What will happen to a six-year-old baby? If you want your baby to grow up and be smarter, parents don’t forget to do 5 exercises

What will happen to a six-year-old baby? If you want your baby to grow smarter, parents don’t forget to do 5 exercises often

6-month-old babies are still in a state of ignorance, but at this time they have already I am more flexible, and often do some “stupid” and cute actions, which is the “happy fruit” for the whole family. Although the baby does not have much independent thinking, he has learned a lot of skills under the influence of natural development and accumulation of time.

★Six-month-old baby’s development

[Height and Weight] The body of a half-year-old baby changes very much, male The baby weighs 6.7-10.5KG and the height is 63.7-73.3CM; the female baby weighs 6.26-9.73KG and the height is 62.3-71.5CM. She has changed from a soft doll who can only eat and sleep to a fat, lively and lovely baby.

[Feeding aspects] 6-month-old babies take 180-200ML each time, 4-6 times a day, and the total amount for one day is 800-1000ML. At this time, the baby can start adding complementary food. For the first bite of complementary food, it is recommended that the baby rice noodles with fortified iron be the first choice.

[Skills] There are a lot of skills your baby has learned, mainly the following five items. Parents will compare and check whether your baby has already Have you mastered it?

Big action 1: 6-month-old babies can roll from supine to prone, from prone to supine, and even roll over the bed.

Big action 2: If the baby is lying prone, he can support his chest with his elbows, and he can sit alone for a while.

Fine movements: His small hands can pick up small toys like building blocks, as well as one hand. If the toy is dropped, it will actively look down for it.

Language ability: When mom and dad call his name, the baby will react and turn his head to look at you. At the same time, I also learned how to pronounce, and can say two or three simple consonants.

Emotional development: The baby’s emotions have also been complicated. They laugh when they are happy, cry or lose their temper when they are unhappy, and are afraid when their parents are away from them. .

★The baby’s development is lagging, how should parents train?

My colleague Xiaolin is a novice mother, and the baby is more than 5 months old. Seeing the developmental indicators of a 6-month-old baby, Kobayashi felt very worried. Because her baby is only ten days old and six months old, her baby is not good at one of the five skills mentioned above! Is the baby’s development slower?

In fact, the above is just generally speaking, the individual development of each baby is different, and the effect of early or late will not be great. But what is certain is that these abilities and skills of the baby can be strengthened through learning and exercise.

Parents pay attention to taking their babies to do more exercises, which will help their physical and intellectual development, and let him learn to control his body faster. Especially some babies whose development can’t keep up with children of the same age should receive training. Don’t let your children lose at the starting line from the beginning.

[Turnover training]

  • Let the baby lie on the bed first, and then the parents will help the baby by pushing his feet with his hands to let him feel how to turn over; or Let the baby lie on his side, and then gently push or pull from the side to turn him into a prone or supine position. Try a few more times to let your baby experience the feeling of turning over.
  • There are also many parents who demonstrate by themselves, don’t underestimate the baby’s ability to imitate. After watching it a few times, maybe he can turn it over with his own strength. That’s it.

    [Sit training alone]

  • When training your baby at the beginning, you can put his back on a pillow so that Reduce the force on the waist and avoid injury to the baby’s lumbar spine. Parents can also hold the baby’s hands and pull gently to change the baby from the lying position to the sitting position. Repeat the practice several times.
  • After the baby can sit up, put some toys in front of the baby to encourage the baby to reach out and grab it. Usually the baby can sit very securely at about 8 months old.

    【grip training 】

  • When the baby is 4 months old, he already has some grasping ability. At this time, we can massage his little hands, touch, pinch, turn and Stretch his entire palm and every finger.
  • You can give him some small toys suitable for grasping, let him hold it in his hand, then gently pull it out, and let him hold it again. The baby will especially like this game. After being older, you can put the toy in front of him and encourage him to grab it by himself.

    [Language Training]

  • When the baby makes some vague sounds unconsciously, parents can imitate the baby’s pronunciation, Encourage the baby to continue to pronounce, and slowly lead his pronunciation to the standard pronunciation.
  • Mom and dad should call the baby’s name frequently, and the call and tone of voice should be consistent each time so that the baby can recognize it. When the baby reacts and turns to look at you, parents should say to the baby: “Are you a baby?” and kiss, hold or touch the baby to show encouragement.

    [Emotional Quotient Training]

  • Babies like adults to communicate with him in “infant language”. That is to say, we often talk to the baby in a way that is sharp and high-key, slow and non-repetitive, accompanied by exaggerated expressions, he will be very useful.
  • Parents should always pay attention to the baby’s emotions and respond in a timely manner. For example, the baby laughs with him when he is happy, and when he cries, he should express sympathy and comfort. This will make him feel that he is paid attention to and understood by others, so he is willing to communicate with his parents and express his emotions accurately.

    Marco Guanxuan was upgraded to a novice parent. The feeding and care of the newborn baby is huge Challenge

    The baby has just arrived, as a father and mother. Excitement is always hard to conceal, and joy is always revealed. Almost all moms and dads, when facing their newborn babies, can’t help but want to give him the most tender care, and they can’t wait to give him the best in the world!

    At noon on April 19, actor Ma Ke posted an update on social platforms, officially announcing that he was officially promoted to be a dad. He also posted a photo of holding hands with his wife Wang Danni and taking a group photo with the baby, with the mark of the baby’s birth, and the article said: Welcome to the beautiful world of the little pineapple. What a warm and happy family!

    Marco official xuandezi

    Happy to happy, but next, Marco and Wang Danni, as novice parents, will face a huge Challenges: the feeding and care of newborn babies.

    No one is born to be a parent! After the baby is born, for a long time to come, the care of the newborn, eating and drinking Lazar, etc. will be the most important topics in the lives of novice parents!

    Regardless of whether you are ready or not, the care of your baby’s feeding starts from the moment he is born. If you are a novice father or mother, or a prospective parent who is about to upgrade, then you will definitely encounter the following problems.

    After the baby is born, start milking as soon as possible

    In general, newborn babies will suck their heads spontaneously after 10-15 minutes. This is his instinctive reaction. Half an hour after the baby is born, he can suck his mother’s head. Let the baby suck as soon as possible, so that the mother can form the lactation and lactation reflex as soon as possible, which can promote the secretion of milk and facilitate the contraction of the uterus.

    [Tips about colostrum]

    ① The mother’s colostrum contains a lot of baby The nutrients needed by the body are very beneficial to the healthy growth of the baby, and every drop is very precious.

    ② One or two days after delivery, Xinbao’s mother is weak and the wound hurts, so she can feed her baby in a side-lying position. Breastfeeding time is 5-10 minutes, and feed your baby every 1-3 hours.

    ③ Some mothers have not produced breast milk a few days before they gave birth, so they can give the baby milk powder first. But don’t forget to let your baby suck more, even if there is no milk, you will usually have it in 1-3 days.

    Newborn babies should use the correct posture for feeding

    Don’t underestimate the problem of this feeding posture. Mastering the correct breastfeeding posture and feeding skills can promote lactation and make ru The juice flows more smoothly, helps the baby to eat more breast milk, the mother will not feel tired, and can keep her house healthy.

    [A trilogy about breastfeeding]

    ① First prepare a small stool and 3 pillows. Put a stool under your feet to raise your knees; put a pillow behind your waist, one on your knees, and another under your baby’s hands; this way, mothers won’t feel back pain, sore hands and numb hands. Wait.

    ② Mom supports the baby with one arm, puts his neck on the elbow, the forearm supports the baby’s back, and the palm supports the baby’s small PP; the baby’s body Leaning on the side, sticking to the mother’s belly, with the head high and the bottom low, so that the upper body is tilted.

    ③When the baby is feeding, it is best to hold the entire head and most of the dizziness, and then let the baby close to the mother. This is to reduce the baby’s eating “Leak” during milk, avoid sucking air into the stomach, causing gastrointestinal discomfort.

    What should a mother who does not have enough milk do?

    Generally speaking, a newborn baby will go to sleep after eating and drinking enough, and it is easy to take. If the baby eats for a while and cries for a while, and often cries for breastfeeding, he becomes hungry shortly after eating, indicating that the mother may not have enough milk. In addition, from the frequency of sucking and swallowing, and the frequency of urination, it is also possible to judge whether the milk is sufficient.

    [Tips about lactation]

    ① Let your baby suck more, which can promote breast milk secretion . The baby’s sucking can increase the hormone secretion in the mother’s body, and then promote the secretion of milk from the glands in the ru room. Frequent sucking, this is actually a signal that the baby is “increasing milk” for the mother.

    ② Bao Ma can eat more foods that promote lactation. While ensuring a balanced nutrition, it can also improve lactation to a certain extent. Common foods to promote milk include: crucian carp soup, pig’s feet, peanuts, papaya and so on.

    ③ It is found that the milk is blocked and there are lumps in the ru room, which should be dealt with in time. Otherwise, it may lead to reduced milk or mastitis. You can use a hot towel to compress, and do more massage at the same time. If you can’t resolve it by yourself, it is recommended to seek the help of a doctor or professional.

    Whether the baby’s leftover milk should be squeezed out

    This varies from person to person. If milking is beneficial to the secretion of milk, it’s best to squeeze it out. Because the breast milk will definitely not deteriorate if left in the ru room, but if the remaining milk is squeezed, the baby will still have enough milk next time, so that it can be squeezed out. Otherwise, the body may default to “excessive milk production”, which will reduce the secretion of breast milk.

    【Tips about expressing milk】

    ① Bao Ma expressing breast milk can use breast milking The device saves time, effort and worry. Pay attention to hygiene when expressing milk, first clean your hands and the ru room, and ensure that the tools are “sterile”.

    ② Breast milk can be stored for 6 hours at room temperature 15℃ or 25℃; it can be stored for 1 week when placed in refrigerator fresh-keeping layer at -4℃; if placed It can be stored in the frozen layer for 4 months to half a year.

    ③ Divide the breast milk expressed each time into small portions (60 to 120ml) and freeze or refrigerate, and label and record the date so as to facilitate the future according to the baby The amount of food to be fed.


    There are still many key points in the care of newborn babies. Novice parents will inevitably be in a hurry when facing different problems and difficulties. In order to avoid falling into a misunderstanding or accidentally causing harm to the baby, it is recommended that parents learn more scientific knowledge of nursing and parenting methods. While caring for the baby carefully, it is also a process of our continuous learning and growth. A 5-year-old boy is bullied by his classmates. His mother’s high EQ is a must-see. Teacher: Well done.

    Every child is a parent’s darling, and no one wants his child to be bullied, so many Parents want to stay with their children for the rest of their lives, but as their children grow up, they must enter campus life sooner or later. As a place where children leave their parents to live alone for the first time, kindergarten is like a small society for children. Each child has a different personality, so the possibility of conflict is much greater than at home.

    Once a child is bullied, parents’ actions Attitude is particularly important, and it will even affect the child’s lifelong personality and emotional intelligence development. Therefore, parents must seek justice for their children, support them, and avoid similar things from happening again.


    Xiaodong is five years old this year. He is an optimistic and cheerful little boy. He also has strong leadership skills in kindergarten. He usually goes home after school. Xiaodong is very mischievous. But today, she is unusually honest, and her mother also discovered this problem, so she asked Xiaodong: “What unpleasant things happened in the kindergarten today?”

    Hearing his mother’s question, Xiaodong cried aggrievedly and said that he was in kindergarten today. Someone ran into someone while playing, and he immediately apologized to the other person, but the other person still beat him a few times reluctantly. Although it didn’t hurt Xiaodong, it hurt his self-esteem a lot. .

    After figuring out the whole story, Xiaodong’s mother tweeted this sentence in the parent group: “Today my son and a classmate learned martial arts, but because my son’s learning skills were not good, he lost half of the tricks, but my children have never I gave up and found my own problem this time, so I pestered me to sign up for Sanda classes, taekwondo, etc., hoping to compete with this classmate again after a while. But I know that the kids are not good, so I stopped the child. Parents and teachers, do you think I did the right thing?”

    After seeing what Xiaodong’s mother said, the parents of the child who beat him also apologized to Xiaodong’s mother. , And led their children to apologize to Xiaodong when they sent their children to school the next day, and then it came to an end. The teacher said to Xiaodong’s mother: Nice work!

    Children being bullied is a parent’s practice to the child The impact is very large. If left alone, the child will feel insecure and no longer trust the parents; if the problem is solved by violence, the child will also use this method to solve other problems in the future, and use a high emotional intelligence method to solve the problem. Solve the problem, then the child’s future EQ will not be low.

    The correct way for parents when a child is bullied

    1. Understand the reason

    Although the child is young, he does not fight with other children for no reason. After the child is bullied, the parents First of all, we must understand the reason, so as to judge who is wrong, and avoid wronging other people’s children. However, no matter who is right or wrong, parents should comfort their children, because children at this time have not matured their hearts and are generally very fragile. If the parents do not handle well, it is easy to leave a shadow in the heart of the child, which will have a great impact on the child’s life.

    Two, solve the problem in the right way< /p>

    When a child is bullied, only low-level parents will let the child fight back, and high-level parents will use high EQ to solve it, just like Xiaodong’s mother, through high EQ words Not only solved this contradiction, but also told other parents to learn Sanda as their children and don’t provoke them casually. This not only solves the problem, but also effectively prevents their children from being bullied next time.

    How can we prevent children from being bullied? ?

    1. Cultivate children’s character

    It is well known that children with good personalities are very popular no matter where they go. They can always integrate into the group quickly and quickly become the “Kids King” inside. “This kind of children have many friends and can play a very good leadership role, so this kind of children are often seldom bullied.

    Second, cultivate children’s emotional intelligence

    Children with high EQ are the easiest to handle their interpersonal relationships. At the same time, people are also willing to be friends with people with high EQ, because it is very easy to get along with them, and children with high EQ rarely offend People, so this kind of children will hardly appear on the list of being bullied.

    3. Cultivate children’s self-protection ability< /p>

    The ability of self-protection is an ability that children must have in today’s society. It is important to know that there are countless deaths in our country due to accidents or school violence every day, and when my ability to protect is able to make children face life threats Can better protect themselves, thereby reducing their own harm, children who have the ability to protect themselves since childhood will hardly let themselves be bullied.

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