What’s the signature of other people’s mother? All kinds of cartoon characters are in the battle, looking interesting and talented

What’s the signature of other people’s mother? All kinds of cartoon characters are on the battlefield. They look interesting and talented.

To say that it’s too difficult for parents to become parents. Not only do they need to be proficient in 18 martial arts, but they also need to know a little about piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Second, the “professional skill” of manual work will naturally fill the progress bar. 

But do you think this is over? The answer is of course not. After the child goes to school, parents not only have to assist the child in the after-school tutoring work, but also practice a handy signature. This is mainly to impress the teacher and earn some face for the child. No, there is a “fancy signature” of a treasure mother that has become popular on the Internet. 

What is the signature of “other people’s mother”? All kinds of cartoon characters come to the battle

Xiao Ding is a design student and is very good at drawing. It is precisely because of such a good skill that she can always come up with many new tricks in cultivating children. 

Since the child goes to kindergarten, the teacher often Some small test papers will be brought home to the children for Xiaoding to sign, so that parents can understand their children’s situation in the kindergarten. 

Considering that children of kindergarten age are in a stage of great curiosity, Xiaoding began to try to use cartoon characters to sign his children. Unexpectedly, this kind of signature has become popular throughout the kindergarten. From teachers to children, everyone likes this kind of lively and interesting signature. 

Looking at this skilled drawing technique, you can draw all kinds of cartoon characters vividly with a ballpoint pen. Teachers all guessed that Xiaoding must be a very popular mother with children. 

From the classic Popeye to the popular Garfield, from the cute Arale to the brave Captain America, Xiaoding draws a different cartoon character for the child every day, so that the child will always have a new surprise after opening it, and these looks may be cute or cute. The cartoon characters also reflect Xiaoding’s deep love for children. 

When this method of signature was posted on the Internet, some netizens commented: “This way of signing all kinds of cartoon characters together looks really interesting and talented. Sure enough, the children of other people’s families have grown up. You become the mother of someone else’s family!” However, some people questioned that the kindergarten study burden is not heavy. Is it really necessary for parents to sign like an elementary school? 

Why do teachers always want parents to sign? 

Some parents always think that the school’s signature is the irresponsibility of the teacher, and parents are required to supervise their children’s studies, but this is not the case. 

Giving some test papers or reports to the parents for signature, on the one hand, can let the parents understand the children’s learning situation in school, help the children find their own shortcomings in a timely manner, and improve their academic performance in a timely manner. On the other hand, it also allows parents to have a general understanding of their children’s ranking in the class, and grasp the children’s room for improvement. 

In general, teachers often ask parents Signing on various books and rolls of paper is a good intention, and the parent’s cute and interesting signature also has certain advantages. 

Parents’ signature methods like this also have unexpected benefits.

1. Teachers will think that parents are concerned about students’ performance

Parents’ whimsical signature methods can attract teachers’ attention even more. . 

Most of today’s teachers are born in the 90s and they are more open-minded. For parents who are similarly interesting, teachers will think that they pay more attention to their children’s learning, so they will pay more attention to students. 

2, make children look forward to the signature

The interesting and fresh signature method makes children full of expectations. 

If you blindly pay attention to signatures, and perfunctorily, children will feel that their parents don’t pay enough attention to themselves. However, if parents sign their children in a fun way, it will not only stimulate the children’s enthusiasm, but also The child feels proud. 

Children will unconsciously show their parents’ signatures to their classmates, which can also play a role in promoting the children’s social skills. 

3. It is a kind of supervision for children

Ordinary signature methods are too boring. Over time, children will gradually become numb. If they are replaced with interesting signatures, they will have expectations. 

For the test papers signed by the parents, they will consciously want to get high scores, which will also play a role in supervising the children’s learning. 

Mummy has something to say: It is said that interesting souls are easier to gain the goodwill of others. For children, parents full of childlike innocence are also a kind of wealth, so parents may wish to learn to let go of being a parent and use children’s Ways to educate children may result in better results. After children’s self-awareness is awakened, personal privacy is very important. Parents must learn to maintain a “sense of boundary”

Parents love their children in every possible way. Many parents think that children are their own “feelings” after all. I want to know everything about the child. Although the love of parents for their children is undeniable, if the “sense of boundary” is blurred, is this love still the right kind of love? 

Case study:

After Xiao Xiao entered junior high school, As soon as I get out of class, I will make appointments with a few classmates to go out to play, or go out to play with close friends. Xiao Xiao’s mother felt a little dissatisfied with this. She finally wanted to spend more time with her child on the weekend, but the child chose to run out. 

For a while, Xiao Xiao’s mother felt that her child had fallen in love early, and she questioned Xiao Xiao about it: “Did you really go out to play with your friends?” Xiao Xiao faced her mother. I didn’t trust, felt very impatient, and started a cold war with my mother. 

Later, Xiao Xiao’s mother also knew that she had done something wrong. She should not trust her children, nor should she force her children to arrange their spare time. But when Xiao Xiao’s mother realized this, There has been an intractable estrangement between myself and the child. 

When the child’s self-awareness gradually matures and perfects At times, they will establish a “sense of boundary”, which is not only a strengthening of the child’s self-awareness, but also a self-protection mechanism. Even the closest parent to the child should know how to respect the child’s “sense of boundary”. 

What is “border sense”? 

The sense of boundary, as the name suggests, is a line of defense established by children in their own hearts. This line of defense is not aggressive, but a range defined by children about their inner world. 

For example, when a child grows up, he hopes to have more self-space and a place to hide his inner secrets. This is a kind of protection of the child’s personal thoughts, and it can also be understood as the child’s giving to himself Reserved space for privacy. After a child’s self-awareness is awakened, personal privacy is very important, so parents must learn to maintain a sense of boundary. 

Why protect children’s sense of border? 

First of all, the sense of boundary is a manifestation of the maturity of the child’s personal will, and parents should respect it.

When the child matures, he will form his own inner thoughts. This is the emergence of the child’s personal will. Many parents feel that they are As a parent, it is necessary to know everything about the child, and such behavior not only blurs the sense of boundaries, but also makes the child believe that he and the parent are one, so that it is difficult for the child to form an independent personality. 

Secondly, the sense of boundary helps children become more independent It’s easier to adapt to the outside world.

Family is a habitat for children’s hearts, but children cannot live under the protection of their parents for a lifetime. If a child will go to society someday, it is very important to have an independent mind. Parents should know how to protect their children’s sense of boundaries, give them more space for independent thinking, and don’t always use cross-examination of their children to express their excessive care, which will only make the children form an unhealthy dependence on their parents. 

Finally, the sense of boundary allows the parent-child relationship to enter into a long-term and harmonious development

Parents should understand that they and their children live in different backgrounds, and it is normal to have communication difficulties and generation gaps. However, if both parties do not force communication at this time, but instead establish a healthy “sense of boundary” for themselves, the parent-child relationship can enter a more permanent and harmonious development. 

So, the sense of boundary does not depend on the child It is a concept that both parents and children should have a clear concept, so as to ensure that children and parents have their own privacy while also being able to communicate harmoniously. 

So, how to establish a sense of boundary and communicate with children correctly? 

First, respect children’s privacy

Parents should know how to reserve their own private space for their children, such as knocking on the door before entering the child’s room, not looking through the child’s diary, and not asking the child too much Everyday and so on. Parents must first show their children a respectful attitude and respect their children’s independent personality, so as to be able to communicate with their children in a harmonious and equal manner. 

Second, do not show authority in front of children< /p>

The most important function of the sense of boundary is self-protection, and if parents use excessive authority to suppress their children in front of their children, the children will gradually feel that their sense of boundary is offended, so parents should communicate with their children on an equal footing , Instead of restricting all behaviors of children from the perspective of parents. 

Thirdly, guide children more and communicate.

Building a sense of boundary does not mean alienation, but knowing how to communicate with children without offending them. The role of parents should be to guide their children to grow up healthily, so children should be allowed to express their inner thoughts more, and if they find that there is a need for guidance, they should be gentle on the children. 

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