What should I do if there is too much breast milk and the baby can’t finish it? Don’t force your husband to drink anymore, learn how to deal with it scientifically

What should I do if there is too much breast milk and the baby can’t finish it? Don’t force your husband to drink anymore, learn scientific treatment methods

Breast milk is the perfect food for your baby. Usually within a week after delivery, mothers will secrete breast milk, but in the newborn period, babies The stomach volume is very small, so there is often an excess of breast milk. 

So when there is too much breast milk, how do mothers deal with this breast milk? 

Baoma breast milk Too much, the baby wanted to drink it for her husband. After being rejected, Bao’s mother was very angry.

Xiaoru is a novice mother. During her pregnancy, she often worried that she would not have enough milk, so in order to be able to breastfeed , Xiaoru read a lot of books on breastfeeding during pregnancy. 

But what she didn’t expect was that after the little guy was born, what bothered her was not less breast milk, but too much breast milk! 

The baby’s appetite is small, and the feeling of rising milk all day makes Xiaoru miserable. So Xiaoru bought back an electric breast pump, which not only promotes the continuous discharge of breast milk, but also effectively relieves the discomfort of rising milk. 

However, looking at the breast milk sucked out by the bottle in front of him, Xiao Ru was a little tangled. 

“If you just pour out the breast milk, is it too wasteful?” Thinking that it is not easy to produce milk by herself, Xiao Ru thought of a good way. 

Therefore, Xiao Ru “recommends” her husband to drink the breast milk that the baby can’t drink, “Breast milk is very nutritious. You work so hard every day. It’s good to drink a little to nourish your body!”

Ru was kind, but Xiaoru’s husband immediately refused. “What’s the matter? I definitely don’t drink it! The baby can’t drink it, just throw it away!”

Seeing her husband’s disgusting expression, Xiao Ru was a little angry. “Is my breast milk that makes you hate it? You definitely don’t love me and the baby!”

Xiaoru’s husband was helpless when he heard his wife say this, “I don’t dislike you. I just don’t think it’s appropriate! But if I want to replenish my body, I can drink pure milk, there is no need to drink breast milk! Besides, this is really embarrassing!”

Although Xiaoru’s husband gave his own explanation, this The argument did not succeed in persuading Xiaoru. 

“In order to be able to breastfeed my child, I have been actively breastfeeding, how come to you, it seems to cheat you? Don’t bite Lu Dongbin and don’t know good people!”

Seeing the daughter-in-law talked more and more excited, Xiaoru’s husband quickly found an excuse to leave the house. 

Seeing her husband stealing the door and fleeing, Xiaoru felt very wronged. At this time, she was still holding a bottle of breast milk that she had squeezed tightly in her hand. 

Breast milk for adults Can drinking really replenish the body? It may not be so “nutritious”

In fact, breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies, but it is not always true for adults. 

The immune protein contained in breast milk is unmatched by other formula milk powders, which also shows the preciousness of breast milk. 

However, this immune protein provides very little nutrition for adults whose immune system is already well-developed. 

In other words, if adults drink breast milk, not only can they not improve their immunity, but they can’t replenish their body. 

“Extra Breast milk cannot be wasted, it can be used to treat eczema” Is this true? 

Some mothers mistakenly believe that breast milk can relieve the symptoms of baby eczema, so they will apply breast milk to the baby’s face repeatedly. In fact, this approach is very wrong. 

Apply breast milk to the baby’s face, which will not only aggravate the symptoms of baby eczema, but also may clog the pores, and even induce more serious allergies. 

Therefore, mothers should not lose too much because of small mistakes. In order not to waste and let the baby suffer more, this is obviously not worth the loss. 

The baby can’t drink How to deal with the lost breast milk so that it will not be wasted? 

1. Store properly

The breast milk that the baby can’t finish drinking at a time can be “stored” so that it can be prepared for emergencies. 

Generally speaking, breast milk can be stored for three months in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator at minus 18 degrees Celsius. 

So as long as the mothers master the correct storage method, the excess breast milk can also be properly stored. 

2. Donate to the breast milk bank

Although some mothers who breast milk can’t finish drinking, there are also some mothers who are breastfeeding and worry about insufficient secretion. 

So qualified mothers can donate their breast milk to the breast milk bank, which not only solves their own breast milk problem, but also helps those mothers who lack breast milk. 

At present, there are professional breast milk banks in hospitals in my country’s first-tier cities and some developed cities, and mothers can refer to them appropriately. 

3. Make a delicious food supplement

The breast milk that the baby can’t finish drinking can also be made into a food supplement. If you change the way of intake, babies may prefer it. 

But I have to say that the most suitable temperature for breastmilk is around 37 degrees, so the temperature must be controlled when cooking to avoid damage to the nutrients in breastmilk. 

In short, the best way to dispose of breastmilk is to feed it to the baby, so mothers should not try to force their husbands to drink their own breastmilk. After all, it is a bit embarrassing to be in love with reason. . 

How do you deal with breast milk that your baby can’t drink? Although normal delivery is always good, the three advantages of cesarean delivery are incomparable to normal delivery.

There are many delivery methods available nowadays, but the two delivery methods of normal delivery and cesarean delivery are still the mainstream of maternal delivery. select. Relatively speaking, the cesarean section takes less time and the mother suffers less pain due to childbirth. In addition, what are the advantages of caesarean section? 

Young mothers insist During a C-section, the mother-in-law said that she would only waste money. The medical delivery woman was right.

Before the birth, A Ling insisted on giving birth by C-section, and A Ling’s mother-in-law was a little unhappy after hearing this. The mother-in-law said, “You young and strong should be able to be born smoothly, and we shouldn’t spend this wronged money! It costs 3000 yuan for a smooth birth, but if you have a caesarean section, it will cost 8000 yuan as a base!”

After hearing what her mother-in-law said, A Ling replied, “There should be no shortage of money for such a big thing as having a baby. Besides, I have money, I can spend my own money for a Caesarean section!” Listen When the daughter-in-law said so, the mother-in-law had to shut her mouth in a serene manner. After a while, the mother-in-law said again, “It’s not just because you’re afraid of spending money, it’s mainly for your postpartum physical recovery. Recovery is slow after caesarean section. After giving birth, someone needs to take care of you!”

After hearing what the mother-in-law said , A Ling was even more unhappy, “After giving birth, I will ask my mother to help and take care of the confinement, so I don’t have to work hard for you! Although the postpartum recovery is slow, but for the comfort of the child, I am worth it! “Seeing her daughter-in-law made up her mind to have a C-section, the mother-in-law was really helpless and angry. After a while, the doctor came over, and the mother-in-law hurriedly asked the doctor for help. She hoped that the doctor could help herself to persuade her daughter-in-law to give birth. 

Unexpectedly, the doctor said, “Your daughter-in-law’s pelvis is narrow. If you give birth smoothly, you may have a dystocia. If you have a Caesarean transfer, it’s better to have a Caesarean section to be safe!” I heard from the doctor. In the same way, the mother-in-law had to shut her mouth sensibly. In the end, Aling gave birth to a baby weighing seven kilograms by caesarean section. 

relative to normal delivery What are the irreplaceable benefits of childbirth and cesarean section? 

It can shorten the time of labor.

For the parturients with a higher probability of dystocia, caesarean section is more effective in shortening the labor process, which also enables the parturient to complete the delivery more smoothly. For example, if the head of the fetus is too large and the way of exerting force is not equal, this may cause dystocia. If the parturient chooses to have a normal delivery at the beginning, then when the dystocia occurs, the parturient will need to change from the normal to the cesarean, which will increase the risk factor invisibly. 

It is more able to ensure the safety of fetuses who cannot give birth normally

Although there are many benefits of normal delivery, if you encounter a fetus and cannot give birth normally, women need to choose caesarean section childbirth. For example, if the fetal position is not correct, if the child is forced to give birth, both the mother and the fetus will be put in danger, but if the delivery is by cesarean section, the safety of the mother and the fetus is more guaranteed. 

Caesarean section is more suitable for elderly women with insufficient labor force

The elasticity of the skin and muscles of elderly women is poor, which makes the fetus receive more resistance when passing through the vagina. If you insist on choosing a normal delivery, it is very There may be cases where childbirth is blocked. Therefore, it is safer to give birth by caesarean section for elderly women with insufficient labor force and poor muscle elasticity. 

Before giving birth, what do pregnant women do to ensure a smooth delivery? 

Pay attention to the physical examination before delivery

In the prenatal examination, the doctor will evaluate the mother’s productive capacity. For the parturient who is suitable for the normal delivery, the doctor will recommend the normal delivery. For, For women who are more difficult to give birth smoothly, doctors tend to choose cesarean section for delivery. Prenatal physical examination can be said to be the benchmark basis for women to choose the correct delivery method, and women should pay attention to it. 

Control your body weight during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, if the mother’s intake of nutrients is excessive. Then it is likely to cause excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Not only is it easy to cause the production of giant babies, but it may also cause the mother to be affected by pregnancy complications. Therefore, controlling the range of weight gain during pregnancy can provide more guarantee for the smooth delivery. 

Listen carefully to the doctor’s advice

Whether it is in the prenatal guidance or the choice of delivery method, women should listen to the doctor’s advice more seriously. Try not to choose a certain delivery method because of your own preferences, because it is possible that the mother’s momentary obsession may affect the life and health of yourself and the fetus. In fact, the two delivery methods of normal delivery and cesarean section have their own irreplaceable advantages. Women should make the correct choice of delivery methods based on their actual conditions. In this process, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s guidance and advice, and women must not blindly believe in experience. 

Do you have any experience sharing about the delivery method of caesarean section?

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