What should I think about whether my baby wears socks or not? Remember the following points, don’t wear the right baby and suffer

What should I think about whether my baby wears socks or not? Keep in mind the following points, don’t wear the wrong baby.

Research shows that when the indoor temperature reaches 22°C or higher, you don’t need to wear socks. 

To take good care of the baby after birth, there are many issues that need to be paid attention to. For example, the need to wear socks for babies is a question that many parents have doubts about. 

Bao’s mother didn’t wear socks to her baby and it was a disaster.

Nana’s baby was born a month ago. When she was breastfeeding, she found that her hands and feet were always cold, but she heard from her colleague who gave birth to the baby. , The baby’s bare feet are good for the body, so he doesn’t care too much. 

In winter, when the temperature drops, Nana remains the same She didn’t wear socks to the baby, but within two days, the baby got sick and had diarrhea. Nana hurriedly took the baby to the hospital. 

The doctor understood the situation, and after an examination, he said that it was caused by not putting on the baby’s socks. Nana was very puzzled. Isn’t it said that bare feet are good for the baby’s body? Why do you wear socks? Where’s the socks? 

Many mothers have such doubts, just Feet are good for the baby. For the baby’s health, Bao’s mother must decide whether or not to wear socks for the baby based on the actual situation. 

The benefits of not wearing socks can reduce the impact of bacteria on the baby.

Baby’s feet sweat a lot and have a faster metabolism. If in summer, the baby’s feet are stuck in the socks, causing sweat Breeding of bacteria may cause skin infections in babies. 

is helpful for learning to walk

Baby is barefoot During walking, the friction between the soles of the feet and the ground becomes stronger. 

If you wear socks, the friction of the soles of the feet against the ground is reduced, and falls are prone to occur. Without socks, you can exercise the grip of the soles of the feet on the ground, promote the development of the feet, and balance your own Stability and coordination ability. 

Helps the development of the sensory system

Studies have shown that there are many kinds of neurons on the soles of human feet. 

Baby walking barefoot can feel different temperatures and materials on the soles of the feet, which can stimulate the baby’s sense of touch, exercise the sensory system, and help the body’s flexibility. 

It is helpful to your own cold tolerance

Baby Guang When walking, the soles of the feet can promote blood circulation and dissipate heat, exercise their cold resistance and prevent colds. 

Under what circumstances do a baby need to wear socks?

1. A baby not long after birth

A baby who is just born has not yet developed his body temperature balance ability, blood circulation is slow, and his own heat is produced. The baby’s ability is not enough, especially for premature and poorly physique babies who have poor blood supply to the soles of their feet. Bao Ma must wear socks for the baby to keep the feet warm. 

2. Wear shoes and socks


After learning to walk, a baby needs to wear socks to wear shoes, which can keep the feet warm, promote blood circulation, and prevent the intrusion of dust and bacteria. 

3. Baby’s neck should wear socks

Studies have shown that the low body temperature of the baby’s hands and feet has nothing to do with coldness. A warm neck and chest without sweating is a normal body temperature. 

If your baby’s back neck feels cold, it means that the baby feels cold and it is best to put on socks for the baby. 

4. You should wear socks to sleep at night


Studies have shown that high foot soles can help improve sleep quality. 

When a baby sleeps, there is a certain relationship between the temperature of the soles of the feet and the quality of sleep. Wearing socks to sleep can increase the temperature of the soles of the feet, so that they can quickly fall asleep, and ensure the length of sleep, which is beneficial to the baby’s physical development. 

5. It is recommended to wear socks in cold weather

When the indoor temperature is lower than 22 to 25℃, it is recommended to wear socks to the baby. The temperature is too low, which will affect the blood in the baby’s legs. Circulation, resulting in the phenomenon of cold soles, severe diarrhea, colds. 

How to choose comfortable socks for your baby

Choose pure cotton socks: When your baby is young, his own heat dissipation system has not been fully developed. Socks should be made of breathable and sweat-absorbing materials, such as pure cotton socks. . 

Choose socks with looser socks: the most It is a good choice to choose a socks that can fit 1 or 2 fingers of Baoma. If the socks are tight, it will affect the baby’s blood circulation, which is not conducive to the development of the body. At the same time, do not choose too long socks, which will affect the development of the baby’s legs, and mothers should observe whether the baby’s feet are comfortable. 

Avoid choosing too thick socks: too thick socks will cause pressure on the baby’s feet, and will also affect the mobility of the feet, which is not conducive to the development of the sensory system. 

Avoid choosing too many threads and fancy styles Socks: If there are too many threads in the socks, they should be cut off in time, otherwise the threads will be entangled on the baby’s toes and hinder blood flow. 

Choose simple styles of socks, and be careful not to choose pantyhose. It is difficult to put on and take off, but it also affects activities. In severe cases, it may cause female babies to suffer from gynecological diseases. No matter how busy a man is at work, he should also accompany the check-ups during the following time periods. Pregnant mothers can’t bear it alone

“I don’t have time, I have to work overtime, I can’t make it through!”

Hear After this, Zhao Zhao fell off the phone in anger, and immediately told his parents that he was going to divorce, and that day would be impossible. 

It’s not that Zhao Zhao is too self-willed. Her previous check-ups were done alone, and she rarely troubled her husband. She is a rare and considerate type of pregnant mother. The pregnancy response is all on her own. The anger this time was just because Zhao Zhao didn’t dare to face it alone because of the important period of the maternity check, so he called and begged her husband to accompany him, but the result was disappointing. 

Fortunately, Zhao Zhao’s husband’s family are all sensible people. I heard that Zhao Zhao has reached an important stage of the obstetric check-up, but his son is too busy with work to accompany him at the same time. Zhao Zhao was relieved. 

Some men may not know that pregnancy check-ups are also divided into serious ones. Some check-ups do not need to be accompanied by family members, and pregnant mothers can easily handle them by themselves. However, the following period of obstetric examinations are different, all of which are critical. Pregnant mothers are also very fragile during examinations. Coupled with the influence of the receptor’s progesterone, it is easy to experience emotional fluctuations without family members. 

When the file was first set up: the lover must be around

I remember when I was pregnant with Lele, I had just graduated from university, and I was still stunned. Irregular menstruation was normal, and I didn’t take it seriously. Later, my husband (the boyfriend at the time) reminded me whether I was pregnant or not, so I felt it, so I took him to the hospital on the spot, and no one dared to tell. 

Be aware that pregnant mothers cannot decide whether to stay or leave. This kind of thing is not suitable for others to know. The spouse becomes the only person who can be with him. 

Being a mother is the process of a pregnant mother from an individual to a mother and child. The physical and psychological changes are huge, and the mood swings are very large. If the child’s father is not with him during the initial check-up, the pregnant mother can easily go to extremes. It’s okay to be married, ecstatic, but if it is unmarried, the pregnant mother may fall into anxiety and anxiety. 

Therefore, regardless of the emotional state between men and women, the man must accompany the woman during the initial check-up. 

Four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound: check fetal development

From my personal experience, when I checked the 4D color Doppler ultrasound, Lele was more mischievous and refused to turn his face in the womb, but my heart kept beating up and down, for fear of fetal limbs and facial errors. 

Be aware that four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is a procedure for inquiring about the physical health of the fetus. If a man does not accompany him, the pregnant mother’s psychological pressure is very heavy, not to mention that sometimes the fetus is naughty and refuses to turn around. Just go out for a while. If at this time, a man can be by his side, it will be a great comfort to the pregnant mother. 

Estimated due date: get ready for delivery

Frankly , I don’t have much memory of the last check-up, because everything is recorded by my husband throughout the process. Including the estimation of the expected date of delivery, the purchase of the delivery package, and the related matters that need to be paid attention to before and after delivery, all are handled by the husband. 

This is because the pregnant mother’s physical burden is very heavy at the moment, and the psychological pressure has reached a critical point, and it is not suitable to prepare for childbirth. Therefore, no matter how busy a man is at work, he must take time off to accompany him this time, otherwise he would be too failing. “I want my father to die.” After making his birthday wish, the 5-year-old boy closed his eyes forever.

Every child is a gift from God to his parents. There is no parent who doesn’t love his child. , Parents not only raise their children, but also the safety and trust that their existence brings to their children, and they are the emotional harbor for their children. But there are always some weird parents who always do things that are intolerable. 

A little boy made a birthday wish on his 5th birthday. The content of the wish was: “I hope my father will die soon.” It’s hard to imagine what the boy has gone through. Out of such a wish. 

After understanding, the boy’s father is in business I failed, owed a lot of money outside, and often abused alcohol and domestic violence. My mother had been beaten and bruised all over her body. 

For a long time, my mother couldn’t bear such a family, so she left the little boy, packed up her things and left. 

The wife’s departure did not wake up the child’s father, but instead vented his emotions on the child. But on the boy’s birthday, his father did not celebrate his birthday. He was still drunk at night. , Beat the boy again. 

Fortunately, the neighbors hurry to call the police when they hear something. Otherwise the boy may have to be beaten forever. After being sent to the ICU for rescue, there was no rescue in the end. The neighbor’s aunt who sent the child to the hospital said that the child’s birthday wish before entering the operating room was that his father died early, but the little boy never had a chance to wake up. 

“A filial son is born under a stick” is an old saying. Many parents believe that children must be rigorously educated before they can become great in the future. 

But strictness does not equal violence, violence Education can cause a lot of harm to children’s body and mind. 

What impact will violence education have on children? 

1. It is not conducive to the physical and mental development of the child.

No matter whether the child makes a mistake or not, parents should not educate their child on beating and scolding. This kind of education will not only make children aware of their mistakes, but will also give children the impression that their parents are immature. 

The child is beaten and scolded at will. The child is not aware of his own mistakes. If the cycle continues, the problem cannot be solved, and it will hinder the child’s normal physical and mental development. 

2, children tend to be violent


It is said that parents are the first teachers of children, and every word and deed of parents will affect the growth of children. If parents often use violence in front of their children, the children will feel as if violence can solve everything. 

So you will find that most of the children in society who fight and fight often have a bad temper and beat people at every turn. 

How to prevent children from forming a violent personality? 

1. Parents must learn to manage their emotions

To communicate with their children calmly, parents must first learn to manage their emotions. 

Especially when the child is relatively young, it is normal to make mistakes frequently. Parents should be more patient, communicate with the child first, and slowly reason with the child, the child will naturally understand the parent The good intentions. 

2, don’t show children misleading meaning

Now that the information age is coming, every child has a lot of opportunities to access the Internet, but not all information on the Internet is good. 

So when your child is watching TV or computer, don’t let the child watch some violent cartoons or movies. The plot in the movie will make the child immersed In violent behavior, it will gradually affect the child’s character in the long run. 

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