What should I do if the child is used to procrastination? Five super coping methods, easy to help baby get rid of bad habits

What should I do if the child is used to procrastination? Five super coping methods to easily help babies get rid of bad habits

The China University Media Alliance conducted a statistical survey of 199 college students across the country and found that 97.12% of the students said they have or occasionally have the habit of procrastinating. 

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As a parent, in the process of raising children, always Being able to encounter all kinds of troubles makes parents very troublesome. For example, the problem of procrastination of children in doing things, after the parents reprimanded and preached, can not get the slightest improvement. 

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What should parents do in the face of children’s procrastination? 

1. Develop a schedule with the child

If the child loves to procrastinate, it may be because they do not have a sense of time. Parents can work out a suitable schedule with the baby, such as getting up at 6:30 in the morning. Dressing, washing, and preparing supplies for 20 minutes;

How many words are written in 30 minutes, etc. Let the baby follow the schedule. Parents can encourage them and mobilize their enthusiasm in this process. 

2. Play competition games with children

If there are two children at home, let the two children compete, such as dressing, washing and other small things, if there is only one baby , Father or mother can compete with children, pay attention to adults in the process to a certain extent, let them have a certain sense of accomplishment, such a pleasant family atmosphere, help them speed up the speed of doing things on their own. 

3. Parents lead by example

If you want your children to develop a good habit of not procrastinating, parents must set an example, and finally set an example, arrange their time reasonably, for example, if you are not late for work, things can be completed on time. Children’s long-term stay in such a family atmosphere will slowly affect them. 

4. Let the child bear the consequences of procrastination

If the child procrastinates no matter what he does, the parent has not improved after repeated urging and preaching, then the parents may as well let him follow His own pace of time, such as washing, procrastinating eating, leading to late for school, then he will be criticized by the teacher after going to school, let him understand that delaying time will bring consequences. 

5. Set rewards and punishments

If preaching and urging do not work, then parents may wish to take rewards and punishments, such as rewarding a little love after the child completes a certain task on time , When you save up to ten, you can get a reward, etc.; if you delay one time, such as being late for school, you will be punished with reduced pocket money or a week of snacks. 

What impact might it have? 

1. Become inferior and suspicious

Children always procrastinate, so they often fail to complete tasks on time, and they tend to develop a sense of inferiority in their hearts, and feel that they are a failure and useless. I cannot recognize my abilities, feel that I can’t do anything well, and question myself. 

2. Unable to realize their own ideas

If the child has procrastination, things that were originally completed within the validity period will be caused to be delayed and cannot be completed on time, or even feel self-conscious. Interests or things you want to do, due to the habit of procrastination, are difficult to correct for a while. 

3. Become too selfish

People with procrastination will procrastinate on things they don’t like and don’t want to do, which will lead to not belonging to their professional scope It’s even more difficult to do or don’t want to do things inside. After all, there are unsatisfactory things in life that need to be overcome. 

4. Anxiety appears

Because of the habit of procrastination, many things cannot be completed on time, so it is difficult to get the recognition and trust of others, so you will deny your own abilities even more, which is easy to produce Some negative emotions of anxiety. 

How to prevent children from developing bad habits of procrastination? 

1. Establish a child’s concept of time

Parents can help children establish a concept of time, especially when they are young, their understanding ability is limited, and time is a relatively abstract concept, especially Before the age of three, the baby has not formed the concept of time. Parents can buy an hourglass to let the child perceive the loss of time. 

After the age of three, children gradually have a sense of time. Parents can use clocks to help them recognize time, and help them establish a sense of time by reading books and playing out. . 

2. Cultivate children’s concentration

Concentration can allow a person to concentrate on accomplishing a certain thing, so doing this is not only fast, but also effective. 

Therefore, parents should cultivate their baby’s concentration from an early age. For example, when the baby is playing with a certain toy, parents should not interrupt frequently. 

3. Make rules

The so-called unruly does not make a circle. Therefore, in order to let children establish a good habit of doing things without delay, rules can be established. If the homework is not completed on time, it will not be possible. Watching TV; failing to go to bed on time, deducting one week’s pocket money, etc., let the children develop a habit of doing things well within the specified time, and slowly increase their rate.  There are pregnant women at home, so the bedroom should not be placed four Such items may “injure yourself and fetus”

Congenital defects in the fetus refer to structural or chromosomal abnormalities that occur in the womb. 

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Finalized: Su Zihou

During pregnancy, it is often necessary to pay special attention. It may be that many ordinary daily necessities can easily harm the belly of pregnant women. Fetus inside. 

How many weeks do fetal “birth defects” easily form? 

According to the current medical level in my country, generally around 12 weeks of pregnancy, some fetuses with chromosomal abnormalities can be excluded from the NT examination with a high probability. 

Theoretically speaking, the first 3 months are very important. It is the formation period of the fetal neural tube. If the neural tube develops normally, the result of NT examination also shows that there is no abnormality in the fetal chromosomes, then the fetus The probability of defects is very small. 

All the pictures in this article are from the Internet, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant.

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, a large-scale malformation examination can be performed, and most organs of the fetus can be examined through accurate color Doppler ultrasound data Whether the development is intact, and doctors can also use advanced medical equipment to complete the repair work of the fetus in the uterus, and appropriately reduce the adverse effects of the fetus. 

After pregnancy, what things to put in the bedroom will increase the probability of fetal “dysplasia”


Mothballs are a common insect repellent. Put them in a humid corner to prevent moisture , Can also achieve the effect of pest control. 

However, the mothballs on the market contain dichlorobenzene, a toxic element, and the pungent smell released is not only unpleasant, but also causes symptoms such as dizziness and nausea in pregnant women, or skin allergies, or even more serious, and can also cause fetuses. Abnormal development threatens the life and health of pregnant women and fetuses. 

◣Mosquito coils◢

In the hot summer, many families will choose to light mosquito coils to repel mosquitoes. Although the effect is very good, and the smell is not particularly strong, but for pregnant women, it is It’s like a deadly “poison.” 

Many mosquito coils contain chemical substances, and they may taste very light, but the better the mosquito repellent effect is, the more harmful it will be to pregnant women. 

After the mosquito coil is ignited, the chemicals will melt in the floating air. If the pregnant woman stays in this environment for a long time and the inhalation is large, it is likely to cause abnormalities in the fetus. 


During pregnancy, many pregnant women find it difficult to fall asleep. Insomnia is a common occurrence, so they will try to use aromatherapy to soothe their nerves. 

However, many fragrances and chemicals are added to most incenses. After being ignited, they will also dissipate in the air. After pregnant women inhale the respiratory tract, they will often affect the fetus in the belly and increase the appearance of the fetus. Probability of defects. 

◣Cooling Oil◢

Now this season is fine, but if it is summer, after being bitten by mosquitoes, many people will use cooling oil to reduce inflammation and relieve itching. 

Most of the cooling oils on the market are synthesized from camphor and eucalyptus oil. After pregnant women use them, these ingredients will harm the fetus through the mother’s body and affect the normal development of the fetus. In severe cases, it can also cause abnormal fetal development. 

Case: A bouquet was placed in the bedroom, and the pregnant mother suffered a tragedy.

Xiaoqin was pregnant for two months. She paid great attention to all aspects and was cautious, for fear of an accident. But unexpectedly, she miscarried in the end. The doctor asked to find out the reason. 

It turns out that Xiaoqin likes to play with some bouquets on weekdays, and during pregnancy is no exception. He thinks that putting some plants in the house can not only purify the air, but also look and feel pleasing. 

However, she was pregnant in this environment for a long time, and the fragrance of the flowers stimulated the pregnant woman’s nerves, causing the pregnant woman to have headaches, nausea, and finally a miscarriage. 

Pregnancy is a long and difficult process. It may be a common thing, but you need to be careful during pregnancy. Otherwise, it is likely to affect the health of the pregnant woman and the normal development of the fetus. 

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