“What’s wrong with taking a sip of your drink?”, grandma unreasonably nursing baby, girl: I have tuberculosis

“What happened to your sip of your drink?” Grandma’s unreasonable baby-care girl: I have tuberculosis

In life, if we see some children who are not polite or have some bad behaviors, we will call them For the bear child. There seem to be more and more bear children nowadays, and people can’t help but feel how difficult it is to bring children nowadays. But I don’t know if you have ever thought about the root cause of bear children. In fact, sometimes it has a lot to do with the education of your family. 

During the summer vacation, the 4-year-old Duoduo was sent by his parents to his grandparents’ house for a period of time. The two elderly people were naturally very happy to see the arrival of their grandchildren, whom they had not seen for a long time. 

Grandma takes her grandson out to play from time to time, making her grandson happy every day. 

On this day, grandma takes her grandson to the park At that time, the grandson found that a girl was holding a glass of juice in her hand. The color was very beautiful, so she wanted it too. 

He took his grandma’s hand and asked her to buy a cup for him. I don’t know if it was because of distressed money or other reasons. Grandma did not nod her head in agreement. 

But she pulled her grandson aside and said a few words quietly. After listening to her grandma’s instructions, the grandson immediately grabbed the juice from the girl with one hand and put the straw in her mouth. Take a few mouthfuls. 

Maybe the taste is not good, grandson The juice was returned to the girl. 

Such behavior obviously makes the girl very angry, but more grandmothers acted very indifferent: what happened to drinking your juice? My kids are very clean. The implication seems to be blaming the girl for being too hypocritical, and it’s okay to continue drinking the child’s drink, it doesn’t matter at all. 

After listening to Grandma Duoduo’s words, the girl retaliated and told the old man that I have tuberculosis. Go to the hospital to check it out. Then he threw away his drink and left, completely ignoring the old people and children who were stuck behind him. 

In this matter, although I grab the juice It is the child, but the instigator behind it is the grandmother. If the grandma can change the way of education, then the child’s approach will naturally be different. 

What should parents do to the child’s request? 

Reasonable requirements are met

Of course, some of the children’s requirements are reasonable. Of course, parents should satisfy their children’s reasonable requirements. 

For example, if a child wants school supplies and wants to read more, then parents should of course give support. Only by meeting these reasonable requirements of the child can the child be more motivated to learn. 

Unreasonable requests must be rejected

Of course, for some younger children, their requests are likely to be unreasonable, such as seeing other children have toys, I want it myself. 

For children’s comparison psychology, parents Of course it can’t be satisfied, not only to reject the child, but also to tell the child why he refused and let the child get rid of such wrong behavior. 

Let the child get it through hard work

In some families, parents will make some rewards and punishments for the child. For example, the child will be given 50 cents for a housework, and a reward will be given for 100 points in the exam. Wait, regardless of whether this system is suitable for the time being. 

But from a certain aspect, it is indeed possible to let children know that if they want to get what they want, they must give something and rely on their own labor in exchange for it. 

How should parents educate their children in life? 

Let children know how to respect others

Respect is mutual. Of course, children hope that parents can respect themselves and give themselves some space and freedom. 

But at the same time, children should also learn to respect others. Unilaterally asking for respect is actually a very selfish performance, and it is also difficult to truly get respect from others. 

Only by knowing how to respect others, doing things more from the standpoint of the other person, taking into account the other’s feelings, such children will be truly recognized, and of course they will receive the respect they deserve. 

Let children know how to follow the rules

Because of family spoiling, many children lack awareness of rules. 

But there is no rule without rules. Even if children can be lawless at home, they will inevitably pay the price after entering the society, because anyone has no privileges in front of laws and rules. 

So we must cultivate children’s awareness of rules from an early age, so that children can regulate their behavior, so that children can better base themselves in society. The mother’s “family status” will affect the child’s future prospects. Parents don’t care.

Whether a child has a good state of performance after he grows up is very much like his native family. In the original family, the most important thing that cannot be ignored is the influence of the mother. 

From a deeper level, the mother is the guide of the child’s behavior and spirit. The child will become what kind of person the mother has in life. 

If the mother’s own “family status” is relatively high, then the children will also be affected a lot, and the children brought out by them will be more promising in the future, and vice versa, so Parents don’t care about the impact in this regard. 

Mom’s hard work but not respected by her children< p>After graduating from university, Yuanyuan married a long distance for love. She had her own baby daughter soon after she married her husband. She originally wanted to have a sweet and beautiful family life, but the reality is not as good as she imagined. 

After her daughter was born, because her parents-in-law were still at work and her family was far away, she could only quit her job and take care of the children at home, and at the same time, she was busy with a lot of housework every day and was responsible for the whole family. Three meals a day for people. 

In fact, the workload of a “full-time mother” itself It’s not small, but no one at home understands her. The mother-in-law seems to be always picking up her fault, either because the floor is not clean or the food is not delicious. 

At first, my husband would still say a few words for himself, but as time got longer and longer, even my husband would not be considerate of myself, but sometimes would go along with her mother-in-law’s words. The grown-up daughter saw it. There is no doubt that Yuanyuan has been working hard for this family, but she still doesn’t get any respect. 

Nowadays, even the children think that Yuanyuan’s mother is very useless. Once, because she didn’t cook her daughter’s favorite braised pork ribs for dinner, her daughter just threw the chopsticks off the table and murmured her mother. I don’t know how to do it, even if I can’t even cook food. 

I thought my daughter was the only lady I supported Yuan, now I also began to question my original decision, why did I do so much, but in the end I didn’t get the respect of my daughter? 

The “family status” of mothers will actually affect the future of their children.

The fact that children and mothers kiss each other is universally recognized, because the connection between children and their mothers is the closest , The mother’s influence is naturally the greatest. 

Family is the environment where the child stays the longest since birth, so the mother’s position in the family naturally affects the future of the child, because of the mother’s behavioral style and the relationship between the father and the mother. Factors such as the way of getting along with each other will play a key role in the growth of a child. 

If a mother brings her It is a positive effect. Children will definitely be nurtured by it and set them as their own role models. Not only are they confident and generous, but they also know how to get along with others. 

What kind of mother is more conducive to the growth of children? 

01. A mother who has a certain right to speak at home

We will find that if a mother has a certain decision-making power at home, then the child grows up more smoothly, because he feels that he has a strong backing and acts Will be very decisive, and will not be cowardly in everything. 

02. High emotional intelligence, know how to balance family and Mothers of the relationship between children

Mothers with high emotional intelligence are often flexible in life, understand the harmonious relationship with their husbands, understand how to get along with their children, and know how to give each other a step after a quarrel under. 

This kind of mothers who know how to control their own “family status” will not shirk when they should fight for their own interests, and they can also put down their parental status when they should show weakness, and they will not be humble or overbearing. The style of behavior will also set a good example for children. 

03. Neng and Bao Da are equal Mother of

The best husband and wife relationship is to respect each other as guests, willing to discuss things when encountering things, willing to listen to the other’s reasonable suggestions, this will create a good family atmosphere, and the children will grow up comfortable. 

If the parents have unequal status in the family, it will be difficult for the family to reconcile, and the children will learn well, and it is inevitable that they will follow the old path of parents.

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