What’s the matter with a baby who can’t crawl for 8 months? Hear the answers given by the American Academy of Pediatrics

What’s the matter with a baby who can’t crawl for 8 months? Listen to the answer given by the American Academy of Pediatrics

The sentence “three turns, six sits, seven rolls and eight climbs” is summarized by the older generation according to the law of the development of the baby’s big movements. 

But we all know that because of the different growth environments and developmental rhythms of children are slightly different, not all babies can grow and develop according to specific laws at a specific month, and there will always be some babies who develop It’s relatively slow, but as long as it’s within the normal range, Bao Mom and Dad don’t have to worry too much. 

However, even if this is the case, many parents are still wondering why some babies of the same age can crawl quickly and well, but some still can’t? 

In fact, if we want to understand baby’s crawling, we have to start with the importance of crawling for the development of children’s great movements. 

Crawling is of great significance to the development of children’s sports

Crawling is mainly determined by the benefits of crawling for the development of the baby’s big sports. 

●What are the benefits of crawling? 

1) Promote physical coordination

In the eyes of adults, crawling movements that seem simple, in fact require the coordination of the baby’s whole body to be able to move his body. 

When the baby crawls, not only must control the strength of the arms and legs, but also the strength of the trunk. At the same time, it is necessary to grasp the direction and avoid obstacles in order to reach the destination in the end. 

2) Pave the way for independent walking


Through crawling, the baby not only exercises the coordination ability of the limbs, but also exercises the bones and muscles, so that the body gradually becomes stronger and pave the way for independent walking in the future. 

3) Improve your own balance ability

Baby should continue to exercise balance ability while crawling. Only by mastering balance can he climb steadily and continue to speed up crawling. speed. 

To sum up, crawling is a whole-body exercise and a necessary part of baby’s movement development. 

What about children who can’t crawl at the age of one month What’s going on? 

In real life, there are indeed babies who have not mastered the crawling skills. For example, the baby Yang Yang, who has reached 8 months, is like this. In the words of Grandma Yangyang, the child would only land on his stomach, with little hands and feet dangling around, especially like a little turtle. 

And Yangyang’s mother could not help but start to worry when she saw children of the same age who were climbing in other people’s homes: “What is the matter with a baby who can’t learn to crawl for 8 months?”


Actually, what the old people often say is just a process of baby’s growth and development. It is not a specific month. If it reaches this month, the baby will not be able to act accordingly. Don’t worry about thinking that there must be something wrong with your baby. 

So on the issue of “crawling”, we May wish to listen to the answers given by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics said: “There are a few babies who have never learned to crawl, but children also move their bodies in other ways. For example, sitting on the ground rubbing forward or sliding the belly against the ground, etc. As long as the child can use the limbs at the same time, parents don’t have to worry too much.”

Extended reading: There are many benefits of crawling, so how can parents exercise their children? Crawling ability? 

Actually, crawling is the same as walking, but any big exercise is necessary for exercise. Mom may wish to choose a suitable exercise mode according to the baby’s age. 

▼Swimming period of the little turtle: 6 months

The 6-month-old baby has a certain strength in the head, back and limbs, and can usually roll, so it is recommended that this time Bao Ma can take the baby on the bed or on the floor mat and play games with a little turtle swimming. 

▼Try to master period: 7-9 months

At seven or eight months, Bao’s mother can consciously let the baby try to master the crawling skills, but the emphasis is on encouragement , Can’t be forced. 

▼”Fancy crawling” period: 10 Months later

The baby after 10 months can basically master the crawling movements. At this time, Bao Mom may wish to use toys to guide the baby to “fancy crawling” and consolidate the crawling results from different aspects. 

[Written at the end] Mommy must pay attention to safety when exercising baby crawling. For example, clean up obstacles on the crawling road in time, protect them with guardrails, and don’t let the baby wait beside the bed. Crawl in places with potential safety hazards. 

Furthermore, the crawling contact surface should have a certain degree of hardness and thickness to prevent the baby from having no strength to support or fraying the limbs. If the amniotic fluid suddenly breaks, don’t panic. You can wait for the ambulance at ease by doing these 4 steps.

Pregnant mothers know that if the amniotic fluid breaks, it is a sign that the baby is about to be born, indicating that it is about to “unload”. But what if the amniotic fluid suddenly breaks? Did you learn to take a taxi to the hospital in the TV series? Or do you wait for the ambulance? 

No, these two methods are wrong. Whether you go to the hospital yourself or wait for an ambulance, you may endanger the fetus. Before going to the hospital, you should do these 4 points. 

The first step is to call family and friends.

You can’t learn first The TV series go to the hospital by itself, so the amniotic fluid will leak out before reaching the hospital, which will cause the fetus to suffocate in the womb. The correct way is to first shout loudly, and then call the emergency number yourself, or have someone else send yourself to the hospital. 

If you are at home, call your family; if you are on the road, ask your friends for help; if you go out alone, ask for help from passers-by. Don’t try to behave yourself. As the due date is approaching, pregnant mothers must not go out on their own, and go out with family and friends to prevent accidents. 

The second step is to lie flat

found that I have broken amniotic fluid After the test, you can’t continue to stand. Find a safe and stable place to lie down to prevent the amniotic fluid from leaking out quickly. 

The undelivered fetus needs to rely on amniotic fluid to survive. Losing amniotic fluid will cause fetal distress. If the amniotic fluid leaks and the fetus is not delivered, it will endanger the life of the mother, which is very dangerous. 

So when you find that your amniotic fluid has broken, you must not stand stupidly and lie down quickly. 

The third step is to raise the hips

After lying down Also raise the hips to prevent the amniotic fluid from leaking, and keep as much amniotic fluid as possible for the fetus to survive. Women can put pillows or clothing under their buttocks to elevate their buttocks. 

At the same time, if the parturient feels a bowel movement, don’t use force. If it is a second child or a parturient with a loose natural birth path, it is very likely that the fetus will be delivered directly, which will cause the baby to be in danger. 

The fourth step is to clean the vulva

Wait for the ambulance Don’t wait, especially for pregnant women at home, it will be more convenient. At this time, the family can find some clean towels to clean the mother’s vulva, wipe the outflow of amniotic fluid and other dirt, to prevent infection of the birth canal, which may also cause infection when the baby is delivered. 

But note that a towel can only be wiped once, not repeatedly, otherwise it will cause cross-infection. 

If a pregnant mother suddenly breaks her amniotic fluid, Don’t panic, stay awake, and then ask for help. Don’t do it yourself. Not only is it bad for the fetus, but it is also dangerous for yourself. 

Then seek help from family, friends and passers-by, call the emergency number in time, and go to the hospital as soon as possible. Also pay attention to lying flat and raising the buttocks. If possible, try to clean the vulva to prevent infection. If you can do these 4 steps, the fetus will not be prone to danger.

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