When Bei Pi met the male doctor, the mother shyly declined, the doctor laughed at a word

When Beipi met the male doctor, the mother shyly declined, and the doctor laughed in every word

Not to mention lying on the operating table, we need to forget our dignity and let the doctor handle it. During the delivery process, for the mothers who have been awake all the time, the sentence “no dignity in the delivery room.” 

However, for the safety of themselves and their babies, pregnant mothers have to temporarily lay down their dignity, even if they are facing a male doctor, they must obey all the doctor’s arrangements. 

Linlin is only 24 years old this year, but considering that the sooner she has a child, the elderly can have enough energy to help take care of the children, and she becomes pregnant in the second year of marriage. 

Although I have seen many mothers on the Internet saying that many of the doctors in charge of delivering babies in the delivery room are male doctors, Linlin feels that when she is on the operating table, where can she take care of so many? 

However, what Ling Linlin didn’t expect was that it was a female doctor who examined her uterine mouth during contractions, but a male doctor who prepared the skin. 

Being embarrassed, Linlin asked the male doctor if she could be replaced by a female doctor or nurse to help her skin preparation. After all, it was too embarrassing to let the opposite sex other than her husband see her private parts. . 

After hearing this, the male doctor explained his profession to her, jokingly saying, “I prepare skins for countless women, and you are still the shyest one. Is it important to give birth or face?”

When the surrounding nurses heard the doctor’s ridicule, they all smiled kindly at Linlin, and they all explained to Linlin that this is a very normal thing, so she should not have a psychological burden. 

In the end, Linlin endured the embarrassment and shyness, accepted a male doctor to prepare her skin, and gave birth to a lovely daughter. 

Lin Lin recalled now that she felt that it was because she didn’t know enough about childbirth, and she didn’t know that there was still skin preparation, that’s why she made the embarrassment. 

For a novice mother like Linlin, because she has no experience and is unfamiliar with the procedure of childbirth, it is excusable to cause some embarrassment. 

In fact, during the delivery process, there are still many things that make women feel embarrassed about the same as a male doctor who is responsible for skin preparation. 

During delivery , What are the embarrassing things in the delivery room that make women feel more embarrassed? 

1. Male doctors are responsible for delivering babies.

Many people think that there are female doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. In fact, there are still many male doctors in the process of obstetrics and gynecology. Responsible for delivery is not a small probability thing. 

After all, male doctors are relatively stronger than female doctors in terms of physical strength, and can withstand long-term delivery. 

If the mother is too shameful, it is easy to affect the normal process of labor. Rather than being unfavorable to yourself and your baby, it is better to put your mindset and trust the doctor’s medical skills and professionalism. 

2. Examination during the opening of the uterine mouth

Generally speaking, when the uterine mouth is opened to the ten fingers, the parturient has reached the state of starting childbirth. During the entire process of opening the uterine mouth, the doctor needs to check from time to time to confirm that the ten fingers have been reached. 

In this examination process, a male doctor is often involved. If a woman sees a male doctor carefully observing her private parts, she will definitely feel very embarrassed. 

3. Urinary incontinence occurs during childbirth

During the childbirth, due to excessive force, many pregnant women will experience urinary incontinence. Perhaps it is a very embarrassing thing for pregnant women, especially when they see a nurse or doctor handle these excrement in front of their own face, they feel even more embarrassed. 

In fact, for doctors or nurses, this is already a very common thing. They will only use the prepared equipment to deal with it as soon as possible, so as not to affect the normal process of delivery or cause the mother to be infected. 

A previous survey in the United States showed that in the 1970s, the proportion of male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology reached 90%. Even now, due to the wishes of the mothers and other reasons, it has dropped to 40%. 

But it can also be seen that male doctors still have a certain proportion in obstetrics and gynecology, and there is still a chance of meeting male doctors during the delivery process. 

In order to be able to give birth smoothly, mother and child can be safe, pregnant mothers still have to adjust their mentality. For male doctors, mothers are just their ordinary patients. 

Pregnant mothers How to deal with the incident of a male doctor in the process of giving birth? 

1. Make an appointment with a doctor before giving birth.

If a pregnant mother or family member really cannot accept a male doctor for delivery, you can communicate with the doctor or the hospital during the checkup or before giving birth, and make an appointment for a female doctor. Deliver your own baby. 

2, adjust the mentality

They all say “the doctor’s parental mind”. In the eyes of doctors, there is no difference between men and women. They only care about whether the delivery is smooth, whether the mother and child are safe and so on. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers should adjust their mentality. Whether it is a male doctor or a female doctor, they must cooperate with them to successfully complete the childbirth. 

3. Apply for family accompany

If pregnant mothers feel embarrassed when facing a male doctor, they may wish to apply to the hospital for a family member to accompany them. Generally considering the wishes and emotions of the mother, the hospital will not object to such an application. 

But the premise is that the mother and her family can cooperate with all the arrangements made by the doctor without disturbing the doctor. 

Actually, female doctors in obstetrics for young women all complain about male doctors, because these male doctors are very good in technology, physical strength, experience, psychological quality, etc., just because men and women are different. Psychology, so that male doctors are rejected, this is a kind of disrespect for them. 

To give birth to a new life is a joy and happiness. I hope that pregnant mothers still give birth to their children smoothly, mothers and children are safe, and do not pay too much attention to the existence of male doctors. In the face of smooth production, these embarrassments are trivial! 

Did you meet a male doctor when you gave birth? Welcome to leave a message to share your story! Parents with two sons in the family are obviously raising children, why I live more tired than others

It is the dream of many Chinese parents to have both sons and daughters. Considerate, and one son and one daughter, together is a “good” word, the meaning is quite auspicious. 

However, in our country where only the second child is released, it is not easy to just have one child and one daughter. Even if it is a second child, more families still give birth to two sons or two daughters. In the era of high housing prices, it would be okay if you have two daughters, if you have two sons, it would be strange not to exhaust your parents. 

There is a cousin among relatives, who is two sons. When the second kid was born, although I was a little regretful because I was not a daughter, there was another layer of joy. Because the cousin’s three-generation single pass, the whole family values ​​the male child very much, so the cousin is very excited about the arrival of the second son. No matter how he gets mixed up in the future, at least in terms of giving birth to a son, he is a strong father and an ancestor. 

However, after a few years, this kind of excitement is completely gone, replaced by endless complaints. It’s not just him, but also the cousin. In two years, the eldest son will graduate from high school, and the younger son is also going to elementary school this year. The education of the two sons alone made their parents overwhelmed. However, the greater burden is still to come. 

Today’s house price is already so high, and if it goes up again, when the two sons are going to beg their daughter-in-law, how can they come up with two sets of houses based on the limited income of their cousins ​​and aunts? ? But if he can’t afford a house, his son may not be able to ask his wife. Even if the son doesn’t blame his parents, his parents will feel guilty for it. 

Whenever I think of this, my cousin and my aunt are always worried, always feel that the sky is about to fall down, and sometimes sigh in front of others that they are raising children. Why do I live more tired than others? 

In the social atmosphere where the man must have a house to get married, there is no doubt that the pressure on the family of two sons is very high. If it is a first- and second-tier cities, even if parents are selling iron, it may be difficult to get two sets of down payment for small apartments. So gradually, there will be such a trend of thought in society that two children are not as good as one son and one daughter, and one child and one daughter are not as good as two women. 

The three combinations for the second child, the best is the two daughters

The cost of raising daughters is slightly higher, but the burden is much lighter in the later stage

From the perspective of raising It is true that raising a daughter will cost more money than raising a son, but if you consider things like buying a house and a car later, the investment in raising a daughter will be much smaller. 

After all, no matter how high the maintenance fee is, it can’t be compared with the big heads such as RVs. Of course, this is not to say that parents shouldn’t buy a house for their daughter, but that they can buy a house for their son without having to do so without the ability to lower their quality of life. 

When parents are in their later years, daughters are more worthy of relying on than sons

They all say raising children to prevent old age, but everyone asks yourself, it’s really at a critical juncture, is it reliable for the daughter or the son? ? I believe that there are already many cases in reality that can provide answers. 

From the perspective of the family model in China today, in the old age of parents, their daughters are much more reliable than their sons, because most families’ financial power is in the hands of their wives. Son, it depends on the wife’s wink. You know, no matter how good the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is, it can’t compare to the undisturbed mother-daughter relationship. 

The parents of two sons are the most tired, the two daughters are the most relaxed and the happiest in old age, and the one who lives in it is a family with one child and one daughter. Although both children and daughters do have very beautiful meanings, there is one thing to say that if the parents can’t keep the balance together, it is easy to cause conflicts in a family with this kind of combination. But in reality, many parents with one child and one daughter are biased in their treatment of their children due to the subtle influence of patriarchal thinking. 

Is it okay to have one son and one daughter? Parents have to deal with these two major shortcomings.

1. One child and one daughter can’t effectively reduce the cost of raising.

Many have two children because of the average cost of raising two children together. Lower, but this kind of thinking can only be realized in the combination of two children or two daughters. If you have one child and one daughter, you can’t apply it. 

This is because even in the early childhood, sons and daughters can share very few items, and the many experiences of raising sons cannot be rigidly applied to raising daughters, and vice versa. Therefore, in a family with one child and one daughter, parents not only have to spend twice as much investment, but also spend twice as much energy. 

2. In families with one child and one daughter, daughters are prone to “a sense of neglect”

Although many parents say that they are not patriarchal, they are still You can see the patriarchal tendency, but some parents have not noticed it themselves. But the fact that the parents are not aware of it does not mean that the daughter is not aware of it. In fact, due to the influence of the social atmosphere, in a family with one child and one daughter, the daughter will be particularly sensitive. If the parents are slightly biased towards the son, she will be able to feel it. 

Once she perceives the bias of her parents, she will have a strong “sense of being neglected”, which will affect her personality and psychological development. 

In short, no matter which combination the two children have, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you simply stand from the perspective of the interests of your parents without considering the so-called “passing on from generation to generation,” then there is no doubt that the combination of two daughters is the best, so parents with two daughters should hurry up and have fun.

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