When a child lied, he hit or scolded? First find out which type it is, then smart parents can handle it skillfully

When a child lied, he hit or scolded? First find out which type it is, and then smart parents can handle it wisely

Lying itself is a wrong behavior, but specific events should be analyzed in detail. White lies are often derived from a good starting point. . 

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Generally speaking, children start to learn to lie when they are 2~4 years old, whether they are Both deliberate deception and white lie will make parents feel worried. In fact, we must first figure out what kind of lie is, and finally prescribe the right medicine instead of criticizing it. 


< p>Ms. Qin’s child, Lele, is 4 years old this year. I don’t know when he started to learn to lie. He obviously did something wrong and had to make up a reason to explain it. 

Last week, Ms. Qin found a new toy in Lele’s schoolbag, so she casually asked where the toy came from. Lele hesitated to say that it was given by a classmate, and Ms. Qin didn’t care about it. , But then she saw the teacher in the class group just inquiring about the toy, and Ms. Qin realized that the child had stole the toy from the kindergarten. 

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Then Lele felt ashamed and embarrassed to ask the child the reason. “Mom, I won’t dare again next time.” Ms. Qin tried to control it. One’s own emotions clearly tell Lele that it is wrong to lie, and it is also wrong to take other people’s belongings at will without telling the other party. 

In fact, every child will lie in the process of growing up. As a parent, don’t be impatient, but find out the cause, analyze the strategy, and prescribe the right medicine. The child’s lying is usually divided into the following four situations. 

Types of children lying


1. Lying unconsciously

Children between 0 and 3 years old don’t know what lies are, they may just unconsciously say the wrong thing, because the brain is weak in the order of time and space Children’s cognitive abilities and memory are easy to confuse, causing children to be unable to distinguish between imagination and reality, and cannot clearly remember when, where, and what happened. For example, if he eats rice in the morning, he remembers that he ate noodles. 

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2. Lies out of shame and guilt

Generally children will be ashamed after they reach the age of three. Sometimes they do wrong for fear of offending their parents If you are unhappy or blamed, you will choose to deliberately conceal the facts to cover up your own mistakes. In this situation, you must educate as soon as possible. 

Actually, the reason why a child chooses to lie to avoid punishment is mostly because he initially drew blame and anger for being honest, and he began to choose to lie, because the parents care about the matter, not the honesty of the child. quality. 

3, deliberately lie to make a profit

This is a more serious situation. For example, a child quietly takes other people’s belongings and takes them home, lying that they are given by a friend. This is an act Sexual lying is an act of misconduct. Lying brings them certain benefits and satisfaction, but it lays huge hidden dangers to their growth. Parents must be more vigilant. 

4. White lies< /p>

Some children are more sensible and may feel sorry for their parents, and they will make up some white lies, such as having an unhappy life at school, in order to reassure their mothers that they are doing well. 

What should parents do if children lie? ? 

1. Reasons for listening carefully to your children

Parents should not scold them immediately after detecting that the children are lying, otherwise the children will not dare to tell the truth and become more fearful in their hearts. In order to avoid mistakes, I still choose to lie, the correct way is to first patiently listen to the reason why the child lied, and then discuss with the baby what better way to face and improve besides lying, and finally clearly tell the child that lying is wrong, let them Understand that it is more important to be an honest child. Finally, parents should give their children a chance to admit their mistakes, understand their motivations for making mistakes, and encourage them to admit their mistakes and correct them. 

2, promptly manage and correct

If the parent fails to take corrective measures after the child lied, or deliberately protects the child for the sake of face after being exposed, it may encourage the child to lie. For this reason, if it involves character If you lie, you must be disciplined immediately, and your children must not be left alone, otherwise they will become more and more unscrupulous, and they may steal when they grow up and involve criminal offenses. 

It should be noted that every child has self-esteem. Parents must avoid outsiders when educating their children, choose a more private place, and talk to the child calmly, so that the child’s self-esteem and sense of security can be gained Protection makes it easier for them to tell their true thoughts. 

3. Parents should lead by example

In fact, many of us adults will lie intentionally or unintentionally, some are polite words, some are white lies, etc., and children from this cultural background Under the influence, they will also passively accept to lie. 

First of all, parents should make one People who are honest and trustworthy should not always break their promises when they promise their children, let alone make them lie. In life, if you lie to your children, you must apologize in time. 

Of course, parents cannot be beaten to death by saying that they cannot lie. Instead, they should make judgments based on objective facts. If they lie for their own personal gain, to avoid punishment, or to obtain improper benefits, they must let them lie. Children face up to their own mistakes and bad behaviors.  Both spouses are not academic masters, if there is one With this blood type, most of the children born with high IQ

Part of a child’s IQ is derived from heredity, including not only genes, but also blood types. 

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Parents want their children to have a high IQ, so The chances of success in the future will be much higher. Some children are gifted from an early age, and they can do everything easily and brilliantly. 

For example, children taught by the same teacher will have different grades and different understanding and application of knowledge. Part of the child’s IQ comes from heredity, not only contains genes, but also Contains blood type. 

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Lily’s son is 8 years old this year, he has just entered the second grade of elementary school, and his grades have always been top-notch, and he is smart and cute. 

In fact, before the child enters school, family members find that the baby’s concentration, intelligence, and imagination seem to be much stronger than those of his peers. After enrolling in school, Lily discovered that her son’s memory is super strong, and the words and poems taught can be quickly remembered. The family is very happy about this. 

Knowing that a physical examination found that Lily and her husband are both O-type blood, the doctor said with a smile, the IQs of your two blood-type children will certainly not be bad. 

Why this Couples of blood type, give birth to children with high IQ? 

According to research findings, if both parents have type O blood, the child born will have a high IQ. 

In medicine, common blood types are A, B, O, AB, and rare blood types are Rh negative and Rh positive. Psychologists have discovered that people of different blood types have slight differences in thinking and intelligence. 

Furthermore, the child’s blood type is derived from the inheritance of the parents. Studies have found that as long as the parents have O type blood, the children born to them will not have poor intelligence. 

The specific reasons are as follows:

1. High IQ

According to research, people with type O blood have the gray matter area of ​​the brain (referring to brain processing The problem center) is larger than other blood types, which indicates that children with this blood type will have stronger creativity and thinking ability. 

Children with strong thinking and creative abilities are equivalent to the incarnation of wisdom. As long as the parents can cultivate them the day after tomorrow, they are likely to become the pillars of the country when they grow up. 

2. Strong memory

According to data surveys, the temporal lobe and limbus of the brain of type O blood occupy more area of ​​the brain than other blood types, and this part contains the left hippocampus. A place to store memory, which also indicates that children with this blood type will have super memory. 

If a person has a strong memory, he will spend less time than others in learning and using knowledge, which is simply a symbol of wisdom. 

3. Strong learning ability

According to statistical surveys, people with type O blood will have stronger learning ability and greater concentration, and their learning efficiency is 2 to 3 times higher than their peers. So how can babies of this blood type have poor intelligence? 

Although the inheritance of the parent’s blood type affects the child’s intelligence, it is not a decisive factor. It also requires parents to cultivate more the day after tomorrow to make the child become better and better. 

How parents raise Children, make them better? 

1. Create a good growth environment

Parents need to create a good growth environment in order to promote better physical and mental development of their children, such as family harmony, parents love to read, parents have a good temper, etc. This not only allows the baby to use the senses to explore and understand the unknown, promote brain development, but also develop good personality and behavior habits in the process. 

2. Balanced diet

In order for parents to ensure the good growth and development of their children, a balanced diet will be an indispensable condition. If they want their babies to become smarter, they can eat more DHA rich in DHA. Foods such as deep-sea fish, eggs, seaweed, etc. 

3. Sufficient sleep

Parents want their children to grow and develop better and become better and better. A good sleep is essential. After all, only guarantee the baby Adequate sleep can make the growth hormone secrete better and the brain can get better rest. 

In addition, you can also take your children to do appropriate exercises, cultivate hobbies, etc., to stimulate the development of right brain thinking; exercise self-care ability, sense of responsibility, etc., so that children can better base themselves in society in the future. 

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