When a baby smiles at her mother when she is breastfeeding, does she recognize someone? With these 3 reactions, I really know you

When a baby smiles at her mother when she is breastfeeding, does she recognize someone? With these three reactions, I really know you

Before becoming a mother and after having a baby, Xiaolan was totally different. Now she not only goes home after get off work, but no longer asks her friends to go shopping and eat dinner as before. 

Xiao Lan’s friends are very curious, is it really the power of motherhood that made her return to the family? During a chat with a girlfriend, Xiaolan said the hidden secrets. 

Xiao Lan said that when she first started as a mother , I don’t think the child is so cute, and even feel helpless because of the baby’s entanglement. 

But once, during her breastfeeding process, the baby kept smiling at her. The cute smile really made her heart melt. At that moment, she suddenly felt that being a mother was really true. Okay, and at this point, she enthusiastically asked her girlfriend, “When a baby is breast-feeding, she smiles at her mother, do you recognize someone?”

My girlfriend is also a mother. She was too embarrassed to hit her, so she said euphemistically: “Baby often laughs at people consciously or unconsciously when she is infancy.” Xiaolan understood what she meant by her girlfriend, and sighed with her cheeks and said with a heavy sigh: ” How old is that child to know me!”

How old is the child? Just started to recognize people? 

The baby is able to see people’s faces roughly in 1-3 months. At this time, they are also more sensitive to sounds, but it does not prove that the baby can tell who is the mother, who is the father or other family members. 

This is mainly because the eyesight of the young baby is not yet mature, and the vision is still relatively blurred, and he cannot see the face of the old father or mother. It will take them at least 4 months to be able to see and recognize faces. 

Just like Xiaolan’s baby, when they After eating and drinking, they just smiled contentedly, rather than consciously approaching their mothers, so we can’t even think that they are beginning to recognize people. 

Cognitive ability is a process of gradual improvement, and there are many influencing factors

However, even if the baby does not yet know the old mother, parents do not need to be sad about it. Because, just like their physical development, babies’ cognitive abilities need a gradual improvement process. 

In the process of cognitive development, children need to develop good vision, hearing, memory and other aspects before they can use them comprehensively and form good cognitive abilities. 

In other words, if the baby can be Knowing mother during 4-6 months, distinguishing family members and strangers, proves that the baby has better physical and cognitive development and is a very smart baby. 

At the same time, when the baby starts to recognize people, it is also an excellent opportunity for parents to strengthen the relationship with the baby. Parents must grasp it well and establish a close relationship in the future. 

Then novice mothers also want to know how to judge whether a baby really knows people? Still laugh unconsciously? When should I brush my “sense of presence” in front of my children? 

When the child has these 3 reactions, it is true I know you

In fact, if these three manifestations appear, it means that the baby is trying hard to remember his mother! 

Performance 1: Being held by others, but always looking at the mother

Some babies show special recognition. When a stranger picks up the baby, the baby may cry Emotions, or just keep looking at mom. 

Sometimes, babies will behave like Allow mother to hug. Especially when coaxing to sleep, if it is held or coaxed by other members of the family, the baby will also show the willingness to find his mother to coax her to sleep. 

Performance 2: When you wake up from sleep, you will not cry when you see your mother.

Some babies will show that when you wake up from sleep, if you don’t see your mother, they will cry . But if you see your mother after waking up, not only will you not cry, but you will also be particularly happy. 

Performance 3: The baby responds quickly after hearing the mother’s call

Mothers usually call the baby’s name more often to deepen the baby’s impression of the name. After a certain month of age, the mother We will find that when the baby hears his mother calling his name, he will respond quickly, which also means that they know her mother. Xueba’s draft paper is shameful, tidy and orderly, and learning scum: cleaner than my workbook

We often say “you have to write a draft when you speak”, which means that you have to think about it, which also shows In order to understand the importance of drafting, not only is it important to draft the speech, but also to draft the exam. 

The “draft” in the eyes of many people is only “draft” but not “draft”. Why do you say that? Just look at the drafts of the schoolmasters. This is the real draft! 

Xueba’s draft paper is clean and tidy, and I feel comfortable after reading it. Netizens: Very self-disciplined.

As long as it is a formal test, no matter what the test is, a draft paper will be issued to facilitate the test. 

For many people, the Scratch paper is often not enough, and liberal arts do not use draft paper, but it is up to the examinee to decide how to use draft paper. The way some students use draft paper is very different from that of scumbags! 

Students’ drafts: neat handwriting, pay attention to logic

Really learners are not only good at grades, but also good at logical thinking and expression. Just look at their drafts! 

The exam time is limited. Many students can’t even write the words on the answer sheet, let alone write the drafts neatly, but the schoolmasters can do it! Look at the draft papers of these Xueba, they are neat and clean, the writing is not ambiguous at all, neat and tidy, not worse than the writing on the answer sheet. 

In addition to writing neatly, schoolmasters play The drafts are also very logical, tidy and orderly, and most of them are clear and organized. They can plan the draft paper reasonably. 

For example, if each question is divided into areas, and the question numbers are marked in order, there will never be overwriting or calculations squeezed in one corner, and the corresponding question can be found at a glance. , The calculation process is also clear at a glance, effectively saving the time to check the answer. 

Looking at the draft paper of the schoolmasters, netizens exclaimed: Is this really a draft rather than a note? This self-discipline is really strong. Looking at the above calculation formula, there is no doubt that these are indeed scratch papers. 

Some “students” read After Ba’s draft, it seemed that he suddenly realized that he was ashamed: it makes sense for him to learn poorly. The draft is so strong for a student to write a draft. The draft written in this exam is cleaner than my usual workbook. I really admire it! 

Study scum drafts: handwriting is scribbled and unorganized

Compared with those of academics, the drafts of these scumbags are really different. Look at the words on it. It’s either crooked or twisted, or the dragons and phoenix dance horizontally, some upright, some larger and smaller, and when there is no place to write, the calculations will be squeezed in a pile, not even a title number is marked. 

The formula for this question can be found in the previous second, and it will be difficult to find it when checking in the next second, and I can’t find a trace when I rummaged through the entire draft paper. If you can’t find your heart, you get anxious. If you get anxious, you can make mistakes. Time is wasted and you can’t get a few points. The reason why the scumbag is a scumbag is that most of the details are not done well! 

Some people say: just a draft, why bother So it is true, but soon a large group of netizens retorted: drafting is the details, and the details determine success or failure, of course you must be serious! 

So knowing how to write drafts, what are the benefits for children? 

First of all, it is helpful to cultivate children’s self-discipline habits. It can be seen from these clean, tidy and organized drafts that these schoolmasters are very self-disciplined. Think about those who have a casual learning attitude and bad learning habits can make such drafts? Of course not. 

Therefore, children who can make such a draft must be self-disciplined, and sticking to it for a long time can also enhance the child’s self-discipline. 

Furthermore, it can indirectly improve children’s grades. Although clean and logical drafts cannot directly add points, they can help children reduce unnecessary errors in the exam. This is equivalent to an indirect increase. Roll noodles. 

Finally, the correct way of drafting can be sublimated into a child’s thinking and living habits. Take the drafts of the schoolmasters. The serial number and serious writing in it are all manifestations of logical thinking. Being able to apply this method to life, such as making personal plans, learning plans, etc., slowly becomes an inherent logical way of thinking. 

A piece of draft paper is the embodiment of the child’s details , You can see the children’s thinking habits and learning styles, so parents should not underestimate the children’s draft paper, and cultivate children’s careful habits and logical thinking methods. You can start by teaching your children to draft drafts. 

What is the correct way to draft a draft? 

To cultivate children’s logical thinking through drafting, parents should emphasize “tidy” and “organized” to their children, and ask children to start with their usual homework, and keep the writing neat and tidy when drafting. 

In the case of tight time, the words of the draft may not be so neat, but the area of ​​the title must be divided, and the title number is marked in front of each draft to facilitate later inspection. 

Children can do this strictly in normal times Naturally, you will not panic during the exam, and it will gradually become a good study habit!

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