What should I do if my child has a poor memory? Parents can help them build a “memory palace”, which will benefit their children a lot

What should I do if my child has a poor memory? Parents can help them build a “memory palace”, which will benefit their children a lot.

Children’s learning basically requires the accumulation of knowledge, so for children, memory plays a very important role. Some parents Always think of ways to help children improve their grades, but the effect is not very obvious. The children are not only very struggling to learn, but their grades do not rise but fall. In fact, this is due to the child’s poor memory. 

Some parents believe that as their children grow , Their memory should also become stronger. In theory, this should be the case. However, many children remember and forget quickly, so after learning a lot of knowledge, children forget, and memory has a great influence on children’s performance. Big. 

If the child’s memory is poor, parents must first look for the reason. Generally speaking, the reason why the child’s memory is poor is mainly due to the following points:

1. Lack of nutrition

Children There is a great relationship between memory and brain development. Some children are undernourished during maternal development, and parents do not pay attention to supplementing their children with nutrition after birth. These may affect the development of the brain. Therefore, lack of nutrition will also affect the child’s development. For memory, parents must pay more attention to this aspect. 

2, lack of concentration

I believe that many children have such problems. When they are unable to concentrate in class, the knowledge taught by the teacher will soon be forgotten. Experts point out that only when the brain is attentive, the child’s brain will retain an impression. This way the child Only then will the memory be deep. If the concentration is not concentrated, even if the teacher repeats it many times, the child still cannot remember it. 

3. No interest

< p>It is said that interest is the best teacher for children to learn. This is very reasonable. In some courses, children are actually not very interested, but they can only listen reluctantly under pressure. This way, the child will have an inner heart. In order to resist emotions, they will not only not listen to the class seriously, but will not have any initiative and enthusiasm, so the children will naturally not remember what they have learned. 

All of the above reasons may cause the child to have poor memory. Memory is the key to the child’s performance. If the memory is poor, the child may do a lot of useless work, so what should the child do with poor memory? ? 

In fact, if parents want to change this situation, they can try to help them build a “memory palace”. If they do well in this regard, they can benefit their children a lot. 

What is a memory palace? 

Actually, this refers to a Western secret technique, but in simple terms, it is to use familiar scenes and things to help children remember, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing and improving memory. 

So, how can parents use the memory palace to help their children improve their memory? 

First, change your mind.

If the child is allowed to memorize knowledge points by rote memorization, it will not only be too boring for the child, but it will also easily cause the child to lose interest in learning. The children’s memory and concentration will decrease. 

If you encounter this situation, parents may wish to try to help their children change their minds. For example, let the child change the knowledge points to the graphics or things they like, and let the child use another memory method. These things are what the child likes or are familiar with. After the knowledge points are brought in, the memory will change. It’s much simpler. 

Second, mark key points

Presumably, many children who have memorized the texts know that. Sometimes they remember that they are very familiar, but it is easy to forget. If you want to connect all the texts together, it becomes difficult, and you even need to practice recitation several times. Achieved the goal, but doing a lot of useless work in this way. 

Parents can teach children to mark the key points, find out a few important places in the text, remember the key points, mark the order, and then remember. This kind of memory method only needs to remember a few key points You can recite the entire text quickly with just a few clicks, which helps children improve their learning speed and efficiency. 

Third, organize and summarize in time


In the learning process, children must learn a variety of knowledge, but it is very difficult for the brain to memorize all this knowledge quickly, and the memory is also very messy, so parents must teach their children Learn to organize and summarize in the brain. 

Children should summarize the knowledge they have learned, sum up all the knowledge points in an orderly manner, and try to recall and organize them in the brain. This will not only make the children deepen the impression, but also It can also allow children to improve their thinking skills and have a more positive impact on learning. 

4th, learn more and practice more


Building a memory palace also requires children to constantly review and practice. Every time they reach a stage of learning, they must remember to practice and review more, deepen their memory and gain more knowledge in the process In the long run, the child’s memory palace will continue to expand, and the knowledge will be more firmly remembered. 

In short, building a memory palace may not be so easy, but it does help improve children’s learning ability and memory, and make children’s learning better and more efficient, so parents must pay more attention to this In terms of helping children learn better. The longer the daughter, the better-looking. Dad suspects that it is not her own person. After the two paternity tests, the whole family is confused.

When the child does not look like himself, will the parent doubt the child’s identity? There is a dad on the Internet because the longer his daughter, the better-looking, he suspects that he is not his own. 

Case analysis:

Mr. Wu and his wife’s looks are relatively ordinary, which is invisible in the crowd. Not long after the couple got married, the wife became pregnant with the baby. When the baby was just born, the nurses praised the baby’s beauty after seeing it. Mr. Wu and his wife were also very proud. 

After all, the couple looks average, plus It was a girl. At first, the two were worried that the child would look ugly, but now that the child is so beautiful, the couple are relieved a lot. But as the child grew up, Dad Bao found that his daughter did not look like him. When he took the baby out a few times, many people thought that Mr. Wu was a relative of the child, and no one regarded them as father and daughter. . 

In addition, the neighbors began to have gossip Mr. Wu also suspected that the child was not his own, and suspected that his wife had cheated on him, so he told the family to take the baby to do a paternity test. The appraisal result showed that the child was not Bao’s father, and Mr. Wu threw the appraisal certificate in front of his wife. 

The wife is also very confused. In order to prove her innocence, the family of three did a paternity test. But after the two tests, the whole family was confused. Not only was the child not related to his father, but also not to his mother. Any relationship. In such a situation, the staff said that it is very likely that the child was hugged by mistake when he was born. 

Many people think that the modern medical technology In society, it is rare for a child to be wrongly held, but there is nothing absolute, and the phenomenon of a child being wrongly held still occurs. 

Why is the child wrongly held? 

①: The appearance is similar.

The skin of the newborn child is red, because the five sense organs are not long-opened. If the parent does not look carefully, they will find that they look the same. Unless some careful parents observe the birthmarks or other different places on their children after they are born. Once the parents are negligent, and the nurses are not attentive, it is easy to get confused and get wrong. 

②: The clothes prepared are the same

Today’s medical level has been greatly improved than before. In order to provide women with a better medical experience, the hospital will prepare things for women and babies, which can be said to be very convenient. But most of the things that the hospital prepares are the same, such as children’s quilts. Careful parents will choose to bring their own quilts, so that they can be distinguished from the hospital, and the children will not be held by others by mistake. 

Parents and children are related by blood, But in the final analysis, the relationship between parents and children is not limited to blood relationship, birth and nurturing are equally important. 

How do parents treat their children indiscriminately? 

1: Give children enough company and care

Parents give their children enough care and company, so that they can feel the love of parents, so that children can be grateful to their parents. To establish a good parent-child relationship with their children, parents must get along with them, spend more time, and spend more time with their children. 

Two: Communicate more with children

Parents who want to know more about their children should communicate with them more. When communicating with children, they should also pay attention to an equal relationship and pay attention to their own tone of voice. Don’t always indulge in mobile phones or work, so that you can understand the inner thoughts of children and get closer to them. 

3: Give children some space

No matter how much parents love their children, they should also give them a certain amount of space. Do not help the children do everything well and deprive them of the opportunity to be independent. Children should be given enough freedom to form independent thinking and personality, believe in children, and respect their ideas. 

Nowadays, the hospital’s system has improved a lot. The chance of a child being wrongly held is very small, but in any case, if you are not afraid of ten thousand, you are afraid of the accident. Parents cannot bet on the future of the child. Therefore, after the baby is born, parents must carefully observe their physical characteristics. In addition, they must also observe the baby’s movements from time to time and cannot leave them.

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