the baby is actually a way to record the growth of a child. 

Although baby drying is good, you must pay attention to a few details.

There is nothing wrong with baby drying, but parents should pay attention to the details in the process of drying baby. Don’t let the baby drying is full of happiness. Feelings have become possible to hurt children. 

1) Pay attention to the frequency of baby exposure

The baby is indeed very cute, but every moment the baby grows up, it is enough to leave it to the closest family members to watch it, too high The frequency of baby exposure may cause disgust from others, and even affect the baby himself. 

Take a thousand steps, everyone The aesthetics and feelings of her are different. No one wants the baby in their palm to be criticized by various people in the circle of friends, so it is recommended that parents and mothers try not to expose their babies frequently. 

2) Avoid revealing children’s personal information

A small photo can contain a lot of information. Parents must pay attention to protecting their babies when they expose their babies. Your personal information should not be easily revealed in photos to avoid being used by people with ulterior motives and causing unnecessary trouble. 

3) Try not to expose your child’s Location

In addition, like the school location, home address, parks and shopping malls where children often go to play, it is absolutely necessary to avoid exposure in the process of drying babies. 

If you are not well-intentioned who have mastered the location and rules of your child’s usual actions, you can expose your baby. Try not to expose the location of your child. 

4) Pay attention to mastering the photos” Degree”

Don’t look at the children who are ignorant now, but their self-esteem and self-confidence are also rapidly forming. The children’s “dark history” or the photos taken by their parents at embarrassing moments are in the eyes of their parents. Just a cute performance. 

But in the eyes of children, it may be an embarrassing moment that they can’t get rid of at all, and they don’t want it to be a “tool” for repeated ridicule by relatives and friends. 

A little habit of mother, let the baby never accumulate food, a practical coup We should also learn

Children will have gastrointestinal problems more or less, especially food accumulation. Many children eat food in a hurry, and also like to overeating. If they don’t pay attention, they will accumulate food. Parents learn to help their children solve the small health problems that often occur in children like this. 

The child accumulates food at every turn, and accumulates over time to become a spleen deficiency, mother this I know the severity

The children of Xiaozheng’s family always accumulate food at every turn. The family members are also used to this. Every time the child shouts that he can’t digest and can’t pull it out, Xiao Zheng will help massage the child’s stomach. Xiao Zheng thought, eating food means indigestion. Children are prone to problems in this area, as long as the food in the child’s stomach is digested. 

In addition to accumulating food, the children of Xiaozheng’s family are also prone to get sick. Every time the child catches a cold wave, the child is almost never immune, and he always shouts tired and sleepy at every turn, and his mental energy is very poor. So the old man in the family took the child to see a Chinese medicine doctor. The doctor said after some inquiries, that the child’s poor physique and poor spirit are actually manifestations of spleen and stomach deficiency. Long-term food accumulation or diarrhea can easily lead to the problem of spleen deficiency. 

Unexpectedly, food accumulation will bring children With such a big impact, Xiao Zheng hurriedly followed the doctor’s instructions, while giving the child Chinese medicine conditioning, while paying attention to the child’s diet, and changing the child’s living habits. After more than half a year, the child’s food accumulation, prone to illness and fatigue began to ease. 

“I didn’t take children’s food accumulation seriously before. After all, this problem is too common for children. As a result, the child’s physique is tossed. It is really a lot of sin.” Xiao Zheng said regretfully. 

As Xiaozheng said, it’s too common for children to accumulate food, and they can heal themselves without having to deal with it. Many parents don’t take it seriously. But our body is a whole body. If food stays in the intestines and stomach for too long, it will cause gastrointestinal dryness. The bacteria inside will multiply and affect the child’s metabolism and ultimately affect the child’s physical fitness. Regarding how to prevent and fight against food accumulation, it is best for mothers to learn two tricks. 

If prevention is in place, children’s food accumulation is not a problem, this 5 All Zhaobao mothers should learn

Diet must be regular and healthy

Don’t think that the problem of irregular diet will only happen to adults. Children nowadays have the same problem. For example, some children are snooze in the morning, always too late to eat early, or do not have the habit of eating early. Parents do not cook on time after returning home at night, and the children eat very irregularly. 

Such an irregular diet will put a lot of pressure on gastrointestinal work, and it is also easy for children to eat more junk food. It is only a matter of time for children to have gastrointestinal problems. 

Supervise children to eat less and more meals

In order to let children eat less junk food, many parents will not let their children eat anything else between three meals a day, but they don’t know that this will actually bring new problems. 

The metabolism of the child is relatively fast, and the child is often hungry before the next meal is reached. Therefore, children are prone to overeating when eating. The stomach and intestines switch back and forth between hungry and over-satisfying states, which is of course very unhealthy. Therefore, parents can prepare some healthy snacks and small fruits for their children between meals, so that the children will not be too hungry at the next meal, and they will not eat too fast. 

Don’t eat too fast.

Parents are generally happier when they see their children eat faster. They think that their children’s good performance in eating is a manifestation of their physical growth. But many children may eat more quickly because they don’t know how to chew and eat slowly, or because the children are too hungry as mentioned earlier. Eating too fast can easily lead to inadequate chewing and eating too much, which brings a great digestive burden to the intestines and stomach. 

Moderate exercise

When you are accumulating food, you often feel that your body is heavy. In fact, at this time, not only is the speed of the stomach and intestines slowed down, but the metabolic cycle of the whole body is also slowed down. And exercise is a good way to improve metabolism, body material circulation, and add power to our body. In addition to helping digestion, exercise also helps children grow taller, which is beneficial and harmless to children. 

Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits

If there is no parent’s reminder, many children don’t like to drink water, which can easily cause dry stools and slow down digestion. In addition to reminding children to drink more water, parents can also give their children more seasonal fruits. On the one hand, supplementing water is more acceptable to children. On the other hand, the fiber and vitamins in the fruits are also conducive to children’s intestinal peristalsis. 

Parents do the above 5 points, the child’s The problem of food accumulation can basically be reduced by more than half, and parents can worry less about it. However, if the child develops fever and vomiting after eating, it is considered more serious. Parents should not deal with it by themselves, and take the child to the hospital directly and hand it over to a professional doctor. Are your children prone to intestinal problems? How do you usually deal with it?

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