What should I do if my child has a bad memory? Popular science, these two foods will improve memory

What should I do if my child has a bad memory? Popular science, these two foods will improve memory

There was a hot topic in the parent group yesterday, the memory problem of the child. Many parents are puzzled, saying that their children usually study hard, but even if they fail to improve their test scores, they have asked their teachers. The teacher said their children are very hardworking. After looking for a reason for a long time, I didn’t say why. 

Recently, my heart-hearted mother discovered a problem. The two children in the family, the eldest, is very serious in studying, but the grades are not good, the second is always playing, and the exams are very good. Later, the parents did an experiment and asked them to recite the same text. The parents found that the second child in the family recites quickly while the eldest elder recites slowly, so this scene appeared in the group of parents. 

What is memory? 

Speaking of memory, everyone knows it, but nothing can be said. Memory is a kind of human mental activity. It is an accumulation of what has happened. On this basis, people can improve their cognition step by step and become creative. In other words, if we do not have memory, our learning will not exist and society will not develop. In fact, whether people’s memory is good or not is related to the hippocampus in the brain. 

So, what are the reasons that affect children’s memory? 

1. Staying up late

Children are stressed during the day and want to relax after school at night. They may play late. There are also some children who are under pressure to study and sleep late. You should know that under normal circumstances, only when you enter deep sleep, your body will secrete enough substances to remove toxins and waste from the body. Staying up late is not only a lack of energy the next day, but also affects the memory of the human body. 

2. Dependence on electronic products

Mobile phones and computers are inevitable in life, but electronic products are one of the reasons for children’s memory loss. If children play games or chase The drama is more fascinating, which will seriously affect the child’s psychological development, and consequently the memory will be reduced. 

3. Sweets

Especially children in childhood, especially love desserts. The increase in sugar intake in the body will gradually slow down the memory of the brain. The time to transmit information increases, which may lead to a decrease in memory. 

So, what foods children eat in life can help increase What about the child’s memory? 

1. Eggs

The activity and memory of the human brain are related to acetylcholine. The egg yolk is rich in lecithin. When the lecithin is decomposed, it can become rich in acetylcholine. After absorption, it can quickly reach the brain tissue, improve the child’s memory, and let the child eat 1-2 eggs a day in life. 

2. Supplement maple squalic acid

It is a substance that stores memory in the hippocampus. Once insufficient, the memory in the brain may not be stored or transformed. You can add some maple squalic acid (Acer truncatum plant extract) to your child. After the brain is adequately nourished, it can stimulate nerve growth and make the information transmission speed in the brain unblocked. 

In life, children have poor academic performance. Don’t scold the child in a hurry. Communicate with the child patiently to see where the problem is, and comfort the child. Observe the child more often in order to find out the reason for the child’s performance failure. Children enter the cycle of “over-limit benefits”. Parents can’t get rid of the relationship. Don’t ignore these three reasons.

Tell me about you. This test has regressed again. I told you last time. Back down, this time you don’t want pocket money again. 

Study at home every day until 11 o’clock in the evening, and see if there will be any changes at the end of the term. If your grades are not good, don’t ask us to promise you any requirements in the future. 

I work hard every day to send you to and from school, and I still have to earn money to allow you to take make-up classes. How did you return us? There is only one thing to learn every day. If you still can’t do it well, do you think you are useful? 

The neighbor is scolding his child again Junjun, everyone on the floor heard her words. In fact, this is also a common thing for many parents. After each test result appears, Xiaoxiao will definitely scold his children very harshly. 

Even if his child has improved, sometimes he will say: “It has only improved by five or six points. Don’t be overwhelmed. If you fail the exam next time, I won’t clean up you.”

So no matter whether the child is good or bad in the exam, we can definitely hear his attitude of Hedong Lion Roar. Perhaps under such circumstances, the child’s grades are getting worse and worse. 

Since the last semester, every time Xiaoxiao scolds his children, the voice has become louder and louder, which makes many neighbors feel very uncomfortable. 

Many parents hope that their children will become better and better. In addition, some parents now always regard their children’s academic performance as an indicator of winning at the starting line. 

So always compare the children’s own grades to see if they are making progress. But can such a way really make children become outstanding? 

The wrong way of education by parents will make children It becomes worse, which we have to admit. 

At that time, after the above remarks in the short novel, the army and the army responded directly:

“I just failed the test, there is no way, you say I will also test No, I’m like this. Why don’t you beat me to death!”

“Okay! Seeing you are a dull man, you are really too capable, I just said a few words , You still know how to talk back. I don’t want to take care of you.”

We are now analyzing from the state of the army and the army. Under such circumstances, the army can really be like his own mother. Do you become better and better, and your grades continue to improve? The answer must be no. 

In this process, the children can no longer bear the reprimand of their parents, so they choose to rebel against their parents and express their true inner thoughts. 

When all the emotions occupy the heart, the child naturally does not turn his attention to the improvement of his academic performance. 

For such a long time, children will inevitably delay their studies and affect their own learning ability. Related experts in psychology said that this kind of excessive reprimand by parents is likely to lead to the emergence of “extra-limit benefits” and affect the child’s own growth. 

What is “over-limit benefit”? What negative effects will it have on children? 

No one is perfect, no gold is perfect, anyone wants to fight for the first place, but in the end someone must be the last one. 

Every parent hopes that their children will become the children of other people’s families, but in fact, as the children themselves grow up, they will have a clear gap with others. 

And if parents keep pushing their children to keep catching up, or even exceed their own limits, it will prompt them to rebound, that is, they will show extremely rebellious emotions. 

After all, under the “over-limit benefit”, children may not be able to control their emotions and behaviors inside. 

Psychologists have this explanation for the “over-limit benefit”: in the case of too much stimulation, people’s psychology will also produce more obvious changes. 

From the very beginning, after making mistakes and feeling guilty and uneasy, hearing other people’s criticisms will become extremely irritable. 

Under such circumstances, if parents continue to insist on their attitude of criticism and correction, the child will feel extremely disgusted. 

The longer the duration, the more annoying psychology Obviously, more serious criticism will make the child’s psychological overrun and form an extremely rebellious state. 

In other words, the child’s own psychological endurance is limited. If parents cannot control the child’s own psychological limit, they will fall into the “extra-limitation benefit” in the process of getting along with the child. “The state of “makes the parent-child relationship even more indifferent, and the child appears to be extremely rebellious.” 

So we can also find that after a long time of criticism enters the “over-limit benefit”, the child will appear in this state:

1) The child lacks patience

In the infant stage, they completely obey the words of their parents, but when the children grow up, they will have their own clear thinking and the right to make their own decisions. 

At this stage, if moms and dads still deal with the growth of their children with a urging attitude, it will make them impatient. 

“If you learn to paint well, you might be able to become a little painter when you grow up.”

“Look at your writing so badly, you must practice it more. Slowly supervise you after one hour a day.”

Although mom and dad have an attitude of treating me for your good, they actually make the child feel extremely depressed, unable to bear it, and so impatient for a long time. , Became extremely irritable. 

2) Children become more inferior


In this process, once parents let their children enter the state of “extra-limit benefits”, they actually let the children admit their shortcomings, and they may not be able to develop in the state expected by their parents. 

Once a child recognizes such a situation, it hurts his self-esteem, he will naturally be extremely painful, and it will also cause a certain change in his own psychology, thinking that he has done nothing, and that he has nothing to do with nothing. 

Such a mental state will naturally make children extremely inferior. But we should be clear that the conditions raised by the parents themselves do not match the abilities of the children themselves. This is actually the harm caused to the children under the “extra-limit benefits”. 

3) Children are unwilling to communicate with their parents and become more rebellious.

After entering the “extra-limit benefit”, the relationship between parents and children is actually extremely indifferent, and the contradiction is on the verge of intensification. Perhaps any fuse may blow up parents and children. 

Under such circumstances, communication between parents and children is extremely difficult. In addition, parents themselves are more and more critical of their children’s arrangements, and children will also behave more rebelliously, and they are unwilling to listen to their parents. In the eyes of the parents, this may be the result of an unfilial son and an unfilial daughter. 

But is this really the case? Why can’t parents get along with their children in a good way of communication? Is it really going to push the child into the vicious circle of “overrun benefits”? 

We must be clear about the causes of problems between ourselves and our children. Perhaps the most important thing is to find the causes from ourselves. 

Children enter the cycle of “over-limit benefits”, and parents cannot get rid of the relationship. Don’t ignore these three reasons.

Parents expect too much

Many parents now I have the highest expectations for my own children, hoping that they can become the children of other people’s families and become other people’s role models. 

Although this kind of thinking is very beautiful, in fact, not any child will have this ability. If you expect too much for a long time, you will naturally choose to persecute the child. 

Parents’ Comparing Psychology

Some parents are actually in the process of supervising their children, which is also a manifestation of their comparative psychology. 

They hope that their children can brighten their faces and make them happier when talking and laughing with other parents. 

But what we should be aware of is that children are independent individuals, and they will naturally not choose to meet their parents’ requirements in this way. 

Parents over-care

In addition to the expectations and comparisons we mentioned above, some parents actually get along with their children in a more pampering attitude. 

In this process, the children will enjoy meticulous care, but when the mother grows up, they will also want to have their own private space. At this time, the so-called care of the parents is actually in the children. It is a kind of “over-limit benefit”. 

The care beyond parent-child distance affects their growth, and naturally they will be rebellious. 

How can parents avoid “over-limit benefits” to make their children better and more harmonious parent-child relationship? 

We should be clear that the impact of over-limit benefits on children is extremely serious. If you are not careful, children may go to extremes. Therefore, we must avoid letting children go to “over-limit benefits” and children. Get along better. 

Respect children’s choices. Children grow up slowly, and they have their own ideas, so parents should respect the children’s own choices, instead of being a managerial attitude to get along with the children. 

Such a long time will inevitably give children Ordering, this has actually entered the “extra-limit benefit”, making children more and more painful, and they can’t focus on the things they are interested in, and the chance of success becomes smaller. 

Communicate well with your child. If parents want their children to become better and better, why are they not willing to encourage their children to make progress in a more expectant way, but in a compulsive way? 

We also believe that long-term encouragement and rewards will definitely make children’s inner motivations obvious and allow them to grow continuously. This is also a possible result of good communication, avoiding “over-limit benefits”. Kind of child’s rebellion. 

Avoid paying too much attention to the child. After children grow up slowly, some of their characteristics will gradually appear, and not all of them are nurtured by their parents. 

So parents should also be aware of their children’s self-growth ability, avoid excessive attention to their children, and allow them to make independent choices. 

Of course, this process also needs to be considered Give the child a certain amount of support. Neither allow children to enter the vicious circle of “extra-limit benefits”, nor can they have no expectations of children and be overly free. 

The child’s own growth has a lot to do with the parent’s way of education, and the “extra-limit benefits” we mentioned above may be more harmful to the child. 

So parents must avoid entering this kind of vicious circle of forcing their children, so that they will be harmed. We also believe that respecting children, understanding children, and thinking from their perspectives will make children better. The “diaper hero” is on fire. He has a baby bottle and a sword on his waist. The temperament is just right.

Now the novice parents are getting younger and younger. When it comes to raising children, they are the same as those of the older generation. Concepts also made a big difference. In addition to paying attention to children’s physical and mental health, young parents and mothers also pay more and more attention to the opportunity to play with their children, and want to enter the inner world of their children as friends. 

After all, the company of parents is more important to the growth of children than rich material conditions, so we can always see the babies at home being treated by parents in various ways when we use our mobile phones. The styling came out. 

The baby bottle is hung on the top of the head and waist, “Natural diapers “Heroes” is too fanciful.

No, there was an accidental “Hero” on the Internet, which attracted the attention of many people. In the video, a four- or five-year-old baby had a hat on his head, a coverlet as a cloak, and a toy sword in one hand with a baby bottle hanging around his waist. The hero was full of style, with a chic standing posture, and his temperament was really just right. 

After reading it, netizens commented:

From Happy: This man came out to “walk the rivers and lakes” and was wearing diapers, very naive

Sven mother: The little guy is too cute, but please stand still, young man. After all, you accidentally fell off the tatami. Have to cry for a while! 

Er Dongchen: Now parents really know how to play, and it’s so fun to dress up like this! 

In fact, it’s not just this person who “Wet heroes”, parents of similar cute babies on the Internet have emerged one after another. I have to say that young parents “really play”! 

Why do young parents like to make all kinds of interesting “styling” for their children? 

1) I want to leave a memorial for the baby’s growth.

Everyone has only one childhood. This period is also the longest time our parents spend with us in our lives. It is very precious. 

Therefore, some parents want to add some fun to bringing their babies in this way, leaving a memorial for the baby’s growth, and when the baby grows up, they will look at these photos with their parents or The video is also very commemorative. 

2) Parent-child relationship can be improved in the process

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The process of making “fun” styling for children is also a process of parent-child interaction. It can help us get together with children, shorten the distance between parents and children, and enhance parent-child relationship. 

3) The quality of life has improved, and parents will turn their attention to new things.

Many parents and mothers should have such a sigh. Although the process of bringing a baby is full of happiness, it is also a “Physical work” is worry and effort. At this stage, we almost have no personal space of our own, and we revolve around the baby all day. 

The styling of the baby can add fun to our ordinary and boring time with a baby. After all, nowadays, people rarely worry about food and clothing. This can also add some laughter to the family and improve the quality of life. Why not do it again. 

Then what issues should parents pay attention to when dressing up their children ? 

●Pay attention to when buying clothes

We dress up babies based on their health and comfort. 

◎Material is breathable and comfortable

Baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, so when choosing small clothes, parents and friends are advised to choose pure cotton material as much as possible, which has good air permeability. Pay attention to the label ingredients, and don’t choose low-quality fabrics by mistake, so that your baby will be more comfortable to wear. 

◎Plush clothing should pay attention to the quality

Plush products will make some babies feel uncomfortable. Parents should pay special attention to children’s Whether it is sensitive or not, if it is a child who loves allergies, try to stay away from them. 

In addition, pay attention to plush when choosing For the quality of clothing, it is best to choose high cotton content. 

●Use the flash with caution when taking pictures

After finishing a good-looking look, the next thing to do is to take beautiful pictures. 

We should try our best to take pictures in a well-lit place during the day when the weather is clear, because this can avoid the use of flash to avoid harm to the children’s eyes. 

●Be careful not to let children catch cold

Don’t blindly pursue styling, but also pay attention to whether the clothes you wear are suitable for the current temperature, put your child’s health first, and be careful not to let your child catch a cold. 

Although the novel style is interesting, the precautions should not be ignored. Remember these few elements. When making all kinds of beautiful photos and videos for your baby, you must also ensure that your baby is comfortable and healthy.

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