When does the child start to recognize his mother? If you miss your baby’s “motherhood”, don’t rely on him to not kiss you

When does the child start to recognize his mother? If you miss your baby’s “motherhood”, don’t rely on him not to kiss you

It’s not easy for a mother to conceive a small life, and after the baby is born, the parents will take care of it. I hope I can be with the little guy all the time. 

However, there is always a gap between reality and ideals. There are also some mothers who are unable to accompany their children all the time due to work reasons, but they don’t know it well, the baby also has a maturity period. If you miss this The period is actually hard to make up, so moms need to pay more attention to it. 

It’s better for a child to see his mother than to see his grandmother

Because Xiao Zhang was too old when he had a baby, the whole process of giving birth was not easy. 

Based on this situation, it is more difficult for Xiao Zhang to take care of the baby by himself, so the child’s grandmother takes on the responsibility of bringing the baby, not only has to take care of the child carefully every day, but also has to take care of Xiao Zhang. Diet. 

Gradually Xiao Zhang’s body is getting better, and the understanding grandmother supports Xiao Zhang to return to work, and she is the backing of the family. With the help of his mother, although Xiao Zhang returned to the workplace smoothly, the time he spent with his baby was even shorter. 

Many times when she comes home from get off work, The child fell asleep, and slowly Xiao Zhang realized that the child was no longer kissing him. Every time he wanted to hug the child, the little guy either hid or made trouble, or went to his grandmother directly. 

Xiao Zhang was very distressed. Why didn’t he have a baby so easy to give birth to? So Xiao Zhang had a question: Is the child too young to recognize himself? So when will the child begin to recognize his mother? 

Generally speaking, a child will start the “admission period” at 8 months of age.

In fact, a baby has an admission period. Generally speaking, the baby may behave well in the first six months. It’s not obvious, and the people who take care of them are not picky, but usually when the baby is 8 months old, the “motherhood” will start. 

In this process, they can accurately recognize the people who take care of themselves in the crowd, and reject those “strangers”. 

So if mothers don’t catch At this time, if you miss the baby’s “motherhood”, have no time to accompany the child, or have very little interaction with the child, then the child will not be very familiar with the “mother” in the child’s cognition, and even will Shows a very repulsive behavior, so don’t rely on him to kiss you. 

So what should parents do during the child’s “motherhood” period? 

When the child adopts motherhood, if you want your child to get closer to yourself instead of being rejected, then parents can actually do these three things:

Meet the baby’s needs in time.

Small In the communication between the baby and the parents, the baby can perceive their needs through a series of actions, such as the baby wants the parents to hug, or wants to drink milk and so on. 

Parents should respond to these needs in a timely manner, instead of expressing the needs of the child, the parents have been rejecting, or even turning a blind eye. 

often brush “presence” in front of children

Before the baby is 6 months old, his eyesight is not very clear, and it is difficult to clearly remember the appearance of his parents, but when the child reaches 8 months, he will have a great understanding of the people in front of him, no matter it is Sound, taste, etc. 

So based on the characteristics of the child, parents can often look for presence in front of the child, hug the child, or change the child’s diaper, feeding bottle and so on. 

Play more interactive games with your children

The best way to accompany your children is to interact with your children, play toys with your children, read picture books for your children, and experience this wonderful parent-child time. Good to be close to yourself. 

High-quality companionship and interaction will be even better Enhance the relationship with the child. The “fairy roll noodles” of the exam, the wrong answer can’t bear to deduct points. The self-disciplined child won from the beginning

China’s college entrance examination is jokingly called the “single-plank bridge”. For many children, this is indeed The most intense competition in life, and the most important level. 

The test tests the child’s intelligence and diligence. This is certainly not disputed by everyone, but many people have overlooked one point, that is, the importance of “self-discipline.” 

To be honest, compared with innate intelligence and acquired hard work, the excellent quality of “self-discipline” is not less for the addition of exams. 

An event that happened a few years ago: When a girl in Suzhou was in the high school entrance examination, because the writing was so beautiful, she was given an extra 5 points by the teacher, which caused her to jump several grades in the ranking, and she was admitted to her favorite high school as she wished. 

The full score of the Chinese entrance examination for Suzhou High School Entrance Examination is 150 points, and the girl’s final score is 132 points, but in fact, she should have been 127 points, and the extra 5 points are the 5-point rolls awarded by the teacher. 

According to the teacher in charge of scoring, when she first saw the girl’s test paper, she was immediately stunned. This is simply “fairy roll noodles”! 

The teacher said that she had worked in the industry for decades and had never seen a student write such a good handwriting, and she wrote it during the exam, which shows how self-discipline the owner of the test paper is usually. 

Because the handwriting is too beautiful, even if a girl is found If you answer the wrong question, the marking teacher feels reluctant to deduct points. 

Of course, I just thought so in my heart. When I really encountered a question that I did wrong, the marking teacher still gave the wrong mark according to the regulations, but after the whole test paper was approved, the teacher couldn’t help but give Added 5 more points and regarded it as a reward for the “fairy roll noodles”. 

People who have participated in the high school and college entrance examination must know that, let alone 5 points, sometimes even if it is only 1 point, it is a gap of hundreds of people. 

Without this extra 5-point roll, the Suzhou girl would probably miss her favorite school. This shows how important it is to write a good handwriting at a critical time. 

But well-written characters are just appearances. What really impresses the teacher is the self-discipline of this girl for more than ten years. 

The self-disciplined child won at the starting line from the beginning

Without the usual self-discipline, it is difficult to write fairy roll noodles

Why did the Suzhou girl’s test paper give the teacher such a shock? Everyone who has been a teacher knows that it is impossible to write calligraphy-level scrolls during the exam without the usual hard work. Not only that, but also requires students to have a very serious attitude. 

So this 5-point roll is not so much a reward for the girl’s handwriting, but rather a reward for her self-discipline and serious attitude. 

Self-discipline can strive for more benefits for yourself

From the case of the Suzhou girl, it can be seen that the self-disciplined child won at the starting line from the beginning, because she has a halo and can leave a good impression wherever she goes. , This is the so-called “impression score.” 

Don’t underestimate the impression score. It is a very important part in both academic and future career. The higher the impression score, the more profitable you can earn. On the contrary, if the impression score is too low, it will hinder yourself and make it more difficult for you to succeed. 

Self-discipline is not a quality inherent in human beings, but nurtured by nature. In this, parents are also indispensable. 

Take the Suzhou girl as an example. She was able to get an extra 5 points, and I believe it is inseparable from the positive discipline of her parents on weekdays. 

To cultivate self-discipline, start with infants and young children

Self-discipline is inseparable from the strict requirements of parents.

The source of self-discipline is “heteronomy”, because human beings admire freedom by nature. If there is no external pressure, it is impossible for people to develop the habit of self-discipline. 

So in order for children to become self-disciplined, parents must first have a right attitude, be strict with their children, and be supervised in real time. 

Only in this way can children gradually put away their undisciplined nature under the pressure of their parents and move towards self-discipline step by step. 

You can start training at 3 years old

When should self-discipline training be carried out for children? The answer is 3 years old. Because 3 years old is the beginning of a child’s self-awareness, starting from this time, self-discipline can be planted in the depth of the child’s thinking, so as to achieve the greatest success with the least cost. 

As for the training method, it is very simple. Parents set requirements for the child, and then secretly observe his behavior. If the child can do it according to your requirements, give the child a certain reward, and vice versa. criticism. 

This way of repeated training many times, self-discipline can become a kind of conditioned reflex of the child. 

There are many specific methods for cultivating self-discipline, and children of different ages have different suitable methods. But there is one method that is unsatisfactory, and that is to let the child practice handwriting, because the handwriting can best reflect the child’s attitude. If you can’t even write seriously, then don’t expect the child to be self-disciplined in other things. 

It can also be seen from the case of a girl in Suzhou that a child’s good handwriting can also increase his impression of the teacher, which is of great help to his study.

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