What should I do if the baby does not listen to the scolding? Four coups teach you to prescribe the right medicine, and the bear child can also become good

What should I do if the baby does not listen to the scolding? Four coups teach you to prescribe the right medicine, and the bear child can also become good

After the child has made a mistake, the parents will use the method of yelling and cursing after a few preaching sessions, if they find no effect, but can this really make the child obedient? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Queen Su Zi

As babies grow up, they are curious and lively The restless nature is slowly released. Because of the lack of understanding of unknown things and no clear view of right and wrong, it is easy to make mistakes. Parents will also adopt patient teaching methods at the beginning, but when the number of times increases, they directly adopt it. Howling, even beating and scolding. 

Although parents also know that this method is not correct, but the children have not changed after repeated teaching, and they do not listen to what they say, which is very troublesome for a time. 

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How to make children obedient and obedient without yelling or scolding? 

1. Loss of the original treatment

For children, reasoning alone may not make much difference, or it may be because they don’t understand what the parents say at all. Therefore, in order to let the children know His own behavior is wrong, and parents can take punishment. This refers to the loss of the original treatment, such as deducting one week of snacks, confiscating favorite toys, and not allowing TV to watch for a week. 

When implementing this punishment, we must discuss with the child in advance and formulate this rule, so that when something goes wrong, we will obediently follow it, and once it is formulated, the whole family needs to unite the front and strictly enforce it. 

2. Let the children stay alone in a specific corner

In fact, some children can realize that they have done something wrong after making a mistake, but they often use crying to arouse their parents His’empathy’ allows oneself to be forgiven. If the parents are soft-hearted, it will not be conducive to the baby’s physical and mental health for a long time. 

Therefore, parents can choose a fixed area at home as a fixed penalty site for their children. When the baby makes a mistake, he needs to stand alone in this position to calmly think about his own problems, instead of blindly begging for mercy. In this process, parents must remember not to be soft-hearted. , Otherwise it will lose its meaning. 

3. Let the baby take on the mistakes

When the baby makes a mistake, parents should not be anxious to be partial or angry. They can first patiently understand the course of the next thing, its reasons, and guide the child If you bear the error, you will bear the corresponding punishment. 

For example, if you play a soccer ball and blast the windows of other people’s houses, or accidentally smash the vases, after confirming that the child is not injured, let the child clean up the debris by himself. Pay attention to ensure their safety. Deducting the money for glass or vases from his pocket money will deepen his impression. Knowing that he has to bear the consequences if he makes a mistake, he will have a long memory in the future and dare not make mistakes at will. 

4. Ignore the child when he splashes

When a child is playing, many parents will agree to his needs in order to appease the baby, but for the child, it is very easy for him to make an inch of it. In the future, it will be obtained in this way. Everything you want. 

In the face of a baby, parents can ignore it. After crying for a long time, no one will pay attention, and they will stand up obediently. 

It is recommended that children’s needs should be met in an appropriate amount and delayed in satisfaction. Don’t be responsive, otherwise it will nourish their bad habits. 

To sum up, when children make mistakes, parents should take scientific and useful ways to let them correct them slowly, otherwise they will yell at them when they are in a hurry. Not only will it not be effective, but it will also affect the health of the baby. Growth and development. 

The shouting meeting Impact on children

1. Inferiority complex

The study found that children who are often yelled at by their parents are prone to question their own abilities, even if they are within their ability. Will choose to avoid or withdraw habitually. 

Perhaps for parents, yelling and scolding can only take less than a minute, but for children, this is a kind of injury and even will accompany them throughout their lives. 

Dr. Montessori once said: “Every personality defect of a person is caused by some wrong treatment in childhood.”

Therefore, parents The yelling and scolding will not have any effect, it may only make the child feel inferior. 

2. Develop the habit of lying

Children have been yelled at by their parents for a long time, and are hurt both physically and mentally. In order to avoid these situations, the baby may say something deceptive. Words, over time, will gradually develop a bad habit of lying. 

3. Develop an irritable personality

Children who are often yelled at by their parents, grow up in this environment for a long time, and slowly learn to use this way Solve and deal with problems, and develop a temperamental and irritable personality. 

4. Hurt the brain

According to medical research, verbal insults are likely to cause damage to the child’s brain. This is because yelling words will cause the baby’s stress hormone levels to increase, thereby changing the brain structure. 

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When a child is yelled at by his parents, he will only be frightened, and what he says in the process will be completely blocked by his brain. 

If you are yelled at by parents for a long time, your child’s psychology will have an “extra-limit effect”, that is, if you are stimulated by such overly strong words for a long time, your psychology will become impatient and even rebellious.  Boys who lack masculinity, mostly For two reasons, this education for parents can be improved

Related materials show that 70% to 80% of teachers in kindergartens and elementary schools in our country are women. The long-term life in the circle of girls has led to more and more boys who are as shy as girls. . 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

In the process of educating children, parents should not only cultivate their abilities , In addition to hobbies, temperament is more important, especially boys. 

Although everyone should have their own personality, in real life, some boys are coy, indecisive, and even crying. There is nothing that boys should have fortitude, strength, courage, and decisiveness. Waiting for masculinity makes parents a headache. 

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The reasons why boys lack manhood

1. Dad spends too little time with his children

Dad has a unique masculinity for men Chi, masculine spirit, children will gradually learn this characteristic when they are affected by the ears and eyes, but if the father is busy with work and does not spare any time to accompany the child, then he can only imitate the mother who has taken care of him for a long time. 

And mother’s love is delicate, and her body is also gentle, hesitant, kind and other female characteristics. Boys who stay with their mothers for a long time will slowly learn the female characteristics of their mothers and become There is no masculinity. 

2. Overprotection by parents

Nowadays, most families have only one child, and there are only two at most. As parents, they want to give them the best, even Do everything for them, and then control the baby in your own protection circle. In the end, it is very likely that the baby will become poorly independent, timid and timid, and the boy will not be manly at all. 

What should parents do Cultivate the masculinity of boys? 

1. Fathers spend more time with their children

Fathers have unique male characteristics and can establish a correct male image for boys. He also wants to be a masculine person like his father. . 

In the process of getting along, the father can take his son to do some intense exercises, such as wrestling, swimming, running, etc., or choose the items that the child likes to help the baby grow up. 

During the process of participating in sports, his father can tell him that falling is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that he dare not get up and continue, accompany him to bear the process, and tell his son that a man must have a certain The hard-working spirit. 

In addition, the father can also teach his son to have certain rules in doing things, and he can’t do impulsive things because of emotional out-of-control, and he has a sense of responsibility and gratitude. Of course, fathers must lead by example. 

2. Take more outdoor sports with your children

When parents take their children to outdoor activities, they can not only promote the relationship between parents and children, but also strengthen their physique and become a boy. You should have a strong physique. 

3. Let children participate in group activities.

In the process of participating in group activities, children can not only cultivate their cheerful, lively and tolerant characters in all aspects, but also exercise their Competitive awareness, adaptability, stress resistance and courage to overcome difficulties help his son build up manhood. 

4. Conduct gender education

Children will start to develop gender awareness when they are about 3 years old. As parents, in order to avoid deviations in their future character development, they should be told when they are almost 3 years old. No, there are differences. 

Let boys understand that a healthy boy should have a special personality, what is the difference between boys and girls’ interpersonal relations, hobbies, etc., and in daily life, the child should make behaviors that match his gender When the time comes, parents can give thumbs up. 

The praise here is not just to simply say “you are awesome”, but to be specific to something, so as to correctly guide and influence the child towards the direction of his own gender role characteristics And continue to develop. 

5. Teaching children the ability to be independent

This requires parents to train their children to do things they can do from an early age, such as sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, tidying up their own room, etc. Of course, this must be based on the response of the baby With age, he can also participate in his own decision-making. 

This can not only cultivate children’s independent ability, but also cultivate independent thinking ability. When encountering things in the future, they can make decisions bravely, correctly and decisively. 

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In people’s impression, boys are on the strong side, and girls appear to be weaker, but in real life, they don’t Young boys are bullied by girls. 

When I was browsing the forum before, I saw a case: Xiaozhi and Xiaomei are classmates. Due to some small contradictions between the two, they have not been very happy. 

One day, Xiao Mei felt angry in her heart. Just after school, she beat Xiao Zhi and her face was swollen. After returning home, Xiao Zhi told her mother. Her mother said, “Why are you still being bullied by a girl?” “

Xiaozhi said with tears in his eyes: “I am a’good man’ and don’t fight with women”, making his mother dumbfounded. 

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