What should I do if my child has a “glass heart”? Parents may wish to first understand the “mushroom law”

What should I do if my child has a “glass heart”? Parents may wish to first understand the “mushroom law”

When children encounter setbacks, they do not have a strong heart like adults, so they can easily be hurt by failure. Many parents think that children are afraid of failure because of their character, but in fact this is related to the education they receive. My child has a vulnerable “glass heart”, what should I do? 

Case study:

Yue’er has been learning since she was young Singing and participating in many big and small competitions, the mothers of the children also attach great importance to the cultivation of their children’s talents. Before almost every competition, the mothers accompany the children to practice until late at night. 

Originally, Yue’er was a very confident child. He was able to get a good ranking in every competition. However, there was a problem with Yue’er’s microphone during one competition. Yue’er suddenly became nervous and changed the lyrics. I forgot. That time, Yue’er failed to make the finals. 

After experiencing this failure, the child began to be afraid of the competition. Every time her mother offered to participate in the performance, Yue’er always refused, because Yue’er was afraid of failing again. 

Actually, failure is very common. The performance of Yue’er who is reluctant to stand up after a failure is actually due to the fragility of his heart, which causes the child to encounter obstacles in rebuilding his heart. 

So, why do children form such a “glass heart”? 

1. Not experiencing enough training

Children’s life experience is not as rich as that of their parents, so they are naturally panicked when encountering problems. Without sufficient experience, any failure may cause a huge blow to the child, so at this time it is particularly important to accumulate experience afterwards and face failure squarely. 

Two, parents’ requirements are too strict

Children are born to form a certain degree of dependence on their parents. In the process of children’s growth, if parents have long-term high demands on their children, they will cause the children to shift their own position in their hearts, so a small failure may cause the children to Doubts about his abilities, and fear of parental blame, made the child reluctant to stand up. 

Three, the child’s goal is not long-term enough

The goal is limited to the child in front of him. It is easy to be hit by a small failure, so it is difficult to look into the long-term future. This is actually due to the fact that the parents did not properly educate their children, causing the children to pay too much attention to results rather than the process of growth. 

When children form a fragile heart due to the above reasons, parents should realize that they need to change the way of education. Only through family education can we fundamentally change the child’s fear of failure. 

There is a concept in psychology called ” The “Mushroom Law” can help parents educate their children about frustration and form a strong heart. Parents may wish to understand first:

What is the “mushroom law”? 

We all know that mushrooms always grow in unexpected corners. They grow from the cracks. Their tenacious vitality is not transferred by changes in the external environment. They are born in difficult environments and can eventually grow again. Must be full of vitality. The philosophical principles behind this make people feel, so we call the tenacious growth of mushrooms “the law of mushrooms.” 

In parenting, parents should tell their children to Grow like a mushroom. Don’t change your pursuits and ideas easily when encountering difficulties, but move forward vigorously. Only if you are not affected by the difficulties can you continue to grow and achieve success. 

In the process of parenting, how to use the “mushroom law” to teach children to form a strong heart? 

First of all, tell the child not to let the difficulties divert his will

The reason why the child is afraid of failure is because the fear of the consequences of failure is unacceptable. But life is not always smooth sailing, failure is just a small wave in the long river of life, and will not completely change the direction of the river. 

So, when a child faces failure, parents do not need to keep mentioning the consequences of failure to the child, but let the child focus on the future and form a more long-term goal. 

Secondly, help children establish long-term goals. Don’t focus on the immediate failure

Failure is always just a stone on the road of life, just step over it. For children, due to their lack of life experience, it is easy to treat failure as a big problem. In fact, failure is not necessarily a bad thing. We must learn to tell children to accumulate experience from it. 

For example, if a child did a certain step wrong in this exam, can this mistake be avoided next time and a higher grade can be achieved? Life is full of uncertainty. Parents should help their children overcome this fear of failure and face every challenge in life. 

The “fairy font” of middle school students is popular, the handwriting is neat and tidy, and the teacher does not read the paper Be willing to deduct points

How to be a good parent is something that Bao’s parents are thinking about after becoming parents, and this answer presumably requires parents to constantly explore and explore on this road . 

After all, the status and needs of children at each stage of growth are different, so parents’ mentality and practices also need to be adjusted accordingly. 

For example, when the little guy goes to school, he will learn how to integrate into the small group of class and school, and the classmates and teachers he meets will also make the child’s mentality grow. 

Parents certainly hope that their children can develop in all aspects of “ethics, intellectual, physical, and artistic” in addition to excellent academic performance in school, such as being able to write good handwriting. 

The “fairy font” on the scrolls of middle school students is popular, The handwriting is neat and tidy

As the saying goes, “words are like the person”, which means that we can see the character and state of a person from the handwriting of a person. 

But in fact, the handwriting is constantly cultivated in the growth stage of people. For example, there is a middle school student’s “fairy font” on the Internet. 

I saw the handwriting on this answer sheet Neat and neat, it looks really refreshing and comfortable, and when you see the composition part, even many grading teachers say that they are reluctant to deduct points, and praised: it’s like a printed one! If the students in our class can write such a good handwriting, I will wake up from a dream. 

Excellent fonts are a special “business card”

Many people may think that modern society is developing rapidly, and electronic products such as computers and mobile phones will replace a lot of written work. But it’s not the case. 

In the student stage, writing still occupies a relatively important proportion, it will affect the teacher’s impression of the students, and it will also become a part of the character development of the students themselves. 

In the work phase after leaving the campus, Handwriting may become another way to show oneself, become a unique shining point of a person, and many people are also engaged in the work of writing words. 

If you want to get praise from the marking teacher, you must pay attention to a few points in addition to the font

No matter how you say it, the beautiful and neat handwriting has certain advantages, and it will indeed make the marking teacher produce sensory changes in an instant . But in addition to the handwriting, there are other points that need to be paid attention to when writing the paper. 

1) Be careful to write your answers clearly

Whether it’s a liberal arts or science, and whether it’s a text or formula, try to be as clear as possible when it is reflected in the paper, not a big one. Segments or a long strip are tiled together. 

This will make it difficult for the marking teacher to see you clearly Originally, the scoring teacher only needs to see if the answer is correct, but if you encounter a large group of answers, the scoring teacher will have to straighten out your thoughts one by one and then see if the answer is correct. This virtually increases the work of the scoring teacher. the amount. 

2) Avoid frequent alterations

When answering questions, try to think of ideas and order before filling them in to avoid alterations from time to time. If there are many alterations on the entire roll surface, the cleanliness of the roll surface will be affected no matter how neat the handwriting is. 

Furthermore, frequent changes will appear to be answering questions When the thinking is unclear or uncertain, it will affect the students’ own follow-up answering ideas, and also affect the marking teacher. 

3) Try to write a draft first when writing an essay.

The composition may always be a headache for some students. Everyone often has ideas after reading the conditions given in the composition. You can write by hand, which is not a very desirable method. 

It is very likely that there will be divergent thinking while writing, which will eventually cause the composition to be inconsistent with the given theme, resulting in off-topic deduction. 

The correct writing order should be careful Be optimistic about the topic, and then list keywords based on the thoughts generated after reading it, and quickly record the thoughts that you have passed by. Then list a rough outline according to the progress of the event, determine the order of your composition, and then start Formal writing essays.

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