What’s wrong with the baby making fists and biting hands? Infants’ behaviors and actions hide “cryptic words”, parents must understand

What’s wrong with the baby making fists and biting hands? Infants’ behaviors and movements are hidden in “crypto words”, parents must understand it.

After a baby is born, every cry will affect the hearts of mothers, but because the mother and child have not yet formed a good tacit understanding, so many Moms will understand the needs of the baby through “guessing”. 

However, many experienced mothers know that in addition to crying, the baby’s “infant speech” can also be expressed through body language. Smart mothers will combine the child’s body The language, the frequency of crying, etc. are used to interpret the baby’s needs. 

Then the question is here, what’s the matter with the baby’s frequent fisting and biting? Let us take a look together today. 

There are “cryptowords” hidden in the actions of babies < p>If parents observe carefully, they will find that although the babies grow up in different environments, they will all have similar behaviors or actions. In fact, this is a way for them to express their appeals. It can also be called the “code language” of babies. Parents But you have to understand it. 

After all, babies in the infancy stage can only use their own behaviors to express their needs because they still can’t speak. If parents can understand the meaning behind these behaviors, they can bring their babies up. It will be more convenient. 

However, many parents are lack of Experience, in the face of howling and crying babies, parents are often anxious but can’t get the idea, so let us understand several common baby “cryptowords” below. 

Closed eyes, howl rhythmically

It is said that food is the most important thing for the people, and for babies, “eating” is also their top priority. When children are hungry, they close their eyes and cry rhythmically. If Bao Ma picked up the baby at this time, they would often pouting their mouths and making an expression looking for milk. 

No doubt, this is a manifestation of the baby’s hunger. When the baby is full, he will sleep with half-squinted eyes. 

By the way, when Mom is breastfeeding , Try not to wait for the baby to be hungry and hungry, because when the baby is hungry, he will eat breasts unconsciously, suck in a lot of air, and cause choking. 

Small face wrinkled, kicking quietly

When Mommy sees the baby with a serious face, wrinkled small face, or slowly reddening small face, most of them indicate that the baby may be stinking. , Some babies will have obvious exertion. At this time, parents should be prepared to change diapers. 

There is also a situation when the baby is crying loudly when tightening his legs, and it may also be caused by discomfort in the stomach. At this time, parents should deal with it in time. 

Wave your hands and try to refuse

When some babies are frightened, they will wave their hands. At this time, they will also be blindfolded and crying. 

Studies have shown that when babies wave their hands, they are also the performance of their self-protection mechanism, which is a kind of “primitive reflex.” 

At this time, the mothers should calm down in time Baby, give your baby enough sense of security to avoid fright and fear. 

Clenching fists and biting hands, expressing curiosity or nervousness about oneself

Baby clenches small fists frequently during the first three months of life, and some babies may also bite hands and other behaviors. On the one hand, it may be because the baby’s emotions are relatively tense, on the other hand, it may also be because the baby is beginning to be curious about himself. 

At this time, Bao Ma must not forcefully break the baby’s clenched fists or remove the baby’s small hand from the mouth. This can patiently and gently divert the baby’s attention and distract the baby from nervousness. mood. 

smiling and grabbing mother’s hair

Some babies clearly She smiled at her mother one second before, and then grabbed her mother’s hair or skin directly in the next second, and the baby still had difficulty in grasping the strength of his hands, and sometimes it hurts her mother. 

Actually, this is what the baby wants to express to continue playing with her mother. At the same time, they want your attention to return to them, without leaving or distracting. In the future, “the queen” may become the norm. The old people are worried, but the young people laugh behind their backs.

The cousin and cousin have been married for 6 years and have never had children. The uncle and the aunt urged countless times, but every time they spoke recently, the cousin got stuck in their stomachs. The cousin said that many people around him now do not have children after getting married, or they simply do not get married. Now the pressure of raising children is too great. It is so good for two people to live in a two-person world. Why do you have to have a child to put pressure on yourself? ? 

Also, more and more couples insist on “DINK” nowadays, and some young people simply do not marry and have infertility, and their lives are quite comfortable. Those who get married and have children are very envious and straightforward. Hu regretted having a baby. According to this trend, “the queen” may become the norm in the future. The old people are worried, but the young people are laughing behind their backs. 

Why can’t the elderly and the young be able to achieve childbearing Consistent? 

Nowadays, when it comes to having children, it can be said that the minds of the elderly and the young are “polarized”. Elderly people are ignorant of reality. No matter whether young people have time or money to support them, they will only give birth to them. The reason is that they must “have a queen.” Young people have more realistic ideas. They can’t afford to take care of them, so they don’t give birth at all. 

The old man believes in the concept of “passing the family from generation to generation” for a lifetime. Even if there is no money, even if no one takes it, he must “leave the family behind”, otherwise he will be sorry for his ancestors. However, young people accept new ideas, they do not have the idea of ​​passing on from generation to generation, and their ideas are more realistic. After all, life is really stressful now. Repaying car loans and mortgages, coping with daily communication, raising children and investing in education is heavy. Under the pressure, young people really don’t want to have a child. 

When the “last era” becomes a normal state, the elderly are worried , Why do young people laugh? 

The reason why the old man is so obsessed with giving birth is that he wants his children to pass on from generation to generation and keeps no one in the family. There is another reason for worrying that there will be no future for their children, and there will be no one to support them in their old age. However, young people don’t think so. They don’t want to live around their children and grandchildren like older parents. They are more selfish, or “selfish,” and want to live for themselves. 

So, now that they don’t have children, they don’t have the pressure to raise children, so they laugh naturally. Moreover, young people nowadays pay more attention to pursuing careers and ideals. They have no children or even family ties, they have no worries and can make some achievements. As for no one to provide for the elderly in their old age, they are not worried because there are many ways to provide for the elderly and their children may not be reliable. 

“Endless” is a kind of derogatory rhetoric. The devil doesn’t care that life is still casual

In fact, the expressions “after the end” and “after the end” are actually a derogatory rhetoric of the public for those who have no sons or children. Those who care will regard this kind of rhetoric as a kind of demon, so some people try their best to get a son, some people use all their wealth to get a wife and children for their son, and even offer their wife as a bodhisattva. 

However, those who don’t care, in today’s age when marrying a wife is difficult, they are more open about whether they can marry a wife and have children. Those who do not have sons but only daughters will work hard to cultivate their own daughters, and their lives will still be casual. After all, one’s own generation may not be able to live to understand it yet, who is thinking about whether the children and grandchildren will survive for generations?

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