When a mother leaves the hospital and goes home, who is better to hold the baby? Experts: four candidates + two candidates

When a mother leaves the hospital and goes home, who is better to hold the baby? Expert: four candidates + two candidate conditions

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

After the baby is born, everyone can’t wait to hug it, but sometimes the hug is wrong, which can easily cause discomfort or even injury to the baby, especially on the way home after being discharged from the hospital, you need to be more cautious. 

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Xiaoying’s best friend is a nurse, so Xiaoying chose the hospital where her best friend was when she gave birth, thinking about having a caregiver. Later when she was hospitalized, her best friend kept asking who should hold the baby when she was discharged home. 

Xiaoying feels confused, she wonders if anyone can do this? So he replied, when the time comes, whoever wants to hug him, he will be scolded as soon as the voice falls. 

As a senior nurse, my best friend told her that holding a baby seems to be a very simple thing that everyone can do, but in fact it is not the case. 

especially when going home from the hospital At that time, it may take a certain amount of time and a suitable person is needed to hold it. 

These types of people are most suitable for holding a baby to go home.

1. Grandma or grandmother

Choose this category of people first because they are relatively close. Naturally, they will be more careful when holding a child, and will not hurt them;

Secondly, because they have more experience, they often know how to hold the baby more safely and make the baby more comfortable. 

2, those with fertility experience Friends or sisters

They can be sisters of themselves and their husbands, and girlfriends, etc. Of course, they must have childbearing experience, so that they can know what to pay attention to when holding a child;

At the same time, young people are right. Some unexpected situations can respond quickly, and women will be more careful in taking care of their children. 

3. The baby’s father

There are many families. From the moment the wife becomes pregnant, the husband will start to learn all kinds of parenting lessons. Under this condition, he can clearly understand what This way is correct and will not harm the child;

At the same time as one of the closest people to the baby, this kind of contact can strengthen the parent-child relationship between each other. 

4. Yuesao


If there are professional confinement sisters in the family, then this matter can also be left to them. This will not only save energy, but also allow the baby to be better taken care of. 

Note that in addition to the above four people as “candidates” for holding children, it is best to have the following “candidate conditions”:

First, have enough physical strength. The spine of the newborn is fully developed and the bones are relatively soft. It needs to hold the neck and buttocks for a long time when holding it. This may test physical strength;

Secondly, the newborn baby is healthy and has poor immunity. , It is easy to be infected. 

Home delivery process arrangement after childbirth< /p>

To return home in a healthy and safe manner, not only is it necessary to hold the baby by one person, but the entire process should also be understood and planned in advance, so that both the mother and the child can get a more comfortable experience and more adequate Rest——

1) Discharge procedures are handled

This part is handled on the day of leaving the hospital, but the handling process requires some information and goes through several procedures, which are different There will be differences in hospitals. 

Baoma’s family, should Prepare the relevant documents and materials in advance, and find out the specific handling process, so that you will not delay too much time when you leave the hospital, and Mom and the baby can have more time to rest. 

2) The issue of keeping warm

For adults, this time is the first time to go out after giving birth. For children, this is the first time they feel after coming to the world. outside world. 

The body of the baby and the mother are both fragile and easy to catch cold, especially the mother, and may even have other discomforts. So be sure to stock up their clothes in advance and do a good job of keeping warm. 

3) Traffic arrangements


At this time, both the mother and the baby are very fragile, so if you are in contact with too many people, it is best to choose a private car, so that you can have a relatively independent space, and at the same time, you should maintain a relatively spacious position and not be crowded. 

4) Get ready at home.

When you leave the hospital, someone must go to the hospital and come back with Baoma, but it does not require the whole family to be dispatched. This will not only be in the car Crowding can also lead to insufficient preparation at home and affect the health of mothers and babies. 

Therefore, someone in the home must be prepared, including some needed items. In winter, the indoor temperature and humidity should be kept at a temperature suitable for the mother in advance.  After winter, children should pay attention to sleep. Doing so will affect the quality of sleep, and it may not grow too long

Writer: Xiao Xiao

Editor: Muzi

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< p>Nowadays, the weather is getting colder and colder. Parents whose children are only about one year old are worried that they will catch colds when they sleep at night. There is no way. Children at this time have poor resistance and may catch colds with a little wind. 

Not to mention that some children are very dishonest when they sleep at night. They not only sleep in a strange posture, but also like to wear quilts, so some parents have to wrap their bodies tightly or make them wear thick Sleep again with clothes, but this has brought harm to the child’s body. 

The baby was wrapped in thermal underwear while he was sleeping, and the child caught a cold

Xiaohui’s child is two years old this year and has been with her mother-in-law during this period. The weather has been getting colder recently. In the south, it is even colder indoors than outdoors, and the mother-in-law doesn’t want the child to use the air conditioner, so she puts on her child’s thermal underwear at night and then wraps it in a thick blanket. 

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As a result, a few days later, the child caught a cold. Seeing the baby’s uncomfortable look, Xiaohui was very distressed and couldn’t help complaining that her mother-in-law did not take good care of the child. 

The mother-in-law was also very aggrieved and said: “I have always paid attention to keeping the child warm, and I will put him on thermal underwear at night.”

When I heard this, Xiaohui understood. , She told her mother-in-law: “The child always likes to sweat, and she likes to move around at night. Wearing so much sleep, first-rate sweating, and then blowing the air, it is easy to catch a cold.”

Sure enough, there is no longer a feeling of “more is better” when it comes to dressing or sleeping, and the baby’s body is healthier. 

In winter, letting children wear more clothes at night is a way for many parents to take their children, but it actually affects their sleep quality and physical development. 

1. Children actually sweat more.

The nerves that regulate the body temperature of children about two years old have not been fully developed, and their skin is thinner, because the body is small and the blood vessels are more Dense. If the surrounding environment is too hot and does not dissipate heat, it is easy to sweat profusely. 

Parents dress their baby at night in winter Too much, it is easy for children to sweat, if they blow the air again, they are likely to catch a cold. 

Moreover, children who sweat a lot may need to drink night milk or water due to lack of water at night, which increases the frequency of wake up and affects sleep. 

2. Wearing too much while sleeping will affect physical development and sleep

✘ Wear gloves to sleep:

❶ Affect children’s mood: Baby needs when they are young Satisfying themselves by eating hands, binding their hands, children can not eat hands at night, may produce bad emotions and affect their mood. 

❷ Not conducive to the development of hand nerves: if your baby’s hand is tied, it will also restrict their hand movement or not feel the presence of their own fingers, which may affect the development of hand nerves or Hand movement. 

✘ Wear a hat to sleep:

< /p>

Wearing a hat to sleep may affect the heat dissipation of the child’s head and increase their chances of sweating. It may also cause the child’s head to deform because the hat is too tight, which affects the appearance. 

✘ Wearing socks to sleep:

❶ Affects blood circulation: Socks are generally tight, which binds the child’s ankles, which may affect the blood circulation of the feet and cause the feet There is a problem with her development. 

❷ Bacteria: Wearing too thick baby socks will also affect the heat dissipation. If you wear socks for a long time, bacteria may appear due to not wicking perspiration in time, forming “sweat feet.” 

✘ Cover a thick quilt to sleep :

A thick quilt when sleeping will not only make the child feel oppressed and breathless, but also affect the quality of sleep. If the child does not sleep well, his height will also be affected. 

How should babies sleep in winter? 

★ What to wear? 

① Underwear: Underwear for the child to wear while sleeping, it is best to be light, thin, comfortable and absorb sweat to make the baby feel more comfortable when sleeping. 

② Sleeping bag: If the baby is not sleeping well at night, the sleeping bag is actually a good choice, because the space is large enough that it will not restrict their body, and it can also reduce the probability that the child will not sleep well and freeze. 

★ What to cover? 

The quilt chosen for children should be as light and warm as possible, so as not to be too heavy to cause pressure on them, which affects sleep and development. 

★ What kind of indoor temperature? 

When the child sleeps, the room temperature should be kept at around 26℃, and the humidity should be around 60%. Therefore, if possible, it is best to turn on the heating and/or air-conditioning for the child without worrying about them. For its cold resistance, just pay attention to ventilation and moisturizing. 

Moreover, whether the child is cold or hot is not based on the feeling and experience of adults. After the child is asleep for a period of time, parents can touch their back. If it is warm, it means The temperature is right; if you sweat, it’s too hot; if it’s cold, you may have too little cover. 

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