When does the baby start to have memories? Expert: I was born, but different in nature

When does the baby start to have memories? Expert: It was born, but the nature is different.

Many people, including me, thought that babies did not have memories when they were young. They only started to have memories around 3 years old. However, according to many studies, babies actually live in Having a memory at birth is not a memorial memory as we generally think, but a simple memory. 

In fact, careful parents can also experience some of the memory performance of their babies in their daily lives, just like the following 4 characteristics, they will definitely be surprised after reading them! 

There is “memory” at birth

According to Pediatrics Experts say that after a baby is born, he will begin to have memories of things around him, but parents often ignore it. For example, after taking milk once, the baby will take the initiative to look for nipples and start looking for milk when he is held in the arms of his mother. 

For example, babies who have eaten breast milk will resist formula milk powder and pacifiers with different textures. These are actually the reflection of the baby’s movement memory and posture memory. 

Baby can distinguish the difference between the two, which is based on the memory of the last thing after intimate contact. 

Remember mom and others

Unbelievable Yes, a 3-month-old baby can actually distinguish between other people and mother. You must know that the baby’s vision is not fully developed at this time. Everyone is blurred in his eyes, but he can remember the difference between mothers. . 

Because the mother is close and the time is long when breastfeeding, or the mother’s arms are warmer, etc., the baby can combine these daily repetitions to form a unique memory, and can easily distinguish between the mother and the mother. The others are. 

Impressive things are more memorable

Everyone There are many things experienced every day, but the most impressive things will be remembered more clearly, and babies are no exception. 

Just like an injection, babies who have received injections will cry when they see a white coat. This is because they are deeply impressed with the “painful memory” of the last injection, although they have forgotten the person and environment of the injection. , But the pain caused by the white coat will always affect them. 

distinguish between strange environments and people

Experts recommend parents Take your baby out to see more, which is beneficial to physical and mental development, but I don’t know if the parents noticed it. After going out, the baby will be more lively. His eyes will look around and he will be scared of life after seeing strangers. 

For the newly-purchased things, he will watch it longer, etc. In fact, these are also related to memory. He is already familiar with and remembers common environments and people, so he will be more familiar with acquaintances. Being close, being afraid and curious about unfamiliar environments and people. 

Baby’s memory before 3 years old is not strong , Most of them have forgotten, so many parents think that the baby only has the memory after 3 years old. So parents know it now! Little babies also have memories. In the early days of the second-child opening, families that chose to follow the “trend” are often miserable now

Unknowingly, the second-child policy has been implemented for many years, and many families have begun to choose under the promotion of the second-child policy. Fight for life. At the same time, there are also some young families who are not too enthusiastic about nurturing life, but they can’t prevent the birth of the elderly at home and the “influence” of friends around them. In the end, they followed the crowd to have a second child. 

But I have to say that there are too many responsibilities behind the birth of life. If you do not think carefully, just to follow the trend, then it is likely to have an effect that is contrary to the original intention of fertility. . 

The second-child policy has been open for many years, and those who follow the trend and have second children How is the family now? Netizen: I know it’s cold and warm.

There was a post on the forum before. A couple who wanted to have a second child wanted to know how the family who had a second child after the opening of the second-child policy is doing. Up? Below this post, there are many experienced people who have shared their experiences. 


“When I was fighting for the second child, Dabao just turned three years old. Originally, my husband and I had no plans to have a second child, but I couldn’t stop my in-laws. Urging, the two of us finally compromised. At the beginning, the in-laws said that as long as the second child was born, they would help us, but when Xiaobao was born, the in-laws said that they could not support their body. Finally, I had no choice but to become a full-time mother. , I took care of Dabao and Xiaobao alone, and the family’s finances could only be supported by my husband alone, so life suddenly became hard.”

@朋友开心Every day:

“Wife was 45 years old when she was fighting for the second child , Our eldest daughter has also become a family. Only the two of us have a very deserted home, so after the second-child policy, the idea of ​​wanting to have another one was eager for both of us. Although we also considered a lot, we finally saw the body There were friends who were fighting for their lives. My wife and I finally chose to give birth to a second child. Although the birth of the little guy brought us a lot of joy, I have to say that my wife and I are two people in terms of raising children. I really can’t keep up with my energy. Taking care of the children every day makes our two bodies overwhelmed, and the daily care is also miserable.”

@友 WEAK Wind Fuliu:

“When Dabao was 2 years old, I gave birth to my second child. Everyone. It’s said that one has to give birth to two, but it’s not the case at all! Both babies have to sleep with me at night. After taking care of the big one, take care of the small one, and get up at night to feed the night milk. I can’t sleep for a long time. So that I lost a lot of hair. I knew it was so hard to have a second child. I really didn’t have a baby at the time!”

Although Xiaobao’s birth brought more joy to the whole family , I have to say that the life of a second-child family is indeed self-knowledge. If you think carefully, the life of the second-child family will be guaranteed. If you just blindly follow the trend, then it is obviously a bit risky. 

What should the couple do before giving birth to a second child ready? 

1. Solve the problem of parenting after the child is born

Bringing up two children will inevitably spend more than twice the parenting energy. If there is no plan to discuss the countermeasures in advance, then when Xiaobao is born, the whole family People will definitely fall into a frantic panic. So parents should find an appropriate solution before planning to have a second child. Whether it is relying on the help of the elderly or needing Bao’s mother to be a full-time housewife, preparing in advance can make the growth of the two babies more secure. 

2. Plan consumer expenditures in advance

After Xiaobao is born, family financial expenditure will increase significantly. If young parents do not plan economics in advance, Then it is very likely that the consumption of the whole family will be downgraded because of the birth of Xiaobao. 

If this affects the quality of raising Dabao, it is obviously not worth the gain. Especially in the context of the current parenting pressure is increasing year by year, ensuring family economic stability should be a prerequisite for parents to have a second child. 

3. Do your homework to educate your children in advance

After Xiaobao’s birth, Dabao’s inner world will inevitably be harmed. Even if his parents want to be absolutely fair, from a practical point of view, Dabao still needs to passively accept changes in his lifestyle. 

So before parents plan to have a second child, they must do a good job in Dabao’s psychological construction and understand the homework of educating children in advance. Parents can better ensure that the two children get along well and are more able to solve the problem. Be prepared for education issues. 

It has to be said that no matter what era, the birth of a small life requires parents to take more responsibility and responsibility. Only when parents prepare in advance and make choices after careful consideration can they be guaranteed The harmony and stability of the whole family. Moreover, if parents give their children life, they must be psychologically prepared to ensure their growth.

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