What’s wrong with the baby talking late? “The nobleman speaks late” is unreliable, and parents’ guidance is the key

What’s wrong with the baby talking late? It’s not reliable to speak late, and parents’ guidance is the key.

Every time a child grows up, mothers look forward to it, from the first time they open their eyes to the first time they shout ” “Mom”, these moving moments all mean that the baby is growing. 

When it comes to growing up, there are big differences between children. In terms of speaking, some babies speak early, and they can clearly say some simple repetitions when they are less than one year old. In the minds of parents, these children who speak early must be very smart. 

On the contrary, some children seem to speak much later. For example, some children have not spoken before they are two and a half years old, and they only rely on fingers or nodding and shaking their heads in normal communication. But facing this situation, some parents happen to Under the banner of “the nobleman speaks late”, give yourself some comfort. 

What’s wrong with babies who speak later than their peers? 

Miao Miao gave birth to a son. Because there was no help from the elderly, the task of bringing the children fell on the young couple themselves. 

In taking care of children, Miao Miao attaches great importance to it, and will make good dietary arrangements for children every day to ensure their growth and development. 

Seeing that the child is almost one and a half years old, except for the slower pace of language ability development, the rest of the height and weight are above the standard line, which is inseparable from Miao Miao’s meticulous care . 

But the child’s father is a little worried, others The children in the family can recite poems, but the children in their own family can only pop out a few words, so there won’t be any problems. 

Miao Miao felt a little worried after hearing her husband’s concerns, and finally decided to ask someone with experience in the family. However, the old man didn’t seem to take this matter to heart, but comforted Miao. Miao said that this is a good thing. 

In this regard, Miao Miao and her husband are also at a loss. Is it a good thing for the child to speak late? 

It’s not reliable to speak late, parents Good guidance is the key.

Actually, sayings such as “the nobleman speaks late” are not reliable, they are just a sentence for parents to comfort themselves. 

In addition to the reasons why children speak late, there is also whether the parents have made the correct guidance. If the parents take care of the children too well, the children will not have the opportunity to express themselves, then the children will be too lazy Speak. 

Another example is that parents usually take care of their children and never communicate with them, which will also make the children lose interest in speaking. 

If the parent is trying to speak Hit the child’s self-confidence, and the child will be repulsive to speaking. So what should the baby do when he speaks late? 

Teaching children to speak “three more and two less” is the principle

Education children need to be done step by step. If the child speaks late and speaks slowly, parents should not rush first, and have to master the following tips. 

Sanduo refers to:

●Use short conversations to communicate with children more:

When children begin to show interest in external things, parents can try to communicate with children . 

For example, you can usually have some short conversations with children about objects, and use body language and facial expressions at the same time to give children an intuitive impression. 

It should be noted that parents must pay attention Speak slowly, and respond in time when your baby babbles. 

●Guide the baby to ask more questions:

Parents should also pay attention to interact with the baby more and guide the baby to learn to ask questions. 

Through communication, guide the baby to learn to communicate and let the baby participate in the dialogue. When the baby can express correctly, the parents should also listen patiently and correct it in time. 

●Encourage your baby’s progress more:

Communication with the baby requires a lot of patience from the parents. The baby speaks slowly and has a small vocabulary. Parents need to listen and understand patiently. 

At the same time, parents must not be stingy to encourage the baby’s progress. Encourage the baby a lot and give the baby a chance to speak, which will encourage the baby to speak bravely. 

Two less:

●Use less language to complain about your baby’s slow speaking:

Parents must pay attention to the fact that when the baby speaks slowly, the expression is not accurate enough. Parents can be timely Make corrections and encouragement, don’t spit or laugh at your baby. 

This will make the baby become resistant to speaking, and thus become introverted and unwilling to express. 

●Be less “knowing”:


Generally, parents make such mistakes. If the baby expresses the intention of wanting something, Mommy will immediately give it to the child. 

This kind of practice will only make the baby too lazy to speak. Since I can achieve the goal with one finger, why bother to speak? The following behaviors of the baby are precursors of overfeeding, which hinder the growth of intellectual development, so Bao’s mother is not big enough.

Not long ago, I was online Seeing a post, the poster was a novice mother. Her baby was born premature and was born a lot smaller than the baby of the same age. Now it has been six months, her height is not up to the standard, which makes her very anxious. . Later, on a Taiwan variety show, when she saw the actress force her child to eat to reach the growth target, she decided to follow suit and double the baby’s milk intake. Originally 120 ml, now she has to drink 360 ml. Much to grow fast. 

However, This method didn’t take long, and the baby was sent to the hospital because of overfeeding. After learning the baby’s milk volume, the doctor was very speechless about it, thinking that the baby’s gastrointestinal system and digestive system would not be able to withstand this torture, not to mention that in order to digest the doubled milk volume, the baby’s blood circulation was concentrated in the stomach and intestines. If the blood supply to the heart cannot keep up, carelessness will cause heart failure. 

“But I want to increase nutrition!”

Bao’s mother is not convinced, and thinks that her approach is correct. The doctor patiently explained that the baby’s stomach is equivalent to a rigid body. The formed container is very fragile, and the digestive system is not yet fully developed, so it can’t absorb so many nutrients at all. 

It takes time for adults to expand their intestines and stomach. Baby development is not complete. Expansion is equivalent to overload operation, which will only destroy the baby’s normal developmental laws and cause digestive tract dysfunction, which may even affect the body. Health, but it hinders the development of the brain, there is a decline in intelligence. So, let’s learn about the concept of overfeeding today and how parents can avoid it. 

▲Precursor manifestations of overfeeding:


①The sudden increase in the number of visits to the toilet

Newborns cannot speak, and health problems are directly reflected by the body. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to the quality of the baby’s stool, and so The number of times. If there is a sudden increase, or abnormal stools, problems with softness, or even diarrhea, and foamy or even green excrement, the baby may be overfeeding. 

What Bao Ma has to do is to reflect on her feeding these days. If there are too many feedings, just reduce it once or twice. 

②The crying ceases and the sleep quality is poor< /p>

Take my neighbor as an example. His baby used to cry more than a little in the middle of the night for a few days. I slept lightly. After being disturbed for a week, I couldn’t help but come to ask. I was crying and crying. 

Because they are novice parents, they did not see the bulging of the child’s lower abdomen at all, and thought that the child’s stomach was round and normal, until I reminded me that waking up, crying, and bloating are overfeeding. They were sent to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment. As I expected, the child had eaten too much, had poor sleep quality at night, and could not complete his sleep cycle. This was the result of crying. 

③Spit up, refuse breastmilk

This kind of performance is the most typical sign of overfeeding. Under normal circumstances, the baby will not reject breastmilk. If vomiting occurs, that It can show that the baby has eaten too much and needs to be relieved by hiccups, and Baoma should also reduce the frequency of breastfeeding. 

④The weight grows suddenly and does not conform to the growth law

From the moment the newborn is born, mothers must pay attention to recording the baby’s height, weight, head circumference, etc. Don’t be too troublesome , Can help doctors diagnose at critical moments. 

This is the case for my Jia Lele. At six months, the weight soared, which did not conform to the normal development pattern. I only found out that it was caused by overfeeding when I was sent to the hospital. Taiwanese female artists are right to “eat more and more”, but it also depends on where they grow. If it develops horizontally, it will only make the baby overeat, increase premature aging cells, and lead to obesity. 

As we all know, one of the side effects of obesity is mental decline, which affects the development of the brain. 

▲How to prevent the baby from overfeeding? 

①Draw the baby’s growth curve

As mentioned earlier, from the moment the baby is born, the parents begin to record the growth curve of the baby’s body and draw it into a graph , Can observe the baby’s growth and development more simply and clearly. 

Take me as an example. I found that Lele’s health had a problem with the abnormal growth rate. You can also give it a try. 

②Observe the baby’s reaction when feeding< /p>

The advantage of breastfeeding is that it is convenient for mothers to observe the baby’s expression when they are breastfeeding. There are generally three types: one is actively sucking, but unable to eat milk, spit it out and suck again, and finally get anxious Wow crying; the second type is only sucking, but has not shown swallowing, that is fake eating, which means that mother Bao’s milk is insufficient and the baby is hungry; the last type is that the baby’s attitude is not positive and the sucking force is weak, so eat Spit out while eating, this kind of overfeeding may exist, and Baoma needs to reduce the frequency of breastfeeding. 

③Calculate the baby’s sleep duration after feeding

Under normal circumstances, one breastfeeding can last about three hours, and the baby will cry when he is hungry, but if it is the interval between the baby’s eating If the time is too long, there is a possibility of overfeeding. Bao Ma pays attention to calculating the duration. 4 “fancy boasting methods” to correctly praise children, get rid of “awesome”, and boast to the point

With the development of the Internet, many parents have learned some parenting knowledge. Children’s education problems can also be dealt with more easily. 

After learning these advanced parenting concepts, most parents put aside the traditional Chinese “stick education” and chose a more effective “commendation education” for their children. The final result also made many parents tasted The sweetness of educating children has expressed that this method is really easy to use, and the children are more obedient. 

However, there are methods to praise. If it is used improperly, it is likely to have counterproductive effects. Do parents know how to correctly praise children? 

Compliments are not as many as possible

appropriate praise It is very important to children, but parents must not praise everything. The more praise is not the better. If parents often put compliments on their lips, children will feel that no matter what they do, they will be praised. If the parents do not praise once, it may affect the children’s emotions. 

For example, let children throw their own garbage into the trash can. This is a basic skill that children should learn. There is no need to praise the child, so that the child can understand that this is what he should do. 

Boast hard work, less smart

Not just parents , Most people have some fixed patterns in the praise of children, such as: you are so smart, you are awesome, and you have a talent for singing. This kind of fixed pattern of praise will make children think that they are very talented and do anything. Things are all because they are smarter, not the result of their own hard work. In the end, children will become arrogant and proud people. 

Parents can try to compliment when their children do a good job: “You worked so hard this time, that’s why you painted so well. It’s great!” Let them know that they are talented. Good, but acquired efforts are more important. 

Compliment the child before the event, not after the event

a lot Before the child did this, the parents were anxious to give the child a lot of praise, which would cause the child to have a lot of pressure, which is not conducive to the development of a healthy mentality for the child. 

Parents can choose to give some specific praise to the child after the child has done this, and hope that the child will do better next time, which will bring motivation to the child. 

Practical, but not exaggerated praise

About To praise children, parents must master the inner ruler, and cannot praise children excessively. 

For example, if a child can only wear one piece of clothing by himself, the parent praises the child for doing a great job, and puts a huge hat on the child, which may bring some pressure to the child. 

It is best for parents to encourage their children according to the actual situation to help their children grow up better. 

When parents praise their children, they must To master the correct method to prevent some unhealthy psychological effects on the child, the child must be praised to the point.

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